Amexco Paradise Ain Sokhna Resort

Prices start from 1,602,000 EGP
7 installment years
Down payment 10%
Delivery immediately
Spaces starting from 70 Sqm
Last updated 2022-04-06
Amexco Paradise Ain Sokhna ResortAmexco Paradise Ain Sokhna ResortAmexco Paradise Ain Sokhna ResortAmexco Paradise Ain Sokhna Resort
Amexco Paradise Ain Sokhna ResortAmexco Paradise Ain Sokhna ResortAmexco Paradise Ain Sokhna ResortAmexco Paradise Ain Sokhna Resort
Details Amexco Paradise Ain Sokhna Resort
project nameAmexco Paradise Ain Sokhna Resort
project LocationAin Sokhna
project unitsChalets - Villas - Duplexes
Delivery dateimmediately
Payment SystemsDown payment starts from 10% and installments up to 7 years.
Finishing typeFully Finished
Spaces starting from70 Sqm
Prices starting from1,602,000
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plan of Amexco Paradise Ain Sokhna Resort
Amexco Paradise Ain Sokhna Resort
map of Amexco Paradise Ain Sokhna Resort
Other units inside the compound
Project details

Amexco Paradise Ain Sokhna Resort, or as it is known as  Project Amexco Paradise Ain Sokhna, is one of the Real Estate Development companies, which will be explained below:

Amexco Paradise Ain Sokhna :

One of the best villages in Ain Sokhna, with a wonderful view of the Red Sea coast

and high-end accommodation in the most beautiful rooms and chalets, with savings on various services,

facilities, and fun recreational activities.

Masharfis A one-stop-shop that will provide you with the option to choose your new home by presenting all the necessary information to VIA reliable agents.

Masharf Real Estate.

Information About Amexco Paradise Ain Sokhna :

Amexco  Paradise Village and Ain Sokhna managed to catch the eyes of the elite of the community

and everyone who enjoys an artistic sense and would like to spend an excellent summer vacation.

Berto Sokhna Amer Group is one of the giant resorts that enjoy the beauty

and charm of a special category thanks to its charming location and complete services,

just as the Amexco  Paradise Hotel In addition, Sokhna provide services of distinguished specifications to its guests,

thus enjoying an ideal life and a high standard.

Amexco Paradise Sokhna Project

In addition…

Features Of Amexco  Paradise Resort:

  • Landscape: The landscape surrounds the residents of Amexco  Paradise Resort from all sides, which contributes to an increase in psychological serenity.
  • Swimming pools: The Foundation was not satisfied with forming its project on a 750-meter-long beach, but it insisted on the strategy of swimming pools on the latest international models to meet and achieve the increase in entertainment for the residents in the compound.
  • Hot Spring: It was created to help residents to rest and relax, and to get rid of daily stresses by protecting and preserving the health of hair and skin.
  • Hotel: Stay in the resort – as well – a hotel that offers its services at the highest rate of merit.
  • Retail: Within the scope of Al-Farghaly Construction In addition, Tourism Development’s keenness to make its project available with all services, it stood on its feet by creating a special space for restaurants and cafes to provide services to the residents.
  • Security services: The resort’s security services have been fully provided throughout the day, in addition to the presence of monitoring cameras throughout the project.

For instance…


  • space starts from 70 square meters.
  • fully finished


  • space starts from 200 square meters.
  • fully finished


  • space starts from 150 square meters.
  • fully finished

Amexco Paradise Ain Sokhna Location :

  • resort is located in Ain Sokhna, Sabil El Zafarana.
  • Amexco  Paradise is one of the most prestigious sites in Ain Sukhna, adjacent to the sea, in an instant, on the 23rd kilometer of Zafarana.
  • Just as it is away from the town of Suez for one hour at most.
  • As for the closest real estate project to Amexco  Paradise, the Amexco  Paradise and Sokhna project is only ten kilometers away, but we guarantee that you and your family are completely satisfied and do not need any external benefit.

Location Amexco Paradise Ain Sokhna Resort

Amexco Paradise Ain Sokhna Services:

The abundant services and unique advantages available within the framework of the barriers of that great edifice made it the focus of the eyes of a large number of customers, and the most important of the services provided within Amexco  Paradise and Sokhna is the following:

  • Clear turquoise sandy beach and free of stones
  • the stratigraphic slope of the land in that area makes all units immediately see the sea as if they were built on terraces
  • A huge and giant artificial lake on an area of 15000 m with artificial waves
  • Swimming pools spread over the entire project
  • A massive floating restaurant, a three-story complex, located on the industrial lake, with international restaurants and cafes
  • Commercial malls, hypermarket,s In addition, shops
  • A complete hotel to receive visitors
  • Summer housing units of various sizes from 45 m to 120 m

Amexco  Paradise Village Ain Sokhna

  • The gradual creation of units for the first and second grades until all units see the sea
  • the resort has shopping centers that provide the residents with all the needs and requirements, next to international goods and brands.
  • All the units present in the resort enjoy an excellent and distinguished view of the charming beaches.
  • A team of security and guards was distribut in all areas of the resort, in addition to the presence of a large number of new cameras to completely protect the headquarters.
  • The resort has an excellent marina to enjoy fishing.
  • Swimming pools of different types and sizes are suitable for all ages present in the resort.
  • The resort combines a high-end restaurant that offers a different bouquet of regional shapes that are distinguished by their delicious taste, in addition to the presence of a large number of cafes that offer different categories of drinks.
  • Distinguished celebrations and carnivals are held in the village throughout the year for more luxury and ingenuity for the residents.
  • the resort is equipped with a cable car that enables residents to see all aspects of the resort In addition, enjoy the charming landscape.

Amexco  Paradise Village Ain Sokhna

Amexco Paradise Sokhna Project

  • resort combines indoor and outdoor swimming pools based on the lagoon-style attached with a solarium and Jacuzzi.
  • the resort maintains a fitness center that offers a luxurious service function to clients.
  • The village has an open place designated for barbecue, as well as a children’s entertainment area equipped with many entertaining and interesting games.
  • The resort is equipp with features showing new Arab and foreign cinematic works.
  • For more luxury, the resort is equipp with golf courses, football, handball, and volleyball with high-end designs.
  • In addition, A huge area of up to five hundred square meters has been allocated to the luxury suites, which directly overlook the pool or the adjacent garden.
  • Amexco  Paradise & Sokhna is a luxury hotel that has been implemented with elegant designs, which provides the residents with amazing hotel services that will preserve them for an amazing summer vacation, which includes the support of barren ironing, limousine, cleaning, reception, and baggage benefit.
  • There remains in the village an envelope that occupies a huge place to park the cars of the people and the village invitees so that they do not crowd or crowd in front of the buildings.
  • Sauna and Jacuzzi with international facilities for more luxury and dexterity for the residents.
  • In addition, The resort remains a headquarters for diving and boat trips.
  • Amexco  Paradise Village Ain Sokhna
  • In addition, resort is available for luscious sessions on the sea immediately to enjoy the beauty of the clear waters and the soft white sand.

Amexco Paradise Sokhna Project

Amexco  Paradise Resort Area :

the resort was implemented on the beachfront immediately with the majority of the place allocated to green spaces In addition, water bodies.

Amexco Paradise Ain Sokhna Resort

In addition…

Amexco Paradise Ain Sokhna Units:

The units vary between chalets, villas, and duplexes.

Prices Of Amexco  Paradise Ain Sokhna :

The prices of the 160-square-meter chalets start from 1,602,000 EGP.

Amexco Paradise Sokhna Project

Payment Methods In Amexco  Paradise Ain Sokhna :

For instance…

  • You can pay 10% down payment and the rest in installments over 7 years.
  • ready for delivery
  • complete complete

Amexco Paradise Ain Sokhna Resort

The Company That Owns Amexco Paradise Ain Sokhna:

Al-Farghaly Construction and Touristic Development Owners, Executors, and Marketers of Amexco  Paradise Village

Al-Farghaly for Construction and Tourism Development is an institution working in the Egyptian market in the field of forming and marketing resorts and tourist villages

Since December 1980

Amexco Paradise Sokhna Project

Note that the costs and areas referred to in the text are for the greater half of 2019,

and therefore they are subject to change,

and we take care to keep adjusting them all the time so that the customer becomes aware of the changes in the real estate market.

Ain Sokhna Location :

Ain Sokhna is located on the coast of the Gulf of Suez, 133 square kilometers from Cairo, the capital of Egypt, 350 km from Alexandria, 56 km from Suez, 330 km from Hurghada, and 330 km from Al-Ain. Sokhna is 80 km from the administrative capital, 80 km from Ismailia, and 200 km from Zafarana.

Amexco Paradise Ain Sokhna Resort

In addition…

Ain Sokhna Features :

  • Ain Sokhna has many beaches with turquoise waters, In addition, golden sands with integrated services to practice many recreational initiatives.
  • You can also enjoy safari trips in the desert atmosphere due to the proximity of Ain Sokhna to the desert.
  • Ain Sokhna remains the largest golf course in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, on an area of 2.5 1,000,000 square meters.
  • Ain Sokhna is one of the most preferred tourist destinations in the world.
  • It has a temperate climate during the year.
  • In Ain Sukhna, you will find the highest quality services that meet the needs of visitors.
  • One of the most distinctive features of Ain Sokhna is the wonderful sulfur springs that made it a haven for tourists looking for medical tourism.
  • Ain Sokhna is characteriz by its amazing geographical location between the Egyptian capital, Cairo and Suez, as you can reach it by all means and transportation.

Amexco  Paradise Village Ain Sokhna

  • Ain Sokhna is characteriz by the fact that it includes many villages In addition, coastal resorts that meet all the needs of visitors and provide them with all kinds of distinguished accommodation and enjoyable recreational activities.
  • Ain Sokhna contains with it a large number of commercial malls that make international brands patient with all the difficulties of shopping and buying souvenirs.
  • It also includes cinemas for all drama lovers, restaurants, and cafes that have a wonderful coastal atmosphere.
  • Medical services remain in Ain Sokhna for 24 hours.
  • Ain Sokhna has wildlife that contains many preferred flowers In addition, aromatic plants, as you can visit the headquarters, engage in ice skating and do many fun recreational efforts.
  • In addition, Ain Sokhna is characteriz by its picturesque landscapes, which make it an excellent tourist destination for difficult recreation.

Amexco Paradise Ain Sokhna Resort

In addition…

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Features of Amexco Paradise Ain Sokhna Resort
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Amexco Paradise Ain Sokhna Resort Located?
Ain Sokhna
Who is the Developer of the Amexco Paradise Ain Sokhna Resort?
Al-Farghaly Real Estate Development Company
What is the finishing type of Amexco Paradise Ain Sokhna Resort?
Fully Finished
What is the Type of Units in Amexco Paradise Ain Sokhna Resort?
Chalets - Villas - Duplexes
What are the Payment Systems in Amexco Paradise Ain Sokhna Resort?
Down payment starts from 10% and installments up to 7 years.
What is the sales number?