Le Ciel Compound New Capital

Prices start from 1,764,000 EGP
4 installment years
Down payment 0%
Delivery 2022
Spaces starting from 126 sqm
Last updated 2023-10-09
Le Ciel Compound New CapitalLe Ciel Compound New CapitalLe Ciel Compound New CapitalLe Ciel Compound New CapitalLe Ciel Compound New Capital
Le Ciel Compound New CapitalLe Ciel Compound New CapitalLe Ciel Compound New CapitalLe Ciel Compound New CapitalLe Ciel Compound New Capital
Details Le Ciel Compound New Capital
project nameLe Ciel Compound New Capital
project LocationNew Capital
project unitsResidential apartments - standalone villas - duplexes - penthouses.
Delivery date2022
Payment Systems0% dp and rest over 4 years
Finishing typeSemi finished - fully finished.
Spaces starting from126 sqm
Prices starting from1,764,000
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Le Ciel Compound New Capital
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Project details

Le Ciel Compound New Capital, is located in the heart of the R7 district of the New Administrative Capital. You will live a healthy and clean life with your family in the charming nature, and you will find vast green spaces in the compound. Enjoy a clean atmosphere free of pollution, see the most beautiful landscapes, relax your nerves, this is the life of your child that grows healthy, unpolluted air and noise, it is the ideal place for you,

Because of the various services, you and your family will get different benefits, as it provides you with a life full of fun, comfort and privacy. In addition to the many options that this compound offers you, it also provides you with a variety of units at attractive prices with first-class facilities to make your home in this huge project easy and hassle-free.

Le Ciel Compound New Capital

Le Ciel Compound New Capital

Le Ciel Compound New Capital

Le Ciel Compound New Capital It is one of the distinctive residential areas located in the heart of the Administrative Capital, in particular the seventh residential area, R7, which is a central area adjacent to most of the landmarks and neighborhoods of the New Capital. Get out of the compound in the best way, because it is divided into various residential units, green spaces, artificial lakes, and service facilities to become a comprehensive complex to provide customers with an ideal life.

Le Ciel Compound New Capital

The compound units are divided into groups of apartments, duplexes, and high-end villas, all of which are designed using the most advanced modern engineering methods.

Design of Le Ciel Compound New Capital

The design is one of the many strengths of the project, as Luceal Compound, the administrative capital, was designed according to the best international models and simulating the most famous residential complex in Europe, which makes this compound a high-end model that shines among other compounds in the New Capital.

In addition to the fact that the developers have taken care of the various green spaces and gardens that occupy a large part of the site, keeping the air fresh and largely away from pollution sources, which makes the atmosphere in the compound special.

Le Ciel Compound New Capital location

A privileged location chosen by the developers of the New Capital Compound, in the heart of the most important neighborhoods of the New Capital, the seventh residential area (R7), especially on plot (E4). The area is distinguished by its proximity to several places in the Administrative Capital, which greatly serves the compound as it is not far from the main and important roads in the Administrative Capital.

The most important places, axes, and roads near the compound:

  • Close to the Diplomatic Quarter, the Governmental Quarter, and the Diplomatic Quarter.
  • It is also not far from the Presidential Palace and the beautiful Green River Gardens, the first of its kind in Egypt.
  • It is a short distance from the exhibition grounds (EXPO), the Opera House and the Medical City.
  • It is located near Al-Fattah Al-Alim Mosque and Christ Cathedral.
  • It is only 5 minutes from Al Masa Hotel and the University of the United Kingdom.
  • In front of the compound, there is a large service area with a playground and a social club
  • Besides the beauty of the location, it really brings you closer to everything you want and keeps you away from any causes of noise and pollution.

Services and facilities of Le Ciel Compound New Capital

Services and facilities of the Le Ciel Compound New Capital In addition to taking care of the internal residential units in the Lucial Compound, the development company is also keen to provide customers with general services in the compound, including basic services and recreational services, so that they can have an integrated and distinct life.

These services are as follows:

  • A large shopping mall with many different stores to meet all customers’ needs.
  • There is a large sports club with many playgrounds for various sports.
  • There is a huge gymnasium with the latest equipment and equipment for working out.
  • Jogging and cycling tracks.
  • Comprehensive wellness center with spa and jacuzzi
  • A place for parties such as barbecues and birthday parties.
  • There is also a large mosque inside the Lucial Compound.
  • Huge garage for residents’ parking.
  • In order to maintain the safety and calm of the residents in the community, surveillance cameras and security personnel have been set up in the community.
Le Ciel Compound New Capital

Le Ciel Compound New Capital

Features of Le Ciel Compound New Capital

A brief about the features of the Lusial Compound, the administrative capital, as it contains many functions and various services that serve the residents inside constantly, make their lives easier and increase their sense of pleasure and luxury in the compound,

Among the most important features available in the project:

  • Distributed clearly throughout the place, giving all units a wonderful aesthetic view.
  • The unique location of the project is also an important reason for living in it, which makes it closer to many important areas and clear main roads and adds to the service environment in the region.
  • To meet customers’ needs to own luxury units in an upscale complex, the place was designed according to European luxury standards and models, which adds more beauty and creativity to the compound and its units.
  • The water bodies represented in the huge artificial lakes in the project provide wonderful views of the units overlooking them.
  • There is a swimming pool in the project.

Units types and areas in the compound

Le Ciel Compound New Capital covers an area of 17 square meters, equivalent to 71,400 square meters, which is an area suitable for various spaces and types of apartments. The site is divided into a part of green spaces that represent about 80% of the compound and the rest of the housing units.

It includes several units of various sizes and types, which are apartments, penthouses, duplexes, and separate villas. Units come in a variety of sizes to suit customers with different tastes. The units’ spaces vary from 126 square meters to 419 square meters.

Distinctive prices and payment systems provided to you only

The prices of this complex are completely different from the prices of other residential complexes in Le Ciel Compound New Capital, and the company that owns the project aims to provide the greatest possible customer satisfaction by offering different types of units at high prices and an appropriate payment system.

Prices shown within the project and available payment plans:

  • The average unit price starts from 1,000,000 EGP and averages 7,227,000 EGP.
  • The units are delivered on a semi-finished system, and customers can complete the units or sign a contract with the development company to complete the decoration, and pay in installments without interest.
  • Handing over the units in the project in October 2021.

By choosing a unit in the Lucial Compound, you are choosing a smart and wonderful future for your child, so do not hesitate to give him the comfort, luxury, and sophistication he deserves. Away from pollution, hustle and bustle, you will find all the interesting services that brighten the future in a unique environment that meets all standards of beauty and purity.

Le Ciel Compound New Capital

Le Ciel Compound New Capital

The real estate developer of Le Ciel Compound New Capital

Bidaya Real Estate Development Company is a civil association notified by the Ministry of Social Solidarity, and it participates in many important activities, including real estate, charities, agriculture and many others, and one of the goals of the association is to establish many different services and properties. One of the most important residential projects built by the association in the New Administrative Capital is the Le Ciel Compound,

which was chosen for its various advantages and services, in addition to the huge technological developments that greatly serve all residents of the capital. As such, the association has done its utmost in this wonderful engineering work and has provided a variety of units in it to suit the needs and tastes of the client, and also aspires to have a modern and elegant architectural design that also benefits the residents and residents. It increases the facilities for their happiness.

Among the most important previous projects of Libdaya Real Estate Company:

  • Bedaya Towers project in Dokki area.
  • Vidaya City Compound in the New Administrative Capital.

“Please note that the prices and spaces mentioned in the article are for the first half of 2023, so they are subject to change. We at Masharef Real Estate are keen to update the spaces, price and type of listings for both residential and commercial units to keep clients informed of the real estate market.”

For more information, you can contact us on the following numbers:


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Features of Le Ciel Compound New Capital
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Luceal New Capital Compound located?
The new administrative capital.
Who is the real estate developer of Le Ciel Compound, the new administrative capital?
Bedaya Real Estate Investment Company.
What is the finishing type in L'Oreal New Capital Compound?
Semi finished - fully finished.
What are the units' types in Le Ciel Compound, the new administrative capital?
Residential apartments - standalone villas - duplexes - penthouses.
What are the payment systems in Le Ciel New Capital Compound?
0% dp and rest over 4 years
What is the sales figure?