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Porto Sokhna Ain El Sokhna Resort


Porto Sokhna Ain El Sokhna Resort ,

or as it is known as  Project Porto Sokhna Ain El Sokhna or Porto Sokhna Ain El Sokhna ,

is one of Porto Group Real

Estate Development Company’s, which will be explained below:

Porto Sokhna English mountain view sokhna 2

Porto Sokhna Ain El Sokhna Resort :

The Porto Sokhna attracts the attention of social elites and everyone who has an artistic sense

and wants to spend a good summer vacation .

. Porto Group is one of the largest resorts with special beauty

and charm. Famous for its charming location and perfect service,

Porto Sokhna Hotel provides guests with high quality services,

so that they can enjoy a perfect life of high standards.

Porto Sokhna Ain El Sokhna Resort

Information About Porto Sokhna Ain El Sokhna :

The Porto Sokhna project was launched in 2007.

The area of Porto Sokhna is 2.5 million square meters

and extends over an altitude of 270 meters or more.

Sokhna Port is by far one of the most important resorts

and residential projects of the Porto Group.

In addition to the unique advantages of the port of Porto Sona,

the wonderful residential resort on the top

of the hill also tries to meet all the needs of the family,

as it includes the first golf course on the hill overlooking the clear waters of the Red Sea.

The resort also provides a full range of services

and facilities that meet all your needs,

whether you want relaxation and tranquility,

or action and adventure

Porto Sokhna Ain El Sokhna Resort



Project Space: 618 acres approximately

Chalets start from 62 square meters

Fully finished


Project Space: 618 acres approximately

Villas start from 200 square meters

Fully finished


Project Space: 618 acres approximately

The duplexes space starts from 150 square meters

Fully finished

Porto Sokhna Ain El Sokhna Location :

The company attaches great importance to choosing the location of its huge project,

because it is fully aware of the importance of the main sites

also their direct role in attracting the attention of customers,

and the company has chosen a prominent site close to

the Ain Sokhna area. Important areas include: –

  • Residents can easily access from the resort to the city of Suez
  • because the distance between them is not more than 55 kilometers,
  • and the distance to Cairo is only 140 kilometers.
  • The resort is not far from the New Administrative Capital,
  • as the distance between them is only 25 minutes.
  • Excellent location directly overlooking the Gulf of Suez.

Location Porto Sokhna Ain El Sokhna Resort

Porto Sokhna Ain El Sokhna Services :

The many services and exclusive offers available within the boundaries

of this huge building have made it the focus of attention of many customers,

and among the most famous services provided by Porto Sona are the following: –

  • The resort contains a shopping center to provide accommodation to residents,
  • in addition to international products and brands,
  • as it meets all their needs and requirements.
  • All units in the resort can enjoy wonderful
  • and unique views of the charming beach.
  • There is a security and guard team spread throughout the resort,
  • in addition to many modern cameras to protect the entire place.
  • The resort has a beautiful pier where you can go fishing.
  • Swimming pools of various shapes
  • and sizes can cater to visitors of all ages at the resort.

Porto Sokhna Ain El Sokhna

  • The resort has an upscale restaurant, in addition to many cafes that offer a variety of drinks, it also offers a variety of local cuisine, and these places are specialized in their delicious taste.
  • The village holds various parties and carnivals
  • throughout the year to increase the residents’ sense of luxury and dignity.
  • The resort is equipped with a cable car, allowing residents to see all corners of the resort
  • and enjoy the stunning views.
  • The village features indoor and outdoor lagoon-style pools,
  • as well as deck chairs and a jacuzzi.
  • The resort has a fitness center that can provide quality customer service.
  • The village includes an open barbecue area
  • and a children’s entertainment area
  • with a lot of entertainment and games.
  • In order to have more luxury, the resort is equipped with golf courses,
  • football fields, handball courts
  • and volleyball courts in an elegant design.
  • A generous 500 square meters of space is dedicated to accommodating the luxurious suites
  • directly overlooking the pool or the adjacent garden.

Porto Sokhna Ain El Sokhna

  • Porto Sokhna is a luxuriously designed hotel that provides residents
  • with excellent hotel services to ensure a wonderful summer vacation,
  • including dry ironing services, limousine, cleaning,
  • reception and luggage services.
  • In the village there is a car park that takes up a large area of the parking lot for residents
  • and tourists to park them in the village
  • so that they do not get crowded or crowded in front of the building.
  • The sauna and Jacuzzi are equipped with world-class amenities that add luxury
  • and dignity to the residents.
  • The resort has a diving center and boat tours.
  • also The village is equipped with features that can show recent Arab and foreign films.
  • The resort offers magical displays directly on the sea,
  • allowing you to enjoy the beauty of clear waters and soft white sand.

Area Of Porto Sokhna Resort:

Porto Sokhna is a comprehensive resort,

with an area of 618 acres,

and it covers an area of nearly 2.5 million square meters,

also extends to a height of 270 meters,

in a wonderful and luxurious way.

Units Of Porto Sokhna Ain El Sokhna. :

What distinguishes the resort is that it contains different types of units,

including apartments, duplexes, villas,

and cabins, all of which are executed in different areas.

The area of the apartment ranges from 62 square meters to 103 square meters,

and the cabins range from 120 square meters to 500 square meters,

in addition to the area of the villas varies,

and the duplexes meet the needs and desires of customers. .

Porto Sokhna project

Prices Of Porto Sokhna Ain Sokhna :

Lovers of luxury and good taste can keep their summer apartments in the Porto resort

also pay a small amount without exaggeration for exclusive services and discounts,

and the price of the chalets ranges from one million to nine hundred thousand for 63 square meters.

A hotel apartment with one bedroom and a bathroom,

its price is EGP, starts from 700,000 Egyptian Pound.

Porto Sokhna project

Payment Methods In Porto Sokhna Ain El Sokhna :

The resort price includes amazing facilities,

with a 10% down payment and the remaining amount to be paid during the whole 9 years,

ensuring that the customer pays the unit price comfortably.

The Company That Owns Porto Sokhna Ain El Sokhna :

Porto develops new communities for clients by accurately embodying and defining their dreams,

needs and desires, and providing value-added services through projects

and companies that we own, manage and market.

Porto vision is to become a leading real estate developer, offering new building concepts

and real estate in an environment with advanced lifestyles for all clients.

This is achieved through the application of best operating practices,

excellent customer services, strategic acquisition,

and the development of new products and services,

enabling us to provide the best real estate products in the best tourist destinations

and destinations in the Middle East.

Please note that the prices

and spaces mentioned in this article are the prices of the first half of 2019,

so they may change,

and we hope to keep updating them

so that customers can understand the changes in the real estate market.

Porto Sokhna project



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Features of Porto Sokhna Ain El Sokhna Resort
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains