An apartment is available for sale in The Stone Compound
2 2 1 140 m²
core & shell
Delivery date 2023
Apartment for sale in The Stone new cairo
3 2 1 128 m²
semi finished
Delivery date 2023
Ground floor apartment in The Stone Compound
3 1 1 128 m²
semi finished
Delivery date 2023
Apartment available in The Stone Compound
3 3 1 175 m²
semi finished
Delivery date 2023
Apartment in La Fontaine compound for sale
3 2 1 233 m²
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Delivery date 2023
Elegantry Mall commercial store
1 88 m²
core & shell
Delivery date 2023
Administrative office at Elegantry Mall
1 71 m²
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Duplex in The Stone compound for sale
3 2 1 175 m²
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Delivery date 2023

All information about New Cairo
New Cairo City is considered one of the largest new cities in Egypt, and construction began in 2000.

It includes the largest and most famous neighborhoods in East Cairo, the First Settlement, the Third Settlement, and the Fifth Settlement.

If you are thinking of looking for housing and apartments in New Cairo, in addition to understanding the type and level of services provided,

you must also understand all areas of the community, and finally the prices of apartments and villas and how to get there and from New Cairo.
Geographical scope of New Cairo
In the past period, it was generally believed that the fifth settlement is New Cairo, and this is wrong; Parliament and all its communities are part of New Cairo,

which also includes the Rehabilitation Center and Madinaty. New Cairo was established in the eastern part of Cairo Governorate; So it is located on the Ring Road,

Madi, Katameya-Ain Sukhna Road, and Cairo-Suez Road.

The city has an area of ​​70,000 mu and an estimated population of five million.

Therefore, the population density of the city is average or less, which provides you with a calm and comfortable atmosphere due to its large area and small population.
The advantages and disadvantages of living in New Cairo
This city is characterized by its low population density. Most of the communities in New Cairo have high social and living standards,

but some areas of New Cairo have average social and living standards and above, such as the Third Settlement and youth housing in Kattameya.

What distinguishes New Cairo is that the ground level is a little higher, so the weather in the summer is mild and not too hot,

but the winter may be cooler (so this information should be taken into account when choosing decoration materials for your home).

Disadvantages of New Cairo housing First, the price per square meter is slightly higher than its counterparts, due to the high housing economy and increased demand for housing.

Although the Fifth Settlement block is well designed and the streets are wide, there is sometimes crowding during the day,

especially near the Teseen Street area (the heart of New Cairo).
Signs and distinctive places in New Cairo
Popular New Cairo attractions include the Police Academy, Cairo Festival City Shopping Mall, Downtown Shopping Mall,

American University, Petrosport Stadium on 90th Street, and the Air Defense Hospital.
Transportation and main streets in New Cairo
If you have a car, you can easily reach New Cairo via the Ring Road, Suez Road and Sokhna Road. Government and private public transport buses and minibuses also provide public transport services to make getting to New Cairo easier and simpler.
Prices in New Cairo
For instance…

When moving to any community or area, one of the most important information anyone needs is the price,

so Masharef Properties has compiled the prices of most of New Cairo for you so that you can set your budget and make the right decision.

Although the demand for apartments in New Cairo is at least 93%, the rate of increase in apartment prices in New Cairo has reached 10.26% during the past 12 months.

The average price per square meter in New Cairo is 9,500 pounds for apartments, and about 18,150 pounds for villas.

Note: Prices vary in some areas of New Cairo, where the price per meter in the Sphinx area can reach 5,100 pounds per meter,

and the price per square meter in the Choueifat area can reach 11,900 pounds per meter.

According to statistics conducted by Masharef Real Estate, New Cairo enjoys high quality, social standards,

prices and services that reach 9.8 (out of 10).
Neighborhoods of New Cairo and information about them
New Cairo consists of several blocks and areas. Masharef Real Estate will take you to visit different neighborhoods and let you know more about the different areas on different levels in New Cairo.
Banafseg neighborhood
Banafseg Block is one of the important buildings in New Cairo, and it can accessed through the main 90th Street,

which divided into villas space and building space.

The villas in Banafseg are divided into 12 areas that can be accessed via the 90th Street or from the Ring Road next to the Police Academy.

We have noticed that the city government interested in establishing service areas in any area within any block of New Cairo,

so that the service areas completely distributed in Banafseg blocks.

In the Violet complex, in addition to luxury residences in the villa area, there are also above-average residences.
Lotus District
Banafseg Block is one of the important buildings in New Cairo and it can be accessed through the main 90th Street and is divided into villas space and architectural space.

Banafsj Villas are divided into 12 districts and can be accessed via the 90th Street or from the Ring Road next to the Police Academy.

We have noticed that the city government intends to establish a service area in any area within any block of New Cairo,

so that the service area is completely distribut in the violet square.

In the Violet community, in addition to the mansions in the villa area, there are also dwellings of the middle and upper classes.
Northern investors
The northern investor area is distinguish by its proximity to the city of Shifa, as it is located on the Sadat axis and close to the Suez Road.

The difference between this neighborhood and other neighborhoods in

New Cairo is that it allocated to a real estate development company that is creating a closed residential complex (complex),

most of which provide luxury housing and some of which provide above-average housing.

The most famous of these residential areas are: El Patio, Hayati Residence, Waterway, Sun Sight, Ashrafieh, Bellagio, Hyatt Heights, Central Bank Club.
Southern investors
The Southern Investor neighborhood is located between the Southern 90th Street, the Gamal Abdel Nasser axis, and the Muhammad Naguib axis.

Most of the southern investors’ areas consist of closed residential areas (complexes) that provide luxury and above-average housing. The importance of the southern investment region is increasing because it is adjacent to American universities.

Among the most famous projects are: Concorde, Moon Valley, Fleur Deviluda Village, Island Garden, Dora, Villa, etc.

There are also some medium-sized projects in the area, such as Zizinia Community, Al Arabiya and Jannati;

Association lands such as Al Zahwa for Armed Forces Officers, Advisers’ Land, American University Housing, Al Sharq Insurance, and family apartment buildings.

The area features the Flower Club, Concord Mall, Galleria Plaza and Point 90 Shopping Center.
The Narges neighborhood is considered one of the important and well-known neighborhoods in New Cairo because it is considered one of

the most densely populated neighborhoods, perhaps due to its proximity to the Fifth Settlement neighborhood. Al Narjis community is located near Fatima Al Sharbatly Mosque, which is an important landmark that distinguishes the area.

The Narges block is similar to most of the buildings in New Cairo. It is divid into above-ground buildings and 4 floors in addition to villas,

a ground floor and two floors. The Narges block consists of 8 buildings.

It provides luxurious and above average housing in general and provides good services. Entertainment Center New Cairo is a city with everything you need,

entertainment and fun. If you are a shopaholic, then you dazzled by the malls including international stores, be it restaurants, cafes, clothing stores or even amusement parks.
Among the most important malls in New Cairo:
For instance…

Cairo Festival City.
Pointe Ninte.
Sven Star.
Meeting Point.
Americana Plaza.
The Spot Mall.
Moon Valley.
Concord Plaza.
Hala Mall.

If you are a fan of sports and community life, here are the most prominent clubs in New Cairo:

Alahli football club.
Katameya Club.
Also, Wadi Degla Club.
Egyptian Bank Club.
Flower Club.
And also the Platinum Club.
Aviation Club.
Blackpool Club.

One of the most prestigious compounds in New Cairo
New Cairo is considered the newest and also the most prestigious of the new cities, and it is characterized by a very strategic location in Cairo Governorate,

where the residents of Heliopolis and Nasr City prefer to move to it in order to enjoy its tranquility as well as its high-end services.

If you want an apartment for sale in New Cairo,here are the most prominent compounds:

Mountain View 2.
Hyde Park.
Mountain View 1.
Stone Residence
Regent’s Park Compound.
Mountain View Hyde Park.
Galleria Moon Valley Compound
Galleria Moon Valley.
Rock Vera Compound Fifth Settlement
Zinnia of the future.
Al Maram Landmark
Privado is my city.