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Last updated 2021-11-13
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La Vista 3 Ain El Sokhna Resort


La Vista 3 Ain El Sokhna Resort , or as it is known as  Project

La Vista 3 Ain El Sokhna or La Vista 3 Ain El Sokhna , is one of  La Vista Real

Estate Development Company’s, which will be explained below:

La Vista 3 Ain El Sokhna Resort :

La Vista 3 is one of the large projects invested by La Vista Development and Real Estate Development, and it is located in Ain Sokhna, 146 kilometers from Cairo, and the project covers an area of 180 acres and is located in Sokhna. The feature is the simple price of the stuff it contains. La Vista 3  Resort includes services and benefits in addition to comfortable installments at the maximum value in installments, because all units in the resort are delivered at very high prices, the resort is luxuriously decorated, with stunning landscapes, wonderful green spaces, open spaces and unique. Places of leisure and work.

Information About La Vista 3 Ain El Sokhna :

La Vista 3 is located 150 kilometers from Cairo, where residents can enjoy endless sea views, lush landscapes and a charming swimming pool with bars and beach clubs.

With year-round safety and maintenance, LA VISTA provides 3 large supermarkets in commercial, entertainment and other medical stores.

La Vista 3 Chalets:


Chalets space starts from 70 square meters fully finished


Duplex The area of the duplex starts at 250 square meters fully finished 


Townhouse Townhouses space starts from 220 square meters fully finished

La Vista 3 Ain El Sokhna Location :

LA VISTA 3 is located only 142 kilometers from Cairo and is an extension of La Vista 1, where residents can enjoy the long walk along the beach and the many facilities available year-round for safety, maintenance, medical services, commercial and entertainment venues. In addition to several luxurious swimming pools, it also offers basketball, football and tennis courts.

Location La Vista 3 Ain El Sokhna Resort

La Vista 3 Ain El Sokhna Services :

The La Vista 3 project contains many services that everyone is looking for, because La Vista has presented all the needs that every client is looking for in the previous projects, so it is committed to providing the following services:

  •  Different 5-star hotel residential units in the area.
  • Amusement parks for all ages.
  • Many swimming pools of various sizes, including swimming pools for women, and some of them have bars that serve all drinks.
  • A commercial area with various shops.
  • and La Vista 3 Ain El Sokhna Resort include a Club..
  • A healthy gym.
  • Waterpark.
  • Restaurants and cafes.
  • Spa.
  • The beach has gold coins and blue waters.
  • The unique geographical location of the village makes it easy to access.

Units La Vista 3 Ain Sokhna La Vista 3 Ain El Sokhna :

  • Chalets start from 70 square meters.
  • Villas start from 200 square meters.

La Vista 3 Ain El Sokhna Prices :

The company used its experience in setting the price of La Vista 3 at an affordable price for all different groups, because it not only provides residential units, but also provides many jobs and services in the village that everyone needs.

La Vista 3 project

Payment Methods In La Vista 3 Ain El Sokhna :

Pay 10% and pay the rest of the amount in installments over 7 years without paying any interest.

The Owner Of La Vista 3 Ain El Sokhna :

La Vista Investment and Real Estate Development Company is a real estate developer because it is considered one of the pioneers of real estate investment and development companies and owns many real estate projects, La Vista Company was established in 1991 and the company includes in addition to that of landscape engineers, the entire team of engineers and construction experts also work on creating the destination. New and different building and the units it provides include renovation, maintenance and a series of other services. La Vista Real Estate provides a unique and innovative building. Among the most important works of the concept of resorts and residential units are the following:

  • El Patio Zayed Sheikh Zayed project.
  • El Patio 5 East El Shorouk project.
  • La Vista 3 Ain El Sokhna Resort
  • La Vista Ras El Hikma North Coast.
  • El Patio Prime El Shorouk project.
  • La Vista City, New Administrative Capital.
  • El Patio ORO New Cairo.
  • Lavista Ain Sokhna Resort.
  • El Patio Casa El Shorouk.
  • La Vista Bay East North Coast.
  • La Vista Topaz Ain Sokhna Resort.

Please note that the prices and spaces mentioned in this article are in the first half of 2019, so prices may change, and we are keen to update spaces, price lists, and types of residential and commercial units on an ongoing basis so that customers can understand the real reality. Diverse real estate market.

Attractive Tourist Attractions In Ain Sokhna:

In Ain Sokhna (Ain Sokhna) there are strong tourist attractions for tourism and investment, and to meet the needs of the largest crowd of tourists and travel enthusiasts, the nature of the components of tourist attractions in the region also differs. We also found in it historical and archaeological tourism, as well as hospitals, religious and recreational tourism.

Ain Sokhna Beach: Perhaps the first reason why many tourists come to the Ain Sokhna area is to enjoy a quiet and relaxing time on the pure turquoise beaches and white sandy beaches, and there is actually a lot in Ain Sokhna. All services are provided to provide beach tourists with the utmost comfort, luxury and security during their stay. It can be said that some of the beaches are among the most beautiful beaches in Ain Sokhna such as Luli Beach, Sadat Beach, Gardenia Beach and Flower Beach,La Vista 3 Ain El Sokhna Resort. The special feature of Ain Sokhna is that they have their own beach where you can dive, swim, and entertainment.

La Vista 3 project

La Vista 3 Ain El Sokhna

  • Galala Mountain: Jebel Jalara is one of the most important attractions in the Ain Sokhna region, and the Ain Sokhna region is a mountain range with a height of 1200 meters, and it can be used to climb mountains for those who wish to do so. It is also connected to the beach by a fast cable car, and for all the monotheistic religions, it is also considered the mountain that the Prophet Moses crossed peacefully with him, and the Pharaoh crossed with his Israelite children, and the flight of the Pharaoh. and La Vista 3 Ain El Sokhna Resort In addition to the emergence of some hot sulfur springs and spring water with a temperature of 35 degrees Celsius, Jabal al-Jalalah (Jabal al-Jalalah) is also a magnet for the hospital, and it has been scientifically proven that its water treats some skin and bone diseases or reduces skin diseases. Its severity is like rheumatism and rheumatism.

La Vista 3 Ain El Sokhna

  • Saint Paul Monastery: One of the most famous religious landmarks in Ain Sokhna, it attracts many tourists to walk and explore the religious history of the region. The Monastery of Saint Paul consists of three churches built in the Middle Ages, which are located below the surface of the earth. A wonderful element of this monastery is the availability of written religious charts, handwritten and dating back to the day the site was founded.
  • La Vista 3 Ain El Sokhna Resort
  • Monastery of Saint Anthony: The Monastery of Saint Anthony is one of the religious landmarks that attract tourists in the Ain Sokhna region. The monastery displayed a series of plans and frescoes, which is one of the reasons for the increase in visits.
  • Suez Port and Suez Canal: The Suez port is one of the most important tourist attractions in the region and has succeeded in attracting a large number of tourists to Ain Sokhna to visit the beautiful area and take some memorial photos.

La Vista 3 Ain El Sokhna Resort



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Features of La Vista 3 Ain El Sokhna Resort
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains