Centrada Mall 6 October

Prices start from 2,160,000 EGP
5 installment years
Down payment 0%
Delivery 2023
Spaces starting from 40
Last updated 2023-02-05
Centrada Mall 6 October
Centrada Mall 6 October
Details Centrada Mall 6 October
project nameCentrada Mall 6 October
project LocationIt is located on the 6th of October.
project unitsAdministrative Units - Commercial Units - Medical Units.
Delivery date2023
Payment Systems5% Down Payment and installments up to 5 years.
Finishing typeCore & Shell.
Spaces starting from40
Prices starting from2,160,000
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Centrada Mall 6 October

Centrada Mall 6 October is one of the most important commercial projects that have been implemented on the 6th of October City.

Which provided customers with a huge number of exclusive benefits, in terms of the great location,

innovative designs, diversity of units, and the services they include.

All this made centrada mall a great choice for those looking for a real investment opportunity,

enabling it to achieve a high percentage of returns and profits.

Information about Centrada Mall 6 October

Centrada Mall is the most luxurious commercial and administrative mall in the 6th of October city.

It is a future project that gives you the possibility to work in a clean atmosphere that enjoys calm and luxury.

Let Centrada Mall be your honorable business address and

defend you so that you quickly set out on your way towards peak and victory.

A luxurious and gigantic mall that is one of the largest malls in the 6th of October city,

which is why it was lost.

It was built on a great place of about 40 thousand square meters,

an area that allows the presence of different areas of units with various purposes.

Location of Centrada Mall 6th October

The ingenuity of centrada mall has played a huge role in the eyes of many investors,

and the revamped company has ascertained the influence of the site on any of the commercial projects.

Which made her choose a distinguished place in the 6th of October City to perform her project,

and the benefits of the site came as follows:

  • The location of the mall is distinguish by its presence in the most important squares of October, which is the lively Juhayna Square.
  • The mall directly faces Nile University.
  • Adjacent to centrada mall Dahshur link.
  • It is close to most roads and services.
  • It is only five minutes away from Hyper One, and so far it is only a few minutes away from Mall of Arabia.
  • In addition, it is near Centra Mall on October 6 at Cairo University, Sheikh Zayed Branch.
  • The mall is distinguished by its location on the 26th of July axis, so the access to any location is considered very smooth.

Centrada Mall 6th of October Services

The company was keen so that Centara Mall October 6 is an integrated project that does not lack anything,

the matter that made it insist on providing the mall with all forms of services.

Which made it an amazing choice and a real opportunity for investors,

and within the framework of the services available at centrada mall, the following:

  • In centrada plaza, there are a large number of recreational services, which are distinguished by their diversity while among them to be suitable for different age groups.
  • There are restaurants that offer different forms of delicious food that satisfy all tastes, prepared by a sports team of chefs, complemented by a course of the highest degree and standard.
  • Next to the abundance of cafes in the centrada plaza with a sophisticated design, it offers different forms of drinks, both hot and cold, some of which came in the open winds to silence the souls of customers, and make them feel comfortable and relaxed.
  • In addition to a large number of distributions of important banks within the centrada mall, in order to defer a different set of banking services, the completion of which is complet with great care and speed.
  • In addition, Shopping in the mall area is a lot of fun, thanks to the many stores available with international brands.
  • Within Centra Mall October 6, there are unique and innovative car showrooms inside the mall.
  • In Centara Plaza, there are water bodies and a water fountain, which have added charm and psychological comfort to the residence.

Centrada Mall 6 October

  • The centrada plaza is completely equipp with glass fronts, which makes all units enjoy a beautiful view.
  • Available in centrada plaza car parks, so you don’t have to pile up haphazardly across from the mall.
  • For a more staircase, Centrada Plaza equipped with a fire and emergency system.
  • In centrada mall, there are modern elevators, and high-quality escalators, to facilitate access to the upper floors without effort or difficulty.
  • Innovative geometric settings give centrada plaza an amazing look and make it one of the most luxurious places to be.
  • Centrada Mall October is completely equipp with modern surveillance cameras to protect every corner of it.
  • The green spaces and the picturesque landscape occupy a large percentage of the mall, which shared a unique insight for all units.
  • Security and guarding are located in all corners of centrada mall, which works tirelessly during the day in order to protect and preserve the safety of all those in the space.
  • In Centrada Plaza, there are high-end medical services.
  • In addition, Centara Plaza combines institutions specialized in the field of tourism and others in the field of communications.
  • These services were a basic and direct justification in the eyes of many customers against this project and not other projects, as the mall is indeed a possibility for a bright future that requires everyone to seize it.

Units in Centrada Mall 6 October

The space is Centrada Mall 6th of October

For instance…

Centra Plaza is one of the giant commercial projects in the 6th of October City.

An area of ​​about 40,000 square meters has been allocat for the implementation of the project.

The company made the best use of that space through the different services and the varying areas.

As centrada plaza is characteriz by containing various types of units, which varied between administrative units,

medical units, and an area designated for banks and currency exchange companies,

and the spaces started from 35 square meters.

Prices and payment systems in Centrada Mall

All units within the mall come at reasonable prices suitable for beginners in the field of economics.

Owning a unit in Centara Mall 6th of October is a real opportunity that should be taken advantage of because it is rarely found.

The company has made sure that the payment is responsive in order for the customer to be able to pay with all comfort,

and this is through:

  • A down payment of 5% is spent upon contracting a unit in Centrada Mall,

and the rest of the amount is to be paid in installments over 5 years.

  • With other systems without benefits at the end, this is by paying the first installment in 2021 and continuing the remaining amount over 5 years.
  • The company executing the Centrada Plaza project has revealed that all units will be deliver during 2022 AD,

which will be Super Lux with unique finishes.

Prices in Centrada Mall 6 October

The prices of Centrada Mall 6th of October are consider one of the lowest prices in

the real estate field in the 6th of October area,

compared to many services and facilities available within the project,

which provide a wide range of entertainment and also amenities for the residents of

the project so that the customers enjoy the greatest amount of healthy life as well as comfort as well as luxury.

Payment methods in Centrada Mall October 6

The down payment is 10% over 4 years or 15% over 5 years

Receipt: January 2023

In addition, Delivery semi finished

The company that owns Centrada Mall October 6

The company that developed Centra Mall and the previous works

Centara Plaza is one of the projects loyal to Omar Abdullah OAD Real Estate Development Company,

and it is one of the most important and famous institutions in this field,

as it has twenty years of experience in the establishment,

which enabled it to perform many successful projects that have proven unparalleled efficiency on its hands.


Note that the prices, as well as the spaces mentioned in the article, are for the first half of 2021,

and therefore they are subject to change, and we at Masharef are keen to update them constantly in order for the customer to be aware of changes in the real estate market.

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Features of Centrada Mall 6 October
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Water Fountains

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Centrada Mall 6 October Located?
It is located on the 6th of October.
Who is the Developer of the Centrada Mall 6 October?
Omar Abdullah OAD Real Estate Development Company.
What is the finishing type of Centrada Mall 6 October?
Core & Shell.
What is the Type of Units in Centrada Mall 6 October?
Administrative Units - Commercial Units - Medical Units.
What are the Payment Systems in Centrada Mall 6 October?
5% Down Payment and installments up to 5 years.
What are the prices of the units in Centrata Mall 6th of October?
Prices start from 2160,000 Thousand Pounds.
What is the sales number?