Al Shorouk City It a town located in Cairo, one of the 3rd generation cities and established by Prime Minister Decree No. 326 of 1995

the Location of Al Shorouk City:

Al Shorouk City located at 37 km Sabil (Arab Republic of Egypt – Ismailia),

and extends wide to Sabil (Arab Republic of Egypt – Suez) at a bottom of 7 km bordered

by the modern eastern town of Heliopolis.

town transportation

The town belongs to other cities through

Public Transport Association bus lines to connect the town

to (Majal Abdel Moneim Riad – Majal Lebanon).

Bus lines to the Egyptian capital, Greater Cairo, to connect the town to Giza Square.

Public transport vehicles to connect the town to (Safety Status – Sabil Suez).

It belongs to the town internally by

Collective transport vehicles and buses of the town’s apparatus

to connect the town’s neighborhoods together.

The area of Al Shorouk City:

The urban mass of the city is 9.2 1000 acres, and the total place is 11.9 1000 acres.

It is expected that the number of residents in the town will reach five hundred thousand people,

and this is when its growth is complete.

The residential activity area of ​​the city reaches 6.9 1000 acres,

divided into a number of neighborhoods, containing all housing rates

(economic – average – above average – excellent).

The (Near Urban Communities) Association provides residential plots for personalities,

as well as for economic institutions and residential resorts, as well as pioneering projects

such as the Mubarak Housing Project, the Future Authority housing project,

and free housing and family housing projects.

Just as the administration stood on its feet by forming 26,140 housing units,

including 13,676 housing units for youth and the future,

and the non-governmental sector rose to form 25,147 housing units.

Service activity of Al Shorouk City:

The location of the service activity reaches 1500 acres,

as the urban strategy provides the city with plots of land for various services

(educational – health – cultural-religious – recreational – commercial).

Of the health services, Al-Shorouk General Clinic and Al-Shorouk and Badr Health Center remain.

The most important projects in the town

In the educational sector (French University – English University

also in the Arab Republic of Egypt – Shorouk Academy – Arab Open University).

In the entertainment sector (Heliopolis Club – Green Hills Club – Regional Park – Al-Shorouk Club).

There are also a few villages in the town, such as the village of Mayfair,

Panorama Al Shorouk City, Al-Fin, Al-Nakhil Suburb, Al-Shorouk Pearl.

The location of the industrial activity in the town is 11 acres,

just as the (Near New Urban Communities) association saves plots of land for warehouses and workshops.

The agricultural activity in the town limited to green belt cultivation and road landscaping.

Township Infrastructure:

The town includes 760 km of water networks.

healthy substitution

Likewise, 540 km of sewage networks remain in the town.


There is 2560 km of electricity networks in the town.

methods and communication

There is 395 km of road networks remaining in the town.

As it remains telecommunications networks with a length of 440 km.

Data on the town of Al Shorouk City and its establishment:

Al Shorouk City is one of the third generation cities that agreed to be established

in 1995 in order to reduce the population increase in the Egyptian capital, Cairo,

and to increase opportunities in the field of real estate economy by creating modern opportunities in other parts.

and its services to assist you with a regulatory matter of purchase or lease.

The city was allocated a place of 12,000 feddans in the 37th kilometer as the “Islamic Arab Republic of Egypt”.

The town distinguished by its infrastructure,

which designed to meet the desires of the telecommunications sector and data technology,

using the latest and most developing methods.

The town of Al Shorouk City located in the “Arab-Ismailia Republic of Egypt”,

as the most important are the nearby cities,

such as Badr town, modern Heliopolis, Al-Rehab town, and Madinaty.

In the north, belonging to the east, is the town of the 10th of Ramadan,

and to the south is the nearby town of the Egyptian capital, Cairo.

That is, you will be in a middle location between all these cities,

just as the town is not far from Nasr Town and the center of the Egyptian capital, Cairo.

For this reason, you find all the time who is looking for a complete Ultra Lux house for sale in the town of Al-Shorouk

or a completely finished house for sale in the town of Al-Shorouk.

Changing neighborhood names:

If you haven’t visited the town since 2018, you will lose in its modern neighborhoods

and need to be familiar with a data set on Al Shorouk City.

In the month of May, a regulatory order was issued by the Board of Trustees of

Al Shorouk City to transfer the names of the neighborhoods,

so that they would be more recent.

Here are the names of Al Shorouk City neighborhoods whose names have been changed:

Western neighborhoods:

The largest neighborhood called the Al-Yaqout neighborhood.

The 2nd District, which called Al-Massa District.

In addition to The 3rd district, which called Al-Fayrouz District.

The 4th District, which called the Lazuli District.

In addition to The 5th District, which called Al-Jawhara District.

The 6th District, which called the Pearl District.

In addition to The 7th District, which called Al-Zumurud District.

The 8th district called the Rimas district.

In addition to The 9th District, which called the Brillant District.

The team neighborhood called the Al-Aqiq neighborhood.

As the names of the eastern neighborhoods changed as follows:

The largest neighborhood changed to Hay Al Andalus.

In addition to The 2nd district in Sharq changed to the Granada district.

The 3rd district in Sharq changed to Harr Marbella.

In addition to The first place changed its name to Orchid District.

The second space changed its name to Hay al-Zohour.

In addition to The third place was renamed Hay al-Ashgar.

If you are looking for a home for sale in Al Shorouk City, search for the names of the modern neighborhoods.

Distinguished villas compounds:

Al Shorouk City is the town of luxury and pleasure, and it has a large number of luxury compounds that provide five-star services to its residents, including:

El Patio 5 East Al Shorouk City Compound

The compound was built on an area of ​​27 acres.

It located opposite the second gate; That is, it is only 25 minutes away from Heliopolis,

and a quarter of an hour away from the airstrip of the Egyptian capital, Cairo.

The compound provides all the services you need to live a safe and integrated life

such as security and guarding, swimming pools, commercial centers, medical services, and others.

And the most important thing that distinguishes El Bantiu 5 East is

that it is a compound of villas and townhouses.

Which means massive spaces and greater luxury and pleasure.

The spaces start from 210 square meters up to 315 square meters.

As for the prices, they range between 3,500,000 pounds and 4,500,000 pounds.

A large number of ownership villas are available in El Bentiu 5 East Compound in Al Shorouk City.