Le Reve Compound New Cairo | 10 tips to maximize your investment

Le Reve Compound New Cairo | 10 tips to maximize your investment
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Le Reve Compound New Cairo is the latest project of Arco Real Estate, an integrated residential project on an area of ​​1,000 square meters.

Le Reve Compound New Cairo

Le Reve Compound New Cairo is the latest project of Arco Real Estate,an integrated residential project on an area of ​​1,000 square meters.Le Reve Compound includes a large number of picturesque natural matches andartificial lakes, which give the compound a great advantage;These lakes allow nice weather during the year,in addition to the clean wind that permeates to all units,especially that each unit enjoys a huge advantage space.The compound consists of 120 wonderful isolated villas designed in nine different designs.

Information about Le Reve New Cairo

An amazing complex built in a special weather.The project is on a total place of 115 feddans It takes place at the outlet of New Cairo, and is composed of magnificent secluded villas that adhere to six different layouts.Le Reve will consist of a clubhouse, procedures complex, tennis courts, a multi-purpose court, repair facilities and swimming pools. Katameya Heights neighborhood.Le Reve can be accessed from the ring road.With its location at the New Cairo outlet,we aim to portray a distinct and exclusive residential complex that reflects a good image of the neighborhood.

Le Reve Compound New Cairo

Le Reve Compound New Cairo

The location of Le Reve New Cairo

Le Reve Compound New Cairo is located in the New Cairo outlet,and the 5th Settlement is characterized by its location with excellent specifications;It is far from overcrowding in the city center,as it is located between the Suez Road in the north,and the “Katameya-Ain Sukhna” road in the south.

in addition to the ring road,which makes it very close to a group of famous governorates and neighborhoods such as Nasr City,Maadi, and the center of the Republic;That is why everyone seeks to own a housing unit in that space to enjoy those features that rarely meet within the boundaries of one area.

There is a Amara Compound New Cairo

Le Reve Fifth Settlement Services

New Cairo, especially the 5th Settlement, is characterized by the availability of the necessary services in it,and the access of these services to the highest merit for all units and residential areas in it;Which made it an important target for those looking for serenity and luxury, and also made it an investment space with great opportunities and

promising future.The Le Reve Compound project in the compound has a privileged location in the heart of New Cairo in the Narges area,which is located next to all the main axes andlandmarks in New Cairo, such as: the 90th Street,the German University, Fatima Al Sharbatly Mosque,and the services area of ​​the 5th settlement;Which made it the first trend for high-end families and people with good taste.

Le Reve Compound New cairo

Le Reve Compound New Cairo in the compound contains all the means of luxury and comfort, as there is a large sports club that mixes football and basketball fields, swimming pools, tennis courts, places for cycling and jogging, in addition to a safe space for children’s games, and venues for celebrations, especially from shopping centers and cafes.

What distinguishes Le Reve Compound New Cairo in the assembly is the consideration of the developer by the presence of huge green spaces, public parks and artificial lakes; Which makes the compound look like a piece of the coastal areas, and gives the winds a coastal glimpse that does not stay noticeably in Greater Cairo.

Le Reve Compound New Cairo

Le Reve Compound New Cairo

Units Le Reve New Cairo

Le Reve Compound New Cairo was established in the Fifth Settlement on an area of ​​115 acres, and consists of 120 isolated villas, with nine different designs, surrounded by great green spaces and artificial lakes.In Le Reve Compound in the Fifth Settlement, there are unfinished villas with an area starting from 840 square meters overlooking a garden, composed of “ground, upper and roof”. Also available is Villa 1/2 Etmam, with a construction area of ​​seven hundred meters, and a land area of ​​900 meters, and it consists of 6 sleeping rooms, 6 bathrooms, and a large reception.

All units enjoy all the services that preserve the customer’s luxury and safety, and the compound has been designed to make each villa a unit completely isolated from the unit next to it. Each villa has a private garden and a private entrance on wide streets that allow safe corridors for cars, children and family members.

There is also Palm Hills Compound New Cairo

Le reve compound price

The renovation of Le Reve Compound in New Cairo(Arco Foundation for Development and Real Estate Investment)has been keen to provide payment systems that are accessible to all its customers; The project was offered with competitive costs and payment facilitation in a good manner to meet the varying needs of customers.

Le reve compound for sale

The company gives its customers the freedom to choose between different payment systems according to their capabilities; They can pay in cash or through scheduled payments over periods, in convenient specific quantities and interest that suits the economy rate in New Cairo.

Le Reve Compound New Cairo

Le Reve Compound New Cairo

Payment methods in Le Reve Compound New Cairo

  • 15% down payment and installments over 4 years
  • 15% after the first 3 months
  • 10% after six months
  • Receipt for 6 months

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Le reve compound owner

Arco is a leading real estate company in the Egyptian market,working primarily on the development of integrated residential,commercial and resort real estate projects.ARCO was established in 2005 and expanded its total investments to twenty billion Egyptian pounds in less than 5 years.Our developments in various regions of the Arab Republic of Egypt are trying hard to meet andachieve our goal to exceed the expectations of our customers and contribute to the well-being of society.Le Reve Compound New Cairo

Features of New Cairo City

  • The city of New Cairo is one of the largest and best cities in Cairo Governorate,with an estimated area of ​​about 70,000 acres,consisting of many residential conglomerates,
  • the largest of them being the 5th settlement,in addition to that, Al-Rehab, Madinaty,the Greater Settlement, the 3rd Settlement and others.
  • The town is located in the eastern arc of Cairo,to the east of the Ring Road,in the restricted distance between the Cairo-Suez Desert Road and
  • the Kattameya-Ain Sukhna Road.New Cairo is distinguished by its amazing distribution and planning compared to the rest of Cairo’s neighborhoods.Most of the neighborhoods in New Cairo are high-class and high-class neighborhoods.

There is also the Creek Town Compound New Cairo

Le Reve Compound New cairo

It is bordered by the main roads that connect the neighborhoods and regions of that town with the capital and other governorates, andprovides them to come to many neighborhoods in the center of the capital as soon as possible,especially with the continuous modernization that the road network sees.

  • The 5th Settlement borders the ring road that surrounds the entire capital,and on its hand it is possible to reach a large amount of various parts, and the NA road
  • New Cairo with the Nasr Town area by passing through some of its vital and main streets
  • as it connects them in the city of Mokattam and from it to the center of the Republic In view of the growing town of New Cairo, it enjoys a nicer atmosphere than Cairo,which is somewhat less than five degrees Celsius.
Le Reve Compound New Cairo

Le Reve Compound New Cairo

The most important residential neighborhoods in New Cairo:

And others,and these neighborhoods contain a number of projects with distinct specifications and high-end residential compounds, and the residential areas enjoy urban planning according to the latest urban planning systems in the world.

  • Choueifat neighborhood
  • Narges neighborhood
  • Andalus neighborhood real estate
  • In the real estate of Tamer Henna neighborhood
  • American University Square
  • North Lotus neighborhood
  • South Lotus neighborhood
  • Koronfel villas neighborhood
  • North Investors neighborhood
  • South Academy neighborhood
  • Sphinx neighborhood
  • Home of New Cairo.

Le reve compound reviews

Le Reve Compound is known for its modern and luxurious living environment. It offers a variety of residential units, including villas, townhouses, and apartments, catering to different preferences and lifestyles. The compound aims to provide residents with a high-quality and comfortable living experience.

Please note that the prices and spaces mentioned in the article are for the second half of 2023, so they are subject to change. We are about to update the options, price, and option type for all residential and commercial units to reserve. To follow up with clients on the real estate market.

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