Botanica new capital project

Prices start from 4,104,000 EGP
8 installment years
Down payment 10%
Delivery 2027
Spaces starting from 152 m2
Last updated 2024-05-25
Botanica new capital projectBotanica new capital projectBotanica new capital projectBotanica new capital projectBotanica new capital project
Botanica new capital projectBotanica new capital projectBotanica new capital projectBotanica new capital projectBotanica new capital project
Details Botanica new capital project
project nameBotanica new capital project
project Locationnew administrative capital
project unitsStudio - Apartments
Delivery date2027
Payment Systems10% down payment up to 8 years
Finishing typeFully finished with Ac’s
Spaces starting from152 m2
Prices starting from4,104,000
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plan of Botanica new capital project
Botanica new capital project
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Project details

Botanica new capital project It was recently announced by New Generation Real Estate Company, and it is located in an excellent location in the Seventh District, and inside it there are units of different sizes, reasonable prices, and a flexible installment system that suits everyone.

Botanica new capital project

Botanica Compound, the new administrative capital, was designed with architectural designs in the latest European models, on 23 acres, in partnership with the Ministry of the Interior. It is also distinguished by the presence of green spaces and landscapes, residential units with areas ranging from 120 meters to 220 meters, varying between (studios – apartments)

Compound Botanica New Capital, the compound is one of the most and most important projects in the new administrative capital, and it is a huge project that is distinguished by sophistication as it is designed in a distinct and unique form of a kind of

Botanica New Capital Units

Residential units space starts from 120 meters to 220 meters 2


  • starts from 120 meters to 220 meters 2


  • 220 meters 2


  • starts from 120 meters to 220 meters 2
Botanica new capital project

Botanica new capital project

Botanica new capital project Location

Botanica new capital project, is located in the R7 area, near the government district, and near the embassies neighborhood, the presidential palace, and the Capital International Airport. It also has a wonderful view of the Green River and is characterized by its proximity to the most important and very important axes in the new administrative capital. Botanica New Capital is the latest project of New Generation, a real estate development company that has one of the most distinguished services that interest you.

And also the project is located near the Egyptian capital Cairo and modern cities, and also the project is located near the Green River, which is the largest central park in the world, and the Al-Masa Hotel is the largest hotel in North Africa and the Gulf, in addition to that the Botanica project is located near the Medical Village and the exhibition grounds A few minutes separate it from the House of Representatives building, the Ministries Quarter, the Diplomatic Quarter, and the Opera House.

The developers of the project were keen to choose the finest sites in the capital, and Botanica Compound is located next to the vital parts that are indispensable, which are as follows:

  • Central axis
  • Opera House
  • Fairgrounds
  • The Green River
  • Ministries district
  • Parliament
  • The diplomatic quarter
  • Official governmental bodies
  • The headquarters of the Stock Exchange
  • It is also located next to the Al Sefarat neighborhood
  • Which is also located next to a large group of the most important banks
  • The government district
  • Botanica new capital project has Hospitals
  • And also next to a health club
  • Also next to the financial and business district
  • The British University overlooks three main streets

About the New Capital

The Administrative Capital is one of the huge projects in the field of real estate and construction, and it is also a strong bridge for real estate and civilized progress in North Africa and the Gulf.

  • In the capital, there is a central park with an area of ​​1,000 acres and a length of 10 kilometers. The first phase of it has been completed on seven acres there are a few apartments in Compound Botanica new capital near to the central park.
  • It also has a green river, thirty-five kilometers long, similar to the Nile, and it connects the administrative neighborhoods of the capital.
  • And also there is a security and control center with six thousand cameras.
  • The capital also has a lot of services, including a medical village, an exhibition area, and a sports city.
  • It has a huge mosque with a capacity of 17,000 worshipers.
  • It also completes preparations for the establishment of a foreign university, a railway project, an electric train project, and an international airport.
  • There is Botanica, the administrative capital.
  • Available in Sky Capital compound.
Botanica new capital project

Botanica new capital project

Compound Botanica New Capital Design

in addition to Botanica new capital project, was designed with architectural designs on the latest European models, on 23 acres, in partnership with the Ministry of Interior, and many services were provided in the compound to meet the needs of the residents.

Compound Botanica New Capital spaces

Botanica new capital project the modern administrative capital, offers a large number of different units, which include various floors, duplexes and luxurious residential units, and the project built on an area of ​​about 23 acres, and the compound established in that area in order to cover the various services that the people need and mixes about 966 units Residential.

Compound Botanica New Capital services

Botanica new capital project, has a lot of services that cover the rest of the residents’ needs, and that do not make you need to go to any other places to search for their needs,

and the services are:

  • A lot of high-end restaurants provide many delicious foods and delicious food.
  • It also enjoys cafes and cafes.
  • Commercial malls include all the requirements of the compound’s residents.
  • A gym equipped with all sports equipment.
  • Paths to walk away from cars.
  • Kids area for children and safe areas for children to play.
  • Also, there are several entertainment areas for children.
  • Club House.
  • Libraries for reading and reading.
  • Hospital and pharmacies.
  • Medical centers.
  • It also has many swimming pools.
  • Gym and spa.
  • There also places designated for parking vehicles.
  • There is also a social and entertainment club.
  • An integrated service area with all commercial stores and huge supermarkets.
  • The capital Botanica project has 24-hour security and guarding, to feel secure in the project.
Botanica new capital project

Botanica new capital project

Compound Botanica New Capital Prices

According to the different areas of the units and the design style; The prices of the units differ among themselves according to this, and the available units are penthouses and duplexes, as well as excellent hotel housing units, and the price per meter starts from 13,500 EGP

Therefore, that is one of the best prices from the offered prices in the new capital, especially with the various services available, and it is also worth noting that the corporation was keen to ensure that the prices are suitable for all its customers in addition to the institution’s tremendous interest in designs, whether external or internal.

Therefore, we find that the project designed in a distinctive and unique Greek style, and despite the excellence of the project in all aspects, the project of Botanica was very, very suitable for all purchasing groups.

Compound Botanica New Capital Payment Plan

The developer New Generation provides many ways to pay in Botanica new capital project, which is 0% down payment and 10% upon contracting, and this happens as follows:

also That framework, in which the customer does not pay any down payment, pays the price of the housing unit in scheduled payments for five years without interest, and the customer gets a one percent discount.

The customer pays five percent of the unit cost and pays the rest of the amount over 6 years without any interest. Also, the customer may pay a contract with the first payment of 10 percent, and upon receiving the unit he pays 10 percent,

  • It’s a 10% downpayment and the rest over 8 years – equal scheduled payments
Botanica new capital project

Botanica new capital project

Compound Botanica New Capital Developer

New Generation is the developer of Botanica new capital project, as it is based on establishing Botanica Compound on a partnership between Cairo Capital and the Emirates of Egypt, and working on the project land owned by the Trade Union Committee for workers at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in exchange for a percentage of the project that the two companies will complete the project within a period of 4 years

You can contact us at the sales number 01270970000

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Features of Botanica new capital project
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Botanica Compound located?
In the R7 neighborhood in new administrative capital
What is the executing company for Botanica Compound?
new generation Real Estate Development
What are the types of units in Botanica Compound?
Studio - Apartments
What are the payment systems and payment method in Botanica Compound?
With a down payment of 10% up to 8 years
What is the area of Botanica Compound units?
Studio space starts from 58 m2 The area of the apartments starts from 94 square meters