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Life View Compound New Cairo


Life View Compound New Cairo , or as it is known as  Project

Life View New Cairo or Life View New Cairo  , is one of  IC Group Real

Estate Development Company’s, which will be explained below:


Life View English

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Life View Compound New Cairo :

Life View is the first integrated and luxurious complex in the Arab Republic of Egypt that combines affordable and realistic prices with a refined appearance, comfort, tranquility, attractiveness, contemporary, luxurious and safe design. IC Group was able to meet the needs of the customer and put preference and distinctive features by the customer

Life View is the viewpoint of outstanding strategy and surprising innovation combined to reflect majesty, exclusivity, renewal and contemporary art in architecture

Live View is a mythical layout in real life designed professionally and intelligently. It’s a challenge to transform the buildings and construction strategy system to bring your attention to fashionable planning.

About Life View Compound New Cairo:

The villas in Life View Compound have a modern design that has been professionally and creatively designed. The compound is also characterized by landscapes with distinguished specifications and green spaces in front of the villas, which completed new and amazing matches.

Life View project

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Starting from 490 square meters

Life View Compound New Cairo Location:

The Compound of Life View Villas is located in a location with distinguished specifications in the heart of New Cairo, as it is located in the middle of the southern investors space,

which is characterized by the spread of a large number of high-end residential projects and its proximity to the most prestigious educational universities, international schools and sports clubs,

as it is 700 m away from the American University and a distance of 200 m from a sports team The flowers.

Location Life View Compound New Cairo

Life View Compound New Cairo Services :

Residents of Life View and the Fifth Settlement can enjoy a lot of services that make them feel comfortable and relaxing, and the most prominent services available in the compound are:

  • landscape and the scenic landscape are among the most important features that remain in the Life View Compound, as it occupies approximately 70% of the project location and gives psychological tranquility to the residents.
  • A number of swimming pools have been set up and distributed in a balanced manner in all areas of Life View, providing entertainment for adults and children.
  • There are a number of sports fields, especially football, squash and tennis courts.
  • It combines a healthy team equipped with the latest sports equipment.
  • You can shop in the largest commercial mall that remains in the compound.

Life View Compound Fifth Settlement

  • There are distributions for major institutions and banks.
  • Delicious food and drinks can be eaten in the luxurious cafes and restaurants present in the project.
  • High speed web support is available.
  • All Life View units are fitted with highly crafted air conditioning.
  • A secure car garage has been allocated.
  • Security and guard services work throughout the day to defend all compound units.
  • Surveillance cameras are working in various locations in the compound.

Life View Compound Fifth Settlement

  • Vast green spaces with a wonderful view, give joy and happiness in the souls of people.
  • Traces for jogging, applied to villas.
  • Restaurants and cafés equipped at the highest rate, which are distinguished by their equal offering of different types of food, which are prepared by a sports team of the most skilled chefs.
  • Landscape is a wonderful view.
  • All units are equipped with electric lifts.
  • Medical care units represented in clinics and medical centers, and their general is equipped with the latest equipment and supervised by a sports team of professional doctors.
  • Electric generators to find a solution to the problem of sudden power outages.
  • Many institutions and bank branches, which allows customers to finalize a large number of banking transactions without having to leave the compound.
  • Swimming pools of different sizes and types, which makes them suitable for all people of all ages.

Life View Compound Fifth Settlement

  • A security and guard service job that works during the day, to provide defense and security for the residents and make them enjoy comfort and reassurance.
  • A gym and spa are equipped to a high standard, to provide the best possible benefit to the residents.
  • Barbecue premises were allocated for celebrations and various events.
  • Places to sit, meditate and enjoy the hobby of reading amidst natural similarities, which make the residents feel more calm and relaxed.
  • compound is fully equipped with monitoring cameras that work with the best quality.
  • A garage dedicated to parking the vehicles of the compound residents, to prevent them from being crowded in front of the buildings.
  • Artificial lakes and fountains added to the headquarters an aesthetically pleasing exterior.
  • A social and cultural sports group.
  • Clubhouse equipped to the highest rate.

Life View project

Life View Fifth Settlement Units :

The spaces of the villas offered for sale in Life View Compound start from 490 square meters. Each villa is divided into three floors. Basement,

ground and first. The ingenious use of spaces on different floors complements the feature interest and ease of movement within and between floors as well.

Life View Compound New Cairo Prices:

The prices of apartments within the Life View range came as an accident for a group of customers, who would like to live within a distinguished residential area,

as the most luxurious and luxurious life. The commercial establishment disclosed that these costs vary according to the type, type and area of the units,

but all costs are suitable for everyone,

which is an advantage that does not exist in many other residential complexes.

Payment Methods In Life View Compound New Cairo :

IC Group, the owner of the Life View Villas project in the 5th settlement, located specifically in the southern investors,

gives its customers a responsive and regular payment system,

where the customer pays 10% of the total unit cost to reserve the unit,

and thus the rest completes the disbursement of the amount in scheduled payments over 6 years.

Immediately cancel the delivery of the unit immediately after disbursing 20%.

The Company That Owns The Life View Compound New Cairo :

IC Real Estate Development Group was established in 1995 with an innovative vision that aspires to provide an integrated life through projects titled Excellence. It is a pioneering institution in modifying residential, recreational and commercial projects throughout the Arab Republic of Egypt, in addition to its leadership in providing the first deft home approach through one of its projects Distinguished in the heart of the nearby Egyptian capital Cairo. The Corporation seeks all the time – and over the past 20 years – to create an added value for its investors through exceptional projects, in addition to providing opportunities for remarkable growth for its shareholders at all times.

During its work during the previous years, IC Group was keen to provide advanced real estate services in a professional and profitable manner, to reflect its deep vision in the Egyptian buying and selling place and its pioneering experience in the field of facilities. Therefore, it was effectively demonstrated by its distinguished projects in different real estate and administrative sectors.

Previous Works Of IC Group:

Among the most residential projects implemented by the Foundation are the Life View Compound in the 5th Settlement, the Life View Compound in El Shorouk, the Smart Life Compound in the 5th Settlement, and Easy Life Compound in the 5th Settlement.

Just As The Foundation Has Carried Out Many Administrative And Medical Projects, Such As:

  • Live Medical El Shorouk
  • Live Mall Shorouk
  • The Office New Administrative Capital
  • Gold Market New Capital

Basic features and services of Life View Compound

The Life View Compound in the 5th Settlement is characterized by a high-end residential environment with international standards that guarantee the best and comfort for all residents.

In addition to this feature, the project developer lost his eagerness to provide various ways of luxury, entertainment and various services that customers might need.

Customers can enjoy a commercial area leading experience of its class, a complex of restaurants and cafes, automatic teller machines, swimming pools, regular unit repairs and also in case of any failures. In addition, there are security services at all times during the days of the week to provide a safe and sound environment for the residents of the compound.

The Advantages Of Living In The 5th Settlement Area :

  • 5th Settlement area is considered one of the best areas in the Arab Republic of Egypt in general and Cairo in particular, the most important of the 5th Settlement 2019 compounds, as it combines a large amount of the elite of the community and is characterized by the small number of population increase and the splendor of luxury strategies.
  • 5th assembly is calculated in the middle between Cairo, the capital of Egypt and the soon-to-be administrative capital, and close to the Suez and Ring Road.
  • There are many outlets for the 5th settlement, such as Sabeel Al Rehab, Ain Sokhna Road, and Mokattam Road.
  • There are green spaces in the 5th settlement and life is characterized by calm and privacy.
  • In the 5th settlement resides the great number of ministers, dignitaries of the country and famous people, the society has grown into many important buildings.

Life View Compound New Cairo

  • 5th assembly enjoys special features represented in strict building requirements to avoid any overruns without prior permission from the authority. In addition, all the assembly buildings have descending increases, which adds an aesthetic touch to the place.
  • Real estate investment in the 5th settlement is the highest choice because it is on an immediate and continuous rise, so it is very safe with regard to your money and the money of your children.
  • 5th gathering place is one of the most vital areas in the nearby Egyptian capital, Cairo, which you enjoy from services, recreational buildings and commercial activities.

Life View project



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Features of Life View Compound New Cairo
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains