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G7 Mall New Cairo


G7 Mall New Cairo , or as it is known as  Project

G7 New Cairo or G7 New Cairo  , is one of Mercon  Real

Estate Development Company’s, which will be explained below:


G7 Mall Fifth Settlement:

The G7 Mall project is the largest and most prestigious project built by Mercon Real Estate in the Fifth Settlement area in New Cairo, and it includes a constellation of the most luxurious units for commercial, administrative, medical and security purposes.

G7 New Cairo Project

Information About The G7 Mall Fifth Settlement:

G7 Mall is one of the best and largest commercial malls located in the Fifth Settlement area in New Cairo. It was established by Mercon Real Estate Development Company with a huge amount, and the units of the G7 Mall were announced in New Cairo. March 2021 including administrative and medical, it differs from business because it is a mature project with services and facilities, and the important location of the G7 commercial complex makes it very attractive to customers and investors

Project area: 11,400 square meters

Commercial units space starts from 43 square meters
Fully Finished, Super Lux, and Half Finished Administrative Units

Administrative units space starts from 34 square meters
Fully finished and super luxe Medical Units

Medical units space starts from 34 square meters
Fully Finished, Super Lux, and Half Finished

With an area starting from 60 square meters
semi finished

The Location Of The G7 Mall New Cairo:

The problem that the construction of commercial buildings must solve is to choose a privileged location that guarantees every comfort and customer services, and it must be close to important facilities, not far and hard to reach. Accordingly, Mercon has chosen the following location of the G7 Mall Shopping Center:

  • It is located directly in front of the Prime Minister’s Office.
  • It overlooks North Ninety Street, one of the largest and most densely populated streets in the area.
  • Near To El Marasem Hospital.
  • It is located in the “seventh” plot.
  • Inside New Cairo, this is the secret to calling it “Gravity 7.”
  • It overlooks three main streets.

the services of G7 Mall New Cairo:

G7 Mall New Cairo Services For Investment And Real Estate Development :

Golden opportunities don’t come often. If you find it, seize it quickly. G7 Mall is a real opportunity for you to fulfill all your desires in your project, because it includes the following services:

  • Beautiful green landscape space and unique landscape, people feel psychological comfort and a sense of calm.
  • The mall is equipped with a large number of fountains distributed in the center of the G7 commercial complex in a charming way.
  • There are many recreational services such as gyms, spas and health clubs.
  • Pay attention to the best global protection and safety technologies, such as fire detection equipment and emergency alarms.
  • Providing all G7 Mall units with automatic generators that operate immediately after a power outage.
  • Introducing electronic elements for stairs to reduce the effort of climbing stairs.
  • There are electric elevators that allow you to move between floors in the fastest and easiest way, and they are of the highest quality and safety.
  • The design of the shopping center includes central air conditioning and modern lighting systems for all units inside.
  • Providing dedicated screens to display advertisements throughout the mall.
  • Introduced the Wi-Fi function to provide customers with a fast, robust and uninterrupted network in all weather.

G7 Mall New Cairo:

  • Providing regular maintenance personnel for all facilities and units.
  • They agree to provide the best international finishes, Ultra Super Lux, for all medical units.
  • The owner of the commercial and administrative unit agrees with the management of the mall on the method of receiving the unit, and according to his choice, he can receive semi-finished products or complete products.
  • G7 New Cairo has complete facilities including sewage, electricity, additional generators and water.
  • Allocating different spaces for cafes and restaurants, and providing them with the most skilled chefs in Egypt and the Arab world, who have the ability to serve the most delicious oriental and western dishes and all the appropriate drinks for each customer. Adding a supermarket in the mall building to display all the products and consumer goods that customers may need in the mall.
  • Providing a “children’s area” for commercial centers and child care, and facilitating finding a place for their children in the mall, whether for work or for any other purpose.
  • Dealing with the best security and protection companies and relying on well-trained workers, the latest insurance models that are distributed throughout the mall to protect it and

G7 New Cairo Project[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

The Commercial Space Of G7 Mall New Cairo:

Mall is characterized by its vast area, it is built on an area of 11,400 square meters and provides a comprehensive commercial building of 6000 square meters, and the rest uses green spaces and space for accessories. G7 consists of only three floors except for the first floor, including 59 stores, with a facade of more than six square meters.

G7 Mall New Cairo Units:

Mercon Real Estate Investment deliberately divided these units into multiple sizes with the aim of making G7 Mall suitable for all areas of investment regardless of size, then allocating some units to the medical field, other units to commercial activities, and a third to administrative activities. For its needs and capabilities, the specifications are as follows:

  • The starting area of the clinic is 34 square meters, and it has 46 units.
  • As for the commercial unit, its area starts from 43 square meters, but its height is four meters.
  • As for the administrative office, its area starts from 34 square meters and the number of usable units is 20.
  • There are units sold in installments with an area of 43 square meters and a half, delivered in the form of semi-finished products.
  • It is an office unit with an area of 45 square meters and other units apply the delivery system. The usable space for units “B & F” starts from 60 square meters and the semi-finished products are delivered.

G7 New Cairo Project

Prices For Commercial Settlement:

Mercon Real Estate announced that the unit price in G7 Mall is affordable for everyone and is much lower than the price offered by other companies, which is a surprise to my dear customers, and it should be noted that this company is not the service provided to me in return, it is known for its competitive price.

Payment Methods In G7 Mall New Cairo:

Mercon Investment and Real Estate Development provides a variety of payment systems, paving the way for each investor to easily start the project in the G7 Mall, let the contract start with a down payment of 12% of the total unit price, then install the remaining amount in fixed installments after payment for a period Six years The unit will be delivered starting in 2023, i.e. before the installment is completed.

The Company That Owns The G7 Mall Fifth Settlement    :

When the name “Mircon Investment and Real Estate Development” was mentioned, we found ourselves standing in front of a huge building, and describing it ran out of words, because it is one of the largest real estate companies in Egypt and enjoys incomparable gold. reputation. Since its establishment more than fifteen years ago, it has been cooperating with the most skilled engineers and architects in the world, and has cooperated with many companies to complete the construction of G7 Mall to satisfy its valued customers, including:

  • Jll Corporation as an engineering consultant.
  • “Hafez Consultancy” company for engineering designs.
  • Hassan Allam Company as a facility administrator.

The company’s activities began in the fields of concrete, building materials and contracting, and later developed into one of the largest real estate companies, and aims to implement new projects in the real estate market with investments of more than 5 billion Egyptian pounds, including three projects being implemented in 2021. More than 70 projects were implemented in The most prominent places in the Arab Republic of Egypt, including: Participation in the establishment of the new city of El Alamein, including the commercial shopping center. Many properties have been built in the Fifth Settlement area. Taking the lead in the newly launched buildings within the New Administrative Capital.

G7 New Cairo Project



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Features of G7 Mall New Cairo
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains