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Last updated 2021-10-17
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Garawla Islands North Coast


Garawla Islands North Coast , or as it is known as  Project

Garawla  North Coast or Garawla North Coast  , is one of  Emtlak Real

Estate Development Company’s, which will be explained below:

About Garawla Islands North Coast:

Garawla Islands North Coast project, North Coast, was built on an area of ​​160 acres

The village was divided into 11 islands

Garawla Islands North Coast was named after

the Bay of Garawla, on which it was built

The village is considered the most luxurious village in the North Coast

The buildings in the village were designed according to the most luxurious engineering designs

Percentage of places where buildings are located 20%

All buildings are first row on the sea

Units are U-shaped

The heights of the buildings differed, so most of the units overlooked the sea

The remaining area has been built on very large green areas

As a result, the village became cleaner and its air became clean

Swimming pools and crystal lagoons available

The village is distinguished from other villages by the presence of spaces between the units

The developer took care to preserve privacy for the residents of the village

There are three exits to the village:

The first is at 130 km
The second is at 170 km
The third is at 230 km
The fourth when the city of Marsa Matruh

The village is suitable for those who love picturesque nature

and the sunshine throughout the year

The Garawla North Coast project is distinguished by

its proximity to the village of Almaz Bay

The village of Garawla Islands, North Coast, was designed in a European style

The village is considered a European greze

on Egyptian lands with fictional characteristics

The housing units came in different sizes and shapes

Imtilak Real Estate Investment Company is the executing company of the village

The village’s location in Garawla is characterized

by natural sources of water and tranquility

The company developing the village of Garawla Islands, North Coast:

Imtilak Real Estate Investment Company is the developer of the project

The company has chosen to own Al Garawla Bay

because it is characterized by calm and comfort

It also has wave breakers that help prevent beach erosion

and the water is always clear

Emtelak Real Estate Investment Company has provided many features and services

the company Emtelak was keen to provide the best services and to be at the highest level

Emtelak started in 1976

It has many vast experiences and huge projects

The company has developed many tourist villages

Emtelak is a distinguished and pioneering real estate company

Emtelak has many investments that have distinguished

it in the Egyptian real estate market

And it carried out many real estate expansions all over the world

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Location of Garawla Islands North Coast:

It is located in a very privileged location,

and the village of Garawla is divided into several natural islands

The village of Garawla, North Coast, is located close to

the most important tourist villages, such as the village of Almaz Bay

The village is characterized by clear turquoise waters,

soft sandy beaches, and a moderate climate

Where the nature of the clear water and

the calm and calm of the waves in it, and this is what attracts people to the village

It is known that emtelak established in 1976

Contributed in the field of construction

and development in hotel projects and tourist resorts

It also participated in building many residential

and administrative towers and commercial centers

Interested in expanding some of its projects and works in international cities

It has projects in Ayana, Lonaka, Dubai, and Marrakech

The village of Rimas established in the 87th cleo

and the Dimora village in the 75th cleo,

which are the two villages that it established on the northern coast

It starts from Juhayna Square in 6th of October City

Al Fouka Road branches into 4 exits:

The first exit is at 130 km

There is also a second exit at km 170

The third exit is at the 230 km

There is also a fourth exit at the city of Marsa Matruh

Starting from 70 meters to 250 meters

Fully finished


Starting from 70 meters to 250 meters

Fully finished Twin House

Starting from 70 meters to 250 meters

Fully finished

Prices and payment systems in Garawla Islands North Coast:

Very comfortable installments are available in the village of Garawla, North Coast

The project characterized by joy,

psychological comfort, happiness, imagination and well-being

10% downpayment paid

The rest of the amount can pay in installments of 5 years

Prices vary according to the area and location of the unit

Prices start from 650 thousand

The types of units vary between villas, chalets and twin houses

There are many distinct and different spaces in the village

The executing company of the project provides spaces,

rooms and makes it easy for them to choose

The spaces start from 70 meters to 250 meters

Each unit differs from the other in terms of size, price and viability

Some units can overlook the sea, the green areas,

the crystal lagoons, the swimming pools, and the Aqua Park

Garawla North Coast Resort built on large areas

It built on an area of ​​160 acres,

where the resort built on 11 different trees

The buildings account for 20% of the village area

Green spaces by 80% of the village area

Large areas allocated to construct different water bodies

Water bodies built on an area of ​​80 thousand meters

The village includes artificial lakes and swimming pools of various sizes and different depths

Advantages of Garawla Islands North Coast:

The village of Garawla North Coast designed on the most beautiful


The village is located directly on the sea

The design of the village came in the form of a system of graduated terraces

The residential units designed in a U-shape

The village designed with consistent international designs and different

spaces to suit all tastes, which gave Garawla North Coast Resort great

importance and is one of the best projects on the North Coast

The project characterized by calm and psychological comfort

The village located in the Bay of Garawla,

which characterized by a natural source of water and calm waves

The village of Garawla Islands, the northern coast, designed in a European style,

as it considered a European village on Egyptian lands with fanciful specifications

There are many green spaces and enjoyable water bodies

The most suitable locations to enjoy a wonderful

entertainment life to spend the best and most beautiful times

Garawla nuts are the perfect choice for spending the summer vacations


swimming pool

Central shower

Water Games

A tourist walkway

Commercial areas

Crystal Lagoons

A tongue extending into the sea

The largest amusement park for children

Golf courses

Electronic gatekeeper

Aqua park

Commercial areas

An international restaurant complex


Display screens

Fire station

Security guard 24 hours

Spa, sauna and jacuzzi

Cafes complex on the sea

Beach Buggy

Swimming courses

Special swimming pools for children

Throw parties

Open theaters

Ambulances everywhere inside the village

A commercial mall with the highest international brands

Mini Hotel


The largest 5-star hotels have many distinctive services

Squash courts

It considered that the entireGarawla Islands resort has a distinctive view

The village divided into 11 islands, so you can feel that you are in a European city

Additional features and services:

Implemented the village on an area of ​​160 acres

Al Garawla village designed in the form of terraces as it is 90% of the project

Industrial lakes on an area of ​​80 thousand meters

Over the magnificent water scenes that make you feel clear in mind

5 stars hotels

Recreational areas

Sandy beaches

Billiard and playstation halls

Morsi for hunting

Industrial lakes

competitions and awards



Track running

Residential units directly on the sea.

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Features of Garawla Islands North Coast
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains