New Cairo District

New Cairo District Fifth Square Mall starts from sixty m to 1500 m The Foundation has keen on diversifying the spaces and it witnesses innovation in retail

within the Fifth Square Mall in order for each person to find the area

that suits his company and the nature of his project,

Details of Fifth Square Mall, New Cairo District:

The details of the Fifth Square Mall, New Cairo District,

which is also evident in the ritual mall, the Fifth Settlement,

located in its distinguished location in the Fifth Settlement,

exactly on the ninetieth Street in the north,

which is immediately known publicly as the Golden Square and the flickering artery in Cairo,

for its presence among many One of the vital places and wonderful urban projects.

Just as it enjoys easy access to it,

just as the Fifth Square Mall in New Cairo District based on an area of ​​72,000 meters to witness

inside it a large number of commercial stores of varying sizes.

The location of Fifth Square Mall, New Cairo District:

The Fifth Square Mall, New Cairo District located within the colossal edifice

that witnesses the abundant amount of apartments.

The mall overlooks a number of important methods and main axes,

the most important of which are the following:

Fifth Square Mall is 5 minutes away from the American University.

The ritual mall is about ten minutes away from New Cairo.

Fifth Square Mall is about a third of an hour away from the center of the Republic.

AL MARASEM, the owner of the mall, was keen to choose the location of New Cairo District,

with great care and consideration, as it is the first effective reason that each one investigates.

That is why the site chose by senior specialists close to the past experiences

that the commercial establishment enjoys.

The commercial establishment keen that the Fifth Square Mall site is one of the most important features

that the project enjoys, so it chose with great care.

Fifth Square Mall District, New Cairo District Area:

The Fifth Square Mall occupies an area of ​​72,000 square meters,

which is patient with many commercial stores in various areas,

which have been distributed harmoniously to suit everyone in choosing all units.

The area of the Fifth Square Mall units in the 5th settlement:

Place of commercial shops 53,032 m.

Hypermarket area 6,391 m.

Children’s amusement park place 649 m.

With 6 cinema rooms within the mall.

The place starts from sixty m to 1500 m.

The commercial establishment keen on diversifying the spaces

within the Fifth Square Mall in order for each one to find a place

that suits his company and the nature of his project.

Enjoy the unique and distinct pure design.

Fifth Square Mall services:

Al-Rite Foundation has made sure that the Fifth Square Mall in New Cairo District

has many features and services that every person seeks.

Which you have to win:

The dazzling strategy that the Fifth Square Mall, New Cairo District, enjoys.

The location of the Fifth Square Mall remains in the golden square area

which is simply accessible from all the style areas within minutes.

Place different shops that suit all businesses.

Prices launched by the Distinguished Ritual Foundation.

The various payment systems disclosed by the institution.

The presence of monitoring cameras that cover the various parts of the mall.

Security and guarding system shifters.

Providing the economy in a different way through partnership

with the largest real estate economic institutions.

Distribution of the very large area that the mall enjoys

through a selection of consultants who worked on the internal distribution inline

with the modern strategy of the conversation.

in addition to :

Al-Shaayer Corporation disclosed that all shops in the partnership system indicate that he has paid the subject and the 2nd text on the commercial establishment.

The Fifth Square Mall in New Cairo District includes a garage

that can accommodate 5,000 vehicles, secured with the latest international equipment.

Al Marasem Foundation has placed in the ritual mall of the 5th assembly all the needs

that each person requires in his project in order to be an integrated project and support leadership.

All of the above is an example of that and not a limitation,

because the institution put all its past experiences

in the formation of that mall by looking forward to the past actions,

obstacles and mistakes it faced and made them

among the advantages that the project enjoys.

The strategy of Fifth Square Mall, New Cairo District:

The ritual mall, the 5th settlement,

also known as the Fifth Square Mall, New Cairo District, designed on the distinguished modern appearance.

The Fifth Square Mall, the 5 complexes, consists of a ground floor and 3 floors,

connecting each floor to the other.

2 electric statics, one person designated for increasing and the other for declining,

which makes the movement within the mall easy.

Just as the lowest ritual mall remains, the 5th park,

with a wide area that can accommodate up to five thousand vehicles,

and is secured by all modern technologies,

as surveillance cameras are spread in it in various areas.

All other stores within the Fifth Square Mall front-side street were immediately planned.

Prices of Fifth Square Mall:

With the features and services launched by the ritual institution

within the Fifth Square Mall New Cairo District,

it has advanced by showing prices in a variety of ways,

as it offers a partnership style, meaning a topic on you and a text on the institution.

And the commercial establishment gave all customers

the owners of the ritual mall of the 5th gathering to be partners of the great name

and it is the one who maintains a safe economy.

What are the payment and payment systems:

In Fifth Square Mall, Al-Sha’er Foundation has provided a large number of different payment systems,

the most prominent of which is that you can pay the amount in installments over 4 years.

What is the owner of the rituals mall, the 5th assembly:

The Fifth Square Mall project is considered the best publication

by the “Al Marasem Development” institution,

which is publicly known as the place of international buying

and selling in the field of the real estate economy.

The Foundation seeks to make the customer a partner with her

in the dream she is doing and not a buyer by diverting the subject and the text.

It takes advantage of its past experiences

and pumps its latest projects into the 5th assembly on the largest area.

The Fifth Square Mall was not its first release, but it stood on its feet in many malls. heterotrophic.

It was he who helped the business to acquire the abundant amount of diverse ideas

that it promoted injecting into the Fifth Square Mall in order to be manifested in a different way,

Among the past actions that the institution stood on its feet with are:

Heliopolis El Shorouk team.

Cairo helipad hotel, capital of Egypt.

Dreamland Mall.

Al-Rehab Mall New Cairo District.