The Yard Mall New Cairo

The Yard Mall New Cairo
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Is one of the most important modern commercial projects in the Arab Republic of Egypt The Yard Mall New Cairo.

The Yard Mall New Cairo

it is one of the giant commercial projects within Al Rehab City in the heart of New is considered one of the largest projects that was characterized by excellent architectural charm ,through a group of distinguished specifications of engineers, contract companies and well-known real estate companies,as we are trying all the time to get you distinguished services and the best quality.

The Yard Mall New Cairo

The Yard Mall New Cairo

ٍservices of The Yard New Cairo

The owner company built The Yard Mall New Cairo on a large area in order to provide all the services that the customer needs:

  • The Yard Mall Rabat project includes shops and administrative units, and many different restaurants and cafes are available, as well as conference halls to suit all investors.
  • A mini meeting room is available in the mall.
  • Underground garages are available to accommodate many vehicles to solve the dilemma of parking the vehicles.
  • Just as the mall is supported by high speed internet.
  • Just as there is a full service center in the mall with a Business Lounge.
  • As for the commercial stores in the mall, they are numerous and varied, as there are 82 units left in the project
  •  the shops have large areas for displaying goods and merchandise, just as the shops remain small to suit the meager initiatives.
  • The mall has administrative offices and central air conditioning in all units.
  • One of the advantages of The Yard Mall New Cairo is that all units are completed in full completion system.
  • Solar powered units are available.
  • The institution did not neglect the formation of a huge spa equipped with the highest degree and standard to provide
  • the highest services to visitors, as it remains in the mall – also – Jim Aram.
  • As for security and guard services, they are available in the mall 24 hours a day, every day.
  • surveillance cameras remain to participate in the protection and preservation of the wealth of customers in the mall.

features of mall

  • There remains a large group of commercial units that can serve as shops offering all international and local brands
  • within the project and include a range of other services such as banks, cafes, restaurants, hypermarkets and others.
  • Administrative offices and other services that you can get above within the scope of the project.
  • You can use the garages that are designed under the ground to maintain your car and feel safe above it.
  •  A unique group of medical clinics with different spaces and different designs to meet the demands of all customers.
  • There are high Internet speeds that enable you to access the Internet at any point within the project.
  • Business Lounge services are available
  • there are a number of gyms and spas, where you can relax and feel comfortable
  • get rid of psychological stress and all external pollutants through a safe and stable weather within the scope of the
  • commercial project within an upscale area.
  • Central air conditioning remains.
  • Finally, monitoring cameras, in addition to that, security and
  • guard services remain 24 hours a day, every day.

The Yard project Design

The Yard Mall New Cairo was planned using the latest international models,as the unique destinations overlooking the green spaces and matching the natural on the one hand with the internal preparation of the units,which participated in the practical exploitation of the spaces of the units in general.

The Foundation also did not neglect the design of underground garages to find a solution to the problem of parking the carts,whether for customers in the mall or for visitors.

  • In a general appearance,The Yard Mall was established on 5 periods,with a total number of units of 82 units

It is important to mention that the medical units in particular have been diversified in their designs in order to preserve the

reality of preparation for the specialty of the clinic.

The finest design

The finest design

The Yard Mall New Cairo Location

Is one of the projects located within Al Rehab City and is characterized by many services andfeatures that made it the ideal choice for our customers,and then the location of the project becomes clear next to the Dakha residential project in Al Rehab.

  • As it is about 10 minutes away from Heliopolis
  • while it separated from Downtown
  • A distance that can be covered in just 20 minutes.

The space of The Yard New Cairo project

In general, the area of ​​The Yard Mall New Cairo reaches 10 million square meters,which is an average of 2357 acres,an area that allowed the allocation of external spaces for commercial units in which cafes or restaurants  established.

With a general appearance,the units’ spaces in The Yard Mall in the Fifth Settlement start from 38 square meters,which is suitable for creating a small store and the spaces end with about four hundred square meters in full.

The diversity of administrative office spaces and medical clinics, in addition to that of commercial shops,has allowed to satisfy the tastes of all customers.

units of project

The company that owns the project has been keen so that the areas of the units vary in proportion to the demand of each customer

  • the scanners start from 38 square meters and end with an area of ​​up to 400 square meters

Payment methods in The Yard Mall Fifth Settlement

The executing institution of The Yard Mall project expressed a large number of facilities، in the process of booking and selling commercial units,and the institution stressed that all units  planned to write off to be delivered to their owners with a full completion system with the presence of air conditioners

  • So that the reservation of units, whether commercial or office,or for any purpose,made by a contract provider whose price reaches 35% of the total unit price.

With the acquisition of the installment approach,it is up to two years without privileges on scheduled payments.

The Yard Mall

The Yard Mall

The company that owns the project

Since the biggest day in 1980 – we have taken upon ourselves the commitment to build the Triple PS; Prosperity,

professional and prioritizing communities.Rabat Real Estate Corporation is a pioneer in implementing the latest

international theories in the field of professional real estate modernization.

Because the service infrastructure has become more modern,it lost that Rabat is on the right track،The company that owns

The Yard Mall New Cairo

In building for greater prosperity, glory and achievement,we envision that a good property is what counts as something with

a real price tag.Forty years of continuous development,industrial know-how andpractical technology have made Al Rabat

Real Estate Corporation

Please note,that the prices and spaces mentioned in the article are for the first half of 2022, so they are subject to change, so we at Masharf Real Estate are keen to update the spaces, price and type of listings for both residential and commercial units to keep them. Inform clients about the real estate market.

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