For sale an apartment in Al Burouj compound
2 1 105 m²
fully finished
Delivery date 2023
Duplex for sale in Al Burouj
3 2 1 175 m²
fully finished
Delivery date 2023
Twin villa for sale in Al Burouj
4 5 1 370 m²
fully finished
Delivery date 2023
Duplex apartment for sale in Zed Towers
6 5 1 229 m²
core & shell
Delivery date 2023
Villa for sale in Vye Sodic
1 247.4 m²
semi finished
Delivery date 2023
Apartment for sale in Vye Sodic project
3 2 1 132.4 m²
semi finished
Delivery date 2023
Town house for sale in Vye Sodic
3 3 1 196.2 m²
semi finished
Delivery date 2023
Villa for sale in Badya compound
2 2 1 197 m²
Fully finished - core & shell
Delivery date 2023

6th of October City, one of the new cities in Giza Governorate, is located in a unique location starting from Kilo 47 to Kilo 72 on Al Wahat Al Bahariya Road,

in addition to its easy accessibility from multiple main gates.

On August 21, 2017, the New Urban Communities Systematic Benefit Council Decree No. 109 was issued,

establishing the New 6th of October City Authority, as an independent body.

The total area of ​​the city reaches 78.5 thousand acres, and the general plan of the city includes all activities and uses,

and it includes residential, service, industrial, tourist, recreational and educational areas.

And during the following lines, the most important data about the projects of the Ministry of Housing, accompanying and urban communities,

within the city of 6 October, according to the original page of the Urban Communities Authority.

Where is the 6th of October City?

The 6th of October city is about 32 kilometers from the capital Cairo and about 17 kilometers from the Giza governorate, its area is about 482 square kilometers,

and its population is about 500,000 people, according to the latest statistics of the city.

According to the organizational order issued by the Egyptian President Anwar Sadat at this time,

the city was published and promoted as the capital of the 6th of October Governorate in April of 2008 AD,

and after the activities of the Egyptian revolution that occurred in the year 2011 AD, its involvement with the Giza Governorate was restored,

and the town contains with it a large number It is one of the distinguished Arab-Egyptian universities in which students come to study from other neighboring Arab and African countries, such as the Arab Gulf states, Jordan, Syria, Palestine, Nigeria, and Cameroon.

Features of 6th of October City

For instance…

It contains many advanced schools, including the Royal International School, Pioneers Language Schools, Jill Alvin Language Schools, Royal House School and other advanced schools.

One of the most important features of October is that it contains a large number of universities such as the Higher Institute of Engineering, Nile University, Al-Sawaa Canal Academy, Zewail International City, the well-known 6th of October University, and other universities.

It summarizes advanced medical services operating throughout the day, such as Dar Al Fouad Clinic, October 6 University Hospital, Al Safwa Hospital in October, Al Wadi Hospital, and other new medical services.

For all shopping lovers, you will find Mall of Arabia in the tourist space, the Mall of the Arab Republic of Egypt on Al Wahat Road, Diamond Mall on the central axis, Cityscape and Dolphin, the Mall of the 7th District and other malls that include international brands.

For all entertainment enthusiasts, you will find Dream Park, Skip Max, Billy Beez amusement park, Crazy Water, Adrenaline Park, Cinema Plaza, Galaxy Cineplex Mall of Arabia, and a lot of fun entertainment venues.

October 6 City

For all those who love sports, there are many clubs such as the Mohandessin team, the Wadi Degla sports team, the Ashgar team, the Palm Hills team and other clubs that contain a large number of different stadiums.

When you wander around the neighborhoods of 6th of October City, you will find the most wonderful apartments that are represented in compounds and vast green spaces that occupy most of the area. You will feel as if you are wandering in a forest filled with greenery, roses and subtle scents, all that and more you will find once you book a housing unit within this preferred town.

The 6th of October City has a unique strategic location, as the city is 23 km away from Cairo, and 17 km from the pyramids. It is also very close to the Alexandria Desert Road, the Ring Road, the 26th of July Corridor, Fayoum Road and Al Wahat Road.

Prices per square meter in 6 October compounds

For instance…

  • The average price per square meter for residential units in 6 October is EGP 5800 per square metre.
  • In addition, The average price per square meter for villas in 6 October compounds is EGP 15,800 per square metre.

October 6 City

One of the most prominent projects in 6th of October City

Badya Palm Hills Compound, 6th of October

Badya Palm Hills 6th of October Own a luxury residential unit in Badya Creative City compound that is characterized by ingenuity in design to live away from the traditional atmosphere. The project was established on an area of ​​3000 acres and will be in 6 construction stages for each stage. The special requirements and needs that most people need.

The location and features of Badya Palm Hills Compound, 6 October

For instance…

  • It is located on Al-Wahat Road or Dahshur Road, and it connects east Cairo to the west of a university at 10 km in New October.
  • It is a vital location that can be accessed from anywhere in Greater Cairo.
  • In addition Among the most prominent services in Badya 6 October Compound:
  • There are green spaces, landscaping, and swimming pools
  • Artificial lakes available
  • There is a social club
  • Available Jim
  • In addition There is a health club
  • A high-security system is available using the face print
  • There is a track for running and walking
  • Car garage available
  • In addition There is a restaurant and cafe area available
  • There is a sports area
  • Children’s area available
  • In addition There is a commercial service area

October 6 City

Prices and spaces of Badya Palm Hills 6th of October project

For instance…

  • Areas starting from 85 meters
  • The price per meter starts from 15500
  • Payment methods in Badya Palm Hills Compound 6 October
  • 10% down payment + 5% after 3 months and installments over 8 years
  • In addition Special offer: no down payment and installments over 8 years equally

Mountain View iCity October 6th of October

Compound Mountain View ICity 6 October Created for you a classy community for a better life in a huge compound and a large park with a four-dimensional design, and a calm, comfortable natural atmosphere, with tremendous diversity With services and luxuries, by offering apartments and villas for sale with huge spaces and international designs, without them bearing the prices of Mountain View October through the installment methods provided by the company.

Mountain View October iCity

Mountain View iCity occupies an important location in the heart of 6th of October City in western Cairo, ensuring that the compound is located near many vital and important areas in downtown Cairo and main roads such as the 26th of July Corridor and the Ring Road.

Places near the project Places close to the project

For instance…

  • Mountain View iCity is located about two minutes from the Shooting Club.
  • Mountain View iCity October 6th of October is about 3 minutes away from Mall of Arabia and Shooting Club.
  • Only 5 minutes from Juhayna Square.
  • In addition, It is only 20 minutes away from the Mall of Egypt.

October 6 City

The space of the iCity October project

The Mountain View iCity project aims to create an ideal high-end life because you deserve the best life, so the project was built on a huge area of ​​500 acres, most of which are green spaces and quiet natural life, and it provides you with about 14 thousand housing units of various types of apartments, villas, twin houses and towns. House, next to all the services and privileges you need so that you do not need to leave the compound.

The spaces of the units of iCity October Mountain View

The apartments and villas in Mountain View October iCity vary in different sizes and locations in a unique way. The area of ​​the apartments in Mountain View October starts from 100 square meters, and the spaces of the iCity villas start from 175 square meters and it is divided as follows:

  • I-City Mountain View apartments with spaces ranging from 100 to 240 square meters, varying between I Apartment and I Apartment Park, and this is a radical change in the concept of apartments, as it offers you an apartment with the same specifications as the villa)
  • Sun Roof apartments with spaces start from 130 to 155 square meters.
  • In addition, I Villa Villas with areas starting from 180 square meters, consisting of a villa with two floors and a roof and includes a garden, a private entrance and parking.

October 6 City

  • I Villa Park villas, with areas starting from 220 m² – 230 m².
  • I Villa Sky villas start from 265 m² – 270 m².
  • Townhouses villas with an area of ​​185 – 265 m2 are rows of villas, each row includes 4 – 6 villas.
  • Twin house villas with an area of ​​325 m2 consisting of a two-floor villa with two separate entrances.
  • In addition, Grand Villas start from 350 m² with 4 or 5 bedrooms.
  • Mountain View October iCity Palaces with areas of 560 m2.
  • A new phase is being established in the compound, which is “Mountain View Park the Lake” on an area of ​​70 acres, and includes 11 water bodies, fountains, and springs, as well as apartments, I villas, townhouses, and villas, with spaces ranging from 117 to 380 M2.

October 6 City

Project prices Mountain View iCity prices October 6th of October 2021

Mountain View Park The Lake October The price per square meter in iCity October starts from 13,000 EGP, and the prices of Mountain View iCity October 6th of October vary according to the unit type, location and area, as:

iCity Apartments Prices

For instance…

  • An area of ​​130 m² with two bedrooms, starting from 1,750,000 EGP,
  • 145 m2 space starts from 1,900,000 pounds.

iCity Villas Prices

For instance…

  • I Villa Sky Garden villas with space of 190 m² starts from 2,800,000 EGP.
  • I Villa Garden villas with an area of ​​190 m² starts from 3,350,000 pounds.
  • In addition As for I Villa Roof villas, with an area of ​​230 square meters, they start from 3,600,000 pounds.


  • Mountain View Townhouses with an area of ​​185 m² starts from 4,600,000 EGP.

detached villa

For instance…

  • Standalone Villas, with an area of ​​285 m2, start from 8,600,000 pounds.
  • Mountain View iCity Maintenance Deposit
  • In addition, The maintenance deposit is 8%, and there are discounts of up to 25% on the unit price.

October 6 City