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One Of The Best Real Estate Projects in Egypt

Aria Compound Sabbour Mostkabal City

Compound considers a well-known real estate project that attracts all customers who are looking for opportunities

with distinct specifications to own luxury units within a compound with all services and in a vital location,

just as it does not provide housing units except to provide a number of the most wonderful services and integrated facilities,

in addition to the wonderful similarities of green spaces And the bodies of water that wrap around the units to give them a view of sophistication.

Aria units Sabbour Mostakbal City

The necessary purpose of building the compound is to save luxury units in an integrated project that offers its customers everything they dream of in their residence,

so it was built on 108 acres with the aim of achieving that desire,

as this huge place allowed the spread of green spaces in Aria and the diversity of its buildings and residential units in a way that accepts its customers,

especially as they differ in their areas as follows :

Residential units : The minimum acceptable size of their spaces is 125 square meters.

Penthouse units : the minimum acceptable size of their spaces is 165 square meters, up to 230 square meters.

The compound and its various units enjoy a sophisticated design that simulates the modern layouts that characterize major international projects,

knowing that the units of the first round can be received 1/2 finish, while the units of the second term enjoy full finishing.

Aria Sabbour Mostakbal City

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Payment methods in Aria Sabbour Mostakbal City

The privileges offered by the compound in your hands are not over yet, but they are crowned with an amazing surprise,

represented in providing facilities with distinct specifications when paying,

as the available payment approach is to disburse an advance at a slight cost that does not exceed 5% of the total cost of the unit while providing and

giving you the possibility to pay the rest in installments For 7 years.

Do not waste the possibility in your hands and book your unit within the Aria range so that you can receive it fully finished within only 4 years,

that is, even before you finish paying its full price.

Aria Compound Sabbour Mostkabal City Location

The distance from the noise and crowded areas is the most prominent characteristic of Aria,

which enjoys a vital location in New Cairo in the Mostakbal City area, which is characterized by vitality and service,

but at the same time a general situation of silence prevails over it, as it occurs specifically in the first plot on the middle ring street,the subject that connects its residents with :

Major housing projects, such as:

  • Palm Hills Compound, Mountain View Compound, Mountain View iCity Compound.
  • Mission cities and landmarks, such as: Madinaty, The American University.
  • Suez Road: The residents of the compound can reach it within a period of five minutes only.

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Aria Sabbour Mostakbal City Prices

The difficult equation is realized in Aria because you can enjoy a large number of services and live in luxurious units instead of a reasonable cash price,

as the minimum acceptable price per square meter in the compound reaches 9,000 pounds.

Remember the fact that the prices of units within the compound vary according to the place and a few other characteristics,

for example, the minimum acceptable cost of a unit of 1.5 square meters is one million and 125 thousand pounds,

this is also in your interest because you will be able to choose the most appropriate cost for you.

The company that owns Aria Sabbour Mostakbal City

There is no reason to be surprised by His Highness, Aria, because it is an inevitable result of any project behind a major institution such as Land Mark Sabbour,

which is famous for its excellence in the real estate modification sector,

as it was founded by one of the pioneers in the real estate buying and selling the place,

Eng. Vital places and adopts the new concept of modern life.

The institution that owns the project won the honor of living major commercial businesses on

the territory of the Arab Republic of Egypt and other major countries,

as it succeeded in investigating the budget between satisfying the needs of the Egyptian place of sale and

purchase with expansion and at the same time in its activity to extend to an international rate,

and one of its most important past works within the Arab Republic of Egypt the following :

  • Layan Compound, which it built in Cairo, the capital of modern Egypt.
  • The Ma project that she set up in the city of the future.
  • Zoya Ghazala Resort, which was established by the Foundation in the North Coast.
  • The project of the 90th Street individual is located in New Cairo.

As for the projects implemented by the Corporation outside the Egyptian border areas,

they are no less majestic than the commercial businesses established inside the Arab Republic of Egypt,

the most important of which are:

  • Continental Tower project in Dubai Marina.
  • Rokan complex project located in Dubailand.
  • Project 91, located in Barcelona within the Montaner Boulevard, is a property with a historical character.

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Aswar Residence New Cairo Compound

Aswar Residence New Cairo, implemented by United Real Estate Company, is a high-end residential compound of the finest residential projects in New Cairo,

40 kilometers from Cairo. An amount of 160 million pounds has been allocated as a capital for Aswar Residence New Cairo,

which is characterized by its meticulously organized planning, so that it is easy to access and move between the buildings of the compound.

Aswar Residence New Cairo units

Aswar Residence project on an area of ​​114,374

Building area 46,419 m2

It consists of 75 high-end villas and consists of 3 floors and a basement

Aswar Residence New Cairo

Aswar Residence New Cairo prices

The prices of Aswar Residence New Cairo are among the smallest residential costs in the real estate field in

the New Cairo area compared to the overwhelming number of services and facilities present within the compound,

which works to provide a great number of entertainment ways and means of accommodation for the residents of

the compound so that customers can enjoy the largest amount of healthy life, comfort, and luxury.

Masharef is keen to update the neighborhood price list all the time so that the user is constantly informed of

the latest developments in the building market through the price guide for the neighborhoods of the 5th settlement compounds,

and we also measure evidence of demand through the Masharef index.

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The location of Aswar Residence New Cairo

Aswar Residence Compound is located in the beginning of New Cairo, specifically on El Nasr Street, next to Palm Hills Katameya.

Payment methods in Aswar Residence New Cairo

  • 10% down payment and installments over 6 years
  • The units are fully finished
  • And ready to pick up

Aswar Residence New Cairo services

Aswar Residence Compound retains the credit feature that characterizes compounds, and besides that you will find:

  • Extensive green gardens.
  • Walking and running tracks.
  • Cycling paths.
  • A massive club that mixes a sports venue.
  • Club House Building.
  • Huge outdoor pool.
  • Car parking spaces.

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The company that owns Aswar Residence New Cairo

United Real Estate Company (URE) is a real estate investment company affiliated with the Kuwait Projects Company – Holding (KIPCO group),

a leading company in the field of real estate, physical services, and manufacturing in Kuwait and the Middle East.

URE was established in 1973 and incorporated in Kuwait market for banknotes in 1984 AD,

as it has a huge history of projects and achievements in the field of construction and real estate, including complexes,

hotels and residential real estate in the Middle East.

Previous work of the United Real Estate Company:

Marina World, Marina Hotel, and KIPCO Tower, Kuwait.

Salalah Gardens Mall and Salalah Residences, in Oman.

Abdali Mall in Jordan.

Raouche View 1090 in Lebanon.

Hilton Cairo Heliopolis, Waldorf Astoria Hotels and Aswar Residence in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Golf resort, five-star hotel, and distinctive residences, in Morocco.

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Milano Tower New Capital

The Milan Tower New Capital project is one of the largest and unique investment projects in the capital,

and the project is a newly established project belonging to the Development ERD Company,

which is one of the largest shopping centers in the city center and has a unique project.

Landscape and architecture: Diamond Shopping Center provides various types of units with modern design and excellent service,

in addition to the Diamond Shopping Center offers the cheapest price per square meter in

the Administrative Capital with the lowest down payment and long-term payment systems.

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Milano Tower New Capital location

  1. A unique central location on the axis that connects the Green River directly to the government area.
  2. Open up the view to the green river. The view is open to the Gold Market and the Grand Mosque in Egypt. Just in front of the monorail station.
  3. Steps in the Bin Zayed axis. Only minutes away from Al Masa Hotel and Al Fattah Al Alim Cathedral and Cathedral.

Milano Tower New Capital units

It was developed by Gossour Real Estate and it is a unique and diverse mix of shops, administrative offices,

clinics, and hotel apartments in the most famous location in the city.

Naia Bay North Coast Village

North Coast of Naia  Bay – The latest project of Jumeirah Real Estate Development Company,

located in the center of the north coast of Ras El Hekma Bay, on the most beautiful seashore in the Mediterranean.

The village of Naia  Bay North Shore is considered one of the most powerful villages and tourist attractions and

is considered a comprehensive city that can meet all the necessary needs of life because it constitutes a variety of indispensable services.

The Gulf, located on the northern coast, also includes a variety of summer and tourist units of different sizes and prices,

as well as a group of Features that make it unique.

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Naia Bay North Coast units

Naia  Bay North Coast The village is implemented in a large and unique area, which will be divided between many units and services.

The Naia  Bay project will cover an area of ​​110 acres, the resort will make up 15% of the buildings,

and the rest of the space is divided into service facilities and village features, and 65% of the project is villas.

The most commonly used model is a modern Greek-style townhouse.

The whole project is located in Crystal Lagoon, because all units have private beaches,

and you can see the beautiful water view anytime and anywhere in the resort. Moreover,

all units are finished, my villa space is not uploaded online, cabins load range is from 8% to 15%.

Naia Bay North Coast

Payment methods in Naia Bay North Coast

The company executing the Niawan village project seeks to provide a package of simple payment systems and

facilities that can pay the minimum down payment and the maximum payment period in cash or in installments,

and does not require interest to satisfy everyone, and the following are the details:

The customer must pay the unit price 10% of the total and the rest in installments for 7 years without interest.

The reserved unit receives it after 3 years from the date of signing the contract.

Take the opportunity to book your unique summer unit and get a wonderful project to realize your dream of having

the most beautiful summer unit in Ras Al-Hikma Resort in Naia  Bay, and live an elegant lifestyle that meets all the requirements of life in the summer,

customers can enjoy all the advantages and services of the village located on the northern coast of Naia  Bay, Where the water is blue and soft,

enjoy the luxury and tranquility in a mild atmosphere and outdoor environment.

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Naia Bay North Coast Location

Naia  Resort is located in the North Coast, the location is very useful, located at kilo 212 Alexandria Desert Road / Marsa Matrouh in the Ras El Hekma Bay area,

next to Fouka Bay North Coast village. Sandy beaches without rocks. In addition,

the village of Naia  Bay North Coast is located 170 kilometers from the El Dabaa area,

and extends 220 kilometers from the new North Coast Marsa Matrouh Road,

and is located on the most beautiful beaches known for its famous destination. For tourists, residents, and investors.

Naia Bay North Coast prices

Jumeirah Real Estate Development offers the best prices and a variety of luxury residential units in Naia  Bay,

North Coast, according to the area. The resort consists of luxurious cabins on the ground floor and three floors,

91% stand-alone villas, unique homes, and twin rooms. As well as studios of various prices and spaces directly overlooking the sea or the lake, as follows:

The ground floor consists of two rooms, the area starts from 90 meters,

and the price ranges from 1,800,000 to 2,200,000.

The first and second floors are studios of one room of 65 square meters and are priced at 1.3 million dollars,

and the third floor is a penthouse with a roof.

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The company that owns Naia Bay North Coast

Gemrillel for Urban Development and Development is one of the leading real estate investment companies in the Egyptian market and

is unique in building and construction projects in Egypt and the Middle East. It has different concepts on a global scale

and has a prominent vision. Position in the Egyptian real estate sector.

The company was established in 2016. During this period,

it built many projects to boost the Egyptian economy and worked hard to find various investment opportunities to achieve

the prosperity of the real estate industry and develop tourism investment in the North Coast region.

Jumeirah Egypt Real Estate Investment Company announced the launch of its “Jumeirah Bay” project,

which covers an area of ​​6 million square meters with investments of 15 billion pounds.

After the success it achieved, it announced its new project, Naia Bay.

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Noor City Capital Gardens

A new vision for the future Thinks of “sustainable” living for the year 2021. The future “Green Smart” not only uses the latest developments in the world in designing integrated cities

but also uses the latest global technologies in various fields. Noor is a smart and eco-friendly city that covers an area of ​​5,000 acres.

Planned with the help of the world’s four largest consulting firms, SWA, SASAKI, Perkins Eastman, and BCG,

to represent the new paradigm of a 21st-century city offering a new city and the fourth generation of comprehensive modern housing and

improving community life in a healthy and safe environment and a new paradigm for sustainable development.

This city will adopt the latest new technologies in the world, and through cooperation with the largest company and

office for the development of smart cities in the world, it will represent a quantum leap in planning thinking and

become a qualitative leap in the real estate development scene in Egypt.

The company that owns Noor Capital Gardens

Talaat Moustafa Holding Group is one of the largest and leading real estate developers in Egypt and the Middle East, with more than 90,000 real estate units.

The group is developing a comprehensive urban community serving the middle and upper classes,

with different styles and sizes of units to adapt to different income levels, to meet the needs and requirements of different clients and

the lifestyles they seek. The group currently owns a huge land of 53 million square meters, all of the good quality,

and occupies a unique position in the fast-growing region of Egypt.

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Noor City Capital Gardens units

The villa spaces start from 195 square meters to 370 square meters in a separate villa,

the project areas start from 67 square meters to 230 square meters for residential units,

ground floor + 7 floors, the first delivery of the project starts after 5 years in the middle of 2026.

The entire project is completed For pedestrian apartments and the master plan was designed accordingly when it was built in my city,

a group of buildings was denoted with the letter B, starting from B1 to B8, and a group of villas with the letter V, starting with V1 to V4.

Noor City Capital Gardens

Noor City Capital Gardens Location

The project is Location in front of the New Capital International Airport. It extends directly to the Suez Road,

and the frontage is 2.7 kilometers long. It is close to the regional ring road and both (New Heliopolis, El Shorouk, Madinaty and New Cairo).

Noor Capital Gardens prices

Noor City pricing for Talaat Moustafa Group has been updated, with cash payment systems defined, 5, 10 and 15 years,

and below are the prices for Noor City units. In the 10-year system, the price per square meter starts from PLN 20800 to PLN 23000.

According to the award. The privilege of the 15-year system starts with 26 thousand. Up to 28k 5.5% maintenance payment to be paid, 50% on handover, and

50% within 36 months after handover. Noor Club starts with 80,000, the number of French clubs is 120 thousand.

for the family and 160 thousand for the family.

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Payment methods in Noor City Capital Gardens

The company provides many payment systems and facilities, where you can pay a down payment starting from 38000 pounds and

monthly installments starting from 3800 pounds, and you can pay for more than 15 years and receive it after 5 years.

North Plus Mall New Cairo

North Plus New Cairo Mall is considered the most prominent commercial project recently in the region due to its countless advantages.

The North Plus New Cairo project includes all the services needed by customers as well as visitors in any commercial complex,

and thus prepares money men and also decision-makers a golden investment opportunity that must seize.

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North Plus Mall New Cairo units

Catalyst Real Estate Development Company was keen, during its design for the North Plus Mall project, to provide commercial units,

as well as medical and administrative units in the project with various areas to suit all customers.

The project was divided between the commercial area as well as the medical area as well as the administrative area,

where the company preferred to allocate the floors of the mall in the types of units.

The company has established a commercial space in North Plus Mall that exceeds more than 3 floors, with a total area of ​​about 3082 square meters.

What distinguishes the first floor in the project is that all commercial units have outdoor spaces directly overlooking the northern 90th road,

and this feature adds to the project a golden investment value.

In addition, the project includes 36 medical clinics of various specialties, thus providing patients with all medical services.

Catalyst company excelled in diversifying the spaces of the units available in the project,

ranging from 74 square meters up to 983 square meters, and each customer chooses what he wants from the spaces,

and the company also provides North Plus special prices for all units.

North Plus Mall New Cairo

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The company that owns North Plus Mall New Cairo

Catalyst Real Estate Development Company is the owner of the North Plus Mall project,

and it is one of the most prominent giants in the field of real estate development.

The company has more than 20 years of experience in the field of real estate development, and it has established a large number of commercial,

as well as medical, as well as large administrative projects, and its most prominent projects in New Cairo are:

  • Allegany Project
  • Cairo Capital Center project
  • Business Plus Project
  • ozone project

Payment methods in North Plus Mall New Cairo

Despite the very strategic location of the North Plus New Cairo project, and despite the huge space on which the mall was built,

which gave the developer the opportunity to create a commercial edifice with a distinctive design of its kind.

In spite of the services and also the advantages that are present in the mall from commercial services,

as well as medical services, as well as entertainment, the company has facilitated the payment order for those wishing to reserve units in the project.

The company has provided payment systems that follow the installment system over several years with a simple down payment,

in order to facilitate the matter for customers.

North Plus Mall New Cairo prices

When an investor asks about North Plus prices for commercial or medical units, they are stunned,

given that their prices are very special.

Catalyst has provided great and competitive prices to customers despite the advantages and services it provides in its commercial establishment,

in order to attract customers and investors to book their units in the North Plus Mall project.

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Retaj Compound New Cairo

Ritaj Compound is an integrated residential compound developed by Ritaj Real Estate Development Company.

It is also characterized by its strategic location in the most prestigious areas of New Cairo, specifically in the southern investor’s area,

very close to 90th Street. The compound also provides various residential apartments for sale surrounded by large green spaces as well as service facilities. different.

The Ritaj project contains a group of residential buildings that include distinguished service facilities.

Each residential building consists of a ground floor and also four repeated upper floors.

The residential properties in Ritaj Compound vary between regular apartments and also duplex apartments for sale in the Fifth Settlement,

consisting of two rooms and also Hall, 3 rooms and a hall with Super Lux finishes.

The company that owns Ritaj New Cairo

The mission of Ritaj Real Estate Services is to reach an investment entity and also a strong real estate offer that makes its clients satisfy their desires as well as their needs in

the field of real estate through distinctive residential units, as well as administrative as well as commercial units,

as well as the way the company developing Ritaj Compound works. The channels are characterized by transparency and

also credibility with its customers; In order to support it in this strong entity based on balance and integration through the implementation of projects,

and also vote on it, taking into account the desires of customers to obtain a distinguished resort and also based on the pillars of professionalism;

Which enhances the pillars of transparency and also the credibility that the company seeks for them.

For this real estate developer, there are other projects such as Retaj Towers in the Haram, specifically in the Al-Libini and Mishaal areas,

which are also successful towers that have succeeded in attracting residents to them.

What distinguishes Ritaj units is the speed of the resale process at any moment, as the supply of units is not always large;

So the unit will benefit you as a residence or as an investment.

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Retaj Compound New Cairo Location

The compound is located in a very unique area in the Fifth Settlement, which is the Southern Investors Area, very close to 90th Street,

before the American University and in the direction of Concorde Plaza, and very close to the German University,

as well as the University of the Future, as well as the Canadian University in the Fifth Settlement.

The site is also very close to the new administrative capital, as well as the Suez Road, as well as the ring road.

The location is ideal for its proximity to the main New Cairo landmarks such as universities, as well as the most famous international schools,

as well as the most famous shopping malls, as well as restaurants, as well as cafes, as well as banks, and some government interests,

clubs, and various entertainment areas.

Retaj Compound New Cairo Units

In addition to security, as well as the spread of facilities as well as services, the compound offers a variety of residential units between apartments,

studios, duplexes, penthouses, and grounds with a garden. It also includes standalone villas, townhouses,

and twin houses, which meet all the needs of individuals as well as families and suit all tastes.

The compounds are also characterized by payment methods as well as easy payment systems provided by the developing companies,

where the customer pays a percentage not exceeding 10% of the unit value and the remaining amount is paid in installments over the years.

All of these specifications as well as the features increase the value of the residential property,

so if you are looking for an apartment at the best prices in the assembly for the purpose of housing or investment,

choosing an apartment in a compound is more prestigious than a detached property.

Retaj Compound New Cairo

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Prices of Retaj Compound New Cairo

The prices of Retaj New Cairo Compound are among the lowest residential prices in the real estate field in the New Cairo area compared to many services and

also the facilities available within the compound, which provides a wide range of entertainment and

also amenities for the residents of the compound so that customers enjoy the greatest amount of health and comfort as well as luxury.

Ready for delivery

fully finished

Riviera Heights Compound New Cairo

The compound was built on an area of ​​about 24 acres, and the company was keen to make 80% of the total percentage for green spaces as well as landscaping,

and 20% for buildings as well as facilities, and took care of choosing the site carefully,

in order to be close to schools and also Hospitals as well as entertainment venues and also shopping centers,

so that individuals can get all services and also supplies within a very short time.

The company that owns Riviera Heights New Cairo

About the real estate developer of the Riviera Heights project

This great business belongs to one of the best Egyptian companies in the field of real estate, Nova Stanza, which was established in 1986,

and since that time; It seeks to establish projects with a classic Western as well as Arabic character,

and to manage them with the latest technological means, through the use of the best experts as well as engineers in various fields.

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Riviera Heights Compound New Cairo Units

The project is a residential complex that includes all types of villas, detached as well as connected, designed in a style that combines classic as well as contemporary life,

and its number is about 97 villas, varying in sizes, to suit the diverse needs of customers.

Riviera Heights Compound New Cairo

Payment methods in Riviera Heights Compound New Cairo

Customers can follow the following system when resorting to installments, as follows:

Pay 50% of the total value of the original unit price, as well as pay the rest within one year.

Riviera Heights Compound New Cairo Location

The project is characterized by its strategic location, which is located in the heart of New Cairo, within its best neighborhoods in the Fifth Settlement.

It is also characterized by its close proximity to the 90th Street, which is considered one of the most famous neighborhoods of the assembly,

as it contains many major service institutions as well as recreational places.

Places near Riviera Heights

The compound is a very short distance from the American University.

The project is close to the most important entertainment malls on 90th Street, such as Americana Plaza.

It is not far from major hospitals as well as banks, such as the Fifth Settlement Hospital, Banque Misr, and Abu Dhabi Bank.

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Riviera Heights Compound New Cairo Prices

The company offered a different set of prices, due to the different spaces. The prices of the units offered for sale are considered appropriate to the extent that they are compatible with the finishes they contain and the services they enjoy.

The City Of Odyssia Sabbour Compound

Odyssey Compound Sabbour Mostakbal City is one of the largest real estate projects, which stood on its feet with its establishment by the Local Sabbour Foundation, which embodies one of the most frequently launched projects in New Cairo. The project enjoys a huge space, with a total area of ​​580 acres, and that place was distributed between apartments, green spaces, facilities and buildings. The area of ​​the apartments does not exceed 15% of the project area, and the rest of the area was divided into green spaces.

The company that owns The City Of Odyssia Compound Sabbour

All of these benefits, services and capabilities that welcome distinguished clients among the Odyssey project are the creation of Al Ahly Real Estate Development Sabbour, one of the largest real estate institutions in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Al-Ahly Sabbour Company is an Egyptian joint stock company established in 1994. The Sabbour family shares 60% of the shares, and the National Bank owns the remaining 40%.

The Foundation has presented many real estate projects, whether residential, touristic or commercial because it always seeks to meet and accomplish its slogan, which is “Building a better life”, and really all of its projects speak with that symbol and emphasize its achievement with its luxury and accuracy of performance.

In addition.

Among the most prominent works provided by the company are the following:

  • Gaya North Coast Village.
  • L’Avenir Mostakbal City.
  • Katameya Hills Compound in the 5th Settlement.
  • For instance, Kefa Compound, 6th of October.
  • Green Square Mostakbal City Compound.

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The City Of Odyssia Sabbour Compound units

The Odyssia Sabbour project has an abundance of apartments of varying sizes and services, as it completes the acquisition of the unit, perfectly finished, and at the highest rate of excellence in settings.

For instance…

  • The residential units spaces in The City of Odyssia start from 120 m² up to 240 m².
  • The areas of the townhouses range from 275 m² up to 312 m².
  • The spaces of the villas in The City of Odyssia are more than 500 square meters, and there are villas with various floors.
  • There are residential housing units with an area of ​​135 square meters, consisting of three nap rooms, 2 bathrooms, and generous reception.

The City Of Odyssia Sabbour Compound

Payment methods in The City Of Odyssia Compound Sabbour

Payment systems are convenient and there is more than one alternative, including an advance payment of 10% of the unit cost, until the rest of the amount is paid over a period of up to 8 years with conveniently scheduled payment.

The units will be delivered fully finished, Super Lux, by 2022.

The reservation stage for all units, whether residential units or villas, has begun, and the customer can choose his unit directly.

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The City Of Odyssia Sabbour Compound Location

The City of Odyssia is located in Mostakbal City in New Cairo and can be reached easily through a large number of various roads, and is close to the following locations:

It is also located next to the American University, a quarter of an hour away.

It is located next to the new administrative capital.

Prices of The City of Odyssia Sabbour Compound

The price per square meter for the unit in the Odyssey project starts from 10,000 Egyptian pounds, and the benefit of installments is available on the units, which is done by paying only 15%, and the rest over 8 years.

The value of the three-bedroom residential units ranges from 1,290,000 EGP up to 2,400,000 EGP.

The value of the villas ranges from 2,750,000 EGP up to 3,120,000 EGP.

Unit delivery time:

The owner company stressed that the apartments, whether villas or residential units, will be delivered in 2022, which is four years from now.

In addition..

Masaya Sidi Abd Elrahman North Coast village

Masaya Sidi Abdel Rahman village on the North Coast is a full-service tourist village. If you want to spend the holiday with your family or want recreation and tranquility, do not think too much, Masaya Sidi Abdel Rahman is your hoped-for destination, so you do not need to worry about your children, and you do not need to search for high-end designs and services; Masayam Village is built on the latest architectural designs, and the project takes place on an area of ​​270,000 square meters, and consists of 914 units,In addition,  as it mixes a hotel with 800 rooms, just as the resort allows the whole family to try an excellent vacation, and enjoy comfort on the beach with ways of complete serenity.

The village also contains clean white sand made of white sugar, to be in proportion to the sapphire blue waters, the obvious blue skies, and the golden sunshine; Which creates the perfect atmosphere to enjoy swimming.

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Masaya Sidi Abd Elrahman North Coast units:

The company executing the project was keen on diversifying the spaces of the different units to meet the other needs of customers of different tastes.

The village’s strategy is considered distinct and different, and the organization executing the project sought to show it in a way that attracts all customers to buy the units inside, so it relied on the attractive exterior, so it chose the European strategy in combination with from the east to combine modernity and sophistication, and so what was actually evident in the buildings and units of Bay Mount Ain Sokhna.

قرية مسايا سيدي عبد الرحمن الساحل الشمالي - Masaya Sidi Abd Elrahman North Coast

Payment methods in Masaya Sidi Abd Elrahman North Coast:

EgyGap has developed an amazing measure characterized by an organizational position that is able to meet the general disabilities of customers in the spaces that a large number of personalities are looking for, as the institution stood on its feet by saving a group of varying spaces, whether for small families or large families with the longest stage of installments and easy payment systems.

Massaya Sidi Abdel Rahman Resort Masaya Sidi Abd Elrahman North Coast location:

This village has a distinctive location that was one of the most important priorities that the developer searched for, to become a solid point of bringing buyers and investors towards the project. For this reason, the modernized institution chose a luxurious site with an immediate view of the sea within the borders of the Sidi Abdel Rahman area on the north coast, on the way to Alexandria, Marsa Matrouh.

The location of the resort is characterized by its proximity to many essential directions, such as the airport of El Alamein city, which is a very short distance from the village, just as the location of the village is far from the town of Marsa Matrouh, a time stage that does not exceed an hour, and the estimated distance between the project and Cairo is not more than 265 km.

The project takes place alongside several other tourist attractions that could be a complementary entertainment station for the invited and unit buyers in the village, such as the Museum of the Second International Battle, which is only ten minutes away from the village.

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The company that owns Masaya Sidi Abd Elrahman North Coast :

1977 is a milestone in our story. It is the year in which our first contracting and construction company was established by Eng. Samir Gaballah.

From a meticulous vision and a systematic scheme, that entity grew to become EGYGAP Holding: an amazing example of organizations that add leadership to society.

We started that series of fruitful achievements by constructing ample private and governmental projects, including residential buildings in different parts in different areas of Cairo.

In 1994, our largest project in the educational sector came to light, with the establishment of the “Egyptian Language School”. And because our basic principle is modernization, the project was extended to include the national and international sectors in 1996.

With the recent millennium, a modern period began for our group. We have been involved in a lot of educational businesses, including the formation of the Canadian Higher Institute CIC (the first educational company to implement the Canadian model), as we started working on agricultural and industrial investments. From 2000 until today we’ve been adding more cost to our communities, and we’ve always wanted to do more.

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Massaya Sidi Abdel Rahman Resort

Modernizing a better life for Egyptians and adding cost to societies in diverse sectors through a successfully integrated chain of actions, while protecting and preserving our identity.”

Like every business has its own insight, that is who we are. It is a complex insight into principles that will grow and glow through generations. Our values ​​have always been, and will forever continue to be, of Integrity, Creativity, Expertise, Skill, and Loyalty. They are all in place and whenever we see a scheme they become real and alive.

EGYGAP promises to realize that vision and share the fruits of excellence over the partners and individuals who will make that vision a reality.

Sarai Compound New Cairo

In the heart of New Cairo, the Saray Compound is located with integrated services, which contains everything you dream of and more, as it is located next to the most important roads and axes, so you will have a possibility that will not be repeated if you love green spaces, artificial lakes, and modern and ancient designs at the same time.

This project was prepared in a distinctive way to bridge the gap between housing in the East and West, as it retains all the features of international compounds, but the designs, spaces and branches of units protect and preserve the people’s advantage and their eastern traditions.

In the sequel, each customer feels within his unit that he is within his own world without intrusion, crowding, or audio or visual dirt.

This moment in that project, Mostakbal City will allow you to enjoy the most beautiful view of the Crystal Lagoons amidst the green spaces, as the varying units range from stand-alone villas, townhouses, excellent residential units, and duplexes that enjoy a luxurious view.

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The company that owns Sarai Compound New Cairo

Madinet Nasr for Housing and Development is one of the pioneers in the field of real estate construction. The Madinet Nasr Real Estate Corporation was established in 1959, and it was listed on the Egyptian Stock Exchange in 1995.

The main objective of the establishment of the institution is to modify and construct about 988.42 acres of land from the total location to Nasr City and neighboring lands within the barriers of the Egyptian capital, Cairo.

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Projects of Nasr City for Housing and Reconstruction, Saray Project:

  • Strip Mall New Cairo.
  • Tag Sultan Compound New Cairo.
  • In addition, Taj City Compound Mostakbal City.
  • The Abbasid view project, which occurs near the domain of Abdo Pasha.

Sarai Compound New Cairo units

The owner company stood on its feet by saving a group of apartment forms that the customer could acquire, and the spaces in which it was specialized vary in proportion to the financial capabilities that he could provide to purchase this unit. The apartments that can be obtained from within the Sarai MNHD Compound, the Egyptian capital, Cairo, vary from residential units that represent the least available spaces, in addition to villas with varying spaces according to need.

Cabana lakes period, which is one of the stages that were established by the institution, and this period provided apartments and promoted their division as follows:

90% of the space for this period has been allocated for the purpose of constructing villas.

5% of the area allocated for the construction of this period is allocated to the townhouse.

The remaining 5% of the space was allocated during this period for the purpose of establishing a twin house.

With regard to the size of the spaces that can be located in the Sarai, whether it is in the residential units or other forms of apartments available, the commercial establishment has announced that these spaces:

The spaces of residential units for sale in Sarai Compound Mostakbal City start from 126 square meters and consist of 2 rooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen, and a reception room.

Residential units of different sizes start from 1.5 square meters to 300 square meters and consist of 3 rooms, 3 bathrooms, a kitchen, and a reception room.

كمبوند سراي

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Payment methods in Sarai Compound New Cairo

As for the payment systems in Sarai Compound, which were provided by the Foundation, they work in a soft system that allows all customers the opportunity to pay the cost of the residential unit with ease, ease, and convenience, which is 0%. As the client is at the forefront of the contract, he is not interested in paying any of the money from the original value of the housing unit as a contract provider, unless the entire amount or the unit cost is to be written off in equal periods of up to 8 years.

The delivery of the housing unit to the customer takes place over a period of four fully completed years, meaning that the customer can receive the unit concerned with him even before he pays the value due to the unit in full and after the middle of the payment period.

Sarai Compound New Cairo prices

The cost per meter in Sarai starts from 10,000 EGP.

The prices for which the institution has stood on its public notice, by which it can be written off the housing unit in Sarai, can start from 1.4 million Egyptian pounds.

Sarai Compound New Cairo prices

The prices of the units consisting of two bedrooms and two bathrooms start from 1,260,000 EGP.

The prices of units consisting of 3 sleeping rooms and 3 bathrooms start from 1,650,000 EGP up to 3,000,000 EGP.

In addition.

Unit delivery time

All apartments were received in the year 2020.

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Blue Blue Ain Sokhna

The village of Blue Blue Ain Sokhna is an individual from among the huge businesses that established in Ain Sokhna for its unique location, which made that project a painting to make its visitors feel that it is in the European countryside, and therefore as a result of the settings available in the resort in addition to the services it provides to its visitors, as It has all modes of entertainment and recreation.

The site for Blue Blue Ain Sokhna was chosen carefully, within the boundaries of the windmills area, to ensure the acquisition of a fresh air during the year, just as the site of Blue Blue Ain Sokhna is distinguished by its distance from the area of ​​mountainous areas, which act as a natural barrier to air.

It takes place in the immediate front of the sea with a beachfront of three hundred meters and is characterized by its yellow sand and turquoise water and the availability of beach playgrounds to familiarize yourself with the performance of various games and enjoy the picturesque nature, and you can enjoy all the tourist attractions considering its proximity to the mountainous area of ​​sovereignty that occurs in Ain Sokhna.

Blue Blue Ain Sokhna will embody your second home, imagine yourself sitting inside your summer unit and enjoying a view of a sandy beach with turquoise water and a fresh air during the year, and around you all the basic and entertainment services you need.

The village is easily accessible through the new road leading to the Ain Sokhna gate, and this is a huge advantage, which is that you can come to Blue Blue Ain Sokhna while avoiding the beach road, the insecurity, and its winding curves.

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In addition.

The owning company of Blue Blue Ain Sokhna

Simple information about the executing company:

Mutawa Group Corporation for Real Estate Investment is the executing institution for the Blue Blue Resort Ain Sokhna, and it is considered one of the largest institutions in the field of real estate investment in Egypt and has stood on its feet with many projects in various regions of the Republic.

The most prominent acts of the Mutawa Group:

  • Lavida Heliopolis Compound.
  • Sky View project, 5th settlement.
  • Sky View Premier project.
  • Headquarter Business New Cairo project.

Blue Blue Ain Sokhna Location

The Blue Blue resort of Ain Sokhna is distinguished by that it is one of the projects that have been established in a distinctive location and this is to become one of the most worthy and largest projects and is located specifically within the boundaries of the Ain Sokhna region as a way of saffron, facing the area of ​​windmills, and it can be accessed from a multitude of different places as it happens next to the next:

Cairo, with a distance of 100 and seventy kilometers, that is, about 80 minutes.

Mountain View Village and Orlando Beach Village.

It is 15 km from Porto Ain Sokhna.

Blue Blue Sokhna is ninety kilometers from the nearby administrative capital.

And from Suez, a distance of 110 km.

New Cairo, 130 km away.

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Units of Blue Blue Ain Sokhna

  • As the Blue Blue Ain Sokhna village contains six hundred units, 466 of the total of 600 units completed, and the delivery of units occurs within 6 months from the date of the contract.
  • Chalets: start from 100 square meters and go up to 140 square meters.
  • Villas: it starts from 250 square meters and reaches 300 square meters.

قرية بلو بلو العين السخنة - Blue Blue Ain Sokhna : 

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Payment methods at Blue Blue Ain Sokhna

Mutawa Group for Real Estate Investment has provided ample payment systems, including the following:

Paying a ten% downpayment and installing the rest over 9 years

Blue Blue Ain Sokhna prices

Details about the units in the Blue Blue Metawee Group:

The units vary in the resort range from chalets – villas – penthouses.

Chalets: start from one hundred square meters and reach 140 square meters.

Villas: it starts from 250 square meters and reaches three hundred square meters.

For instance, The chalets available within the resort range can be acquired at a price with distinct specifications, as follows:

Chalets with a garden, the price varies between 1,500,000 EGP and 2,500,000 EGP, depending on the available area.

In addition, Duplexes with prices starting from 4,100,000 EGP.

Penthouses, costs start from 1,800,000 EGP up to 2,500,000 EGP.

One hundred square meters chalet at a price of 1,837,000 EGP.

For instance, A 110 square meter chalet consisting of 3 halls – 2 bathrooms, at a cost of 1,754,000 EGP.

In addition, A chalet in installments with an area of ​​one and a half square meters, 209,000 EGP is written off,

down payment, and the rest over 9 years.

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Central 33 Mall New Capital

The project is located in a plot of land No. MU02-33, which is the first plot of land on Central Park,

specifically on the opposite side of the Data Center building.

Just as the plot of land overlooks 3 sides (two main streets with a clarification of one hundred and 70 m) and

the third side is an overwhelming landscape, so the privileged location made Central 33 Mall, the administrative capital, close to all the vital headquarters.

The company that owns Central 33 Mall New Capital

Owner Foundation and Past Works:

Central Mall 33, the administrative capital, is presented by the Golden Eagle Real Estate Development Corporation as its first launch within the Egyptian buying and

selling place, especially as it was established in 2020.

This institution, which is made up of a group of most investors, whether within the Arab Republic of Egypt or abroad,

seeks to leave a fingerprint on the Egyptian market through a number of integrated projects.

To become the top choice for clients, investigators for units of international standards,

which the Golden Eagle Foundation hopes to build bridges of trust and long-term relationships with them.

Especially as the Golden Eagle Foundation has set for itself a number of standards that do not deviate from it,

which are (integrity, innovation, reverence, trust, and cooperation).

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In addition.

Central 33 Mall New Capital Units

As we mentioned, the mall consists of a ground floor + ten consecutive floors.

The mall offers commercial and administrative units only.

Commercial units are available in floors from the ground to the second, with spaces starting from 33 square meters.

As for the administrative units, they are available on the rest of the floors with areas of thirty square meters.

Central 33 Mall New Capital location

You will find Central Mall 33, the administrative capital, in the heart of the Downtown location,

which embodies the most commercial areas not only in the capital but at the level of the Arab Republic of Egypt in general.

The project remains in a plot of land number MU02-33, which is the first plot of land on Central Park,

specifically on the opposite side of the Data Center building.

Just as the plot of land overlooks 3 sides (two main streets with a clarification of one hundred and 70 m) and the third side is an overwhelming landscape,

so the distinctive location made Central 33 Mall the administrative capital close to all the vital headquarters, the most important of which are:

  • Close to the Green River, the axis of Mohammed bin Zayed, which is in the north, and the regional ring road.
  • Just as it is minutes away from the government district, the ministries complex, and the parliament building.
  • For instance, The mall is also distinguished by its proximity to the Presidential District and the International Capital Airport.
  • In addition On the west side, it is distinguished by its proximity to the Al Massa Hotel, the Opera House, and the town of culture and arts.
  • As for the south, it is close to the New Museum and the Al Sefarat neighborhood.

Central 33 Mall New Capital

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Prices of Central 33 Mall New Capital

Just as Golden Eagle Real Estate Development provided you with the most powerful location and the most wonderful design,

here it provides you with a very distinctive price list, and payment plans that I do not approve of the championship.

You will find that the moderate prices of the units at Central 33 Administrative Capital are as follows:

  • The average price of a meter for administrative units starts from 20 thousand pounds.
  • For instance, As for the average cost of the commercial meter on the largest floor, starts from 60 thousand pounds.
  • In addition With regard to the average value of the commercial meter on the ground floor, it will start from 95 thousand pounds.

Payment methods in Central 33 Mall New Capital\

Interface with very easy payment systems, either by paying 10% in advance and in installments over 7 years.

Or a system that needs to spend 20% downpayment, and installments up to 8 years.

Knowing that the timing of receipt will be after 3 years.

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