The Waterway New Cairo Compound

Prices start from 4,700,000 EGP
5 installment years
Down payment 0%
Delivery 2023
Spaces starting from 167 m2
Last updated 2022-05-18
The Waterway New Cairo CompoundThe Waterway New Cairo CompoundThe Waterway New Cairo CompoundThe Waterway New Cairo Compound
The Waterway New Cairo CompoundThe Waterway New Cairo CompoundThe Waterway New Cairo CompoundThe Waterway New Cairo Compound
Details The Waterway New Cairo Compound
project nameThe Waterway New Cairo Compound
project Locationnew cairo
project unitsApartments - standalone villas - duplexes - penthouses.
Delivery date2023
Payment SystemsNo down payment and installments up to 5 years
Finishing typeLuxurious full finishes with Ultra Super Lux system.
Spaces starting from167 m2
Prices starting from4,700,000
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plan of The Waterway New Cairo Compound
The Waterway New Cairo Compound
map of The Waterway New Cairo Compound
Other units inside the compound
Project details

in addition to The Waterway New Cairo Compound

The Waterway New Cairo Compound ,

or as it is known as

Project The Waterway New Cairo or

The Waterway New Cairo ,

is one of  Equity  Real

Estate Development Company’s,

which will be explained below:

Masharf is A one-stop-shop that will provide you with the option

to choose your new home by presenting all the necessary information to VIA reliable agents.

Masharf Real Estate.

The Waterway New Cairo Compound :

It is the first residential compound

dedicated to luxury villas only

in New Cairo.

The waterway villas attract you

with its luxurious

architectural designs

and luxurious finishes.

As for its services,

its integration and

diversity are gilded beyond illusion

and expectations.

The comfortable and

quiet life is what you will find

in the luxurious Waterway

and many of the benefits that

You will get to know a limited number

of them right away.

Information About

The Waterway New Cairo Compound :

The Water Way New Cairo Compound

is the project that anyone

who loves elegance

and would like to

combine a quiet,

high-end life for him

and his family with

an employment office

with distinguished specifications

in a nearby individual’s headquarters

with all vital places and services,

It has been designed

in a modern style

with an American appearance

with distinct specifications.

Enjoy all the components of serenity,

luxury and high-end services

in Al-Baha Compound

currently in New Cairo.

also The Waterway Project

The Waterway New Cairo



Project area: 26 acres.

Its areas range from 167 m²

up to 266 m².

in addition to all units Luxurious full finishes


Project area: 26 acres.

Its areas range from 167 m² up

to 266 m².

in addition to all units Luxurious full finishes


Project area: 26 acres.

Its spaces start from

about 319 square meters.

in addition to all units Luxurious full finishes


Project area: 26 acres.
Its areas range

from 283 square meters up

to 289 square meters.

in addition to all units Luxurious full finishes

The Waterway New Cairo Location :

also The strategic location is

the first advantage from

which The Waterway Villa derives

its strength and attractiveness,

as its location is characterized

by the following:

  • This luxurious compound located
  • in the heart of the 90th Street,
  • which is in the north,
  • the most dynamic
  • and lively street of
  • the 5th settlement.
  • The Waterway Villa located
  • next to other beauty
  • and luxury residential projects
  • such as Zizinia Gardens
  • and Hyatt Residence Compound.
  • also The compound located
  • in the face of huge projects,
  • such as including Galera
  • Moon Valley 2 compound
  • and El Patio 3.
  • The arrangement of
  • such as the American University remains
  • very close to the location of
  • The Waterway Compound.
  • Next to the compound,
  • you will find the German University
  • and the University of the Future.

The Waterway New Cairo Compound

  • Next to the site,
  • such as there are abundant services,
  • especially international schools
  • of different stages, hospitals,
  • medical centers,
  • malls, shops,
  • such as entertainment
  • and shopping services.
  • The location is next to
  • main roads and hubs.
  • such as The waterway villas can reach
  • from Al Rehab City
  • in a few minutes.
  • Traveling abroad will be easy
  • because the compound is very
  • such as close to Cairo International Helipad,
  • which you can reach
  • for only a few moments.

The Waterway New Cairo Services :

in addition to The waterway

villas created

and designed with a magical blend

that blends luxury, luxury,

beauty and integrated services

in addition to that make life stable,

safe and comfortable.

The most prominent services

of the compound are:

  • All waterway units
  • in the Fifth Settlement
  • in addition to overlook the most beautiful “view”,
  • as it remains green spaces
  • and matches the natural luxury
  • of El Hassan.
  • Green spaces
  • and lush gardens interspersed
  • with artificial lakes,
  • crystal clear waters
  • in addition to that give the view a sense
  • of psychological comfort
  • and relaxation.
  • Adults and children
  • find their comfort
  • and enjoyment
  • in addition to in the swimming pools
  • that are designed in shapes
  • with distinct specifications
  • and distributed
  • in a fair manner among the units.
  • Residents can walk, jog,
  • in addition to and cycle on safe,
  • purpose-built courses away
  • from vehicles.
  • All units are provided
  • with intercom service.
  • in addition to New surveillance cameras
  • available in all corners of
  • the Waterway Villa monitor
  • every moment throughout
  • the day without interruption.

The Waterway New Cairo

in addition to The Waterway

  • Security and guard services
  • in addition to operate all the time,
  • 24 hours a day.
  • The Sega Room service function
  • provided for the convenience
  • of the residents.
  • There is a unique cinema
  • with 12 seats
  • without crowding
  • to present the best
  • cinematographic works.
  • Gymnasiums, gym
  • and spa provided
  • with the latest sports equipment.
  • also The luxurious Lane Mall,
  • in addition to  located on a hostile basis,
  • combines administrative units
  • of varying sizes.

The Area Of The Waterway New Cairo :

  • A huge place The Waterway Villa
  • formed on top of it
  • in addition to it is about 26 acres,
  • that area was divided fairly
  • and balanced in a way
  • that preserves providing
  • in addition to  psychological calm
  • and privacy for the residents.
  • The first part of
  • that place allocated to
  • recreational services,
  • in addition to  green spaces, water bodies,
  • parks, recreational games,
  • shopping areas
  • and exercise areas.
  • also The units contained
  • in The Waterway Villa vary
  • such as between standalone villas
  • attached to a garden,
  • and the small spaces
  • allocated to twin houses,
  • as well as duplexes
  • with gardens,
  • and penthouses attached
  • in addition to the roof.

The Waterway New Cairo

Units The Waterway New Cairo:

  • For apartments
  • and standalone villas,
  • in addition to their spaces range
  • from 167 m² up to 266 m².
  • Duplexes’ residential units’ spaces
  • start from about
  • 319 square meters.
  • Penthouses vary in size
  • in addition   from 283 square meters
  • to 289 square meters.
  • Administrative units in
  • in addition to The Waterway Villa will find
  • in Lane Mall,
  • which consists of three floors
  • and is dedicated
  • to 32,000 square meters.

The Waterway New Cairo Prices :

  • also The Waterway Villa
  • is the place that gives luxury
  • in addition to its residents on a plate of gold,
  • especially since its costs
  • are very unique compared
  • in addition to the wonderful services
  • that are found inside.
  • in addition yo The prices of
  • standalone villas start from
  • about 4 million
  • in addition to  and 700 thousand
  • Egyptian pounds,
  • while the prices of
  • penthouses units
  • in addition to  start from about 7 million
  • and 900 thousand
  • Egyptian pounds.
  • The institution
  • in addition to  provided responsive
  • and easy payment
  • and payment systems,
  • among which the customer pays
  • an advance of 30% of
  • the total value of the unit,
  • and the rest of
  • in addition to  the amount is paid
  • in equal scheduled installments
  • for a period of three years.
  • As for the prices of
  • administrative units
  • in addition to Lane Mall,
  • the cost per meter
  • on the largest floor starts
  • in addition to from 65 1,000 EGP,
  • and on the second floor the value
  • starts from 67.5 thousand EGP,
  • and the cost reaches 70,000 EGP
  • such as for the third-floor units
  • in the mall.

The Waterway Project

also The Waterway New Cairo

Payment Methods In

Waterway New Cairo :

  • also Payment systems
  • in the mall,
  • it is the payment without
  • in addition to a down payment
  • with the amount
  • in installments over 5 years.
  • It is important to mention
  • that all units delivered
  • to customers
  • with full luxury finishes
  • with the Ultra Super Lux system.

in addition to

The Waterway Project

The Company Owns

The Waterway New Cairo:

A major project like The Waterway

Villa is naturally within

the framework of a list of practices

and achievements

of a giant corporation

such as Equity

Real Estate Development.

It is one of the major

and pioneering institutions

in the field of

real estate modification.

It is owned by

the Egyptian businessman

Ahmed Al-Suwaidi,

who is one of the newest

industrialists in Egypt,

especially in the field of

manufacturing electrical connections

for more than fifty years.

The El Sewedy name known

in the Arab Republic of Egypt,

the Arab world,

and a group of

such as foreign countries

as a unique brand

in the field of lighting,

electricity, television

and electrical connections.

In the field of

real estate economics,

the El Sewedy Foundation cooperated

with the famous

engineer Hossam Hassan,

who has a distinguished

real estate mentality,

and who is a huge

in addition to successful businessman.

The Waterway New Cairo

As for Equity’s business list,

it includes many successful projects,

the most important of

which are the following:

  • The Waterway Resort
  • in the North Coast.
  • also The Capital Way project
  • in the new administrative capital.
  • Hotel Branded Residence project
  • in New Cairo.
  • The Hub Mall project
  • in New Cairo.
  • Mall A 5 in New Cairo.
  • Downtown Project
  • in Port Said.

Just as the company has

a future plan that includes

in addition to many different projects

between residential,

in addition to coastal and service,

it is trying to own a bag of

large areas of land

in unique locations.

It is within the framework of

the Foundation’s plans to go

to more investment projects

and projects in  New Capital,

and therefore after

it has achieved many successes

within it,

and would like to

continue this unique journey.


The Waterway Villa

is a continuation of

the successes of

that pioneering company and

an affirmation of its desire

such as  provide new

and distinct perspectives

in the world of facilities in Egypt,

after it gained the confidence of

millions of investors

and customers.

The Waterway New Cairo

also The Waterway Project

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Features of The Waterway New Cairo Compound
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is The Waterway Compound New Cairo Located?
New Cairo
Who is the Developer of The Waterway Compound New Cairo?
Equity Real Estate Development Company
What is the finishing type of The Waterway Compound New Cairo?
Luxurious full finishes with Ultra Super Lux system.
What are the Payment Systems in Waterway Compound New Cairo?
No down payment and installments up to 5 years
What is the Type of Units in The Waterway Compound New Cairo?
Apartments - standalone villas - duplexes - penthouses.
What is the sales number?