Business Plus New Cairo Mall

Business Plus New Cairo Mall
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Business Plus New Cairo Mall It is represented in a mall that was implemented

in the Fifth Settlement to be one of the largest commercial projects in Egypt,

designed with the finest architectural designs that match the advances of the times.

Business Plus New Cairo Mall:

The Business Plus Mall is represented in a mall that was implemented

in the Fifth Settlement to be one

of the largest commercial projects in Egypt,

designed with the finest architectural settings that

match the advancements of the times.

Facilities and services that suit all their needs.

Information about Business Plus New Cairo:

The Business Plus Mall project,

Al Tagamoa,

is one of the most important commercial projects for Catalyst Real Estate,

which has many advantages starting from its vital location and

ending with the services it has been provided with.

The privileges of the Business Plus project helped make it an

ideal destination for all those who want to build a commercial

logo for their commercial activity on the one hand,

and its privileges also participated in placing it on

the first list of projects that had to provide psychological

conditions that helped to accomplish all administrative tasks (regarding office owners and companies ).

The Heartwork arrangement is the first international practice headquarters designed

with the finest planning on the four pillars of happiness: heart,

mind, body and soul with the aim of creating a working environment

by Mountain View Real Estate Development,

which has been keen all the time to provide the optimum through its real estate projects

within the Arab Republic of Egypt based on the needs of customers .

This project, which combines culture and

elegance to suit businessmen and

gives them working environmental conditions,

also included many facilities that meet all their needs and

give them peace and relaxation.

Features of Business Plus New Cairo project:

Catalyst Real Estate Company has been keen to provide its Business Plus commercial

project with all the services and facilities that customers can not do without in the mall,

and prices are superior to others.

Therefore, the Business Plus project enjoys many features,

such as the distinguished location on the northern 90th Street,

which is easy for customers to go to and from the mall,

next to the falls,

and near the large number of residential projects that helped

in activating the commercial projects in the mall.

The landscaping spaces are considered the second largest benefit,

which participated in adding an increase in psychological calm that helps clients

to perform their work more efficiently.

As for the web,

it was lost documented in the mall so that it was at high speeds to help complete the procedures more quickly.

The Business Plus project also has 24-hour security and guard services.

Business Plus New Cairo Mall

Design in the Business Plus project in New Cairo:

It is easy to notice the mastery and originality of the Business Plus strategy from the rest of the commercial businesses. The superiority did not stop at the external destinations of the project only, but it extended to include the landscaping specialized in the project as well as the units within the mall.

In general, it consists of:

  • 3 Bodrum
  • ground floor
  • Six consecutive roles
  • With caution and scrutiny on the preparation of 124 garages, they fully secured.

Business Plus New Cairo location:

As for the Business Plus location, it remains in the heart of the 5th settlement,

specifically on the northern 90th Street, near the Future University,

and immediately in front of the street leading to Rehab City.

The Business Plus Mall is located in the 5th Settlement – also – next to the Suez Road,

Nasr City and Heliopolis,

which helped in the brutal demand of the people of those bustling areas to

projects in the mall because they needed them.

Within the dialogue about the Business Plus Mall website,

it is worth noting that it is about a quarter of an hour

away from Cairo International Airport,

while it is separated from the American University by a distance

that can be traveled in only 5 minutes.

Business Plus New Cairo Mall

Business Plus New Cairo services:

  • The mall is distinguished by its distinguished and unique location on the 90th Street in the Fifth Settlement, and it is one of the most vital streets in the place.
  • The Business Plus Mall combines water features and trails for running and cycling.
  • There are many services in the mall such as the repair benefit, the cleaning benefit, as well as the reception and guidance support, and the visitors’ interest, as well as the technical assistance service function, house keeping, the benefit of keeping children, and the dry clean.
  • The mall has private rooms for meetings.
  • There is also a health team, jacuzzi, sauna and spa.
  • The mall characterized by escalators and elevators to maintain the calmness of the customer and visitors.
  • The mall characterized by ventilation and the presence of central air conditioning distributed within and outside the units.
  • There are 3 bathrooms in the mall, which are well-finished and provide various services.

Business Plus Mall New Cairo unit :

  • The mall combines an abundance of commercial shops and administrative buildings.
  • The mall mixes a lot of restaurants and cafes, which are distinguished by their wonderful decorations.
  • The project has been provided with Wi-Fi and high-speed internet so that unit owners can carry out their work as easily and simply as possible.
  • The Mall maintains a secure, covered garage to protect your car when you go shopping.
  • It also characterized by security, distinguished guarding, and monitoring cameras distributed throughout the 24 hours.
  • The Business Plus Mall was implemented on an area of ​​4,280 square meters distributed among buildings, green spaces and landscapes. As for the planning of the mall, it consists of 3 basement floors, 124 parking spaces, a ground floor and 6 other floors, and the floor was performed over an area of ​​​​6 thousand square meters distributed over commercial stores. and administrative buildings.
  • The place for commercial units starts from 465 square meters.
  • The location of the administrative offices starts from 49 meters up to 1952 square meters.

Business Plus New Cairo prices:

The meter value for administrative units starts from 43,000 EGP.

Payment methods in Business Plus New Cairo:

  • You can spend 10% down payment, 5% after six months, and the rest in installments during two and a half years.
  • Just as you can spend 15% down payment and 5% after six months, and pay the rest of the amount in installments over 4 years.
  • Or spend 20% in advance and 10% so far for six months, and pay the rest of the amount in installments over 5 years.
  • Delivery will take place during July 2020.

The company that owns Business Plus New Cairo:

The company that owns the premium Business Plus Mall project is Catalyst Real Estate Corporation,

which is one of the leading institutions in the field of facilities.

The company has implemented many successful real estate projects and

has always been keen on honesty and

credibility in communicating with customers while saving the finest prices and

payment systems.

Business Plus New Cairo Mall

Your successful investment in New Cairo:

New Cairo represents the best place for real estate investment in Cairo,

as it contains many massive real estate,

commercial centers and luxury residential complexes,

as it can be considered one of the most worthy areas that offer

real estate for sale at the best costs in New Cairo,

and the Arab Republic of Egypt is still witnessing a large urban

movement during the period The last,

New Cairo known for its various neighborhoods

and services, the most important

of which is the famous 5th Settlement neighborhood,

which combines a number of the most luxurious and

finest residential buildings, in addition to being one of the best neighborhoods in Cairo,

the modern capital of Egypt. .

New Cairo is a full-service community

New Cairo is a vibrant city,

as it contains large quantities of commercial malls,

the most important of which are Cairo Festival City Mall,

Point Ninety Mall and Downtown,

as well as a large number of restaurants,

cafes and major hotels such as the JW Marriott Hotel and

Kempinski Hotel and others. In New Cairo,

you find many types of Educational services such as the American University,

the German University and the University of the Future,

and prestigious schools such as Choueifat School,

the Canadian International School and Malvern School,

in addition to health services such as the Al-Jawy Specialized Clinic,

Al-Shifa Hospital, Tabarak Hospital,

and others. Certainly,

it contains with it a large number

of various compounds and

residential complexes inhabited by thousands of families each.

These are a great crowd for your business of any kind.

Business Plus New Cairo Mall

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