Cairo Business Park New Cairo

Cairo Business Park New Cairo
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Cairo Business Park New Cairo It is the largest administrative as well as commercial project in New Cairo.

It is the title of luxury as well as beauty because all its designs are modern as well as international.

Cairo Business Park New Cairo:

Cairo Business Park is the largest administrative and

commercial project in New Cairo.

It is the title of luxury as well as beauty because all

its designs are modern as well as global.

capital business park Cairo is strategically located and

close to many vital places.

It was awarded the best commercial project in 2015 at the Scape Real Estate Exhibition.

The following lines will shed light on this great project.

Information about Cairo Business Park New Cairo :

Cairo Business Park New Cairo

is one of the most distinguished projects of Misr Italia Real Estate,

where we aim to constantly change

the concept of the real estate market by listening to our clients

who want to stay ahead with innovative real estate solutions and

designs and also our real estate projects inspired by you.

As your presence in the Business Park project of the assembly provides you

with success according to

the future data contained in this prestigious administrative assembly,

and gives employees the freedom to create in an environment

that motivates them to work lively

and also activity among the picturesque landscapes,

as well as enjoy the technological services

that facilitate your work and

ensure quick communication with your customers all over the world.

Cairo Business Park New Cairo

Cairo Business Park New Cairo location:

The strategic location that is unique to the Cairo Business Park complex and

is the first factor of its success as well as its distinction because

it is located next to high-end residential compounds that contribute to the popularity of its units,

and the advantages of its location are as follows:

The project is located at a distance of only six kilometers from the 90th Street,

the most lively street in the Fifth Settlement because it contains all the services and

also the means of entertainment.

The distance between it and

Mountain View Compound does not exceed seven kilometers.

The distance between Cairo Business Park and

El Shorouk City was estimated to be about 9 km only.

The distance between it and

the city of Al-Rehab does not exceed 18 kilometers.

The location of the Cairo Business Park complex is easily accessible because

it is close to the Cairo-Suez Road and only 3 minutes away from it.

It can also be reached from the complex to the ring road in less than 5 minutes.

The distance from Cairo Business to Road 90 is only about 5 minutes.

Cairo International Airport is only 15 minutes away from the project.

Getting from it to the new administrative capital takes only a quarter of an hour.

An exclusive location close to many important services,

especially hospitals, petrol stations, bank branches,

financial and banking services.

The distance between it and Al Rehab 2 project is about 18 km.

Cairo Business Park New Cairo services:

Cairo Business Park is a huge project consisting

of an administrative as well as a commercial building with its own gates,

providing a quiet atmosphere for businessmen to work and

also succeed in psychological comfort,

and there are many facilities that help them achieve, and its most important services are the following:

  • Stunning landscapes as well as green spaces overlooked by all units.
  • There are 2 artificial lakes with pure crystal water that add charm and also beauty to the place.
  • It is the only administrative complex in New Cairo that has a business hotel under the name of Hilton Garden Inn and also has the latest communication technology.
  • There is a huge underground garage that can accommodate many cars and is very well secured.
  • There is a Central Park area that contains a number of luxury restaurants, as well as a group of shops specialized in fashion, as well as fashion, bank branches, a pharmacy and nurseries for children.
  • It has VPN services for remote work technology with wireless services.
  • The project was provided with services to deal with fires with the provision of smart self-extinguishing systems.
  • The administration of the complex used modern IPTV surveillance systems to secure the entire project.
  • All buildings have a central cable for high-speed optical fibers in order to provide high-speed Internet service.
  • The Cairo Business Park ID gates operate automatically and only enter through them after verifying the identity, and there is a BMS system.
  • The buildings in the Cairo Business Park complex have modern and also fast elevators.
  • The complex includes a health club and also beauty centers with modern equipment on the latest international systems.
  • There are trails designated for jogging and walking among the gardens.

