Aswar Residence New Cairo Compound

Aswar Residence New Cairo Compound
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Aswar Residence New Cairo Compound The new project,

implemented by United Real Estate Company,

is a high-end residential compound,

one of the finest residential projects in New Cairo, 40 kilometers from Cairo.

Compound Aswar Residence New Cairo :

Aswar Residence New Cairo,

implemented by United Real Estate Company,

is a high-end residential compound of

the finest residential projects in New Cairo,

40 kilometers from Cairo.

An amount of 160 million pounds has been allocated as a capital for Aswar Residence New Cairo,

which is characterized by its meticulously organized planning,

so that it is easy to access and move between

the buildings of the compound.

Information about Aswar Residence New Cairo :

Aswar Residence Compound includes

residential villas available for sale at the best costs,

which number up to 75 villas,

each consisting of 3 floors with a modern architectural appearance,

in addition to the green spaces present in

the various areas of the compound.

The compound is divided into 4 groups,

each group includes 18 villas on average,

with a total of 75 villas.

Shuttering Construction has undertaken the completion and

finishing of residential buildings in Aswar Compound

with payment scheduling,

service buildings, roads and infrastructure,

facades, landscapes, and the club house.

Aswar Residence New Cairo Compound

The location of Aswar Residence New Cairo :

Aswar Residence Compound is located in the beginning of New Cairo,

specifically on El Nasr Street, next to Palm Hills Katameya.

Aswar Residence New Cairo services :

Compound retains the credit feature that characterizes compounds,

and besides that you will find:

  • Extensive green gardens.
  • Walking and running tracks.
  • Cycling paths.
  • A massive club that mixes a sports venue.
  • Club House Building.
  • Huge outdoor pool.
  • Car parking spaces.

Aswar Residence New Cairo units :

  • Aswar Residence project on an area of ​​114,374
  • Building area 46,419 m2
  • It consists of 75 high-end villas and consists of 3 floors and a basement

Aswar Residence New Cairo Compound

Aswar Residence New Cairo prices:

The prices of Aswar Residence New Cairo

are among the smallest residential costs

in the real estate field in the New Cairo area compared

to the overwhelming number of services and

facilities present within the compound,

which works to provide a great amount of entertainment ways and

means of accommodation for the residents of

the compound so that customers

can enjoy the largest amount of healthy life,

comfort and luxury.

Masharef is keen to update the neighborhood price list all the time so

that the user is constantly informed of

the latest developments in the building market through

the price guide for the neighborhoods

of the 5th settlement compounds.

Payment methods in Aswar

Residence New Cairo:

10% down payment and installments over 6 years

The units are fully finished

And ready to pick up

The company that owns

Aswar Residence New Cairo  :

United Real Estate Company (URE) is a real estate investment company affiliated

with the Kuwait Projects Company – Holding (KIPCO group),

a leading company in the field of real estate,

physical services and manufacturing in Kuwait and

the Middle East.

URE was established in 1973 and

incorporated in Kuwait market for banknotes in 1984 AD,

as it has a huge history of projects and

achievements in the field of construction and real estate,

including complexes,

hotels and residential real estate in the Middle East.

Aswar Residence New Cairo Compound

The 5 most important information about New Cairo:

New Cairo is the most prominent modern city in the Arab Republic of Egypt,

as it occupies the second place so far,

the new administrative capital.

And in that text, we give you

the most important five data you need to know about New Cairo.

Geographical area of ​​New Cairo

It has been common in the past period that the 5th settlement is New Cairo,

which is incorrect;

The assembly in all its neighborhoods is a part of New Cairo,

which includes Rehab and Madinaty as well

New Cairo was established to the east of the Cairo Governorate;

Thus, it is located on the Ring Road,

Maadi, the Katameya-Ain Sukhna road,

and the Cairo-Suez road in the Egyptian capital.

The city is located on 70,000 acres,

and its population is expected to reach 5 million people.

Therefore, the city enjoys a large or medium-sized population;

Which gives you a rite of silence and comfort,

as a great area with a smaller number of inhabitants.

Business investment opportunities

New Cairo has many commercial malls that you can invest in.

Since the commercial economy has become one of

the most important requirements in New Cairo,

here are the most prominent malls that you can invest in:

Medical Mall :

The medical field has many pioneers,

so if you are looking for a clinic,

office or even a hospital,

Ozone is the right place for you.

It is an integrated health medical mall that provides you

with everything you need to start your project.

The project is being built in the Narges district of

the 5th settlement on a place of 17,829 square meters;

Which makes it in the most worthy headquarters of the assembly.

It is a subject that gives ease of access

, while maintaining the privacy of

the headquarters in terms of silence and

comfort for patients.

The mall offers medical clinics

with areas starting from 37 square meters,

in addition to centers for medical analysis,

radiology and pharmacies.

With huge payment facilities of up to 72 months,

and a down payment of only 10% of

the cost of the clinic you will own.

Do not hesitate and be with us in our medical community.

Aswar Residence Compound New Cairo

business investment:

Cairo Capital Center Mall offers a real possibility

to start a business investment

with excellent investment opportunities.

This is the theme that makes it one of the high-end areas in

the 5th settlement promising investment.

The mall is located on Bank Street,

which makes it close to the lively 90th Street.

As it is located on the Ring Road,

as the cities of Al-Shorouk, Al-Obour,

the Modern Administrative Capital,

Nasr City and Heliopolis.

That is, your business can serve all of

these areas at the same time.

The mall rises on an area of ​​770,000 square meters,

with 6 floors, with various services provided, such as:

  • administrative Offices.
  • Banking services.
  • Meeting rooms.
  • Cart surgeon with a capacity of 164 carts.
  • Double glazed facades.
  • Automatic operating systems in power failure mode.
  • Fire alarms.
  • Semi central air conditioning.
  • Security, guarding and electronic gates.
  • Repair and cleaner.
  • And other services that serve any commercial activity.

The organization implementing the project

has identified three payment systems that you

can choose from,namely:

  • 15% down payment and the rest in 3 years installments.
  • 20% down payment and the rest in installments over 4 years.
  • 25% down payment and the rest in installments over 5 years.

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