New Cairo is one of the largest modern cities in Egypt, whose construction began in the year 2000. It contains with it the largest neighborhoods in East Cairo, among the most famous of its neighborhoods, are the First Settlement, the 3rd Settlement, and the 5th Settlement. If you are thinking about housing and looking for housing units in New Cairo, you should know the neighborhood in all parts of it, in addition to the types and level of services, the interface, and finally the prices of housing units and villas, and methods of access to and from New Cairo.

New Cairo.. Distinguished real estate investment opportunities

New Cairo is one of the largest and most important third-generation cities, with an area of ​​70,000 acres. What distinguishes New Cairo from the rest of the new cities is its location in the east of Cairo and its connection to the heart of Cairo, especially from the unique design of the city, the breadth of its streets, the spread of green spaces in it, the preservation of the virtue of its residents, and its distance from the congestion of the capital.

The modern Egyptian capital, Cairo, is divided into a large number of residential conglomerates, the most famous of which is the Fifth Settlement.

The 90th Street is one of the most prominent landmarks of the 5th Settlement; It is the axis of New Cairo – that is, it links the rest of the neighborhoods together – close to containing commercial and administrative headquarters and apartments different in shape between the Roman, Islamic and new.

The amount of purchase in the 5th Settlement rises from the rest of the modern cities, as it includes sophistication, luxury, and integrated services such as the most prestigious universities, international and private schools, and recreational areas of clubs, restaurants, and residential compounds, the most famous among them are Katameya Heights, Landmark, and Downtown.

Therefore, establishing or buying a business or a shop in the town is successful investment due to the presence of different followers and customers and the ability to pay and buy.

New Cairo

The advantages and disadvantages of the house in New Cairo

The town is characterized by a low population increase. Most of New Cairo’s neighborhoods have a high social and living standard, but a few districts give average and above-average rates within New Cairo, such as the 3rd Settlement and Youth Housing in Katameya.

New Cairo is characterized by a slight rise in the degree and standard of the land, so the weather is moderate in it and less hot during the summer, and it may even be more frosty during the winter (so this information must be paid attention to when choosing raw materials to finish your home).

Among the flaws and shortcomings of the apartment in New Cairo is that the costs per square meter are slightly higher than their counterparts, which is the result of the high investment grade and standard of its housing, and also due to the high demand above it.

Despite the good layout of the 5th Settlement neighborhood and the expansion of the streets, it is flawed by the appearance of a limited number of congestion at times of the day, especially regarding the area of ​​90th Street (the heart of New Cairo).

New Cairo

One of the most important projects in New Cairo

Polaris Mall New Cairo

Polaris. There, you can find a place to work, a newer place to hang out, next to the opportunity to try new dishes with a touch of entertainment. Polaris is the first trend in Egypt to introduce MITA (Magic in the Air); a Technology that transforms the weather for every visit by means of art and stimulates all senses of the invitee.

Polaris Mall New Cairo Location

North of Ninety, one of the main roads in New Cairo and close to the American University in Cairo and FUE. This strategic location allows Polaris to settle in the center of Cairo, the capital of modern Egypt and provides the city with new light for Cairo’s entertainment.

The location of Polaris is surrounded by many high-end residential projects and is also

It is located next to the main roads in New Cairo, which will lead to the direction of the new capital,

Which makes it a central point for job areas. The project takes place in a strategic location next to

The American University in Cairo and close to FUE and CIC.

New Cairo

The company that owns Polaris Mall New Cairo

KVRD is proud of its track record of supporting a wide range of organizations; Going on celebrity developers to cash

Companies, which offer amazing results in meeting different real estate requirements across disparate sectors. The Foundation is currently working on the development of its projects with distinguished specifications, which allow both residential and commercial real estate

The company is currently working on creating

  • Notable projects, providing both residential and Highly distinguished commercial hubs.
  • Spaces and payment systems
  • The mall consists of offices.
  • 50 years
  • fully finished

Al Riyadh Secon New Cairo Compound

A distinctive compound in the heart of the 5th settlement, provided to you by the Saudi Egyptian Development Company sed, residential units and duplexes, complete with super lux from the inside, and the facades of buildings, and their entrances are fully finished. If you are looking for amazing housing units in New Cairo at the lowest price, the opportunity is available to you immediately in the Riyadh Compound, it will be Modern Cairo, which gives you the lowest cost per meter of completion for residential units within and around New Cairo, the various services that you and your family will need.

New Cairo

Al Riyadh Secon New Cairo Compound Units

Riyadh Compound will be in New Cairo that provides residential units and duplexes.

There are ground floor housing units with an area of ​​170 m2, consisting of 3 bedrooms, including penthouses.

There are also duplex housing units of 260 m2 (ground + first), and duplexes of 290 m2 (third + fourth + room + roof).

As it remains in the buildings specialized in duplexes, a flat, third-floor apartment, an area of ​​280 m2.

Prices for Riyadh Compound New Cairo

  • The price of the Riyadh compound will be New Cairo, which is one of the most advantages of the project, as the value of the meter starts from 17,000 pounds and is fully finished.
  • The apartment is 170 square meters, its prices start from 3 million pounds.
  • The average price of a 260 m2 duplex starts at 4.5 million pounds.
  •  The cost of a duplex of 290 m2 starts from 5 million pounds.

Payment methods in Riyadh Compound New Cairo

  • 10% down payment, then installments up to 8 years

Or a payment approach over 5 years, so the tire will be accompanied by the unit price, less than the prices referred to above.

New Cairo

The company that owns Riyadh New Cairo Compound

The Saudi Egyptian Construction Company (Sed) is pleased to announce its launch of a project that will be the 5th settlement.

The Saudi-Egyptian Business Development Corporation is an Egyptian joint-stock corporation owned by the Egyptian and Saudi governments, as it is a partnership between the Egyptian Ministry of Housing and the Saudi Ministry of Finance.

And so behaving with that class of developers is a huge advantage; Your money is safe with it because you are dealing with trusted official entities.

The history of the Saudi Egyptian Construction Company goes back to 1975 and has stood on its feet throughout its history by delivering more than 45 projects.

As we note that any Saudi building present in Egypt is own by the Saudi Egyptian Construction Company, as well as 7 commercial businesses under construction monitoring the company.

New Cairo

Bellagio New Cairo Compound

The most prominent feature of any residence or house is its location and the neighborhood it contains. .

Bellagio Compound is distinguished by its privileged location next to El Patio Oro Compound in New Cairo, Emerald Park Compound and Diyar Park’s social team, in the midst of the most important parts and landmarks of New Cairo. In addition, there are wide green gardens, and water bodies represented in artificial lakes. Just as the construction and finishing works of the residential buildings and services in the compound completely completed; The subject that allows instantaneous receipt of the customer whenever he wants.

Bellagio New Cairo Compound located

Bellagio Compound is located in New Cairo, specifically within the borders of the Northern Investors District, a short distance from the American University, near Al Rehab City and well-known compounds in New Cairo such as: Rehan Villas, Al Diar Compound, Durrat Cairo Compound, Mountain View 1, and Land Mark. Among the most famous landmarks that surround it are: Emerald Park, and the Diar Park Social Sports Band.

Bellagio New Cairo Compound Services

  • Club House building for social activities and events.
  • Green spaces and spacious gardens.
  • Walking and running tracks.
  • Health club.
  • swimming pool.
  • Security and guarding services throughout the day to secure the wealth of the people.
  • Recreational areas and parks for children to play.
  • A commercial headquarters that combines many shops and stores.
  • Mosque.
  • Sports club.
  • Commercial shops.
  • Integrated service space.

New Cairo

The company that owns Bellagio New Cairo Compound

Supervising developer of the Bellagio project:

Arco Real Estate Company, Arco Developments, is one of the leading companies in the field of real estate and architectural investment, established in 2005 AD, and its investment grew to twenty billion pounds in less than 5 years of its establishment. Arco Institution for Supervision is well known for its selection of the areas in which it establishes its projects, which include: the New Administrative Capital, 6th of October City, Sheikh Zayed City, New Cairo, Nasr City, and the North Coast.

Motivated by the strong demand postponed for the Administrative Capital, the Corporation was keen to have a decent housing project next to the capital’s landmarks and its most prominent services, and the commercial establishment hopes to establish many high-end projects in the rest of the Egyptian cities during the coming period.

Mall Headquarters New Cairo

The head office (in the heart of New Cairo) is located in one of the most popular locations in New Cairo, which makes it the perfect location to become your new business address. HQ offers a variety of desks to customize and personalize your business office to your needs. We offer a wide range of services to ensure that your new office suits you best.

New Cairo

Mall Headquarters New Cairo Units

  • The total area of ​​the Head Quarters Mall project is about 4842 square meters.
  • 2500 square meters were allocat for green spaces.
  •  Administrative units, offices, commercial and pharmacies are available.
  • There is an administrative property and a newer commercial building, separated by green space.
  • Administrative units spaces start from 65 square meters
  •  Lots of different other spaces are available.

The company that owns Headquarters in New Cairo

Motawee Group is one of the most important real estate development institutions in Egypt, founded in 1998.

Just as the company relies on the most important and most efficient architects and specialists in all its projects.

The Mutawa Group Foundation always chooses the most prestigious sites for its projects that

are close to the interlocutors and the basic methods

The institution is interested in the smallest details and the basics and

desires of its customers to gain their satisfaction and confidence.

And that the company has projects in modern Damietta, Ain Sukhna,

and New Cairo, which is one of the loftiest sites in Greater Cairo

New Cairo

Head Quarters New Cairo Location

  • Head Quarters Mall is located in the most important plann location.
  • The mall is located in the North 90th Street sector.
  •  The location of the mall is ten minutes from Cairo International Airport
  •  It is only a quarter of an hour away from the town of Nasr, and the neighborhood of the modern Arab Republic of Egypt.
  • In the heart of the 5th settlement between Cairo Festival City Mall and the Air Hospital.
  • It is close to Downtown Mall
  •  It is only 5 minutes away from Suez / Sokhna Road.

Compound Promenade New Cairo

The Promenade New Cairo compound from Wadi Degla Real Estate Development,

as one of its most prominent new projects, issued the decision to establish and

equip it to qualify it to be a wonderful investment destination.

The project is also characterized by its attractive designs and vast green spaces.

New Cairo

Compound Promenade New Cairo Units

Buildings details in New Cairo Promenade:

In general, the Promenade project consists of 995 houses,

the areas of which start from 150 square meters and end with an area of ​​255 square meters,

to suit the needs of each customer.

As for the buildings, they were design so that one building consists of a ground floor,

as well as 4 continuous floors.

Payment methods in the Promenade Compound New Cairo

The New Cairo Promenade Compound gives a large exchange rate for all types of residential units.

You can only spend 10% as a deposit and pay the rest of the scheduled payments for up to 6 years.

Prices for the Promenade Compound New Cairo

The prices of the New Cairo Promenade compound start from 2738910 pounds for the apartment.

Promenade prices start from 14000 pounds per meter.

All housing units will be deliver within 4 years, and all of them are fully completed.

New Cairo

Promenade Compound New Cairo Location

The Promenade project is located in the 5th settlement, specifically on 90th Street, next to many giant commercial businesses in the assembly such as Katameya Dunes Compound, in addition to the Hyde Park project.

While the project is only five minutes away from the middle ring road and the American University next to the New Administrative Capital, which contributed to the violence of investors’ demand to reserve their units there.

The company that owns the Promenade Compound New Cairo

Index on the project of Wadi Degla Real Estate Corporation, Wadi Degla Corporation embodies one of the largest and largest real estate modernization institutions in the Egyptian real estate market. Just as the Wadi Degla Corporation was established in 2005, and since its inception, the business has risen to many very large projects until the Wadi Degla Corporation has become one of the most important institutions that have weight in the real estate market with a total of 19 projects, and among the most famous projects that the Corporation stood on its feet are:

  • Neopolis Compound New Cairo
  • Blumar El Sokhna
  • Blumar North Coast Sidi Abdel Rahman.
  • Wadi Degla.
  • Murano Ain Sokhna Resort.
  • Tijan Wadi Degla Compound in Maadi.
  • River Walk Compound in Fifth Settlement.

New Cairo