Cairo Business Park New Cairo

  • There are ample parking spaces.
  • In capital business park Cairo there are excellent express mail services.
  • The project has financial and banking services.
  • There are tourist offices to organize trips as well as excursions.
  • The place provides maintenance services as well as car cleaning, ironing and clothes cleaning.
  •  The project is characterized by the integration of its facilities, where there is an integrated network of clean drinking water, sewage, as well as electricity.
  • The project has high walls for more security, with the help of trained security services and also guards operating 24 hours a day.
  • Energy collectors have been provided that operate automatically when the power is cut off directly.
  • There are water tanks in order to operate immediately in the event of a water cut.
  • Health services are available, as well as pharmacies, as well as medical centers and clinics that are fully equipped and ready 24 hours a day to receive cases.
  • There is a special system to control insects.
  • Where the garbage is disposed of with a sophisticated, environmentally friendly system.
  • The place contains a luxury hotel and there is also a large library.

The space of Cairo Business Park New Cairo:

The Cairo Business complex was built on a huge area of ​​about 18 acres,

divided in a balanced way between services, buildings,

green spaces, water bodies and crystal lagoons.

Cairo Business consists of 42 buildings,

all of which are decorated with the latest international decorations in a way that makes it a large and

also luxurious complex with four main gates.

There are 17 different types of buildings,

and it was built in several phases,

the most recent of which is the Allure Executive Offices phase.

The project buildings consist of a ground floor surmounted by four consecutive floors,

and the features of the spaces are as follows:

  • A variety of administrative offices are available, numbering about 64 offices.
  • Administrative office spaces range from 58 square meters up to about 302 square meters.
  • Retail spaces are available.
  • The complex includes two Hilton Garden buildings containing 130 rooms furnished at the highest level.
  • There are designated areas for meeting rooms.

Cairo Business Park New Cairo

Cairo Business Park New Cairo units:

  • In the New Cairo Cairo Business Park project, here is an area designated for retail sales only,
  • and there are two Hilton Garden buildings that have 130 rooms that have been fully equipped to receive visitors,
  • we do not forget that meeting rooms have been provided equipped at the highest level,
  • and finally the administrative units start from 58 meters to suit All desires and activities.

Cairo Business Park New Cairo prices:

Cairo Business Park is a huge project and

also integrated with facilities as well as basic services as well as entertainment,

the prices in it are not exaggerated,

but it is suitable for the capabilities of customers in order for everyone to have

the opportunity to work in this special place.

The price per square meter in the latest phases of

the Allure project starts from about 50,000 EGP.

Payment methods in Cairo Business Park New Cairo :

The company stated that there are distinct and

very easy payment systems for payment as well as payment,

where the customer pays a 10% advance of the total unit price,

then another 10% is paid within three months of contracting,

provided that the rest of the amount is paid in equal installments for a period of 6 Years.

It is worth noting that there

is the possibility to choose between full finishing or the delivery of

the unit without finishing who would allow the customer to take over this matter according to

his taste and also his financial capabilities.

The company that owns Cairo Business Park New Cairo:

It is a large project with huge investments offered by Misr Italia,

one of the largest companies operating in the Egyptian real estate market.

The company has a great experience of more than 35 years,

during which it presented huge projects inside and outside Egypt,

in which it followed international standards,

using high quality building materials as well as environmentally friendly.

Misr Italia aims to satisfy its customers as well as their confidence,

and this is its approach in all its projects,

which made it achieve high success rates.

Where the company has presented

projects in various fields over its great history,

especially in the areas of economic housing,

as well as factories, residential communities,

well as villages and also tourist resorts.

As for the record of its previous work,

it includes many projects that have achieved tangible success,

the most important of which are the following:

  • Bosco City project in New Cairo
  • Vinci project in the new administrative capital.
  • And also the Lanova Vista project in New Cairo.
  • Kai Sokhna project in Ain Sokhna.
  • Mousa Coast project in Ras Sidr.

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