Blog … Real estate investment is a safe haven for investment in times of crisis

All the crises that occurred globally, were followed by a global trend towards safe havens for investment, which is real estate and also gold, because the risk ratios in them are few, and thus real estate will remain the safe store for the sake of value, and this is what will happen after the end of the Corona nightmare, according to what he said Eng. Tarek Shoukry, head of the Real Estate Development Chamber in the Federation of Industries, told Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper.

In the era of Corona, in which the financial markets as well as the global economies are witnessing constant turmoil and the collapse of many global stock exchanges, with the variation in the price of gold globally, this created a state of fear among citizens about any of the various forms of investment, especially after the banks suddenly reduced the interest rate, up to about 3%, and consequently, a decrease in the value of the return on deposits in banks.


Therefore, some experts believe that real estate investment is the only resort to investing savings and the most appropriate option at all times (natural and in times of crises), because it includes owning a fixed asset whose value does not decline in most cases, but rather rises after the passage of crises and also some of its value doubles.

But, in light of the repercussions of the Coronavirus crisis, many will not be able to inspect the site and the unit before purchasing, so there must be alternatives that provide them with taking all the procedures, from inspection to contracting procedures, and also buying without the need for gatherings.


One of the most prestigious cities in Egypt

The New Capital

A joint-stock company was established to manage the New Administrative Capital project with a capital estimated at 6 billion pounds, with the participation of the New City Community Department, the National Service Project Department, and the Armed Forces Land Project Department.

The company undertakes the planning, construction, and development of the New Administrative Capital project.

The new capital is located on the Cairo-Suez highway 45 kilometers east of Cairo, near the regional ring road.

The region will be the seat of Parliament, the Presidential Palace, major ministries, and foreign embassies.

The total area of ​​the city is 700 square kilometers, and the population after its completion will reach 7 million.

About the most prestigious projects in the new administrative capital


One of the most important residential projects

For instance…


One of the most important commercial projects

For instance…

New Cairo

New Cairo is one of the largest new cities in Egypt, and construction began in the year 2000.

It includes the largest and most famous neighborhoods in East Cairo, the First Settlement, the Third Settlement, and the Fifth Settlement.

If you are thinking of looking for housing and apartments in New Cairo, in addition to understanding the type and level of services provided, you must also understand all areas of the community, and finally the prices of apartments and villas and how to get there and from New Cairo.


Features of New Cairo

This city is characterized by its low population density. Most communities in New Cairo have high social and living standards, but some areas of New Cairo have average social and living standards and above, such as the Third Settlement and youth housing in Kattameya.

What distinguishes New Cairo is that the ground level is a little higher, so the weather in the summer is mild and not too hot, but the winter may be cooler (so this information should be taken into account when choosing decoration materials for your home).

Disadvantages of New Cairo housing First, the price per square meter is slightly higher than its counterparts, due to the high housing economy and increased demand for housing.

Although the Fifth Settlement block is well designed and the streets are wide, there is sometimes crowding during the day, especially near the Teseen Street area (the heart of New Cairo).

The most important projects in New Cairo

Residential Projects

For instance…


Commercial Projects

For instance…


October 6 City

It is considered a residential as well as an industrial city, as it was named after the victory of the Sixth of October in 1973.

The 6th of October city is located 38 square kilometers from the center of Cairo,

and the 6th of October is characterized by its low population density, as well as the low air temperature in it compared to Cairo.

Another disadvantage of 6th of October City is its distance from the center of Cairo,

as well as the congestion of the main road leading to it (26th of July Corridor).

As the 6th of October City is one of the new cities in which the standard of living varies from economical, medium,

and luxurious housing.

6 October City Projects

For instance…

Sheikh Zayed City

Sheikh Zayed City is considered one of the high-end cities, and the city follows its division of the Giza Governorate.

Zayed City occupies more than 10,000 acres near the 10th district and the Pyramids Plateau in Giza.

Sheikh Zayed is 35 minutes from the city on the 6th of October, 40 minutes from Giza Governorate, 50 minutes from Cairo Governorate,

and 50 minutes from Cairo International Airport in 70 minutes. Sheikh Zayed City is also close to important roads,

such as the Ring Road, Cairo-Alexander Desert Road, and the 26th of July Corridor for easy access and access.


Sheikh Zayed City projects

For instance…

Mostkabal City

The new city of the future is characterized by great beauty and charm, and it also consists of five phases,

which makes this city the best new city in New Cairo because it is the first green city in New Cairo.

The new Mostkabal City in 2020, learn more about the new Mostkabal City below, and understand the division of the city,

its stages and advantages, because what distinguishes this city is that it was built for urban expansion

and the revival of new areas for investment in Egypt.

It is one of the distinctive and most important cities in Egypt and the Arab world, and thanks to its strategic location,

it has many advantages, as it is located between New Cairo and Medina,

as well as Badr and the center between Cairo and Al-Shorouk.

Ismailia Desert Highway, only 3 kilometers from Al Shorouk and 5 kilometers from Al Obour Market.

You can easily navigate between every place in Cairo and the surrounding area and other places with ease.

Mostkabal City projects

For instance…


El Shorouk City

El Shorouk City More than fifteen years ago according to the Prime Minister’s decision, El Shorouk City was established in a very strategic location, close to many wonderful new cities such as Madinaty, Mostakbal Real Estate City, Obour City, Rehab City, New Heliopolis and the New Administrative Capital whether past or current.

The main reason why so many people move here, whether it is housing or investment, as well as many other advantages, such as the calm and complexity of the community, good planning of its streets, the availability of all services there, including transportation, we will discuss below in detail.

El Shorouk City is located in a very important location, 37 kilometers from the Cairo-Ismailia highway, and is easily accessible by many people, and at the same time it is close to many new cities, which residents are allowed to take advantage of, and the services are no longer Counted except for city services.


One of the most important projects in El Shorouk City

For instance…

  • Al Burouj Compound El Shorouk City
  • El Shorouk Compound 2000
  • Granda El Shorouk Compound
  • Value Mall El Shorouk
  • Galaxy Mall
  • Moon Mall Yard
  • Jamea Mall
  • Sky Plaza Mall
  • Panorama Mall
  • Future Mall
  • Grand Mall
  • El Gohary Mall
  • Paradise Mall
  • City Mall 3
  • Town Center Mall
  • The Gate Mall
  • Boulevard Grand Mall
  • The Edge Mall …



Maadi is one of the oldest neighborhoods in the south of Cairo and is famous for its street planning, and most of the streets are numbered, such as Street No. 9 which is considered the most famous street in Maadi. You will also find schools, hospitals, and large companies there, so it is an attractive area for young people and families, many of whom go to Maadi to find apartments for sale.

Maadi is divided into 3 main areas: Old Maadi, Zahraa Maadi, and New Maadi. In addition to many other areas, Old Maadi is considered one of the most prestigious areas.


The oldest of the modern cities, Al-Rehab City is a total and integrated urban community on a place of 10 million square meters, and the city can accommodate about 200,000 people. It is made up of 10 residential neighborhoods, and each of these neighborhoods takes up 220 acres, with all health, educational, recreational, religious services, and transportation needed by the townspeople, which preserves them in pursuing the principle of self-sufficiency.



It is an integrated city with all basic and secondary services that will achieve a happy life in all its forms.

The Madinaty project in East Cairo is one of the projects of the Talaat Mostafa Group for Real Estate Development, which is established in a modern style in order to provide an element of entertainment in every detail of the design, and it also gives its residents a character of distinction just because they belong to that unique residential edifice.

The project area is about 8,000 acres, equivalent to 33.6 million square meters, 10 kilometers long and 4.5 kilometers deep and 270 meters above sea level, which provides a distinct atmosphere after the high heat, and the project is equipped to receive and also accommodate more than Half a million residents in order to enjoy the services of my city.

Alexandria City

The city of Alexandria is an Egyptian city, founded in the fourth century BC, and it was called the bride of the Mediterranean. Alexandria is located west of Cairo, specifically on the Mediterranean Sea along the western edge of the Nile Delta. To the south of the city lies Lake Mariot. The area of ​​this city is about 2818 km2.

The city’s climate is mild, with relatively hot summers and moderately cold winters. Summer starts from May to October, and temperatures range from 30-32 degrees Celsius, while in winter the weather is relatively humid, starting from November and extending until April, and temperatures range from 20 degrees Celsius during the day to 10 degrees Celsius at night and the winter season sees intermittent rain.


Alexandria City Projects

Alexandria Palm Hills Compound

Ain Sokhna City

Sukhna is one of the best tourist areas in the world, and it is the only place that a group of tourists goes to every day to spend a fun time full of rest, vitality, and activities.

Ain Sukhna is also one of the many natural areas that some people go to. The landscape there is diverse because each place here is about a group of birds flying in the sky, in addition to the high-end buildings recently erected for tourist business, it is also one of them. The most amazing place that charms a lot of people.

It is a great place that many people go to because it is close to the city of Cairo. In a few minutes, you will be going to Ain Sukhna.

It is one of the best-landscaped areas, and also includes a large number of tourist and entertainment cities, and the geographical location is characterized by the presence of many archaeological attractions that guarantee you an enjoyable visit.


Ain Sukhna is one of the areas that belong to the city of Suez, and it is located in the center of Suez at a speed of 55 km because it is one of the closest places to the Red Sea where everyone lives. You can easily travel to the city of Sukhna and enjoy all the advantages there.

It is only 60 minutes from Cairo. You can reach it by car or bus. There are short flights from Cairo every day.

It is easy to get to it by plane, that is, you can get off the plane. But traveling by car is much better because you can enjoy the scenery while driving.

Ain Sokhna City Projects

For instance…


North Coast City

The northern coast of Egypt is one of the northern regions of Egypt, and the beaches of the northern coast of Egypt are characterized by golden sand and blue water, and the northern coast is of great importance in terms of uniqueness. The privileged location and charming atmosphere make it the preferred tourist destination for social elites and many groups. Look for privacy and luxury.

On the northern coast of Egypt, there are many tourist villages that are characteriz by green spaces, soft sandy beaches, charming beaches and clear waters. Housing options vary from apartments, cabins, villas, and palaces, and prices vary to suit everyone’s needs.

There are many distinguished and famous restaurants and many interesting places on the northern coast of Egypt, and there are many tourist villages on the Alexandria-Matro Desert Road.

North Coast City Projects

For instance…