Retaj Compound New Cairo

Retaj Compound New Cairo
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Retaj Compound New Cairo It contains a group of buildings,

all of which contain a ground floor and four upper floors,

and the compound is characterized by more than 70% of its area.

Retaj Compound New Cairo :

The compound contains about a group of buildings,

all of which contain a ground floor and four upper floors. The compound is characterized by

the fact that more than 70% of its area was left for green spaces;

Which means clean air that is suitable for young people when they run,

as well as children so that they are not harmed, as well as the elderly with weak health.

The project is also characterized by the provision of both residential and commercial units;

Which will meet the needs of the resident who is looking for an integrated housing.

What also distinguishes Ritaj is that it was built several years ago,

that is, it is currently full of residents as well as the neighborhood,

in addition to that you can easily find someone to consult before going into

the buying experience, and the presence of residents ensures the periodic maintenance process,

and also encourages commercial places to be active Within the scope of

the compound in order to serve its pioneers,

and these are some features that may not be found in newly built compounds.

Information about Retaj Compound New Cairo :

Ritaj Compound is an integrated residential compound developed by Ritaj Real Estate Development Company.

It also characterized by its strategic location in the most prestigious areas of New Cairo,

specifically in the southern investors area, very close to the 90th Street.

The compound also provides various residential apartments for sale surrounded by large green spaces as well as service facilities. different.

The Ritaj project contains a group of residential buildings that include distinguished service facilities.

Each residential building consists of a ground floor and also four repeated upper floors.

The residential properties in Ritaj Compound vary between regular apartments and also duplex apartments for sale in the Fifth Settlement, consisting of two rooms and also Hall,

3 rooms and a hall with Super Lux finishes.

Retaj Compound New Cairo

Advantages of Ritaj Compound in Fifth Settlement

The Retaj project is characterized by its ideal atmosphere for individuals as well as families,

as it provides a range of residential apartments and duplex units built amid beautiful green spaces,

and has many other advantages, including:

  • A gated compound that provides protection as well as 24-hour security.
  •  It offers distinctive options of apartments and duplexes for sale at the best prices.
  • An integrated residential compound located very close to several important streets, including the Teseen Street, as well as major roads such as the Ring Road.
  • It includes huge green spaces as well as playgrounds and also fitness facilities.
  • Periodic maintenance services for housing units.

Retaj Compound New Cairo Location :

The compound is located in a very unique area in the Fifth Settlement, which is the Southern Investors Area,

very close to the 90th Street, before the American University and in the direction of Concorde Plaza,

and very close to the German University, as well as the University of the Future,

as well as the Canadian University in the Fifth Settlement.

The site is also very close to the new administrative capital, as well as the Suez Road,

as well as the ring road. The location is ideal for its proximity to

the main New Cairo landmarks such as universities, as well as the most famous international schools,

as well as the most famous shopping malls, as well as restaurants, as well as cafes,

as well as banks and some government interests , clubs, and various entertainment areas.

Retaj Compound New Cairo Services :

The most important services of the Retaj City Compound are stores, as well as some restaurants and cafes,

as well as a swimming pool.

Also, the vast green spaces throughout the compound and around all the buildings,

also there are places for parking cars throughout the compound with the availability of electricity facilities,

as well as water, as well as natural gas, as well as sewage,

as well as providing security and guarding services throughout the 24 hours.

There are also various services for the convenience of the residents, such as a central internet,

and this is a unique feature in the Fifth Settlement, especially with the high internet speeds in New Cairo;

Since the use is via modern fiber lines.

There is also air conditioning for all units with a central shower without

the need to install a shower alone for your unit, and there is an elevator for all units,

as well as the compound closed in order to increase safety rates,

so all these indicators suggest that the option to buy your future unit, whether it is residential,

is an excellent option for the availability of all factors of comfortable housing.

Or commercial as well, it has ensured an upscale clientele.

Retaj Compound New Cairo Units :

In addition to security, as well as the spread of facilities as well as services,

the compound offers a variety of residential units between apartments, studios, duplexes,

penthouses and grounds with a garden. It also includes standalone villas,

townhouses and twin houses, which meets all the needs of individuals as well as families and suits all tastes.

The compounds are also characterized by payment methods as well as easy payment systems provided by the developing companies,

where the customer pays a percentage not exceeding 10% of the unit value and the remaining amount is paid in installments over the years.

All of these specifications as well as the features increase the value of the residential property,

so if you are looking for an apartment at the best prices in

the assembly for the purpose of housing or investment,

choosing an apartment in a compound is more prestigious than the detached property.

Retaj Compound New Cairo

Prices of Retaj Compound New Cairo :

The prices of Retaj New Cairo Compound are among the lowest residential prices in

the real estate field in the New Cairo area compared to many services and also

the facilities available within the compound,

which provide a wide range of entertainment and also amenities for the residents of

the compound so that customers enjoy the greatest amount of health and comfort as well as luxury.

Payment methods in Retaj Compound New Cairo :

  • Ready for delivery
  • fully finished

Retaj Compound New Cairo

The company that owns Ritaj New Cairo :

The mission of Ritaj Real Estate Services is to reach an investment entity and also a strong real estate offer that makes its clients satisfy their desires as well as their needs in the field of real estate through distinctive residential units,

as well as administrative as well as commercial units,

as well as the way the company developing Ritaj Compound works.

The channels are characterized by transparency and also credibility with its customers;

In order to support it in this strong entity based on balance and integration through

the implementation of projects, and also vote on it,

taking into account the desires of customers to obtain a distinguished resort and also based on

the pillars of professionalism; Which enhances the pillars of transparency and also

the credibility that the company seeks for them.

For this real estate developer, there are other projects such as Retaj Towers in the Haram,

specifically in the Al-Libini and Mishaal areas,

which are also successful towers that have succeeded in attracting residents to them.

What distinguishes Ritaj units is the speed of the resale process at any moment,

as the supply of units is not always large; So the unit will benefit you as a residence or as an investment.

Objectives of Ritaj Real Estate Company

Retaj Real Estate Development Company depends in its work on a clear strategic vision and also adopts fixed basic principles,

where the company is keen to deliver its real estate projects with high quality according to international standards, and also gives its clients high-end products that respond to their aspirations and also satisfy their tastes.

The company also chooses for its projects very strategic locations in the city center and in new cities,

as well as within distinct places that ensure residents benefit from various facilities as well as high-quality services.

The most important works of Ritaj Real Estate Company

Ritaj Real Estate Development owns a lot of residential projects that have been very popular,

whether from buyers or investors, including the Ritaj project in

the Fifth Settlement and also Ritaj Towers in Haram, specifically in the areas of Al-Libini and Mishaal.

Note that the prices as well as the spaces mentioned in the article are for the first half of 2019, and are therefore subject to change, and we at Masharef are keen to update them constantly in order for the customer to be aware of the changes in the real estate market.


Retaj Compound New Cairo

Things to consider when buying a new property.

There are a lot of factors that you should consider and

take care of if you want to buy a new property in New Cairo,

whether for investment or housing, so we offer you in

the following lines a set of tips when buying any real estate unit.

How to choose the location of the property?

The location is one of the most important factors that must be taken into consideration.

In the event that you choose a property that enjoys a vital location,

where it is very close to many services and also basic facilities as well as entertainment,

as everyone prefers real estate close to facilities and services,

in addition to a group of other important factors, Of which:

  • The unit is close to the main roads.
  • Hospitals and clinics available in the area.
  • supermarkets.
  • The unit is close to nurseries, schools and universities.
  • Near your home to public parks and also recreational sports clubs.
  • Availability of transportation in the area and its proximity to bus stations.

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