Heaven Beach Ain Sokhna Village

Prices start from 1,725,295 EGP
7 installment years
Down payment 10%
Delivery 2023
Spaces starting from 58
Last updated 2023-02-25
Heaven Beach Ain Sokhna VillageHeaven Beach Ain Sokhna VillageHeaven Beach Ain Sokhna VillageHeaven Beach Ain Sokhna Village
Heaven Beach Ain Sokhna VillageHeaven Beach Ain Sokhna VillageHeaven Beach Ain Sokhna VillageHeaven Beach Ain Sokhna Village
Details Heaven Beach Ain Sokhna Village
project nameHeaven Beach Ain Sokhna Village
project LocationAin El Sokhna
project unitsChalets - Townhouses - Villas
Delivery date2023
Payment Systems10% down payment and installments up to 7 years
Finishing typefully finished
Spaces starting from58
Prices starting from1,725,295
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plan of Heaven Beach Ain Sokhna Village
Heaven Beach Ain Sokhna Village
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Heaven Beach Ain Sokhna Village

Heaven Beach Ain Sokhna Village , or as it is known as  Heaven Beach Sokhna Project.

is one of  West Gulf Real Estate Development Company’s, which will be explained below:

Masharf is A one-stop-shop that will provide you with the option

to choose your new home by presenting all the necessary information to VIA reliable agents.

Masharf Real Estate.

Heaven Beach Ain Sokhna Village:

We always strive to have the most enjoyable and luxurious time in Paradise Beach Village,

especially in the summer. Therefore, West Golf developed its largest project in Ain Sokhna,

Paradise Beach Ain Sokhna Resort, which enjoys a moderate climate,

is characterized by nature and has a magical effect.

Enjoy the stunning turquoise waters and rolling rocks of yellow sand,

all and more you will find at Paradise Beach in Ain Sokhna.

Information About Heaven Beach Ain Sokhna :

Paradise Beach Resort is located in Ain Sokhna (Ain Sokhna) on an area of 60 acres,

and this large piece of land was developed by the best architects and

he best human cadres to build an integrated resort with modern Greek landmarks

including a variety of cabins. The chalets located on the first floor feature a distinctive garden,

and each chalet has an area and provides

a large number of commercial and recreational services to meet all the needs

of all family members. These services are organized and implemented in the most modern ways.

Roads, everything for you and your family to have more luxury and fun, and a better life.

Heaven Beach Ain Sokhna Village

Features Of Heaven Beach Ain Sokhna :

Paradise Beach Ain Sokhna is famous for its geographical location,

its Greek-inspired design, its proximity to Cairo, and the designs that were accomplished

by the best engineers, designers, and the best human cadres.

Heaven Beach Sokhna Project Units


Chalets space starts from 50 square meters

fully finished


Chalets space starts from 50 square meters

fully finished

Heaven Beach Sokhna Location :

  • Paradise beach Ain Sokhna is located right on top of Porto Sokhna.
  • The biggest advantage of this wonderful project is its location.
  • The village is located in front of Exit 2 of El Galala Road.
  • It is 123 km from Ain Sukhna, and no more than 17 km from Sokhna port.
  • It is also located 25 km from Zafarana Road.
  • This means that within an hour and a half from Cairo, we can reach
  • the village of Paradise Beach Ain Sokhna, and Paradise Beach
  • Village is implemented on the Porto Sokhna mountain range 120 meters above sea level,
  • which makes its seascape unique and unique. Wizard.

Location Heaven Beach Ain Sokhna Village

Heaven Beach Ain El Sokhna Services:

West Golf Company, the owner of the project, is responsible for the services in the village,

which makes it unique.

It is also responsible for the direct implementation of these services so that they enjoy the highest quality,

the best image and the most luxurious design using the latest mechanisms and modern methods.

These services include:

  • Swimming pools scattered throughout the village of different
  • sizes and suitable for adults and children.
  • Providing a swimming pool for women.
  • There are green spaces throughout the wider part of the village,
  • and you can see it no matter where you are in the village.
  • Gardens and public parks.
  • Children’s playground and children’s area.
  • A private beach in the village.
  • An exclusive hunting area for fishing enthusiasts.
  • A commercial shopping center that provides all commercial services.
  • International restaurants and cafes.
  • Great design hotel.
  • A mosque that prays on time so that you do not have to leave the village.
  • Security and guarding throughout the day.
  • Bank branches in some places in the village.
  • Uniquely shaped water body.
  • Great golf course.
  • Cinema brings more fun and luxury.
  • Water games (water park).
  • Including pharmacies and medical centers ready to receive.

Heaven Beach Sokhna Project.

Heaven Beach Ain El Sokhna Units :

The space in the village of Heaven Beach Ain Sokhna varies,

the space ranges from 50 meters to 135 meters, and it is suitable for everyone,

and each of us has his own needs, so the units are divided into:

  • One-room cabins with an area of 50 square meters.
  • 2 cabins or a large room of 70 square meters.
  • The area ranges from 80 meters to 135 meters, consisting of two rooms or more.

Heaven Beach Ain El Sokhna Prices :

Own your fully furnished wooden house Ultra Super Lux

one bedroom down payment 61000 monthly installment 7000 two-bedroom

wooden house down payment 85000 monthly payment 9000 wooden house 3 down payment 110,000

monthly payment 12500, installments over seven years – without interest.

Payment Methods In Heaven Beach Ain El Sokhna :

Heaven Beach Ain Sokhna project offers various payment methods and

convenience with different payment systems to suit everyone.

Just pay 5% of the amount and up to 7 years of remaining installments

to place your unit in the best project in Ain Sokhna, Paradise Beach Village.

The Company That Owns Heaven Beach Ain El Sokhna:

Westgulf has developed complete projects serving residential and hotel purposes,

with the aim of contributing to the real estate and construction

industry in Egypt through its vision and plans for the future community.

Be a major player in the real estate and development market and provide our clients with excellent services.

Please note that the prices and spaces mentioned in the article are

for the first half of 2019, so may change. We are keen to keep updating so

that clients can understand the changes in the real estate market.

A Brief Overview Of Ain Sukhna:

Ain Sukhna is considered one of the most famous tourist areas in the world because

it is the most important destination for everyone in the world, because it spent the best time enjoying comfort,

relaxation and tranquility. It also has the following characteristics:

  • Enchanting and beautiful landscapes, picturesque and wonderful nature that surrounds the whole city,
  • there are all kinds of birds nearby, which constantly fly in the sky in vast expanses.
  • It is also characterized by the characteristics of luxurious architecture, exquisite design, and exquisite hotels,
  • all of which are attributed to the services provided by these hotels and its many distinct tourism projects.
  • This place is elegant and wonderful, so Ain Sukhna got its name
  • because of the hot springs and sulfur springs located in the Ataka mountains of Suez at an altitude of about 750 degrees,
  • in addition to many museums, in addition to archaeological sites, as the Suez Canal is a vivid example of the conflict between the people of Al-Masry and Ain Sukhna, Its geographical location is also unique for being in the center of the capital, it is full of liveliness and vitality, in addition to the beauty, charm and beauty of the many villages and resorts along the way are stunning landscapes.

Heaven Beach Resort Ain Sokhna

  • It also has many hotels suitable for all segments of society, of all levels, from three stars to five stars,
  • in addition to many cafes and restaurants that love sand, and this is one of them.
  • The most beautiful beach in the world, it is also considered the best place for fishing, water sports and underwater photography,
  • and we consider it a residential city due to its proximity to important areas such as the Administrative Capital,
  • the Fifth Colony and New Cairo. It has now become
  • one of the most prominent and important residential destinations for many clients.

Heaven Beach Sokhna Project

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Features of Heaven Beach Ain Sokhna Village
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Heaven Beach Sokhna Project?
Ain El Sokhna
Who is the Developer of Heaven Beach Sokhna Project?
West Gulf Company
What is the finishing type of Heaven Beach Sokhna Project?
fully finished
What is the Type of Units in Heaven Beach Sokhna Project?
Chalets - Townhouses - Villas
What are the Payment Systems in Heaven Beach Sokhna Project?
10% down payment and installments up to 7 years
What is the sales number?