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Last updated 2023-05-13
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Mountain View Sokhna 1 Resort


Mountain View Sokhna 1 Resort ,

or as it is known as  Project Mountain View Sokhna 1 ,

is one of Mountain View (DMG) Real

Estate Development Company’s, which will be explained below:

Mountain View Ain Sokhna 1 Resort :

The scenic Ain Sokhna is considered the best tourist destination of course, with its crystal clear waters,

soft white beaches and moderate atmosphere throughout the year,

Mountain View Sokhna 1 project combines a full range of services

and culminates in beautiful views of the Red Sea coast.

The services and entertainment that are indispensable when providing units of different sizes,

all of which enjoy wide sea views at reasonable prices and a variety of payment facilities,

so choosing to invest in units in resort is a huge investment opportunity that is difficult to resist.

Information About Mountain View Sokhna 1 :

Resort is located in the heart of Ain Sokhna,

surrounded by the wonderful natural beauty of the Red Sea mountains and the Red Sea,

and it is considered one of the most attractive residential compounds on the coast.

Nestled on 23 acres of tropical gardens, ponds, water features,

exotic flowers, bamboo, and palm trees, this community attracts couples

and families looking for exotic Hawaiian vacations.

An hour’s drive from home, this community combines Hawaiian influence with modern life in a stunning environment,

carefully planned and designed to provide a truly exotic vacation experience to its residences.


start from 80 square meters.
units shall be delivered to the buyer with the desired type of

finishing with the ability to provide maintenance services

when needed by specialists.


space starts from 220 to 265 square meters.

Twin houses

space starts from 220 to 265 square meters

units shall be delivered to the buyer with the desired type of

finishing with the ability to provide maintenance services when needed by specialists.

Mountain View Ain Sokhna 1 Location:

The location of resort is one of its most important advantages,

because it is the closest tourist destination to Cairo Governorate,

so you can enjoy a vacation in a short period of time

(not more than two hours)

, which provides all the distinction and luxury data,

on the highway paved with asphalt pavements,

providing various services that make your travel easy

It is smooth and comfortable in particular,

Ain Sokhna in Mountain View, located 111 kilometers from Suez / Zaafarana Road,

and the project headquarters can be easily reached within one hour from Cairo,

which means that you will be able to reach the most beautiful

coastal destinations, relax and relax in a remote location.

From noise and pollution, visual disturbances caused by fresh,

warm air,

the scent of the sea and the sound of the gentle waves.

Mountain View Sokhna1  Services:

  • Mountain View Ain Sokhna Resort was executed according to one of sophisticated coastal architectural designs,
  • which ensures that each unit in compound has a unique view of the sea regardless of its location in compound.
  • village also contains a vast green space for recreation
  • and entertainment in the picturesque nature, with rest areas and some cafes
  • in addition to restaurants where you can enjoy fast food.
  • With the unique landscape of these greenery and the length of village’s beach,
  • there are trails designated for walking, cycling and running.
  • resort also has gardens and parks suitable for hosting barbecues,
  • meeting friends and family and celebrating special events.
  • You can also find a business center in the vast area,
  • where there are shops to buy gifts and various products,
  • as well as supermarkets that provide food and daily necessities.
  • There are many recreational places in resort for adults
  • and children, including swimming pools of various sizes, including women’s and covered swimming pools,
  • also graduates children, there are more entertainment
  • in addition to fun clubs,
  • and an entertainment center with many recreational activities for children.

Mountain View Ain Sokhna 1 Resort

  • company that developed project did not ignore the importance of medical services,
  • as the demand for medical services may become an emergency and cannot be delayed.
  • Therefore, village includes a medical center for all specialties,
  • as well as some pharmacies that provide services around the clock, seven days a week.
  • The gym is equipped with the latest equipment and sports equipment,
  • in addition to the sauna, jacuzzi and spa,
  • which makes you more comfortable and relaxed.
  • Mountain View compound  also provides covered
  • and monitored parking.
  • All parts of The resort are protected by the latest security
  • and global surveillance systems, a dedicated area that includes a chain of cafes and restaurants,
  • overlooking stunning landscapes, and offering a variety of
  • food options from all over the world to satisfy all tastes.
  • These devices are delivered to the buyer with the type of finish required,
  • and maintenance services can be provided when the specialist needs them.

Spaces Of Mountain View El Sokhna 1 :

village is implemented on a large area

that includes a large number of units

with different sizes that meet different needs and desires.

largest percentage of the total project area has been allocated to implementing green spaces

and beautifying the environment.

water body provides areas for rest and recreation in the surrounding area,

including facilities and buildings;

In residential and service centers,

it represents a small percentage of the total area,

and the height of buildings in villages is not so great

that it does not block sunlight or a clear sky.

If you are looking for a chalet for sale in Sauna Mountain View for sale,

or you want to own a townhouse, double villa, ,

chalet or standalone suite, you will find that your ambitions suit your interests,

in the best tourist village of Ain Sokhna (Ain Sokhna),

Village , The name alone reflects the high level of sophistication,

sophistication, and exceptional level of the republic.

Units Of Mountain View Sokhna 1:

The area of the units ranges from 80 square meters to 265 square meters,

and some units are equipped with more luxurious facilities such

as private gardens or swimming pools connected to the units,

and resort also provides ownership and rent in case you need to rent a chalet or for life the ownership unit.

There is a small wooden house of medium size,

you can directly watch the beautiful view of the sea.

There are also standalone suites in various sizes

and designs suitable for medium-sized families.

If you are looking for a more spacious area,

Mountain View Sokhna Resort offers you townhouses

or twin rooms ranging in size from 220 to 265 square meters.

Mountain View 1 Ain El Sokhna Price :

unit price provided by Mountain View Sokhna Village 1 varies according to several factors

such as the distance between the unit and the sea,

also the location of the unit in the village,

the interior space and the type of decoration,

but in general, all units in the resort have a comprehensive level of distinctive services,

and the company also guarantees the wonderful views of all large

also small units and standards High privacy and security.

The prices of Mountain View Ain Sokhna chalets range from 1,500,000 EGP to 1,431,000 EGP,

while villas prices start from 2,000,000 EGP.

Mountain View Sokhna 1 project

Payment Methods In Mountain View Ain Sokhna 1 :

Paying 10% of unit price in advance

and then paying the rest of the dues in installments over 8 years.

The Owner Of Mountain View Ain Sokhna 1 :

The well-known Mountain View company is the owner responsible for the implementation

and management of Sokhna Village 1 in Mountain View and

there is no doubt that it is one of the most important companies in

the field of real estate development in Egypt because it

has implemented a large number of projects all over the Republic,

the mountain project always stands out from the point

of view of design The architect, the level of service,

its maturity and its development,

and its uniqueness and importance differs in terms

of choosing the site for implementation from its projects.

Mountain View Sokhna Resort 1

Mountain View, a jsubsidiary of Dar Al Mimar Group,

seeks to develop a new concept for high-end housing

to achieve the highest level of urbanization,

luxury and comfort, which is reflected in the projects

it implements to create a luxurious architectural style.

company has not previously provided it in Egypt,

so while providing customer service to the company

by offering the best prices,

the company always enjoys a high degree

of flexibility in dealing with customers,

and at the same time provides opportunities

also for change from the most appropriate

for the largest group of customers.

And the high credibility and confidence in a wide customer base,

and the name Mountain View has become very popular in our ears,

mainly due to the company’s presence in Cairo

and neighboring new cities

and with many successful real estate projects

that have been implemented in coastal areas.

  • Heart Work Mountain View Fifth Settlement.

  • Mountain View 3 New Cairo project.
  • also Mountain View 1 Fifth Settlement.
  • ِAnd Mountain View 2 Fifth Settlement.
  • project  Mountain View Executive Residence New Cairo.
  • project Mountain View Hyde Park New Cairo  .
  • And Mountain View October Park.
  • project Mountain View Chillout Park.
  • Mountain View Giza Plateau project.
  • And Mountain View iCity October.
  • Mountain View Sokhna 2 project.
  • project Mountain View Ras El Hikma.
  • And Mountain View Project, Ras El Hikma, Rhodes.
  • Mountain View Diplomats.
  •  Mountain View iCity, New Cairo.

Please note that the prices

and spaces mentioned in this article are

the prices of the first half of 2019,

so they may change, and we hope to keep updating

them so that customers can understand

the changes in the real estate market.

Mountain View Sokhna 1 project

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Features of Mountain View Sokhna 1 Resort
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains