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Value Mall 2 New Cairo


Value Mall 2 New Cairo , or as it is known

as  Value 2 New Cairo project or Value 2 New Cairo  ,

is one of Value  Real

Estate Development Company’s,

which will be explained below:

Value Mall 2 New Cairo English

rove mall new cairo english

Value Mall 2 New Cairo:

Are you thinking of saving your money in a profitable project? You can buy a commercial unit in Value Mall 2, the 5th settlement,

because it is an integrated commercial mall that remains in the heart of New Cairo and provides you with unique commercial units with different spaces for many

and many procedures starting from 22 meters in the best strategic location in the 5th settlement.

The mall is located within a residential place with a high population increase, which enhances the cost of the project.

Information About Value Mall 2 Fifth Settlement:

Value Mall 2 considers a distinct commercial headquarters that allows different commercial facilities in prime

locations in New Cairo with different areas for all forms of practices starting from 22 square meters.

Also, the mall takes place within a residential area with a high increase in population,

which enhances the price of the economy in that project.

Value 2 New Cairo Project

also Value Mall New Cairo


Commercial Units

Project area: 8260 square meters

The space of the commercial units starts from 22 square meters

Red Bricks

Value Mall 2 New Cairo Location:

It is located in Gardenia Heights, a few minutes from the 90th Street,

which counts the largest streets that contain many banks and services in New Cairo

and the 5th Settlement. The mall also remains next to:

  • It is only 3 minutes away from the American University.
  • Value Mall 2 takes place immediately opposite the Japanese School on the main road.
  • It is a two-minute walk from the Rawa’a Abdel Nasser axis.
  • Two minutes from Fatima Al Sharbatly Mosque.
  • It is located next to the flower club.
  • And next to the Grand Residence Compound.
  • in addition to close to the new Narges area.

Location Value Mall 2 New Cairo

Services And Spaces:

Value Mall 2 is characterized as a mall that has all the services

and all the features that will ensure success for your project.

This luxurious and distinguished project was built on an area of 8260 square meters,

and includes three outlets on the main road to facilitate entry and exit from the building.

The mall includes a garage, a ground floor,

two typical floors, and a roof.

The roof was strategically styled with distinct specifications to include a group of restaurants

and cafes, while enjoying the picturesque landscapes.

In addition to that, there is a sky lounge with a luxurious view

and different spaces for carrying out various activities,

with a huge garage that can accommodate large quantities of customer vehicles.

All that and more you will find in that overwhelming commercial edifice,

in addition to the following services:

Value Mall 2 New Cairo Services:

  • Keeps security and insurance running all day long.
  • In addition, there is a place for recreational games for children.
  • There is also a garage for the mall’s customers.
  • Modern surveillance cameras are also available.
  • And provide Wi-Fi service function.
  • Expedited electronic elevators also remain.
  • There are escalators.
  • For more defense, there is a fire alarm system in the property.

Value Mall 2 New Cairo Units:

  • The Value Mall 2 project,
  • Fifth Settlement, is characterized by the presence of a group of commercial units of varying sizes
  • also that allow you the freedom to choose the area for you at a reasonable value.
  • The ground floor space starts from 27 up to 89 square meters.
  • area of the largest floor varies from 22 to 64 square metres.
  • The 2nd floor with spaces ranging from 22 up to 81 square meters.

Value 2 New Cairo Project

Prices And Payment Systems:

Value Mall 2 New Cairo Prices:

  • The unit value on the ground floor starts from 2,474,741 EGP.
  • also The cost of the largest floor in Value 2 Mall in New Cairo starts from 1,180,420 EGP.
  • The price of the 2nd floor in Value Mall 2, Fifth Settlement starts from 995.889 EGP.

Payment Methods In Value Mall 2 New Cairo:

  • Value Foundation offers its valued customers easy payment systems, including the following:
  • A 15% down payment is paid, 5% is paid after one year, and the rest is paid in installments over ten years.
  • So that the final date of receiving the units is 1/5/2022.
  • The cost of parking a car in the garage has also been added to the unit price.
  • As for the specifications of finishes, all shops are on red bricks.
  • Do not pass up the possibility and own the finest units within Value Mall 2, 5th Settlement, at the best prices.

Value 2 New Cairo Project

The Company That Owns Value Mall 2 New Cairo :

It is a medium-sized enterprise in the vanguard, a partnership between the largest and oldest of the three investment and real estate marketing, commercial, investment and residential institutions in the Arab Republic of Egypt. Real estate investment in this partnership is counted among the largest partnerships in North Africa and the Gulf and is also specified in that. The basic arrangement of the company, which is one of the loftiest and most appropriate positions to help attract customers. We are also specialists in real estate economics and marketing, and we provide answers and integrated services that suit all periods of the real estate project during the economic period, and the efforts of the project, marketing, sales and leasing activities increase. Administrative costs and human resources.

The institution that owns the Value Mall 2 project, the 5th settlement, is the Value Real Estate Development Corporation, as it is one of the institutions classified as one of the best giant institutions in its field.

Which has won the trust of many customers in the Egyptian real estate stores by building a group of successful projects.

The corporation’s businesses are located in the best areas in the Fifth Settlement, New Cairo, and the town of El Shorouk

And some of the other areas, including modern Heliopolis, Zahraa Al-Adayi, the central plateau in Mokattam, Nasr Town and many other elegant and lively areas.

Value Mall 2 New Cairo

Where the Value Foundation has a long experience in the construction of malls, which contains with it a number of commercial, administrative and medical units that have hired senior designers and architects to construct them according to the best international standards of ingenuity.

For this reason, Value Foundation is the mother institution under which a large number of institutions with distinguished specifications in the real estate field fall.

Which has a lot of experience in residential and commercial establishments such as the Watania Foundation, which participated in the establishment of Value Mall 1 and Value Mall 2.

Therefore, you are dealing with an institution whose name is considered a source of confidence for a large segment of customers.

Note that the costs and spaces referred to in the topic are for the greater half of 2019, and thus are subject to change, and we take into account to keep developing them always so that the customer becomes aware of changes in the place of real estate purchase and sale.

Value 2 New Cairo Project

Fifth Settlement Neighborhoods..Different Housing Choices

We will summarize the dialogue in that text on the 5 most prestigious neighborhoods in the Fifth Settlement, as that suitable town within the boundaries of the Cairo region, the recent capital of Egypt, is one of the most prominent residential communities that have been built in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, as well as the most prominent streets of the place and a limited number of residential compounds in the assembly .

The 5th gathering place consists of several neighborhoods, the most important of which are: the largest, the 2, 3, 4, and 5.

In addition to that, other neighborhoods such as: Choueifat, Gharb El Golf, Jasmine, Diplomats, Banafseg, South Academy, and Narges.

As for the most important streets present in the 5th Settlement, the 90th Street is one of the most important, and it includes many monetary and commercial centers and other centers that serve the place of New Cairo, an advantage that it takes place along the central axis of New Cairo.

Value 2 New Cairo Project

The Most Important International Schools In The Fifth Settlement And New Cairo

American International School

You find it inside the 5th assembly area facing Port 5 and it offers a vast place for students to learn and practice efforts spread out to about 51,000 square meters.

Modern English School

It is located within the confines of the 5th District, in the south of the Police Academy, and adheres to a modest class abundance that does not pass 26 students in any way.

Canadian International School CISE

It is located in the sixth space in the 4th district in the 5th settlement, and it offers Canadian study and educational curricula, just as Canadian educational bodies supervise them.

Cairo English School

It is located at Sabeel Suez, next to the Mirage City complex in Cairo, the modern capital of Egypt.

Andalusia International School

It is located within the largest gathering area, Mirage City, the modern capital of Egypt, Cairo.

The age of consent of students for kindergarten is 3 years and 6 months, and the abundance of classes reaches twenty students, with a maximum and greater.

International School of Choueifat

A well-established school with unique teaching methods. It was established in 1995. The school is located at the entrance to New Cairo, facing Katameya Heights in the 5th settlement.

Around Hiking, Shopping And Entertainment In The 5th Settlement

Cairo Festival City Mall

It is one of the most important commercial centers in Cairo, and it is visited by many from various cities, and it is distinguished by the level of its high-end stores.

The ranking combines the best international brands in the field of clothing, leather and accessories, in addition to a group of high-end cafes and restaurants, and international supermarket chains such as McDonald’s, Cook Door, Cinnabon and others.

There are also cinema rooms in the mall, and the most important features of the mall are the dancing fountain.

Downtown Mall

It is similar in design to the center of the country, and is considered one of the most enjoyable places to go out, take a walk, spend time and take pictures, and there are a large number of restaurants, cafés and shops, and it is located on the 90th Street immediately.

point ninety

One of the commercial centers with distinguished specifications in the assembly and is publicly known as Point Ninety Cinema. It is located next to the American University on 90th Street.

City Plaza Mall

On 17th Street, next to Ibn Saudi Arabia and Akhenaten School, it is known for its Abd al-Rahim Koueider branch and a number of other stores.

Value 2 New Cairo Project

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Features of Value Mall 2 New Cairo
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains