V90 Mall New Cairo

Prices start from 2,999,262 EGP
5 installment years
Down payment 10%
Delivery 2024
Spaces starting from 70m
Last updated 2023-10-17
V90 Mall New CairoV90 Mall New CairoV90 Mall New CairoV90 Mall New CairoV90 Mall New Cairo
V90 Mall New CairoV90 Mall New CairoV90 Mall New CairoV90 Mall New CairoV90 Mall New Cairo
Details V90 Mall New Cairo
project nameV90 Mall New Cairo
project Locationnew cairo
project unitsCommercial, administrative and medical units.
Delivery date2024
Payment Systems10% dp - uprest to 5 years
Finishing typesemi finished
Spaces starting from70m
Prices starting from2,999,262
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plan of V90 Mall New Cairo
V90 Mall New Cairo
map of V90 Mall New Cairo
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Project details

V90 Mall New Cairo is one of the projects of Urban Real Estate Development Company. It is one of the largest malls in New Cairo, as it is a huge administrative and commercial property in the heart of the 5th Settlement, with an amazing headquarters near vital methods and sites. It enjoys elegant and dazzling designs.

It is the location that guarantees you the acquisition of a unit. It has distinct specifications and is a location for your work and provides calm weather conditions for working away from the sources of noise and pollution. It also combines within it many distinguished and attractive services for visitors who love shopping or who own offices and companies.

V90 Mall New Cairo

V90 Mall New Cairo considered one of the most important commercial projects in which the Urban Real Estate Development Corporation has established itself. This mall has been characterized by dazzling, elegant designs that provide a luxurious work atmosphere. The Corporation also provides within that project all the infrastructure and services needed by pioneers of practices, investors and owners.

The institutions also took care to diversify the units within the project and divide them in a distinct and comfortable way to create an atmosphere of calm and avoid noise. You can enjoy a quiet and comfortable atmosphere whether you are an establishment owner or a shopping fan.

V90 Mall New Cairo

V90 Mall New Cairo

Mall v 90 Fifth Settlement

The largest mall in New Cairo. It is a large commercial administrative building in the heart of the Fifth Settlement in a wonderful location close to vital roads and sites. It has dazzling elegant designs. It is a place that guarantees you a distinctive unit and a headquarters for your business. It provides a working environment away from sources of noise and pollution. It contains many distinguished services. An attractive bracelet for visitors who are shopping enthusiasts or owners of offices and companies.

Mall location v 90 Urban Development Corporation

The location of the V90 Mall New Cairo Urban Development Company The distinguished location it occupies in 90 has made it an attractive place for business, from which customers flock to acquire a possibility with distinguished specifications and an upscale front side for offices and companies, as the mall’s location is characterized by abundant features, the most important of which are the following:

  • V90 Mall New Cairo is located in the commercial space adjacent to Katameya Hills Compound, so it serves this luxurious residential complex and fulfills the desires of its residents, which ensures the popularity of its activities and units.
  • The mall is located at 90 in the heart of New Cairo, specifically on North 90 Street, the most important and most active of the 5 Settlement streets due to the abundant amount of entertainment services and high-end residential complexes available.
  • A unique location because it is close to important roads and axes that make reaching the location very easy.
  • There are entertainment services, especially restaurants, cafes, and cinemas that
  • remain on 90th Street.
  • Location at 90 minutes away from the famous Petrosport stadium.
V90 Mall New Cairo

V90 Mall New Cairo

Mall units in V90 Mall New Cairo

The company worked to provide the best and most suitable units for customers as follows Project area: 3700 square meters mall units in 90 New Cairo.

  • Commercial units

It starts from 70 square meters and reaches 242 square meters. The unit is delivered semi-finished in order to have the opportunity to finish the unit according to the customer’s desire

  • Administrative units

The area of administrative units starts from 70 square meters and reaches 242 square meters. The unit is delivered semi-finished in order to have the opportunity to finish the unit according to the customer’s desire

  • Medical units

It starts from 70 square meters and reaches 242 square meters. The unit is delivered semi-finished in order to have the opportunity to finish the unit according to the customer’s desire

V90 Mall New Cairo

V90 Mall New Cairo

Mall services V90 Mall New Cairo

V90 Mall New Cairo is considered one of the luxurious New Cairo projects, as it includes various necessary infrastructure and its customers and visitors enjoy all the entertainment and basic services that attract them to the space and make them feel comfortable, enjoyable and safe. As for these services, the most important of them are the following:

  • It is located in a location in 90 spacious green spaces and distinct gardens for excellent visibility and a view with distinct specifications for all units of the mall.
  • There are water fountains that add beauty and charm to the view enjoyed by all its units.
  • Traveling and moving between the floors of the mall ends smoothly and conveniently, as there are 2 modern and immediate electric elevators remaining.
  • The mall contains two of the latest and fastest electric elevators that make traveling and moving between floors instant and comfortable.
  • Providing prayer halls and equipping them with distinguished specifications to receive worshipers at all periods.
  • There are 90 lockers available in the project for employees and workers and headquarters for storing goods.
  • Mall in 90 has specialized bathrooms for men and others for women on three floors.

One of the most prominent services is the mall at 90 New Cairo

  • In order to ensure the comfort of visitors and customers, an elevator was allocated for service and goods, separate from the visitor elevator.
  • It combines a unique Food Court space containing restaurants and cafes, with delicious Egyptian, Arab and international cuisine.
  • Vehicles can be safe because they have their own garage and are well secured, which means that there is no longer a place for traffic in front of the mall.
  • Guard and security services with the highest level of accuracy and training operate at all times during the week.
  • It consists of 90 rooms in New Cairo that have been equipped to an amazing standard and allocated for holding celebrations, seminars and meetings.
  • The new surveillance cameras end the peace pattern with secure ports and operate throughout the day with the highest accuracy and clarity, with regular maintenance.

Mall space at V90 Mall New Cairo

  • Alinma Foundation has decided to mobilize all the components of excellence for its new project. It has chosen an amazing and distinguished location for it, and has given it a huge space from its land portfolio to make it a large project competing with other malls in that area.
  • The area of the land, the highest of which is located in 90, is 3,700 square metres, and as for the total area of buildings, it is about 5,200 square metres.
  • The organization paid attention to the picturesque landscapes so that all units have the most beautiful “view,” so they gave the green spaces a huge part of that place, which means effort in psychological tranquility and good, stimulating energy.
  • V90 Mall New Cairo  combines 33 administrative and commercial units, and consists of a ground floor and then three successive floors.
  • The largest floor of the property is specialized for restaurants and cafes because they gain complementary outdoor spaces to be used for seating and dining tables to receive visitors.

Mall v 90 New Cairo

Administrative units and offices are located on the 2nd and 3rd floors. The types of units are different so that each customer finds the area that suits his desires, as administrative and commercial units are available, and in addition, there are spaces allocated for cafés and restaurants.

As for the internal spaces of the units, they are characterized by diversity in a responsive manner between small and large spaces so that customers can choose what suits their desires and the nature of their activity…as the areas of administrative units vary, starting from seventy square meters to two hundred square meters, while the areas of restaurants start from 203 square meters. It reaches 242 square metres, while the areas of commercial units start from 229 square metres.

V90 Mall New Cairo

V90 Mall New Cairo

Mall units in 90 New Cairo

The mall includes about 33 units divided between commercial stores, administrative offices, medical clinics, and pharmacies. Spaces have been allocated in front of the ground and 1st floor units to be used for restaurants and various shops, while the 2nd and 3rd floors are for clinics and administrative offices. The areas of administrative units vary, starting from seventy to two hundred square metres. As for restaurants, their areas range from 203 to 242 square metres, while the commercial units reach 229 square metres.

Mall prices in 90 New Cairo

Mall prices in 90 New Cairo, with all the services and features mentioned above, along with the upscale and distinguished location of its type, can be obtained at the highest prices at the best costs, as the owner institution has disclosed prices with distinguished specifications and are not exaggerated in comparison with those features and in view of the prices of competing commercial businesses.

Office prices start from 2 million, 999,262 Egyptian pounds and reach 9,82,343 Egyptian pounds. Restaurant costs start from 21,771,373 Egyptian pounds and reach 26,579,000 Egyptian pounds. Administrative office prices start from 25 One million and 272 thousand and 692 Egyptian pounds.

Mall payment systems at 90 New Cairo

The institution announced easy and accessible payment and repayment systems that remove any hassle from customers, as a contract advance amounting to 10% of the total value of the unit is completed, and the rest of the amount is disbursed in equal scheduled payments over an amount of up to 5 years.

What is important to mention is that customers receive their units 1/2 completion, and therefore to have the possibility of finishing the unit according to the customer’s desire, capabilities, and taste… knowing that the organization will begin delivering the mall’s units starting in 2022.

The company developing the mall at 90 New Cairo

The company that owns the project in Mall 90 is Landcraft Real Estate Development Company, which is a prominent Egyptian institution with a name in the real estate market, and it specializes in the construction of complexes, malls, and great entertainment projects. As previously mentioned, the implication is that the mall is taking place within the Katameya Hills project, which follows the list of achievements of the local Sabbour Foundation, which indicates that there is meaningful assistance between the two companies so that the mall serves the residents of the compound and there is integration between the two projects.

As for her most important works, they include the following:

  • Hill Town Mall project in 6th of October City.
  • Cloud Mall  in New Cairo.
  • VGK Mall Project.
  • 2Go Mall building in 6th of October City.
  • Triplex Mall  in the 5th Settlement.
  • “The Lane” mall building project.

For more information, you can contact us on the following numbers:

Please note that the prices and spaces mentioned in the article are for the first half of 2023, so they are subject to change. We at Masharef Real Estate are keen to update the spaces, price and type of listings for both residential and commercial units to keep them. Informing clients about the real estate market.

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Features of V90 Mall New Cairo
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Mall 90 New Cairo located?
New Cairo
Who is the real estate developer of the mall at 90 New Cairo?
Landcraft Real Estate Development Company
What is the type of finishing in the mall at 90 New Cairo?
Semi finished
What type of units are in the mall at 90 New Cairo?
Commercial, administrative and medical units.
What are the payment systems at the Mall at 90 New Cairo?
Down payment starting from 10% installments up to 5 years