Stau Compound New Capital

Prices start from 810,000 EGP
9 installment years
Down payment 5%
Delivery 2023
Spaces starting from 90m2 - 270m2 - 450m2
Last updated 2022-07-03
Stau Compound New CapitalStau Compound New CapitalStau Compound New CapitalStau Compound New Capital
Stau Compound New CapitalStau Compound New CapitalStau Compound New CapitalStau Compound New Capital
Details Stau Compound New Capital
project nameStau Compound New Capital
project LocationIn the seventh residential district R7 in new administrative capital
project unitsApartments - Duplexes - Separate Villas
Delivery date2023
Payment Systems10% down payment + 9 years
Finishing typecore & shell
Spaces starting from90m2 - 270m2 - 450m2
Prices starting from810,000
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plan of Stau Compound New Capital
Stau Compound New Capital
map of Stau Compound New Capital
Other units inside the compound
Project details

Stau Compound New Capital , or as it is known as  Project

also Stau New Capital or Stau New Capital  ,

is one of  Al-Azhar University Faculty Club Real

Estate Development Company’s,

which will be explained below:

also Stau Compound English

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Stau Compound New Capital :

in addition to Stau New Capital is a luxury project that provides customers

with an enjoyable life in an atmosphere full

of comfort and wonderful elements,

due to its various services and benefits.

It is being implemented according to a new vision

and a modern concept,

which makes it one of the best residential projects

that the New New Capital has recently joined.

Known for its dynamic location and elegant design,

Stau New Capital offers clients the best interest rates

and the longest repayment period.

Information About Stau New Capital:

The New New Capital compound was established

by the faculty members’ club at Al-Azhar University,

and the projects include apartments,

duplexes, townhouses,

in addition to twin rooms.

The project provides calm, comfort, sophistication,

a lot of privacy and security,

in addition to many services,

there is also a large wall with a height of 3 meters,

a surveillance camera, the New Capital, the New New Capital.

What Are The Advantages Of Stau  Compound?

The British University, the Presidential Palace, the Ministries District,

also the Conference Center, the New New Capital Airport,

next to the express train station,

the City of Culture and Art.

Next to the regional circuit, exhibition venue

Stau Compound New Capital

Project area: 68 acres

The apartments space starts from 90 m² up to 355 m²


Project area: 68 acrea

Duplex space starts from 270 square meters

Project area: 68 acres

Villa space starts from 450 m

The Location Of Stau New Capital :

Stau  Compound is located in the most attractive

and distinguished areas of the NewCapital,

because it is located in the seventh district R7,

near service facilities and important places,

most notably: –

  •  Close to the British University, the city of culture,
  • art and the open air market.
  • Another advantage of this location is
  • its proximity to various ministries,
  • committees, the airport of the new Newcapital and the conference center.
  • It is characterized by the presence of two service areas,
  • which increases the vitality and importance of the place.
  • Any area of the project is easily accessible as
  • it is very close to the express train station
  • and the regional ring road.

Stau New Capital Services:

  • What distinguishes the Stau  project is that it provides customers
  • with exclusive services that make them feel comfortable and happy,
  • and the rich and varied services allow residents to enjoy an elegant life and luxurious living standards.
  • Fresh air, thus creating a healthy environment free of pollutants.
  • The project includes a high-end social club
  • that includes a gym
  • aslo jacuzzi equipped with the latest equipment,
  • and a group of swimming pools of different sizes,
  • making it suitable for all residents regardless of age groups.
  • A huge medical complex that
  • includes various medical specialties to ensure that people receive
  • the best level of medical services
  • throughout the day without having to search for them in remote areas.
  • A mosque with a unique design, suitable for an area with a large population.
  • All high-end products and well-known brands purchased
  • in large commercial shopping centers
  • within the scope of the project.
  • The children of the residents of
  • the project can get an excellent level
  • of education by joining the nursery
  • that is carefully equipped to provide
  • all the attention and care they need.

Stau New Capital

  • Residents can park their cars in covered garages without having to park far away from them.
  • Guarding and security services operate regularly throughout the entire project to provide protection
  • and security to the residents and make them feel calm and comfortable.
  • High-quality and effective surveillance cameras have been distributed throughout the project,
  • providing comprehensive protection for the residents.
  • You can enjoy delicious and ready-to-eat meals
  • in luxurious restaurants distributed in multiple places within the project.
  • The uniquely designed café serves a variety
  • of drinks that the residents love.
  • also The wonderful entertainment area contains a series of
  • exciting games to ensure you spend quality time
  • with friends and family.
  • The project provides regular cleaning
  • and maintenance services to provide residents
  • with a more comfortable and refined experience.
  • The company allocates paved paths for customers
  • so that they can perform various sports,
  • such as jogging, walking and cycling.
  • also The project has a beautiful place surrounded by
  • greenery where you can sit and enjoy the beautiful nature.

Stau New Capital Units In The New Capital :

  • The Stau  project covers 68 acres
  • and is divided into services and buildings, making it a unique
  • and integrated project in itself.
  • also The project includes 70% apartments
  • and 20% villas implemented in different areas that meet all needs.
  • The apartment’s space ranges
  • from 90 square meters to 355 square meters,
  • the duplexes’ space starts
  • from 270 square meters,
  • and the villa space starts
  • from 450 square meters.

Stau Compound New Capital Prices:

The unit price in the Stau project

has the characteristics

of being suitable for

different purchasing capabilities,

and this project alone

increased the attractiveness

of a large number of customers,

because the price starts

from 9000 per square metre,

and the unit price varies

from person to person.

to their species and region.

Payment Methods At

Stau New Capital:

The company announced that it is possible

to pay the long-term unit price

in installments for up to 9 years,

and announced that all units

that signed contracts

with customers will be delivered

within two years

from the date of signing the contract,

and this means that you should not

wait for benefits

as in many residential areas other.

The Company That Owns Stau New Capital:

The project is due to the work of

the Teachers Club at Al-Azhar University,

as the university is one of the pioneers

in real estate development

in the Egyptian real estate market,

and they are always keen to choose

designs for residential projects accurately,

thanks to the best and most used

by Dr. Ahmed Fouad Sabry,

one of the well-known engineering consultants.

Please note that the prices and spaces mentioned

in the article are for the first half of 2020,

so they may change.

We are keen to keep updating

so that clients can understand the changes

in the real estate market.

Getting To Know The New Capital :

The new New capital is located

between Suez Road

and Ain Sukhna Road, east of Cairo.

The New capital has an area

of 170,000 square meters.

When the urban growth is completed,

its population will reach 6.5 million people.

It will create about 2 million job opportunities,

and the target population

is a number in the first phase,

in addition to 400,000

to 50,000 government employees,

about 500,000 people moved

to the new headquarters,

and it is planned to increase

the capacity to increase the number

of employees to 100,000 after the first three years.

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Features of Stau Compound New Capital
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Stau Compound located?
In the seventh residential district R7 in MU23 in new administrative capital
What are the prices of Stau Compound?
Prices start from 19 thousand pounds per square metre
What are the types of units of Stau Compound?
Apartments - Duplexes - Separate Villas
What are the spaces of the units of Stau Compound?
The apartments' space starts from 90 square meters Duplex space starts from 270 square meters The space of the detached villas starts from 450 square meters