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Massaya Sidi Abdel Rahman Resort


Massaya Sidi Abdel Rahman Resort , or as it is known as Massaya Project.

description of Massaya Sidi Abdel Rahman or Massaya Sidi Abdel Rahman , is one of, EgyGap Real

Estate Development Company’s, which will be explained below:

about Massaya Sidi Abdel Rahman English.

promenade new cairo

and Massaya project Resort

also Masaya project.

Massaya Sidi Abdel Rahman Resort North Coast:

about Massaya Sidi Abdel Rahman is one of the most beautiful tourist

villages implemented in the most beautiful location,

the state level on the northern coast,

at a rate of great investments from the developed company, EgyGap,

in order to compete strongly with the tourist villages in the Arab region in general,

also in fact the village has become

the largest option for spending an irresistible summer vacation,

enjoying the sea water The blue northern white, the clear sky

,Massaya Sidi Abdel Rahman Resort, the cool atmosphere, the golden

sands adorned with the designs of modern buildings,

with the availability of other recreational services at a high value of excellence.

Massaya Sidi Abdel Rahman

also Masaya project.

About Massaya Sidi Abdel Rahman Resort North Coast:

Masaya Sidi Abdel Rahman village on the North Coast is a full-service tourist village.

If you want to spend the holiday with your family,

or want recreation and tranquility, do not think too much,

Massaya project is your hoped-for destination,

so you do not need to worry about your children,

in addition to you do not need to search for high-end designs and services;

Massaya Sidi Abdel Rahman Village is built on the latest architecture designs,

also the project takes place on an area of 270,000 square meters, consists of 914 units,

as it mixes a hotel with 800 rooms,

just as the resort allows the whole family to try an excellent vacation,

in addition to enjoy comfort on the beach with ways of complete serenity.

Masaya project.

also Massaya Sidi Abdel Rahman Resort

Massaya Sidi Abdel Rahman Resort Units

in addition to Massaya Sidi Abdel Rahman Resort Apartments

Massaya project area :
An area starts from 70 square meters
fully finished

Massaya Sidi Abdel Rahman area :

Villas space starts from 200 square meters
fully finished

Massaya project

Massaya Sidi Abdel Rahman Resort Location:

  • This village has a distinctive location that was one of the most important priorities that the developer searched for, to become a solid point of bringing buyers and investors towards the project. For this reason, the modernized institution choose a luxurious site, with an immediate view of the sea within the borders of the Sidi Abdel Rahman area in the north coast, on the way to Alexandria, Marsa Matrouh.
  • The location of the resort is characterized by its proximity to many essential directions, such as the airport of El Alamein city, which is a very short distance from the village, just as the location of the village is far from the town of Marsa Matrouh, a time stage that does not exceed an hour, and the estimated distance between the project and Cairo is not more than 265 km.
  • The project takes place alongside several other tourist attractions, that could be a complementary entertainment station for the invite and unit buyers in the village, such as the Museum of the Second International Battle, which is only ten minutes away from the village.

Masaya project.

Location Massaya Sidi Abdel Rahman Resort

Massaya Sidi Abdel Rahman Resort Services:

  • Masaya North Coast provides all forms of daily necessary and recreational services, that residents require throughout their lives in the village to meet, and achieve the maximum possible amount of enjoyment and recreation, in addition to the general infrastructure and so that there is no excuse to leave the village of Hacienda North Coast to meet any needs throughout the vacation period.
  • It has a huge hospital with all the branches of the specialty, and pharmacies that operate 24 hours a day.
  • Restaurants and cafes for many and many tastes are distinguished by their impressive interior designs.
  • Five-star luxury hotels are scattered around.
  • Security and guarding services include all village units, open and service areas.
  • A mosque and a church for religious rituals.
  • Water bodies with distinct designs, swimming pools of various sizes for adults and children, in addition to private and indoor swimming pools for women.
  • Entertainment halls and clubs with billiard tables, and premises dedicated to enjoying PlayStation games.
  • Sports clubs that are used to perform and exercise all kinds of sports.
  • Gym halls equipped with the latest equipment on an international scale, jacuzzi and spa.
  • Social clubs to meet friends and family and get to know the neighbors.
  • The land of a golf playing field is spread over an area of 672 thousand square meters.

Masaya project.

also Massaya Sidi Abdel Rahman

Massaya Sidi Abdel Rahman Resort North Coast Units& spaces:

The company executing the project was keen on diversifying the spaces of the different units,

to meet the other needs of customers of different tastes.

The village’s strategy is considered distinct and different,

the organization executing the project sought to show it in a way that attracts all customers to buy the units inside,

so it relied on the attractive exterior,

so Massaya project chose the European strategy in combination with from the east to combine modernity,

and sophistication,

and so what was actually evident in the buildings and units of Bay Mount Ain Sokhna .

also Masaya project.

Massaya Sidi Abdel Rahman Resort North Coast Prices:

The company that owns Massaya project has set suitable prices for all customers.

Massaya Sidi Abdel Rahman Resort Payment Methods :

EgyGap has developed an amazing measure characterized by an organizational position,

that is able to meet the general disabilities of customers,

in the spaces that the large number of personalities are looking for,

as the institution stood on its feet by saving a group of varying spaces,

whether for small families or large families with the longest stage of installments and

easy payment systems. Masaya project.

Massaya Sidi Abdel Rahman Resort Features And Services :

The company executing the Baymont project provided a lot of services,

whether necessary or recreational that customers need of different tastes so

that they do not have to go outside the village to buy their supplies,

and these services are as follows:


Hotel: It includes Baymont, the most famous hotel in Ain Sukhna,

as it enjoys many features that make it different from the rest of the hotels in terms of space,

as it tries to provide different ways of staying for customers.

  • Commercial areas: the village contains a large number of commercial stores, that display the most famous brands and international brands requested by customers.
  • Team: Baymont has a unique sports team as it overlooks in a direct style on the seashore, in addition to the presence of swimming pools of different sizes to suit everyone, in addition to its design that was performed based on international models.
  • Recreational area: A specific place has been allocated for children and provided with the best and latest recreational games, in addition to that, in the fullest way to provide peace and privacy for children.
  • Fireworks: The project implementers were keen, to allocate a certain space for setting up fireworks to provide all forms of entertainment and rejoicing for all customers.
  • Restaurants and cafés: The village includes a number of restaurants and cafés that provide the best and highest forms of food and drinks for customers, which have been prepared by the most skilled chefs, as well as offering them on private beaches as well. Masaya project.

Massaya Sidi Abdel Rahman:

  • Celebrations and Occasions: A specific place has been allocated for holding barbecue celebrations and various occasions, whether wedding, engagement or birthdays, in addition to the presence of mosques with varying spaces, to accommodate the largest number of personalities to implement the assignments.
  • Security and guarding: Security and guarding were provided within the project, and they were provided with the best and most modern equipment, ambition and monitoring cameras to provide peace and stability.
  • Health centers: The village of baymount el sokhna also includes health centers, which are equipped with the best and most modern equipment of the highest degree and standard to save the complete health of customers, in addition to the presence of a medical hospital, which can receive all the sick for 24 hours.
  • Gym: The project includes a gym that contains the finest sports equipment, in addition to the presence of the highest and most skilled trainers. Masaya project.

also Massaya Sidi Abdel Rahman

Massaya Sidi Abdel Rahman Resort North Coast Owners:

1977 is a milestone in our story.

It is the year in which our first contracting and

construction company was established by Eng. Samir Gaballah.

From a meticulous vision and a systematic scheme,

that entity grew to become EGYGAP Holding: an amazing example of organizations that add leadership to society.

We started that series of fruitful achievements by constructing ample private and

governmental projects,

including residential buildings in different parts in different areas of Cairo.

In 1994, our largest project in the educational sector came to light,

with the establishment of the “Egyptian Language School”.

And because our basic principle is modernization,

the project was extended to include the national and

international sectors in 1996.

With the recent millennium a modern period began for our group.

We have been involved in a lot of educational businesses,

including the formation of the Canadian Higher Institute CIC (the first educational company to implement the Canadian model),

as we started working on agricultural and industrial investments.

From 2000 until today we’ve been adding more cost to our communities,

and we’ve always wanted to do more.

Masaya project.

also Massaya Sidi Abdel Rahman

Massaya Sidi Abdel Rahman Resort

Modernizing a better life for Egyptians and adding cost to societies in diverse sectors,

through a successful integrated chain of actions,

while protecting and preserving our identity.

Like every business has its own insight, that is who we are.

It is a complex insight into principles that will grow and glow through generations.

Our values have always been, and will forever continue to be,

of Integrity, Creativity, Expertise, Skill and Loyalty.

They are all in place and whenever we see a scheme they become real and alive.

EGYGAP promises to realize that vision and

share the fruits of excellence over the partners,

and individuals who will make that vision a reality.

Massaya Sidi Abdel Rahman Resortthe modernized institution choose a luxurious site,

with an immediate view of the sea,

within the borders of the Sidi Abdel Rahman area in the north coast

Masaya project

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Features of Massaya Sidi Abdel Rahman Resort
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains