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Sarai Compound New Cairo


Sarai Compound New Cairo ,

or as it is known as Sarai New Cairo project or Sarai New Cairo  ,

is one of  Madinet Nasr For Housing

and Development, which will be explained below:

also Sarai English

Sarai Compound New Cairo :

in addition to Saray Compound is the 5th settlement, the newest project of Madinet Nasr for Housing

and Development MNHD.

The project is built on an area of one thousand acres

and approximately 5 1,000,000 square meters.

Sara Compound has been divided into a number of

small villages on a place of one hundred acres,

and the compound includes over three hundred An acre of green spaces,

as the building area is only 18% of the total area of the compound,

and the rest is for green spaces and landscaping.

Among the most distinctive features of Sarai Compound :

  • Close to all major roads.
  • International settings for apartments to satisfy all tastes of customers.

Sarai New Cairo project

Information About Sarai Compound New Cairo:

  • In the heart of New Cairo, the Saray Compound is located with integrated services,
  • which contains everything you dream of and more, as it is located next to the most important roads and axes,
  • so you will have a possibility that will not be repeated if you love green spaces, artificial lakes,
  • and modern and ancient designs at the same time.
  • This project was prepared in a distinctive way to bridge the gap between housing in the East and West,
  • as it retains all the features of international compounds,
  • but the designs, spaces and branches of units protect and preserve the people’s advantage
  • and their eastern traditions.
  • In the sequel, each customer feels within his unit that he is within his own world without intrusion,
  • crowding, or audio or visual dirt.
  • This moment in that project, Mostakbal City, will allow you to enjoy the most beautiful view
  • of the Crystal Lagoons amidst the green spaces,
  • as the varying units range from stand-alone villas,
  • townhouses, excellent residential units,
  • and duplexes that enjoy a luxurious view.

Sarai Compound New Cairo

also Sarai New Cairo project

Sarai Compound


Project area: 1300 acres
Apartments space starts from 126 square meters.
fully finished


Project area: 1300 acres
Villas space starts from 191 square meters
fully finished


Project area: 1300 acres
Townhouse space starts from 174 square meters
fully finished

Stand Alone

Project area: 1300 acres
Stand Alone villas space starts from 191 square meters
fully finished

Sarai Compound New Cairo Location :

The Saray Compound is the Nasr City Foundation on Suez Road, and an effort has been made on Crystal Lagoons,

which is the largest within the New Cairo area.

Also, this huge architectural effort is one of the most prominent actions carried out by

the Nasr City Foundation for Housing and Development,

which is one of the pioneer institutions in the field of urban procedures.

The choice of the compound site with distinguished specifications in relation

to the project had a huge impact on its victory,

as it is in the arrangement of the city of the future,

and it is the habit of this institution in choosing the attractive strategic location

in all the procedures it establishes.

The site of the Sarai Nasr City Compound for Housing

and Development project works to provide a link between it

in addition to the other very large urban procedures that surround it in this place, i.e.

the famous and advanced acts. The site is the following:

  • A distance of no more than a quarter of an hour separates it from the Ring Road,
  • one of the main important roads in Cairo.
  • The site of Sarai Compound in New Cairo is a hope, which makes the site one of
  • the unique topics that are added to the site.
  • It is only 10 minutes between the project and the American University.
  • The project is also close to the New Administrative Capital,
  • which is one of the things that can be distinguished by the location of the compound,
  • and the distance between each of them is no more than five minutes.

also Sarai Compound New Cairo

  • Saray Compound is not far from Cairo Suez, and it is one of the most basic roads.
  • The project is close to one of the largest urban procedures that can be found in this area, and perhaps the most common of these practices is the Madinaty project.
  • The location of the compound is characterized by being in the middle of all the compounds that may be located in this place, specifically within the Fifth Settlement area, which is one of the finest residential areas in the current time.

Location Sarai Compound New Cairo

Sarai Compound New Cairo Services :

The project offers different forms of services that one of us may require at any time, so that he does not have to go abroad from sarai in order to acquire any of these topics, as it is an integrated compound to a great degree, and the most prominent of these services are the following:

  • also The lakes that were built for the project, which is one of the largest artificial lakes present within the area of Cairo, the modern capital of Egypt, as it has an extension of up to 50,000 square meters, and the work has been distributed in various places in the compound in a consistent manner, and this embodies one of the most important things that It can be characterized by the compound.
  • The hotels that have been built in the village, which are embodied in the international format, are working to provide other hotel services with the aim of fully illustrating and presenting the general obligations and things that may be lacking for individual visitors who frequent the project.

also Sarai Compound New Cairo

Sarai New Cairo project

  • Smart Home service in homes, and it is a modern form and technology that has been added to the project, and it is one of the things that is difficult to find in any newer headquarters, and it is possible by the hand of a skilled house that the customer can control all the headquarters in the housing unit concerned with the hand of a computer only, even when he is outside the house.
  • Attention to the educational level, as a limited number of international schools and universities have been formed, which have been provided with the latest educational systems through which it is possible to provide a more worthy rate of education in the country.
  • A group of integrated and large centers that work in the field of providing various daily services that may be required by other persons residing in the project.

Sarai Compound New Cairo

  • An integrated space has been allocated with the aim of providing a livelihood for the forms of restaurants that provide the most delicious different foods from other headquarters, and also contains a number of cafés that serve wonderful drinks, which is one of the best places to go out with the family.
  • A large number of safe places where children can play have been established, which contain various forms of games that can be used for entertainment and joy, in addition to a few beautiful gardens that were created with the intention of having fun.
  • Efforts have been made to establish a group of stadiums in the project, in which there are all recent sports equipment, which may be lacking by all individuals interested in sports, bodybuilding, gym, muscle building, or others.

also Sarai Compound New Cairo

Sarai New Cairo project

  • Saving the abundant amount of commercial stores for everyone who wants to shop, as these stores clarify the general goods that a person can search for at any time, in addition to forming a commercial mall that is considered integrated within the scope of sarai, and that mall stores many international brands that It is difficult to obtain the highest prices with distinct specifications.
  • Providing an integrated health team with the aim of maintaining general fitness, as well as a full gym that is equipped with the latest sports equipment, and the exercise is carried out by the highest specialists in the field of muscle building and body care.
  • Hypermarket, which is one of the most important topics that can characterize the residential complex from the inside, as the hypermarket works to show and provide different goods that may be needed by residents in the project, in addition to the excellent prices that it deals with.

also Sarai Compound New Cairo

Sarai New Cairo project

  • A hospital was established within the compound on the newest appearance, and efforts were made to provide it with the best modern medical equipment, in order to maintain the general health status of all civilians residing in the project under the supervision of a professional medical club and sports director.
  • For mares enthusiasts, an effort has been made to save a track, which is the first in this place, as it reaches a distance of about 2,600 meters, in addition to the establishment of a massive stable with the aim of raising and caring for horses by professional specialists in the field of animal husbandry.
  • There remains in the Suez Sabil Saray project a large mosque in which supplications can be made and religious rituals and duties are performed.
  • Saving the divisions of many and many important international banks, in order to pay attention to all the material transactions that the customer may lack at any time, and so that he does not have to go abroad to acquire material services outside the compound.

also Sarai Compound New Cairo

Sarai Compound New Cairo Units :

The owner company stood on its feet by saving a group of apartment forms that the customer could acquire, and the spaces in which it was specialized vary in proportion to the financial capabilities that he could provide to purchase this unit. The apartments that can be obtained from within the Sarai MNHD Compound, the Egyptian capital, Cairo, vary from residential units that represent the least available spaces, in addition to villas with varying spaces according to need.

Cabana lakes period, which is one of the stages that were established by the institution, and this period provided apartments and promoted their division as follows:

  • 90% of the space for this period has been allocated for the purpose of constructing villas.
  • also 5% of the area allocated for the construction of this period is allocated to the townhouse.
  • The remaining 5% of the space was allocated during this period for the purpose of establishing a twin house.

With regard to the size of the spaces that can be located in the sarai, whether it is in the residential units or other forms of apartments available, the commercial establishment has announced that these spaces:

  • The spaces of residential units for sale in Sarai Compound Mostakbal City start from 126 square meters and consist of 2 rooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen and a reception room.
  • Residential units of different sizes start from 1.5 square meters to 300 square meters and consist of 3 rooms, 3 bathrooms, a kitchen and a reception room.

also Sarai New Cairo project

Sarai Compound New Cairo Prices:

  • The cost per meter in Sarai starts from 10,000 EGP.

also The prices for which the institution has stood on its public notice, by which it can be written off the housing unit in sarai, can start from 1.4 million Egyptian pounds.

Sarai Compound New Cairo Prices:

  • The prices of the units consisting of two bedrooms and two bathrooms start from 1,260,000 EGP.
  • The prices of units consisting of 3 sleeping rooms and 3 bathrooms start from 1,650,000 EGP up to 3,000,000 EGP.
  • Unit delivery time
  • All apartments were received in the year 2020.

Sarai New Cairo project

Payment Methods In Sarai Compound New Cairo:

As for the payment systems in Sarai Compound, which were provided by the Foundation, they work in a soft system that allows all customers the opportunity to pay the cost of the residential unit with ease, ease and convenience, which is 0%. As the client is at the forefront of the contract, he is not interested in paying any of the money from the original value of the housing unit as a contract provider, unless the entire amount or the unit cost is to be written off in equal periods of up to 8 years.

The delivery of the housing unit to the customer takes place over a period of four fully completed years, meaning that the customer can receive the unit concerned with him even before he pays the value due to the unit in full and after the middle of the payment period.

The Company That Owns Sarai Compound New Cairo:

Madinet Nasr for Housing and Development is one of the pioneers in the field of real estate construction. The Madinet Nasr Real Estate Corporation was established in 1959, and it was listed on the Egyptian Stock Exchange in 1995.

The main objective of the establishment of the institution is to modify and construct about 988.42 acres of land from the total location to Nasr City and neighboring lands within the barriers of the Egyptian capital, Cairo.

Projects of Nasr City for Housing and Reconstruction, Saray Project :

  • Strip Mall New Cairo.
  • Tag Sultan Compound New Cairo.
  • Taj City Compound Mostakbal City.
  • The Abbasid view project, which occurs near the domain of Abdo Pasha.

Note that the costs and spaces referred to in the text are for the first half of 2020, and thus are subject to change, and we are keen on the Masharef website to renew the spaces and index the prices and patterns of apartments and commercial always so that the customer becomes aware of changes in the place of real estate sale and purchase.

Sarai New Cairo project



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Features of Sarai Compound New Cairo
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains