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La Vista 1 Ain Sokhna Village


La Vista 1 Ain Sokhna Village ,

or as it is known as  Project La Vista 1 Ain Sokhna or La Vista 1 Ain Sokhna ,

is one of  La Vista Real

Estate Development Company’s, which will be explained below:

La Vista 1 English

La Vista 1 Ain Sokhna Village :

also 1 La Vista Ain Sokhna is one of the large tourist villages, with many excellent recreational services,

because the project is one of the largest projects in Ain Sokhna,

as it provides customers with all convenient facilities, in addition to the building

and a number of different facilities.

Designs of residential units, hotels,

and many other things on which the project is based.

Information About La Vista 1 Ain Sokhna :

La Vista 1 is located only 142 kilometers from Cairo,

where all units are located in four sloping rows and enjoy beautiful views of the Red Sea.

Buildings occupy only 10% of the land,

and residents love the beautiful landscaping, pools, waterfalls,

in addition to long walkways that extend into LA VISTA 2. LA VISTA 1

also provides year-round commercial and recreational venues,

medical services, and maintenance and security.

La Vista 1 Ain Sokhna Village



Chalets space starts from 70 square meters

fully finished


Villas space starts from 200 square meters

fully finished


The area of the duplex starts at 250 square meters

fully finished


Townhouses space starts from 220 square meters

fully finished

La Vista 1 Ain Sokhna Location :

This huge project is one of the projects that can be visited from several different places

because it is located near several famous areas

and can be accessed through the following places:

  • The village is located near the city of Suez at km 90.
  • It is located in the distance, the city of Zafarana is only 35 kilometers away.
  • It is accessible from Cairo as it is located at Kilo 142 on Cairo City Road.

Location La Vista 1 Ain Sokhna Village

La Vista 1 Ain Sokhna Services :

  • The restaurant serves many local and international dishes.
  • Cafe.
  • Non-smoking room.
  • Private area on the beach.
  • The park is a large green space suitable for hikers.
  • special position.
  • Women’s swimming pool.
  • Recreational water games.
  • Mosque.
  • A unique view of the wonderful beach.
  • Lots of swimming pools.
  • A huge commercial mall that offers a variety of international goods.
  • Waterpark.


La Vista 1 Ain Sokhna Units :

The Resort contains many summer units of different sizes,

starting from 100 square meters to 180 square meters, of which the cottage has an area of 150 square meters

also consists of two rooms and two bathrooms with direct views of the sea,

and the cottage with an area of 180 square meters consists of

3 rooms and 2 Bathroom with high quality finishes and sea view.

La Vista 1 Ain Sokhna Prices :

The price plan offered by La Vista Real Estate Development is

one of the best price plans in Ain Sokhna.

To suit all clients.

Payment Methods In La Vista 1 Ain Sokhna :

When La Vista Real Estate Development started planning the implementation of its project in Ain Sokhna,

it put before it the desires and needs of its customers,

and it provided a suitable tourist destination with a privileged location,

a high level of service and international quality.

For the convenience of customers,

the company provides a convenient payment system for all customers

who want to book investment in the most prestigious areas of Ain Sokhna for the future.

The Company That Owns La Vista 1 Ain Sokhna :

The company running the project:

La Vista is one of the companies that was established in 1971.

The company has a large number of experts and engineers in the field of real estate,

and the company has gained fame due to its many projects.

Several different places including New Cairo,

6th of October, North Coast, El Shorouk, Marsa Alam and other distinctive projects.

Because the company’s many different projects in Egypt meet under two main names,

La Vista and El Patio. 

Here are examples of these elements:

  • La Vista: Sokhna, Ray Sokhna, Topaz Sokhna.
  • And La Vista: Bay North Coast, Bay East North Coast, also Cascada North Coast, Ras El Hekma North Coast,
  • and Sol North Coast.
  • La Vista Marsa Alam.
  • El Patio New Cairo, AndEl Patio Oro New Cairo, La Vista City New Cairo.
  • And also El Patio El Shorouk, El Patio Casa El Shorouk, also El Patio 5 East, El Patio Prime Compound.
  • El Patio 6th of October, El Patio Zahraa 6th of October.

Note that the prices and spaces mentioned in the article are for the first half of 2019,

and are therefore subject to change,

in addition to we are keen to update them constantly

so that the customer is aware

of the changes in the real estate market.

The Advantages Of Ain Sokhna Resorts:

The tourist attractions and villages of Ain Sokhna have many advantages,

making it the first choice for people who are looking for a suitable place for a long and short vacation,

to breathe after a period of stress, and to pursue work or study.

Ain Sokhna is a city close to Cairo, it takes about an hour

also a half to start your fun vacation right away,

and unlike some of the far coastal cities, it sometimes takes 12 hours to arrive.

Ain Sokhna is also characterized by calm;

It is not a bustling and crowded city with roads and squares,

but an independent resort that provides privacy and security for tourists,

giving you greater opportunities to relax and prepare for more challenge.

La Vista 1 project

Why Chose Ain Sokhna?

If you want to live near Cairo, Ain Sokhna is your ideal destination,

with a mild climate in summer and winter.

The prices of residential units and chalets in Ain Sokhna are average,

which makes Ain Sokhna resort an ideal place,

not only to spend weekends and summer holidays,

but to own your residential unit there.

Let us know why you chose Ain Sokhna:

1- Ain Sokhna Resort Is One Of The Closest Red Sea Resorts To Cairo:

It is 55 km away from downtown Suez,

and the highway takes about an hour to an hour and a half.

Nature and beauty attract everyone who visits it.

It is named after the hot springs found in the Ataka Mountains

at an altitude of about 750 degrees in the Suez region.

The Location Of Ain Sokhna Chalets In Blue Blue Resort Is Characterized By Its Proximity To Cairo:

  • It is 170 kilometers (90 minutes) from Cairo and 90 kilometers (50 minutes) from the New Administrative Capital. 130
  • Kilometers (70 minutes) from New Cairo.
  • 100 km (65 minutes) from the city of Suez.
  • 55 km (35 minutes) from Sokhna Gate.

La Vista 1 project

2- Ain Sokhna Villages Are Characterized By The Availability Of Basic Facilities And Services:

  • In addition to recreational services, it also provides basic services to meet the needs of tourists
  • and residents of Ain Sokhna, such as restaurants, cafes, shopping centers,
  • pharmacies, supermarkets, and others.
  • Blue Blue Resort Ain Sokhna is characterized by the availability of the main facilities
  • and recreational services,
  • which makes it a suitable place to buy your chalet and enjoy all the distinctive services.
  • It is a multi-storey pool hotel suitable for children
  • and adults. Restaurants – cafes.
  • Shopping Center.
  • Green apartments and floating islands.
  • Health club – gym.
  • The first kite surfing center in Ain Sokhna…
  • Bodies of water and waterfalls. Beach balcony
  • and photographing area.
  • Pier.

3- Average Prices Of Ain Sokhna Units And Chalets:

One of the advantages of Ain Sokhna is that it contains a large number of tourist villages,

the facilities and services provided are similar,

and the prices vary to suit different groups,

which increases the rate of Egyptians and foreigners’ turnout for Ain Sokhna resort.

Demand for Ain Sokhna Resort.

Invest in resorts, cabins, amenities and recreational services.

To serve summer residents and residents, Blue Blue Resort Ain Sokhna units and cabins are affordable

and feature payment facilities and installments system.

You can have your own chalet with a very modern decor.

All units overlook the sea and enjoy privacy, luxury and relaxation.

In addition to the advantages of Blue Blue Sokhna, there are swimming pools,

commercial shopping centers, water parks,

restaurants, cafes, gyms and a spa.

La Vista 1 project



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Features of La Vista 1 Ain Sokhna Village
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains