6 october one of the new cities in Giza Governorate, is located in a privileged location starting from Kilo 47 to Kilo 72 on the Bahariya Oasis Road,

in addition to its easy access from several main entrances.

5 Information about housing projects on 6 october:

The target population in 2052, about 8.1 million.

Supervision and implementation projects with an area of ​​about 12,000 acres,

in addition to representing several projects, the most important of which are:

Badia project, with an area of ​​3000 acres, first phase, a partnership project with Palm Hills Company.

in addition to Social housing project in the 800-acre area.

The “Sakan Misr” project, with a total of 171 buildings.

in addition to Distinguished housing lands north of the oasis, with an area of ​​1,000 acres,

with a total of 3272 plots, of which 298 are vacant.

in addition to The 350-acre national housing project “Dijla Palms”.

The “Rabwat October” area, next to “Buny Your House 6”, includes residential

in addition to service lands and social housing buildings, with a total of 212 buildings.

Distinctive lands west of the railway, with a total of 1232 plots.

6 october is one of the cities that witness the launch of a large number of housing units and plots of land,

which offered by the Ministry of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities,

in addition to the Social Housing and Real Estate Finance Support Fund, from time to time,

within the new cities, with different spaces and prices, for citizens of Low and middle income.

The state, represented by the Ministry of Housing, Utilities and New Urban Communities,

in addition, pays great attention to new cities by establishing several projects in them,

in various fields, to attract residents to them, with the aim of relieving pressure on existing cities.

What is 6 october City?

6 october City is the latest fourth-generation city to be established based

on the new division of 6 october City to be an extension of the city

in addition to accommodating the largest number of residents in new housing and service projects.

Where is the new 6 october city located?

The new city of 6 October is located on Al-Wahat Road

in addition to The borders of the new 6th of October city start directly

behind the industrial zone and extend along Al-Wahat Road on an area of ​​60,000 feddans.

in addition to The site of the new 6 october City separated from the current October City by one street.

What is the new division of 6 october City?

Based on the new expansions that currently being established

On 6 october City, the city has divided into three cities as follows:

v 6th of October City (an area of ​​52,000 acres)

October Gardens (27,000 acres)

New October City (an area of ​​about 90,000 acres)

Moreover, the area of ​​6 october City is larger than the cities of 6 October

in addition to October Gardens together, making it one of the largest expansions undertaken

by the state in the city since its establishment.

Therefore, it includes many investments in various real estate fields.

What are the land areas in the new 6 october City?

The plots of land offered for sale in New 6 october City range from 209 m² to 1500 m².

What is the housing level of the lands offered for sale in the new 6th of October City?

Social housing.

in addition to Excellent housing.

More distinguished housing.

What are the land prices in the new 6 october City?

in addition to The price per square meter of land in New 6 october City starts from 2,800 pounds.

What is the method of payment and payment for lands in the new 6th of October City?

The amount presented for lands in the city paid by paying a reservation deposit ranging from 50,000 pounds to 350,000 pounds,

in addition to according to the level of housing, using a bank transfer system or certified check,

and paying the rest of the amount upon receipt of the land or in annual installments of up to three years.

in addition to The reservation, provider will refund if they are not selected in the public lottery.

What is the number of housing units in the social housing project in New October?

40,000 housing units will implement in the social housing project,

provided to about 200,000 young and low-income citizens.

in addition to The areas of the social housing project units: 90 square meters.

The apartments in the project consist of a hall and 3 rooms.

in addition to Apartment finishing: Super Lux.

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What are the special services for the new 6th of October City?

Work did on the roads necessary for

6 october city to include a number of different services, such as:

medical Center.

Commercial malls.


Big wholesale market.

Police stations.

a church.


Landscape gardens.


Good transportation.

All utilities in the city are worked on, including gas, water, and electricity,

to be connected to each unit in the project.

What are the most important investments in the new 6th of October City?

Many investment projects have established in 6 October city, such as:

The project based on Palm Hills Company with the Ministry of Housing.

Egypt housing project.

Dry port project.

What are the details of the “Sakan Misr” project in New October City?

This project is intended for middle-income Egyptians.

The number of lands offered in the Sakan Misr project:

7,000 premium housing plots + 3,000 premium housing plots in the supplementary lottery.

The spaces of the units in the Sakan Misr project range from 115 up to 118 square meters.

Apartment level: luxurious facades and excellent finishing.

What is the dry land port project in New October City?

The project acts as an express point for trade that helps in the arrival of goods for import and export purposes.

The project located on an area of ​​400 acres divided into 100 acres for the port,

in addition to 300 acres dedicated to serving the port in its logistics area.

What is the latest news about applying for a land reservation in New October City?

It was announced that the tender document issued for the reservation of the new 6 october lands in April 2018.

Conditions and reservation brochures are available in all Housing

and Development Bank branches at an amount of 500 pounds for social housing –

100 pounds for premium housing – 1500 pounds for the most distinguished housing.

The booklets will sell from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm until June 28, 2018.

The reservation deposit will pay at any of the Housing and Development Bank branches.