Dyar Park New Cairo Compound

Prices start from 6,750,000 EGP
6 installment years
Down payment 10%
Delivery 2022
Spaces starting from 247 m2
Last updated 2023-02-22
project developerARCO Development Company
Dyar Park New Cairo CompoundDyar Park New Cairo CompoundDyar Park New Cairo CompoundDyar Park New Cairo Compound
Dyar Park New Cairo CompoundDyar Park New Cairo CompoundDyar Park New Cairo CompoundDyar Park New Cairo Compound
Details Dyar Park New Cairo Compound
project nameDyar Park New Cairo Compound
project Locationnew cairo
project unitsTownhouse - Twin House - Separate Villa
Delivery date2022
Payment Systems10% down payment and installments up to 6 years
Finishing typesemi finished
Spaces starting from247 m2
Prices starting from6,750,000
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Dyar Park New Cairo Compound
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Project details

Dyar Park New Cairo Compound

Dyar Park New Cairo Compound ,

or as it is known as

Project Dyar Park New Cairo

or Dyar Park New Cairo ,

is one of  Arco Real Estate Development ,

which will be explained below:

Masharf is A one-stop-shop that will provide you with the option

to choose your new home by presenting all the necessary information to VIA reliable agents.

Masharf Real Estate.

Dyar ParkNew CairoCompound:

also Dyar Park New Cairo is

a residential project of t

he highest compounds in New Cairo,

and has been implemented

by Arco Real Estate on

a total area of sixty acres,

including green spaces,

facilities, services

and apartments that vary

between standalone villas,

semi-independent villas,

townhouses and villas.

Available for sale in

Dyar Park Compound

at various prices.

Information about Dyar Park New Cairo :

Dyar New Cairo is characterized

by a variety of units, spaces

and prices. As 340 housing

units have been allocated

in the compound,

divided into 262 townhouses,

26 isolated villas,

and 52 semi-isolated villas,

at the highest rate of sovereignty

and sophistication in construction

and designs. Dyar Park New Cairo

characterized by

its natural landscapes

that positively affect

the mental health

of the residents. The beautiful

and natural exterior bodies

in the compound are divided into

green spaces

and artificial water bodies;

Such as: swimming pools

and artificial lakes.

Dyar Park Compound Features:

Dyar Park Compound is characterized

by the presence of wide green spaces,

and artificial water bodies,

which are represented by

swimming pools and artificial lakes.

The architectural plans of

In addition the residential units for sale

in the Diar Park compound vary

between the dialogue form,

such as the pharaonic form,

such as the Roman appearance,

In addition to the Islamic appearance.

Dyar Park New Cairo location:

Dyar Park Compound is located

in New Cairo,

specifically within

the 5th Settlement area

on the 90th Street.

New Cairo includes around:

  • First assembly.
  • The second assembly.
  • In addition Third Rally.
  • Rehab City.
  • Al-Fateh city.
  • In addition my city.
  • The Fifth Settlement
  • in which Diyar Park established,
  • and others.

Dyar Park New Cairo Services:

  • Entertainment premises allocated
  • for children only,
  • In addition it has including beautiful gardens,
  • parks and playgrounds equipped
  • with safety methods
  • in various areas of Galera Moon
  • Valley Compound.
  • It remains a great social team
  • that allows families
  • the possibility of sitting
  • in a pleasant family atmosphere.
  • The owner has been keen
  • to adapt the recent technology
  • in the scope of Galleria Moon Valley,
  • and this is evidenced
  • by the reliance on solar energy
  • and new technologies.
  • Medical services provided
  • by a total medical center
  • equipped with all the equipment
  • and devices that are recent
  • in order to provide high-quality
  • health preservation for customers.
  • Ample spaces reserved
  • for holding barbecue festivities
  • In addition various festivities
  • on various occasions.
  • Places have been provided to sit
  • and relax in a quiet atmosphere amidst
  • the picturesque green nature
  • such as recreation and to stay away
  • In addition psychological stress.
  • Bicycle rides.
  • 24 hour security and guarding.
  • Full time repair services.
  • supermarket.
  • Newspaper delivery benefit.
  • Laundry benefit.
  • A sports club that combines
  • a swimming pool
  • In addition a tennis court.
  • Restaurants and shops.
  • Sports halls and playgrounds.
  • kids area.
  • cinemas
  • Business park practice complex.
  • Universities and schools.
  • Social club.
  • Club House property.
  • Huge car garage.
  • Multipurpose stadiums.
  • Administrative property.

Units Dyar Park New Cairo:

The spaces of the facilities offered

for sale in Dyar Park

start from 247 m²

up to 350 m²,

in addition to the variety of prices

also in commercial stores for sale

in the Dyar Park project at costs

that suit everyone.

Dyar Park New Cairo prices.

It remains unique units

within the Galleria New Cairo

at affordable prices

for a huge segment of customers.

Payment methods

in Dyar Park New Cairo:

Arco Real Estate offers

a 10% advance payment method,

and the rest of the amount paid

in installments over 6 years.

With regard to costs,

Masharef is always keen

to update the neighborhood price list

so that the user is constantly informed

of the latest developments

in the building market

through the guide to the prices

of various units in

the compounds of Cairo,

the recent capital of Egypt,

In addition we also measure the evidence of

demand through the Masharef index.

The company owns

Dyar Park New Cairo:

Arco Developments is one of

the great pioneers in the field

of construction

and architectural investment.

Arco Real Estate established

in 2005,

In addition its investment grew to

twenty billion pounds in less than

5 years of its establishment.

company is well known for

its careful selection of the areas

in which its very large projects reside,

which are most beneficial to the residents

such as their discerning customers,

In addition these areas include 6th of October City,

Sheikh Zayed Town,

the New Administrative Capital,

In addition New Cairo, the North Coast,

and Nasr Town.

Previous Works of Arco Real Estate:

The number of businesses implemented

by Arco Real Estate reached

more than 500 projects,

and it includes the following projects:

  • City Stars Mall, Nasr City.
  • La Vanade 6th of October Compound.
  • Lagoon Arco North Coast.
  • In addition Lagoon Arco North Coast.
  • La Reve Kattameya Compound.
  • La Fontaine 5th Settlement Compound.
  • Royal Meadows Sheikh Zayed.
  • Bellagio Compound New Cairo.
  • In addition City Stars North Coast City
  • such as Stars North Coast.
  • such as City Stars Sharm El Sheikh.

Information about

the 90th Street in New Cairo:

The 90th Street is the most famous

street in the place.

It is the central axis of New Cairo.

In addition It starts from the latest NA Road

on the Ring Road,

passing through the Lotus District,

then the 90th Street

such as in the north towards Ismailia Road,

In addition the South 90th Street heading

to Ain Sukhna Road.

The 90th Street is located near:

  • Lotus area.
  • Southern Investors District.
  • In addition Carnation area.
  • Andalusia region.
  • In addition Gamal Abdel Nasser axis.
  • Axis of Mohamed Naguib.
  • such as Cairo Festival City.
  • Downtown Katameya Mall.
  • In addition Americana Plaza.
  • Security Forces Academy.

dvantages of living in New Cairo City:

  • In addition The city of New Cairo,
  • which is located in the Cairo Governorate,
  • consists of many residential complexes,
  • such as the house in which varies
  • from investment housing,
  • In addition moderate housing,
  • to above-average housing,
  • and amazing housing;
  • Therefore, the social classes
  • that choose New Cairo
  • In addition as a place of residence vary,
  • and the population of
  • such as it is approximately 5 million.
  • The town of New Cairo remains
  • in the Cairo Governorate,
  • In addition and it is located to the east
  • of the Ring Road,
  • which in the distance between
  • In addition the Katameya –
  • Ain Sukhna Road,
  • and the Cairo –
  • Suez Desert Road.
  • In addition The New Cairo environment is
  • a desert environment characterized
  • by a low temperature
  • in relation to the rest
  • of Cairo Governorate
  • by about 5 degrees Celsius;
  • In addition Due to the town’s height
  • above sea level; Hence,
  • it is relatively nice most
  • of the year.
  • The facilities and apartments
  • available for sale
  • in the Fifth Settlement
  • characterized by an advanced
  • building plan
  • In addition and continuous prosperity in it.
  • Therefore, it is the reason
  • for the popularity of
  • In addition the 5th settlement
  • with its luxurious
  • architectural designs.

Fifth Avenue Services:

The 5th gathering place


such as one of the areas suitable

for family housing;

This is due to the presence of

educational companies,

In addition residential complexes,

and entertainment venues;

In addition informed by schools

and universities; like:

  • The German School in Cairo.
  • International American School.
  • Salah El Din Experimental School.
  • Egypt 2000 Modern Schools.
  • Ajyal Language School.
  • Al-Bukhari Azhar Language Institutes.
  • The New British School.
  • The International School
  • of Choueifat.

Dyar Park Project

As for universities,

New Cairo includes a number

of the best universities

and educational institutions,

which including the German University

in Cairo,

In addition the Canadian International University

such as the Academy of Security Services,

In addition the American University in Cairo,

and the Future University.

In addition,

the 5th gathering place distinguished

by the famous sports clubs;

like :

  • In addition Aviation Club.
  • Wadi Degla Club.
  • Royal Club.
  • In addition Alahli football club.
  • Platinum Club.
  • In addition Al Jazeera Club.
  • Katameya club player.

Dyar Park New Cairo Compound

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Features of Dyar Park New Cairo Compound
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Dyar Park New Cairo Compound Located?
New Cairo
Who is the Developer of Dyar Park New Cairo Compound?
Arco Real Estate Development
What is the finishing type of Dyar Park New Cairo Compound?
semi finished
What is the Type of Units in Dyar Park New Cairo Compound?
Townhouse - Twin House - Separate Villa
What are the Payment Systems in Dyar Park New Cairo Compound?
10% down payment and installments up to 6 years
What is the sales number?