Al Mostakbal City

Al Mostakbal City is a residential town on the roadblocks of Al-Shorouk town and overlooking the road to the Ismaili Arab Republic of Egypt.

The significance must be that it differs from the future City of the modern Egyptian capital, Cairo, as the name is only shared.

The town has two gates, one overlooking the town of El Shorouk on Mubarak Road

next to Carrefour El Shorouk, and the other gate to the Arab Republic of Egypt – Ismailia Desert Road.

Al Mostakbal City website:

Al Mostakbal City located at km 35 on the desert road of the Arab Republic of Egypt – Ismailia,

in addition to 3 kilometers from the town of Al-Shorouk, and 5 kilometers from the Obour market,

and in front of the Ahmed Orabi Authority for Land Reclamation.

in addition to other modern city projects in the north of the Egyptian capital, Cairo, affiliated to the east,

such as Al-Shorouk City and Madinaty.

Services and facilities in Al Mostakbal City:

On commercial grade and standard:

Sun Mall of the Future remains one of the Army Brigades’ chains of service.

On grade and educational standard: There are: Military Sports School, which is an army boarding school,

in addition to El Batal Experimental Language School, and January 25 School.

On the recreational level: the town will have a service area,

in addition to a central shower, 4 clubs, a bicycle park, and green spaces.

Residential projects and compounds such as Al Shabiba Housing Project,

in addition to Bloomfields Compound, Lavenir Compound, Beta Greens Compound,

The City of Odessa Compound, Capital Gardens Compound, and others.

in addition to Restaurants such as Hadhramout city in Yemen, Al Shabrawi, Al Baraka, and many fish restaurants and popular foods.

Official buildings such as:

in addition to township benefit council, township critical conditions, housing container.

Other stores:

in addition to photography studios, furniture stores, filter stores, glass and aluminum stores, marble stores, and laundry.

Public services such as:

home plan support, sterilization benefit, installation and repair of elevators,

in addition to critical gas conditions, electricity crises, pipe connection, and luggage transportation benefit.

And the provision of professionals for carpentry, plumbing, shower assembly, and electricity by Queen Service.

What are the features of housing in Al Mostakbal City?

Al Mostakbal City characterized by the availability of services and facilities; Which helps ease of living in the town.

in addition to There are private buses left in the town to move inside it, and external transportation is available to and from it.

A bus remains to transport the people from the town to the Hijaz area and the opposite every hour;

Where the town is far from the nearby Arab Republic of Egypt, a distance of only a third of an hour.

The town is characterized by the availability of security at its main gates, as well as at the entrances to residential buildings.

in addition to Al Mostakbal City characterized by its green spaces and tranquility, away from congestion and noise.

It is known that the buildings of the future town do not exceed six floors.

Al Mostakbal| where is it? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the apartment?

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in addition to Simple information about the city of the future, the Egyptian capital, Cairo

Where is the future town located?

Cities near to Al Mostakbal City

Transportation of the future town of Sabil, the Arab Republic of Egypt, Ismailia

Features of the nearby Al Mostakbal town:

Faults and shortcomings of the future town for the army

in addition to Al Mostakbal City is a milestone in the field of real estate modification,

for its current implementation for residential answers, and the construction of modern methods in architectural construction,

in addition to the settings and provision of various services and facilities.

Al mostakbal city location

Simple information about the city of the future, the Egyptian capital, Cairo

It is one of the most important architectural projects present in the Arab Republic of Egypt,

as it is a project with a large number of apartments available to reduce the population increase,

present in the Egyptian capital Cairo and the downtown area.

Just as it is a town that is a prelude to living and economical for the personalities,

as it is one of the loftiest residential cities, which was built with the latest new architectural styles,

as it embodies a lively space amidst basic styles.

in addition to That is why the town enjoys many public services and facilities,

green spaces and beautiful locations that attract all customers,

starting from the engineering strategy of the apartments and services to the unit prices and the payment system.

The Owning Corporation to Al Mostakbal :

The Army’s Al Mostakbal City is an official town affiliated with the army,

in addition to an architectural institution with its reputation and high experience in the field of real estate economics was chosen,

which is the Maxim Foundation.

Therefore, the Foundation is considered one of the largest real estate institutions specialized

in engineering works in the Arab Republic of Egypt,

as it agreed to amend the apartments,

commercial services and the accompanying ones in order to suit the various housing units and meet their needs.

Preparing the future town

in addition to el mostakbal city is planned on the latest media and engineering techniques,

known for the latest advances in architecture, which start from the division of the town into two sectors (T-U).

Near the division of the town into two main gates located on the desert road of the Arab Republic of Egypt,

in addition to the provision of a large number of apartments,

including residential units and villas, of various sizes, just as the architecture composed of only 6 floors.

Al Mostakbal Stages:

Maxim Foundation has carried out the Future Town project over 5 periods, as follows:

first round :

One of the best and most successful stages in the implementation of the project,

as it worked to attract a large number of customers, as a result of the establishment of services,

facilities and apartments, so the first round established on a place of 1490 acres in Al Mostakbal City,

in addition to each population, the group contains 114 people in every acre.

second period:

It contains with it a large number of public, administrative, and commercial services next to recreational procedures,

in addition to preparing a large number of cafes, restaurants, and hotels designed

according to the latest recent strategies that combine sophistication and luxury,

all of which is standing on its feet on an area of ​​1715 acres in Al Mostakbal City.

third period:

in addition to The residential complexes in Tel El-Mahalla built under the supervision of architects,

on a place of 1655 acres, with the latest decorations and designs in Al Mostakbal City.

fourth term:

It stood on its two feet on an area of ​​2034 acres, vast areas of apartments, public and commercial services in Al Mostakbal City.

Fifth term:

The largest stages in the consumption of the project area, which reached 3057 acres,

because it is the last period in the project that contains apartments,

in addition to recreational areas, buildings, and distinguished services in Al Mostakbal City.

al mostakbal city Map

However, Al Mostakbal City is a new urban development located in Egypt, near Cairo. It is designed to be a modern, sustainable city with various residential, commercial, and recreational areas.