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Last updated 2023-03-01
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Noor City Capital Gardens


Noor City Capital Gardens , or as it is known as  Project

Noor Capital Gardens or Noor Capital Gardens  , is one of  Talaat Moustafa Group Real

Estate Development Company’s, which will be explained below:

Noor City Capital Gardens :

A new vision for the future Think of “sustainable” living for the year 2021.

The future “Green Smart” not only uses the latest developments in the world in designing integrated cities,

but also uses the latest global technologies in various fields. Noor is a smart and eco-friendly city that covers an area of 5,000 acres.

Planned with the help of the world’s four largest consulting firms, SWA, SASAKI, Perkins Eastman and BCG,

to represent the new paradigm of a 21st century city offering a new city and a fourth generation of comprehensive modern housing and

improving community life in a healthy and safe environment and a new paradigm for sustainable development.

This city will adopt the latest new technologies in the world,

and through cooperation with the largest company and

office for the development of smart cities in the world.

Information About Noor City Capital Gardens :

The Noor project is a new step in the development of the entire region,

creating promising investment opportunities for the region and all its surrounding attractions.

It will represent the new model of the twenty-first century city, provide a new level of comprehensive modern housing,

improve community life in a healthy environment,

form a new model for sustainable development,

and become one of the fourth generation cities. This city will include: The latest new technologies in the world,

through cooperation with the largest company and office for the development of smart cities in the world,

will represent a qualitative leap in planning thinking.

Noor is a new city, similar to the one developed by Talaat Moustafa Group, but with more modern ideas, a smart green city built on 5,000 acres of land.

Be a quantum leap in the real estate development map in Egypt.

Noor City Capital Gardens

The Capital Garden Noor City project is the latest project for Talaat Moustafa Group and is Location in front of the New Capital Airport.

In the Al-Hekaya program broadcast on the ONTV satellite channel,

the great journalist Amr Adib was interviewed on television, and Eng.

Hisham Talaat Mostafa appeared and spoke about the latest project of the Talaat Mostafa Group, “Noor City”.

He said that Talaat Moustafa Group announced the launch of a new project called Noor Capital Gardens in the new administrative capital.

The opening of the Noor project started a few days after Talaat Moustafa Group announced the handover of Madinaty Handicraft Zone,

the largest group of stores in Madinaty,

offering competitive rates and rentals. In this article,

a full explanation of the project and how to reserve the city of Noor Talaat Mustafa and everything related to the price, area.

Features Of Noor City By Talaat Mustafa :

The Noor City project covers an area of 5,000 acres in the Capital Garden in front of the New Administrative Capital,

and is located in an excellent location in front of the Capital International Airport, Heliopolis, El Shorouk, Madinah and New Cairo 15 minutes.

Al Nuer City will absorb the latest technologies in the world,

and through cooperation with the largest company and office for the development of smart cities in the world,

it will use the latest optical fiber technologies and advanced infrastructure to achieve a qualitative leap in planning ideas.

A qualitative leap on the map .. Real estate development in Egypt.

Noor Capital Gardens Project

Noor Capital Gardens Project

Project area: 5000 acres

Residential units space starts from 67 square meters to 230 square meters
fully finished

Project area: 5000 acres
The spaces of the villas start from 195 m² up to 370 m² as a stand alone villa
fully finished

Noor City Capital Gardens Location:

The project is Location in front of the New Capital International Airport.

It extends directly to the Suez Road, and the frontage is 2.7 kilometers long.

It is close to the regional ring road and both (New Heliopolis, El Shorouk,

Madinaty and New Cairo)

Noor Capital Gardens Services:

Regional Services Promenade: a unique shopping and entertainment park,

including the international shopping center Town Center: a comprehensive services center in the city center,

ensuring easy access from all residential areas,

sports and social clubs were built in one area.90 acres of Hotel services, administrative service,

educational service, medical service, chapel, public service,

city authority, security system: providing the most accurate security service around the clock

Noor City Capital Gardens Units :

The villa spaces start from 195 square meters to 370 square meters in a separate villa, the project areas start from 67 square meters to 230 square meters for residential units, ground floor + 7 floors, the first delivery of the project starts after 5 years in the middle of 2026. The entire project is completed For pedestrian apartments and the master plan was designed accordingly when it was built in my city, a group of buildings was denoted with the letter B, starting from B1 to B8, and a group of villas with the letter V, starting with V1 to V4.

Noor Capital Gardens Prices :

Noor City pricing for Talaat Moustafa Group has been updated, with cash payment systems defined, 5, 10 and 15 years, and below are the prices for Noor City units. In the 10-year system, the price per square meter starts from PLN 20800 to PLN 23000. According to the award. The privilege of the 15-year system starts with 26 thousand. Up to 28k 5.5% maintenance payment to be paid, 50% on handover and 50% within 36 months after handover. Noor Club starts with 80,000, the number of French clubs is 120 thousand. for the family and 160 thousand for the family.

Payment Methods In Noor City Capital Gardens :

The company provides many payment systems and facilities, where you can pay a down payment starting from 38000 pounds and monthly installments starting from 3800 pounds, and you can pay for more than 15 years and receive it after 5 years.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Talaat Moustafa Holding Group is one of the largest and leading real estate developers in Egypt and the Middle East, with more than 90,000 real estate units. The group is developing a comprehensive urban community serving the middle and upper classes, with different styles and sizes of units to adapt to different income levels, to meet the needs and requirements of different clients and the lifestyles they seek. The group currently owns a huge land of 53 million square meters, all of good quality, and occupies a unique position in the fast growing region of Egypt.

Noor Capital Gardens

The group is known for its unprecedented vision as it pioneered the introduction of the concept of closed residential communities such as Al Rabwa in Sheikh Zayed and Mayfair 39 in Al Shorouk; In New Cairo, apart from its mega project “My City”. . The site is located on an area of 8000 acres in New Cairo, as well as the Celia project. The first residential community in the integrated city in the new capital and the latest project from the “Privalo – Madinaty” group. All these mega projects contributed to changing the urbanization landscape in Egypt and became a milestone in the real estate development field. The group has also taken the lead in the tourism investment market, providing unprecedented international standard tourism projects in the original way, including Four Seasons Resort – Sharm El Sheikh, Four Seasons Nile Plaza Cairo, Four Seasons Santo Stefano Grand Plaza Alexandria Wait.

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Features of Noor City Capital Gardens
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains