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Last updated 2023-02-21
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Compound Promenade New Cairo

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Compound Promenade New Cairo , or as it is known as  Project

Promenade New Cairo or Promenade New Cairo  , is one of  Wadi Degla  Real

Estate Development Company’s, which will be explained below:

Compound Promenade New Cairo :

The Promenade New Cairo compound from Wadi Degla Real Estate Development Company,

as one of its most prominent new projects,

which issued the decision to establish and equip it to qualify it to be a wonderful investment destination.

The project is also characterized by its attractive designs and vast green spaces.

Information About The Fifth Settlement Promenade:

  • Compound Promenade New Cairo is an excellent modern real estate project in New Cairo to provide many basic modern housing units for all the needs and tastes of the people.
  • Wadi Degla planned, designed and implemented this excellent compound from the modern Cairo Promenade, to become its turning point in the Fifth Settlement,
  • The compound can bring many customers and residents for all the residential units, shops and offices that the compound provides.
  • New Cairo Promenade Compound is characterized by distinct and modern designs and decorations, largely from the European culture, for all residential units and compound spaces.
  • This compound gives an abundant amount of benefits and attractive services that will help you acquire the unique premium of your life in this amazing compound in New Cairo.

The Advantages Of The Promenade New Cairo Project:

  • The Promenade Compound enjoys many benefits and services that have been added to meet and achieve an increase in pleasure and contentment for the residents of the compound.
  • In general, the vital location of the Promenade is one of the advantages that attracted investors to it on the one hand, and those seeking to join one of the finest communities in New Cairo on the other hand.
  • As for the Skipland Promenade, the foundation has allocated a large place for its establishment, which gives a sense of psychological comfort to the residents.
  • Wadi Degla was not satisfied with the Skipland Promenade, but it also created a huge swimming pool that was designed in a distinctive way on the latest international models.

Compound Promenade New Cairo

  • In the project, there is a huge gymnasium equipped with the latest technical methods that take a role in providing the finest services to its patrons.
  • The project was also provided with a spa in which services are provided to the highest degree and standard of merit.
  • As for those who love sports, the Wadi Degla Foundation lost its feet by creating a land for a squash playing field, in addition to the presence of walking tracks.
  • Wadi Degla did not overlook the necessity of providing the project with a huge commercial area that includes restaurants, cafés and shops, with caution and scrutiny to separate the place in a relative manner from the locations of the buildings to preserve the character of the Promenade.
  • A huge mosque is also available in the project to perform supplications.
  • Due to the car parking crisis, the commercial establishment has allocated more than one garage to carry out this errand.
  • Finally, the project was provided with security and guard services to protect and preserve the people’s confidence in the compound.

Compound Promenade New Cairo

The project area :

Residential units space starts from 150 square meters
fully finished

Compound Promenade New Cairo Location:

The Promenade project is located in the 5th settlement, specifically on the 90th Street,

next to many giant commercial businesses in the assembly such as Katameya Dunes Compound,

in addition to the Hyde Park project.

While the project is only five minutes away from the middle ring road and the American University next to the new administrative capital,

which contributed to the violent demand of investors to book their units there.

Location Compound Promenade New Cairo

Compound Promenade New Cairo Services:

The New Cairo Promenade Compound offers many comprehensive main services through all areas of the compound and for all its apartments.

The compound gives the different needs of residents and customers,

then all the services you want can be found next to your wonderful home. Promenade Compound tries to save a life with distinct and unique specifications, with all the required services,

all the services are available,

all this in the premises of a person for your needs.

There is a large number of services provided by the compound through all its parts, and it is possible to mention some of them for you to explore in a limited number of points as follows: –

Reception desk with few electronic gates.

Security systems and professional cameras in all areas of the compound.

Many international and local restaurants and cafes,

all offering varied meals and drinks.

Swimming pools for all residents of the compound, some for children.

Compound Promenade New Cairo

Limited number of running and cycling courses for those who love running and cycling.

The abundant amount of wonderful gardens and vast green spaces in all areas of the compound.

gym offers many sporting activities and excellent squash courts.

The Luxurious Spa offers all massage and spa services,

with a large number of professional spa instructors.

The Grand Mosque is very close to all parts of the complex.

Huge commercial place with mall full of all kinds of clothes and

goods and many international and local brand stores.

The Area Of The Fifth Settlement Promenade:

Wadi Degla Company has chosen

to complete the establishment

of its residential project on

a place estimated at 33 acres,

distributed among the landscapes.

On the one hand,

and the buildings on the other hand,

in addition to the streets and

facilities that were built to meet

and achieve the self-sufficiency

of the residents of

the Promenade New Cairo project.

Units In Promenade Compound New Cairo:

Buildings details in New Cairo Promenade:

In general, the Promenade project

consists of 995 houses,

with areas starting from

150 square meters and ending

with an area of 255 square meters,

to suit the needs of each customer.

As for the buildings, they designed

so that one building consists

of a ground floor,

as well as 4 continuous floors.

The buildings distributed

according to the areas of

the housing units into two types

as follows:

First Type:

  • The first type of buildings
  • contains 3 housing units
  • in different floors
  • with areas starting
  • from 150 square meters
  • and ending with 255 square meters.
  • The housing prepared in
  • this style to include a reception,
  • in addition to 3 nap halls,
  • 2 bathrooms and a kitchen,
  • with areas varying according
  • to the location of the unit itself.

Compound Promenade New Cairo

The Second Type :

  • The second type of building
  • contains two apartments
  • in each floor with an area
  • of 225 per unit.
  • While the house includes
  • a huge reception and a room,
  • in addition to 3 sleeping rooms,
  • 3 bathrooms and a kitchen
  • to suit large families.
  • Knowing that all units shall deliver
  • with a complete termination system.

Compound Promenade New Cairo Prices :

  • The prices of Promenade New Cairo
  • start from 2738910 pounds
  • for the apartment.
  • Promenade prices start
  • from 14000 pounds per meter.
  • All housing units will deliver
  • within 4 years,
  • and all of them fully completed.

Payment Methods In Compound Promenade New Cairo:

  • The New Cairo Promenade compound
  • gives a large exchange rate
  • for all types of housing units.
  • You can only spend 10%
  • as a deposit and pay the rest
  • of the scheduled payments up to 6 years.

The Company That Owns

Compound Promenade New Cairo:

Index on the project of

Wadi Degla Real Estate Corporation,

Wadi Degla Corporation embodies

one of the largest and largest

real estate modernization institutions

in the Egyptian real estate market.

Just as the Wadi Degla Foundation

established in 2005 AD,

and since its inception,

the business has risen to

many very large projects until

the Wadi Degla Foundation has become

one of the most important institutions

that have weight in the real estate market

with a total of 19 projects,

 and among the most famous projects

that the institution stood on its feet are:

  • Neopolis New Cairo Compound
  • Blumar El Sokhna
  • Blumar North Coast Sidi Abdel Rahman.
  • Wadi Degla.
  • Murano Ain Sokhna Resort.
  • Tijan Wadi Degla Compound in Maadi.
  • River Walk Compound
  • in Fifth Settlement.

Compound Promenade New Cairo

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Features of Compound Promenade New Cairo
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains