Centric Mall New Cairo

Centric Mall New Cairo
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Centric Mall New Cairo A full-service mall that offers commercial and

administrative units of various sizes with modern facilities,

as well as unique engineering designs characterized by luxury as well as sophistication.

Centric Mall New Cairo :

Mall will leave an administrative commercial edifice in

the Fifth Settlement in the most prestigious location in New Cairo,

achieving the highest standards of progress and

development in terms of services and

designs in order to be the prestigious front for entrepreneurs looking for appearance and

exclusivity in light of the increasing competition,

as well as advanced services that rise to meet the aspirations of the owners.

Information about Centric Mall New Cairo:

Centric Mall is a full-service mall that offers commercial and

administrative units of various sizes with modern facilities,

as well as unique engineering designs characterized by luxury as well as sophistication.

The total area of ​​the Centric Mall is 9000 square meters,

with a height of 7 floors,

each floor has its own activity to make it easier for visitors to

the mall to search for their different requirements without being distracted.

The area of ​​the shops and offices varies,

starting from 200 square meters,

in order to ensure that the buyer finds the appropriate unit for his project.

The high-quality office space in

the mall attracts ambitious minds who are looking for a combination of working life and

also a healthy lifestyle in all their details,

this is what they actually find in the smart design of Center Mall.

Centric Mall New Cairo

Centric Mall New Cairo location:

Centric Mall contains a huge number of points of distinction

that have an important role in the success and

prosperity of investment projects of this type,

on top of those advantages,

and perhaps the most prominent of which comes

the strategic location in the heart of

the Fifth Settlement near the most important landmarks,

neighborhoods and roads in the region,

which is a destination and a point of attraction for visitors from all over the world.

across the republic.

The Mall will surround New Cairo

with the majority of service provision centers of all kinds in the Fifth Settlement,

including companies of various activities,

as well as commercial and service centers,

whether educational, medical or governmental.

We find that it is only 150 meters away from the northern 90th Street and

not more than 300 meters from the northern 90th Street.

Through the mall’s site,

it is possible to reach both Cairo International Airport within a few minutes,

not exceeding 30 minutes,

as well as access to various destinations around Cairo and

other governorates, as well as the new administrative capital and

also Ain Sukhna, because the mall headquarters is close to Cairo / Road Suez is only 12 km away.

Centric Mall New Cairo services:

The Mall will leave New Cairo project was established to

provide practical smart solutions for entrepreneurs in order to

obtain a distinguished workplace

that provides all advanced services in order to keep pace

with their ambitions and also their needs,

on top of those services we mention the following:

The mall’s exterior facades are made of glass to provide a wide view,

as well as a full view of the landscape,

as well as the picturesque green areas of all units inside the mall.

Glass facades isolate external noise in order to provide a calm environment and

also encourage creativity as well as innovation.

All units enjoy the privileges of central air conditioning,

which operates with a variable cooling system to adapt to the internal temperatures so as to provide

the highest degree of comfort while saving energy at the same time.

All mall units have high glass balconies that allow sunlight to pass through,

which reduces electricity consumption and

improves employee performance.

A separate electricity meter has been installed for each unit inside the mall.

Inside the mall,

there is a department dedicated to receiving visitors and

also organizing maintenance services.

The lower floors of the mall contain parking for 250 cars.

There are rooms and storage units.

Centric Mall New Cairo

The mall was also provided with four rapidly imported elevators,

as well as high efficiency.

The interior decorations of the mall are of a luxurious level and

are also very sophisticated,

with interior and exterior lighting systems as well as aesthetically pleasing.

There are rooms for holding meetings,

interviews and conferences inside the mall,

equipped with the latest audio and display systems.

All areas of Stanrick Mall are monitored using the latest international security methods,

as well as advanced surveillance cameras.

All units inside the mall feature a central shower,

as well as an internal intercom.

Smart entrances with a special entry system for buyers,

workers and visitors.

The toilets inside the Centric Mall are located between the offices so

that they do not take up space inside the units.

The company that owns the project has provided the Flexi Finishing system for finishing,

which enables buyers to receive their units

with a luxurious level of finishes with the ability to add their final aesthetic touches,

which helps in saving time as well as effort and costs.

Centric Mall new Cairo space:

Centric Mall New Cairo extends over a huge area of ​​up to 9000 square meters while rising to 7 floors.

Allocating the majority of the total area on

which the mall is located in order to implement the green spaces and

also the aesthetic landscaping so that each unit has a distinctive view and

also an excellent level of appearance of the commercial units,

which contributes directly to achieving the hoped-for levels of success.

Centric Mall New Cairo units:

The mall provides practical solutions for anyone looking for a full-service headquarters to manage their business in an environment that helps development and

progress as well as creativity.

When implementing the mall,

the project-based company took into account

the provision of interior spaces for the units suitable for various activities.

This diversity is one of the mall’s distinctive points that should not be overlooked.

You can find small offices in the space,

as well as full administrative roles,

as well as duplex administrative units with divisions equivalent to any number of work teams.

The ceiling height in each floor of the mall reaches 5.60 meters,

and the interior space of the units starts from 200 square meters,

all units enjoy a luxurious level of finishes and

also equipment that qualifies the buyer to start working directly upon receipt,

and there are also commercial units suitable for café work And

also restaurants and shops on the ground floor as well as the first floors.

Centric Mall New Cairo

Centric Mall New Cairo prices:

Centric Mall has the best price range for the administrative as well as the commercial meter,

where the unit price starts from 2,468,008 EGP,

and this is one of the best prices in the region,

compared to the units of similar activity nearby in the Fifth Settlement and

also New Cairo, as well as the level of advanced and

high-end services that get It is required by the client in order to provide him

with comfort and continuity.

Due to these unbeatable prices,

investing in a unit inside the mall is a guaranteed option and

also has many benefits in the short as well as long term,

whether the purchase is motivated by investment or business management.

In addition to providing competitive prices for units.

Payment methods in Centric Mall New Cairo:

The company that owns the project has been interested in providing very easy payment systems so as not to burden buyers

with paying the value of the unit in one payment or in cash,

so you can choose one of the following installment systems in order to own your administrative

or commercial unit inside the mall.

Pay 20% of the total value of the unit in advance,

and the remaining amount is to be paid in installments over 7 years.

Pay 20% of the total value of the unit in advance,

and the rest of the amount is to be paid in installments over 7 years,

provided that it is the first installment after one year of contracting.

Centric Mall New Cairo

The company that owns the Centric Mall New Cairo :

Upturn Real Estate Development Company has implemented,

designed and completed the Mall will leave New Cairo project in order to be a new and

distinctive addition to its list of works,

most of which are concentrated in New Cairo and

the Fifth Settlement in particular.

It has implemented a group of the most prominent residential real estate projects And

also the commercial area in the area,

especially the Choueifat neighborhood,

Beit Al-Watan, and also the Narges neighborhood,

the Andalus area and also the investors neighborhood.

The company started its activities in the real estate field since 2001 and

has specialized in contracting works,

but soon it developed and

entered the real estate development market in 2004 in order to put its important mark

with a special vision that distinguishes

the company from its competitors in the field of construction as well as construction.

Centric Mall New Cairo

Centric Mall New Cairo

The company includes a brilliant group of the brightest minds as well as competencies in the field,

so we find that all the projects that it has implemented enjoy a high degree of sophistication and

also development in terms of planning as well as designs,

and therefore the company was able to gain the confidence of

its customers due to its complete keenness to implement

the needs of the Egyptian real estate market at the best price range

that is equivalent The largest segment of those willing to buy,

with the provision of additional services to the company’s customers such as luxurious finishes and

payment facilities for the longest possible period.

The Centric Mall New Cairo project is the company’s launch in

the implementation of administrative projects,

and it was already a strong start,

as it includes many comprehensive services as well as advanced creative ideas

that provide the most appropriate work environment in

the best location in the Fifth Settlement.

The previous works of the company include:-

  • The Podium Cairo Festival Project.
  • One Ninety Project.
  • Centro Mall.

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