Al Jazi First Mall New Cairo

Prices start from 1,800,000 EGP
6 installment years
Down payment 10%
Delivery 2022
Spaces starting from 50 Sqm
Last updated 2022-04-05
project developerSeldar Misr Real Estate
Al Jazi First Mall New CairoAl Jazi First Mall New CairoAl Jazi First Mall New CairoAl Jazi First Mall New Cairo
Al Jazi First Mall New CairoAl Jazi First Mall New CairoAl Jazi First Mall New CairoAl Jazi First Mall New Cairo
Details Al Jazi First Mall New Cairo
project nameAl Jazi First Mall New Cairo
project LocationNew Cairo
project unitsCommercial shops, Administrative offices and Medical Units.
Delivery date2022
Payment SystemsDown payment starts from 10% and installments of 6 years.
Finishing typefully finished
Spaces starting from50 Sqm
Prices starting from1,800,000
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plan of Al Jazi First Mall New Cairo
Al Jazi First Mall New Cairo
map of Al Jazi First Mall New Cairo
Other units inside the compound
Project details

In addition,In addition, Al Jazi First Mall New Cairo, or as it is known as  Project Al Jazi First Mall is one of  Seldar Misr  Real Estate Development Company, which will be explained below:

Al Jazi First Mall New Cairo :

An iconic shopping center with an area of 36000 square meters located in New Cairo, modified with an architectural design with distinct specifications inspired by the First Mall in Giza.

Al Jazi First Mall occurs so far minutes from any section of the Al Jazi project and will be a stronghold of several international luxury brands,

which define the ultimate meaning of luxury living, In addition, Al Jazi First Mall will be a stop for all residents to acquire an unparalleled spearheading endeavor.

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Masharf Real Estate.

Information About Al Jazi First Mall New Cairo :

Al-Jazi project, Arab Republic of Egypt, New Cairo, is the first modernization project of its kind.

We present to you the first live attempt with a commercial logo in Egypt.

It has been modified by the Gulf Corporation for Building and Construction, a subsidiary of the Sildar Corporation, Arab Republic of Egypt;

One of the leading institutions in the field of hospitality In addition, real estate investment in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

The project was prepared and developed by the most famous architects, and consultants, In addition, interior designers.

In addition…

Al Jazi First Mall Project

Project Area: 36000 square meters

The space of the commercial units starts from 50 square meters.
fully finished Administrative Units

In addition, Administrative units space starts from 50 square meters.
fully finished

The Location Of Al Jazi First Mall New Cairo :

Al Jazi Egypt is located in the heart of New Cairo. Al Jazi Egypt New Cairo is located just a quarter of an hour away from Cairo International Airport. Its privileged location makes it a headquarters between the main axes to Ring Road and North 90th Street.

Among the features of the mall’s location where it is located:

  • In the heart of New Cairo
  • Just minutes away from the American University
  • Ten minutes from Nasr City
  • Just a quarter of an hour away from Cairo International Airport
  • In addition, North Ninety Street

Location Al Jazi First Mall New Cairo

In addition…

Al Jazi First Mall New Cairo Services:

  • The customer can spend an enjoyable time filled with psychological comfort by looking at the vast green spaces and charming nature.
  • Within the mall remains a large supermarket that includes all food and merchandise that the customer requires.
  • Enormous and well-equipped rooms, allowing practitioners to write a written agreement for major seminars and conferences within the mall.
  • Spacious garages for customers’ cars to prevent congestion and accumulation in the face of units.
  • In addition, The gym is equipped with all-new sports equipment and tools.
  • It remains a group of clinics in various branches of the medical specialty to provide fully sanitary storage.

Within the venue mall, there is a large pharmacy with all forms of drugs available.

Al Jazi First Mall New Cairo

  • A wellness team that includes a well-equipped Jacuzzi, a high-end spa, gym and gym, allows for a break from the moment to spend long hours of effort.
  • In The Venue Mall, there are a number of urgent electric lifts that work with modern international technologies.
  • An automatic teller center that contains a set of ATM machines is available within the mall.
  • In addition, There are many entrances to the mall, as it remains a set of necessary entrances and others are sub.
  • A group of fine restaurants staffed by top chefs to serve up a contrast of delicious local and international dishes.
  • In addition, A number of cafes offer different drinks and special support for customers.

Al Jazi First Mall New Cairo

  • The renovated commercial facility did not forget the defense and security services, as it promoted the division of surveillance cameras in various locations within the mall to preserve the safety of patrons, customers, and their belongings.
  • Green spaces.
  • Dedicated places for walking, sitting, and relaxing.
  • In addition, Security and guard services.
  • Modern high-resolution digital cameras.
  • Underground garages for cars.
  • In addition, Plenty of cafes and restaurants.
  • Recreational premises are dedicated to the games of young children

Al Jazi First Mall Project

Units Of Al Jazi First Mall New Cairo:

The Muse project occupies a great area estimated at fifteen thousand square meters,

divided between the mall and the accompanying green spaces, provided that The Muse Mall is divided into six necessary buildings until it rises to an area of approximately ten thousand square meters,

the specialized units only for the units The commercial design contains three floors. As for the buildings specialized in administrative activities,

they consist of one floor above the other only and stand on their feet on an area of about 5,000 square meters.

Al Jazi First Mall New Cairo Prices:

Mujadded X Corporation has launched the first round of units for administrative activities,

and therefore at prices outside the competition domain, as it is smaller than the prices of other institutions that have invested in the same domain in modern Cairo, in order to attract customers to invest in the best commercial and administrative mall in the place.

Payment Methods At Al Jazi First Mall New Cairo:

The owning institution provides a number of different facilities and payment systems that are flexible and easy to prevent customers from incurring huge cash fees.

The Company That Owns Al Jazi First Mall New Cairo:

Seldar Misr was established in 2007, in order to become the most important hospitality and real estate investment institution in the country,

with an interest in long-term investments.

The aim behind the formation of the commercial establishment was to create an entity that combines the ownership and modernization of a high-class and standard tourism sector, consisting of both residential and commercial establishments.

Seldar’s investments in the Arab Republic of Egypt are concentrated in the most important business centers in Egypt,

including Cairo, Alexandria and Hurghada, with a large number of loyal projects within North Africa, the Gulf, North Africa,

Europe, and America.

During its journey, which expanded over ten years until now, “Sildar Egypt” emerged as a pioneering company in its field of work,

and the main factor behind its victory was its aspiration to be the most prominent institution in the field of real estate in the place,

with the highest standards of proficiency and originality.

The “Sildar Misr” telegram lies in providing distinguished real estate sources with a permanent price,

in addition to investigating strategic development and increasing profits for all owners of the authority.

Al Jazi First Mall New Cairo

Seldar operates through its eight wholly owned and loyal companies, which are the First Arab Corporation for Hotels and Resorts,

the Gulf Construction and Development Corporation, the Arab Investment Corporation,

the Samaria for Development and Real Estate Investment and Tourism, Seldar Egypt for Real Estate Investment,

Senyar Tourism, North Egypt for Tourism and Hotels, In addition, Senyar Development human resources.

Among the “Sildar Egypt” projects registered in Egypt are: Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at the First Residence Complex, First Mall,

Hilton Alexandria Corniche Hotel, Hilton Plaza Hurghada Hotel, and Hurghada City Center Mall,

while the projects under modernization contain all of Alf City Center Residence Hurghada for hotel apartments,

Al Jazi, Arab Republic of Egypt, and the yacht ‘Nile Boat’ managed by Four Seasons.

Al Jazi First Mall Project

Note that the costs and areas mentioned in the topic are for the greater half of 2019, and thus are subject to change,

and we take into account to maintain their development all the time so that the customer becomes aware of the changes in the real estate market.

Fifth Settlement Location:

The 5th assembly is represented within the areas that fall within the scope of the city of New Cairo,

and is characterized by a location with distinct specifications in the heart of the town,

in addition to all the basic methods that connect the 5th assembly place with adjacent neighborhoods and various directions within the capital, an advantage over the state’s governorates in general, as the 5th assembly surrounds the road ring road,

through which it is possible to move to all parts of the Egyptian capital, Cairo, as well as the highways leading to the various governorates of the country.

Just as the 5th Settlement limits the NA Road that connects it to Nasr City and the adjacent areas,

so the personalities who wish to live in the finest residential neighborhoods

and closed gatherings without far away from the heart of Cairo and its important service,

governmental and educational landmarks find in the 5th Settlement the best location that meets their various requirements.

Map Of The 5th Settlement:

  • The 5th Settlement consists of a large number of neighborhoods that contain a bouquet of the 5th Settlement residential projects, which are the finest and best in terms of architecture, design, and the level of services at the level of Cairo in general, as we find in it a group of commercial centers that represent an important goal for all the residents of the place and the surrounding areas, unless someone comes It has visitors from all over the country, like the great malls and on top of them is Cairo Festival City.
  • Just as the 5th assembly comprises the area of the Downtown, which is consider a front side for shopping lovers and entertainment centers for adults and children, as it contains an integrated space with various restaurants and cafes that provide the most delicious meals that satisfy all tastes, as it contains with it massive commercial centers and also administrative centers taken by the arrangement of the largest institutions On the scale of the Arab Republic of Egypt, an advantage over a variety of entertainment venues for children.

Al Jazi First Mall New Cairo

One of the most important features of the 5th Settlement is that it is divid into several classifications that suit the various segments of the people, as it combines an excellent apartment and a hotel, as well as a moderate and economic shelter,

in addition to that, commercial and administrative units and general alternatives that suit different capabilities and needs.

Al Jazi First Mall Project

in addition…

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Features of Al Jazi First Mall New Cairo
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Al Jazi First Mall New Cairo Located?
New Cairo
Who is the Developer of the Al Jazi First Mall New Cairo?
Seldar Misr
What is the finishing type of Al Jazi First Mall New Cairo?
fully finished
What is the Type of Units in Al Jazi First Mall New Cairo?
Commercial Shops, Administrative Offices, and Medical Units.
What are the Payment Systems in Al Jazi First Mall New Cairo?
Down payment starts from 10% and installments of 6 years.
What is the sales number?