Direction White North Coast

Prices start from 2,500,000 EGP
7 years installment years
Down payment 5%
Delivery 2025
Last updated 2023-02-25
Direction White North CoastDirection White North CoastDirection White North CoastDirection White North Coast
Direction White North CoastDirection White North CoastDirection White North CoastDirection White North Coast
Details Direction White North Coast
project nameDirection White North Coast
project LocationNorth Coast
project unitsChalets - Villas - Duplexes - Twin Houses.
Delivery date2025
Payment SystemsDown payment starts from 5% and installments up to 7 years
Finishing typeFully Finished
Prices starting from2,500,000
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Direction White North Coast
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Project details

Direction White North Coast You have the possibility now to book a unit in a very quiet and unique location that overlooks

the most beautiful natural similarities and gives you the possibility to enjoy with your family and friends the most beautiful moments in

addition to the presence of countless services and features that are the first of its kind within the borders of the North Coast region,

all that and more you will currently find in the Direction project White North Coast.

Arabella Real Estate Development Company has launched its newest wonderful project, Direction White North Coast,

in a special location, all of its units overlooking the shores of the Mediterranean, which are internationally known for their beauty,

so that the customer can enjoy all the water efforts and other recreational initiatives provided by

the company to make customers happy in various possible ways, all with units that will be of your choice.

Totally from the type and region to the costs and fictitious payment systems.

Masharfis A one-stop-shop that will provide you with the option to choose your new home by presenting all the necessary information to VIA reliable agents.

Masharf Real Estate.

Direction White North Coast Location

Arabella, the owner of the project, chose the location of the North Coast village of Direction White, with great consideration.

Kilo 192 in Ras El Hekma in the heart of the North Coast, just as it is near the subsequent sites and axes.

The Direction White North Coast project is close to El Alamein helipad.

It also remains next to many important cities such as Marsa Matrouh, Alexandria, Sidi Abdel Rahman, and Wadi El Natroun.

The project is easily accessible through plenty of roads, including Alexandria Road, El Dabaa Road,

and Alexandria Desert Road.

Direction White North Coast Services

In the project, Direction White Coast, which is in the north, you will find all the means of enjoyment

and entertainment for you and your family,

because the commercial establishment that owns the project has made sure that it is integrated into all aspects

and has provided a number of pure advantages so that the biggest goal of its livelihood is the stillness and quality of all residents,

just as these features were suitable for all The age patterns of adults and children were as follows:

You will find your units designed in an excellent and distinctive way with a touch of sophistication and simplicity at the same time,

produced by the most skilled architects,

to mimic the most beautiful international European villages and attract all lovers of fine taste.

One of the most successful factors of the project was the presence of a great diversity in the spaces

and types of units offered to each customer because the owner’s commercial establishment was keen to ensure

complete freedom for all customers when choosing the unit that only meets their diverse personal needs

without imposing a single system on everyone.

Direction White North Coast

The wonderful green spaces that match the water bodies that give a wonderful scenic view with the blue beaches as well as the shiny golden sands in order for the units to overlook a charming painting.

The project is close to all the important axes and also the main roads that facilitate the process of entering

and exiting from it in the shortest possible time.

Staying away from any source of anxiety and noise in the city, and also moving to live in a place that sanctifies the life of calm

and also peace and pulsates with all the meanings of life.

Privacy and distance units from each other in order to ensure more comfort for customers.

There is also periodic maintenance of the units, as well as the presence of electric elevators in order to facilitate

the process of moving between each unit and the other.

All units overlook the sea thanks to the construction of the project at a depth of 600 km, as well as the length of the beach,

which reaches about 200 meters.

Area of ​​the project Direction White Ras El Hekma

The village of Direction White North Coast has expanded on a huge area significantly to combine the project with various services

and wonderful features that support the provision of the largest volume of stillness

and entertainment for all the residents of the village,

so we find that there is a lot of integrated service infrastructure and luxury buildings in addition to green spaces and water bodies Unique,

we find that the project is built on an area of ​​290 acres, and that place was largely sufficient for the project to contain everything that was mentioned in the past.

Just as the area was divided in the direction of white north coast in an amazing and distinctive way by engineers,

so that the proportion of the landscaping occupied the largest proportion of the project as a whole,

and the water bodies whose proportion was greater than the proportion of the buildings,

so that all units overlooked the most beautiful natural similarities.

Direction White North Coast units

The Arabella Corporation, the owner of the project, was not satisfied with all that was presented in the Direction White Coast project,

which is in the north, so it launched an integrated and comprehensive group of different units in the category

and region in order to allow the largest possibility for the customer to choose the unit located for him and his family according to

his specific needs, so the units were represented in chalets, and duplex units , Twin Houses,

and stand-alone villas, all different from each other in customer-facing spaces.

Direction White North Coast Prices

  • The price per square meter for chalets in the resort starts from 50,000 thousand, as for villas, the price per square meter starts from 100,000 thousand.
  • The prices of chalets in Direction White Coast start from 2,500,000 thousand.
  • As for the duplexes, their prices start from 3,500,000 thousand.
  • Also, twin houses, prices start from 8,000,000 thousand.
  • Also, independent villas, whose prices start from 15,000,000 thousand.

Payment methods in Direction White North Coast

The company offers competitive prices and is the first of its kind on the North Coast.

The company, Arbella, the owner of the resort has also been keen to offer payment systems

and also installments that are very flexible as well as easy

and suitable for all residents to choose the unit and the appropriate payment method for their financial capabilities,

as it extends over many years to remove many Of the burdens of payment and installments, these systems were as follows:

  • 10% of the total value of the unit is paid, and the rest is paid in installments over 7 years, and 10% is paid upon receiving the unit.
  • The unit will be delivered within 3 years from the date of contracting with a fully finished system.

The company that owns Direction White North Coast

Arabella Real Estate Development is the company that owns the North Coast Direction White project,

and it has also made sure that the first goal of the project is comfort and also distinguish all customers,

and it has also offered countless services and also great features as it took into account all categories,

all this beside competitive prices and also ways Premium payment and payment.

Arabella Real Estate Development also has a very large experience in the field of reconstruction and construction

and has also established many diverse projects in many cities,

through which it can provide the finest services to all residents

and also meet all their diverse needs, as it has put its own imprint In the real estate world,

she managed to win the trust of many businessmen and investors.

Among the most important previous projects that were previously implemented by Arabella are the following:

  • La Frontale Ras Sidr Resort.


Please note that the prices and spaces mentioned in the article are for the first half of 2021 and are therefore subject to

change, and we are at Masharef keen to update them constantly to keep clients informed of the changing real estate


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Features of Direction White North Coast
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Direction White North Coast Located?
North Coast
Who is the Developer of the Direction White North Coast?
Arabella real estate development
What is the finishing type of The Direction White North Coast?
Fully Finished
What is the Type of Units in The Direction White North Coast?
Chalets - Villas - Duplexes - Twin Houses.
What are the Payment Systems in The Direction White North Coast?
Down payment starts from 5% and installments up to 7 years
What is the project area?
290 acres.
What is the sales number?