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La Vista 5 Ain Sokhna


La Vista 5 Ain Sokhna Resort , or as it is known as La Vista 5 Ain Sokhna Project

La Vista 5 El Sokhna , is one of La Vista  Real Estate Development Company’s, which will be explained below:

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La Vista 5 Ain Sokhna Resort:

La Vista Real Estate Development Company has done well in the implementation of its latest project, and La Vista 5 Ain Sokhna project, which is considered a unique symbol of Ain Sokhna, the design of this project is striking in its splendor and beauty, and it offers great views of the sea and other landscapes surrounding the resort, all of which make it a truly unique project .

Information About La Vista 5 Ain Sokhna:

La Vista 5 is one of the Egyptian resorts with the most wonderful design, to provide you with a relaxing vacation and unforgettable psychological comfort, because it is located 158 kilometers near Cairo, on Zafarana Road, 36 kilometers from the port of Suez, the Red Riviera. The sea, very close to the city, is the first choice for lovers of entertainment and leisure on weekends and public holidays, and even for tourists entering the Arab Republic of Egypt through Cairo Airport.

La Vista 5 Ain Sokhna Resort Units

1- La Vista 5 Chalets

Chalets space starts from 70 square meters
fully finished

2- La Vista 5 Villas

Villas space starts from 200 square meters
fully finished

3- La Vista 5 Duplex

The area of the duplex starts at 250 square meters
fully finished

4- La Vista 5 Townhouse

Townhouses space starts from 220 square meters
fully finished

La Vista 5 Ain Sokhna Location :

the Village located 158 kilometers from Cairo and is the first La Vista resort community to offer a beach pool. the village has a long beach and two rows of beachfront balcony villas and cabins, each with a window, balcony, and dramatic views of the Red Sea. La Vista 5 also offers 11 luxury swimming pools, lit beach pools for night swimming, exciting restaurants, beach bars, supermarkets, year-round security and maintenance, medical services, etc

La Vista 5 Ain Sokhna Services:

Lavista Ain Sokhna Resort has so many types and types that it is difficult to list all the services and features one by one, as it not only provides the basic services, but also offers a range of distinguished recreational services that can compete with professionalism.

  • Entertainment venues and centers, as well as centers and clubs of boutique hotel projects.
  •  in La Vista 5 Ain Sokhna If you are bored in the condominium you can take a few steps to the lake shore or beach club to relax for a while, or you can go to the recreation area where there is a very nice and lovely big garden.
  • scenery or recreation area.
  • Simple exercises like walking can help eliminate negative energy and rejuvenate you.
  • Magada Resort offers this to residents.
  • By providing many long tracks for outdoor running and cycling, you can also break the boredom and have a good time.

Features Of Lavista 5 Ain Sokhna Resort:

  • The amusement park is suitable for tourists of all ages, whether adults or children, with interesting funky games. On the private beach of the resort, you can relax on the beach, do some swimming, fishing or diving activities, enjoy the depths and beauty of the Red Sea, spend a happy time with family and friends, or even enjoy a cruise.
  • Practice it. Yoga at the resort There is an indoor yoga area that isolates you from all external pressures and makes you feel like you are in another world.
  • La Vista 5 Ain Sokhna
  • The reading area is also a reading area, ensuring complete calm, without any disturbance or interference.
  • For shopping, there are many supermarkets that offer food products and various products, in addition to the presence of large commercial areas, and there is a huge commercial mall that includes many high-end shops that provide all the needs and requirements of the residents of the project. There are cafes in the village of Lavista Ain Sokhna and many restaurants serving various drinks and local food and unconventional.
  • Enjoy a wonderful view of the artificial lake in the center of the resort, and you can enjoy a wonderful view from each unit.

La Vista 5 Ain Sokhna Units:

The Village is built on a huge area characterized by a beach width of about 3600 meters and a depth of about 2200 meters. The rest of the area consists of green spaces, water bodies and recreational services areas

La Vista 5 Ain Sokhna Prices:

The company that owns La Vista 5 El Sokhna project has set prices that suit all customers.

Payment Methods In La Vista 5 Ain Sokhna:

for La Vista 5 project

Payment plan La Vista 5 by La Vista is 10% of the unit price to be paid as a down payment.

La Vista 5 Ain Sokhna Resort Owners :

let’s talk about La Vista Real Estate Company:

firstly we will talking about La Vista Real Estate Development is one of the best real estate companies in Egypt, and it has implemented many real estate projects and proposed a new concept of residential life through it to adapt to the development of the times and provide customers with all amenities. The company was keen to choose a distinguished location before implementing the project, so it implemented real estate projects in Ain Sokhna, North Coast, 6th of October City, New Cairo and Fifth Settlement

La Vista 5 Ain Sokhna

About La Vista Real Estate Development :

La Vista was established in 1991 and achieved impressive results in the real estate field that year, and in 1983 it started on a small construction site in Cairo and then expanded into the real estate field to become the largest residential owner. Egypt project. The company has implemented many residential projects to meet the needs of customers and recreational activities by providing all services and facilities, to make them feel the luxury of living. It has also been keen to provide the best prices to attract payment facilities, to investors for several years. La Vista 5 Ain Sokhna La Vista Real Estate Development is known for its reliability and honesty in dealing with clients, delivering units on time for ultra-luxury renovations.

The most prominent of these services

  • La Vista Cascada Resort, North Coast.
  • La Vista Gardens Resort in Ain Sokhna.
  • El Patio Oro project in New Cairo.
  • La Vista Topaz in Ain Sukhna.
  • La Vista Bay North Coast Resort.
  • El Patio El Zahraa project in 6th of October City.

All these projects and more are being implemented by La Vista Real Estate in the hands of the most skilled engineers, providing all services and facilities to meet the needs of customers. The company is also keen on credibility, honesty and the best payment facilities in providing the best prices.

La Vista 5 Ain Sokhna

Please note that the prices and spaces mentioned in the article are for the first half of 2019, so may change. We are keen to keep updating so that clients can understand the changes in the real estate market.

if you need more info about resort La Vista 5 project in ain sokhna send message.this 

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Features of La Vista 5 Ain Sokhna
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains