Riviera Heights Compound New Cairo | With a down payment from 10%

Riviera Heights Compound New Cairo | With a down payment from 10%
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Riviera Heights Compound New Cairo The compound was built on an area of about 24 acres, and the company was keen to make 80% of the total percentage for green spaces as well as landscaping.

Riviera Heights Compound New Cairo

Riviera Heights Compound New Cairo

Riviera Heights Compound New Cairo

With self-financing and complete independence from Nova Stanza Real Estate,Riviera Heights Compound was established on an area of ​​about 24 acres, in the most prestigious neighborhoods of New Cairo, for more luxury and finding all services in one place.

Information about Riviera Heights

The compound was built on an area of ​​about 24 acres, and the company was keen to make 80% of the total percentage for green spaces as well as landscaping, and 20% for buildings as well as facilities, and took care of choosing the site carefully, in order to be close to schools and also Hospitals as well as entertainment venues and also shopping centers, so that individuals can get all services and also supplies within a very short time.

Features of housing in the Riviera Heights complex

  • Riviera Heights Compound New Cairo is the finest housing for you and your family, as:
  • All units overlook the beautiful landscape, which delights the eye and also brings pleasure.
  • The villas were surrounded by fences on all sides, for more safety.
  • The project is characterized by designs as well as luxurious decorations of its kind, which make you feel sophisticated.
  • All units are fully finished, for immediate delivery.
  • The project is close to the most famous landmarks of the community, such as the American University, ensuring a better academic future for your children.
  • The project provides security services as well as guarding, 24 hours a day, in order to protect individuals as well as property.
  • There are facilities upon payment, and installment offers up to several years.

Riviera Heights Compound New Cairo

Riviera Heights Compound New Cairo

Riviera Heights Compound New Cairo Location:

The project is characterized by its strategic location, which is located in the heart of New Cairo, within its best neighborhoods in the Fifth Settlement. It is also characterized by its close proximity to the 90th Street, which is considered one of the most famous neighborhoods of the assembly, as it contains many major service institutions as well as recreational places.

Places near Riviera Heights

  • The compound is a very short distance from the American University.
  • The project is close to the most important entertainment malls on 90th Street, such as Americana Plaza.
  • It is not far from major hospitals as well as banks, such as the Fifth Settlement Hospital, Banque Misr, and Abu Dhabi Bank.

Riviera Heights Compound New Cairo

Riviera Heights Compound New Cairo

Riviera Heights Compound New Cairo Services 

Multiple services in Riviera Heights project in New Cairo The project enjoys an infinite set of services, the content of which varies between residential, administrative, recreational and so on, all provided at a high level of creativity and also excellence, and the most famous of these services are the following:

  • Recreational and sports services
  • The compound includes an artificial lake with a huge area, designed in a modern style, and also unique with its pure turquoise water, which refreshes the atmosphere.
  • There are swimming pools in a variety of spaces, which will not suit everyone, young and old, for more entertainment as well as fun.
  • There are walking and jogging paths amidst the picturesque green nature, in order to breathe the clean air.
  • A huge gym was established, overlooking the vast green areas, in order to encourage exercise.
  • There is a Kids Area dedicated to children, and also fully insured for their protection.
  • The spa is equipped with services that give us recreation as well as relaxation.
  • There is a Club House, equipped to the highest standard, that allows holding parties as well as various events.
  • Basic commercial as well as administrative services
  • The compound contains a group of the most famous shops, which include the finest various brands, for shopping lovers.
  • There is a distinct package of restaurants as well as cafés, offering different dishes to satisfy all tastes. Riviera Heights Compound New Cairo 
  • The project contains a supermarket for all products as well as household necessities.
  • There is an administrative building equipped with all facilities as well as services, which make it the destination of many entrepreneurs.
  • In all its areas, the compound includes surveillance cameras, in order to monitor the situation and spread peace within the neighborhood.
  • There are security personnel as well as 24-hour security.

Riviera Heights Compound Units 

Riviera Heights Compound New Cairo is a residential complex that includes all types of villas, detached as well as connected, designed in a style that combines classic as well as contemporary life, and its number is about 97 villas, varying in sizes, to suit the diverse needs of customers.

Riviera Heights Compound New Cairo

Riviera Heights Compound New Cairo


Riviera Heights Compound Prices 

The company offered a different set of prices, due to the different spaces. The prices of the units offered for sale considered appropriate to the extent that they are compatible with the finishes they contain and the services they enjoy.

Payment methods in Riviera Heights Compound New Cairo

Customers can follow the following system when resorting to installments, as follows:

  • Pay 50% of the total value of the original unit price, as well as pay the rest within one year.

The company that owns Riviera Heights Compound New Cairo

About the real estate developer of the Riviera Heights project

This great business belongs to one of the best Egyptian companies in the field of real estate, Nova Stanza, which established in 1986, and since that time; It seeks to establish projects with a classic Western as well as Arabic character, and to manage them with the latest technological means, through the use of the best experts as well as engineers in various fields.

Previous works of Nova Stanza’s various works

Over the course of 30 years, the company has been able to record its diverse business among the list of strong projects, which have been very popular with customers, as well as Arab and foreign investors, and among these works:

  • Residential complexes and towers
  • Golden Heights 1 project, and also Golden Heights 2 New Cairo.
  • Apartments in Al-Thawra Tower – Heliopolis.
  • Apartments in Beirut Tower – Heliopolis.
  • Hotels as well as tourist villages witness its leadership
  • Golden Beach Village 1, and also Golden Beach 2 in Ras Sidr.
  • Golden Beach Hotel 1, also Golden Beach 2, and Riviera Beach Hotel.
  • Matarma Residence Village on Matarma Bay.
  • Soleil d’Oro Hotel in Marsa Alam.

Riviera Heights Compound New Cairo

Riviera Heights Compound New Cairo

Landmarks you can find in the Fifth Settlement

Riviera Heights Compound New Cairo The assembly considered the most famous neighborhood in New Cairo, as it characterized by the luxury of its units as well as its residential compounds, and it contains many service places, we mention them in the following points: The compound contains the most famous universities in New Cairo, such as the German University, the American University, and the International Higher Institute for Languages ​​and Translation.

It has many distinguished modern schools, such as Green Heights Language School, the Egyptian Language School, and the Misr International School. It includes clubs with various playgrounds, suitable for the high society, such as Al Shabab Sports Club and also the Royal Sports Club.

There is a great bouquet of the most famous mosques in the Republic, such as Hassan Al-Sharbatly Mosque, Al-Farouq Mosque, and Quba Mosque. It contains the finest commercial and recreational malls, which individuals go to for shopping and also fun, such as Cairo Festival Mall, Downtown Mall, and Meeting Point Mall. features a lot of public parks and also a family garden. It contains various housing levels, which vary between high-end, medium, above-average and economic housing.

Riviera Heights Compound New Cairo

Riviera Heights Compound New Cairo


Services that the new compounds are not without

Living in a compound now considered as living in a luxury room in the most luxurious hotels, due to the services it contains, and its integrated finishes as follows:

  • Providing it with a rain drainage network, as well as water tanks.
  • The use of the finest types of concrete and also reinforced iron.
  • The units are sound and heat insulated.
  • The use of an advanced system in night lighting.
  • Use aluminum insulation in order to dust and noise.
  • Implementation of entrances as well as stairs with the finest types of marble as well as granite.
  • The use of armored doors, in order to provide the greatest degree of security and safety.
  • The presence of electricity connections, as well as water and sewage, as well as rising connections to the shower and also the telephone. Riviera Heights Compound New Cairo 
  • It has a central shower, as well as private garages for customers’ cars.
  • The presence of advanced elevators for the convenience of customers, and a visible intercom.
  • The use of high-quality materials in the paint.
  • Providing some types of housing units with a private garden fenced from all sides.
  • All of them have the best view of the vast green spaces and water bodies.
  • Some compounds equipped with high-speed internet services and smart home management system.

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