Almaqsad Compound New Capital

Prices start from 5,800,000 EGP
7 installment years
Down payment 5%
Delivery 2023
Spaces starting from 357 Sqm
Last updated 2022-03-31
Almaqsad Compound New CapitalAlmaqsad Compound New CapitalAlmaqsad Compound New CapitalAlmaqsad Compound New Capital
Almaqsad Compound New CapitalAlmaqsad Compound New CapitalAlmaqsad Compound New CapitalAlmaqsad Compound New Capital
Details Almaqsad Compound New Capital
project nameAlmaqsad Compound New Capital
project LocationNew Capital
project unitsVillas - TownHouses - Twin Houses
Delivery date2023
Payment Systems5% down payment + 7 years
Finishing typecore & shell
Spaces starting from357 Sqm
Prices starting from5,800,000
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plan of Almaqsad Compound New Capital
Almaqsad Compound New Capital
map of Almaqsad Compound New Capital
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Project details

Almaqsad Compound New Capital, or as it is known as Almaqsad Project new Capital, is one of City Edge Real Estate Development Company’s, which will be explained below:

Space of Al Maqsad Compound New Capital :

The company realized the importance of the availability of services of all kinds within its residential project,

which made it allocate a large area for it to enable it to provide it with these services.

The areas of Al-Maqsad new Capital reached 211 acres with dimensions of 1660 x 660 square meters.

Al Maqsad compound, the entire administrative capital, overlooks the main streets, ranging from 16 meters to 32 meters wide.

The company has put up villas for sale in the Al-Maqsad Al-Asimah compound, which varied between townhouses,

twin houses and separate villas The units of Almaqsad Compound New Capital executed in different areas to satisfy all customers, whatever their needs and requirements.

The units came from the type of townhouses with areas ranging from 357 square meters to 407 square meters.

The twin houses were executed with varying areas ranging from 413 square meters to 426 square meters.

As for the detached villas, it started from 380 square meters to 537 square meters.

The company announced that all contracted units are ready for immediate delivery with Super Lux finishes, This guarantees the customer direct housing after receipt without waiting.

Masharfis A one-stop-shop that will provide you with the option to choose your new home by presenting all the necessary information to VIA reliable agents.

Masharf Real Estate.

the Location of Almaqsad project New Capital:

For instance…

The site chosen by the company to establish the Compound Al Maqsad New Capital proves its experience in the real estate field,

As the vital location is the first factor that customers are attracted to, the company has chosen a privileged place in the New Capital

In the third district, in the d4 & d5 plot, specifically The compound location is very close to the high-end neighborhoods

of the capital, including the diplomatic quarter, the government district, and the financial and business district.

The compound is adjacent to the important facilities and landmarks in the region, including the Capital International Airport,

the Smart Village, the Presidential Palace, the European University and the Canadian University.

Al Maqsad Compound guarantees its residents speed In addition, ease of access to a place without incurring any hardship.

The Al-Maqsad Administrative Capital project is close to the important axes In addition, roads, including the regional ring road, the southern axis of Mohammed bin Zayed.

In addition…

Almaqsad Compound New Capital units

For instance…

Stand Alone Villa

  • It starts from 380 meters to 537 meters

Twin House

  • It starts from 413 meters to 426 meters


  • It starts from 357 meters to 407 meters

In addition…

Services of Compound Al Maqsad New Capital:

For instance…

The company has implemented Almaqsad Compound New Capital according to an advanced vision that guarantees its full implementation,

In order for it to become an integrated complex with its services and advantages that it provides to its customers,

the compound included a variety of services of a distinctive character, Which guarantees the population a decent life

and a more sophisticated standard of living, and among the most prominent of those services are the following: –

Green spaces occupy a large percentage of Almaqsad Compound New Capital.

This made all units have a charming view of the most beautiful landscapes. Almaqsad project New Capital has a security and guard team working on all sides of the compound throughout the day without stopping.

This guarantees the residents more safety In addition, peace of mind.

Al Maqsad Compound includes the Administrative Capital, within its corners, a mosque that occupies a large area and accommodates a good number of worshipers.

In addition, The compound has areas designated for hiking and recreation amidst the stunning landscape.

Tracks that the company allocated to residents so that they could play jogging and cycling, It came in the heart of green spaces, which guarantees residents more relaxation and psychological calm.

Almaqsad Compound New Capital

In Almaqsad Compound New Capital there is a pharmacy that provides excellent treatment services to the population throughout the day.

In addition, A supermarket that provides residents with all their needs and supplies.

The compound includes a sports club built on a large area that contains a group of sports fields with international equipment.

In addition, The company has designated an entertainment area for children and has provided it with a large number of games,

Which are compatible with their young ages without posing any harm or danger to them.

In Almaqsad Compound New Capital, there is a health club, gym, In addition, spa with international facilities for more comfort

and luxury for the compound’s residents.

Upscale clubhouse to entertain residents.

In addition, The compound includes a large commercial area that includes many shopping centers,

which provide residents with the best brands and international products.

The compound has many restaurants In addition, cafes that offer various types of food and drinks,

Prepared by a team of skilled chefs.

In addition…

Prices for Almaqsad project New Capital:

For instance…

Almaqsad Compound New Capital provides exclusive services that are rarely found in other residential compounds.

In spite of this distinction, the unit prices were suitable for a large segment of customers without any exaggeration.

The prices of the units inside Almaqsad Compound New Capital have changed.

They vary according to the type, location, and area of ​​the unit, but the prices are generally reasonable.

The prices of separate villas came from 9 million and 900 thousand pounds.

And the prices of the twin houses start from 7 million and 100 thousand pounds, As for the townhouses, their prices started at 5,800,000 EGP.

The company has provided its customers with distinctive payment facilities by having the customer pay a 5% downpayment, The rest of the amount is paid over 7 years without interest, The company announced the existence of a discount in the case of cash payment, the value of which reaches 27% of the unit price.

If you are looking for villas for sale in the new administrative capital, you should immediately go to this giant project, Which allows you to choose from a variety of spaces In addition, designs.

Masharfis A one-stop-shop that will provide you with the option to choose your new home by presenting all the necessary information to VIA reliable agents.

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Features of Almaqsad Compound New Capital
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Al Maqsad Compound located?
in financial and business district in new administrative capital
What are the types of units in Al Maqsad Compound?
villas - townhouses - twin houses
What are the areas of the units of the destination compound?
The space of standalone villas starts from 380 square meters Townhouses space starts from 357 square meters Twin house space starts from 413 square meters
What are the payment systems in Al Maqsad Compound?
5% down payment + 7 years
What are the prices of Al Maqsad Compound?
The prices of standalone villas start from 7,100,000 EGP Townhouse prices start from 5,800,000 EGP Twin house prices start from 7,100,000 EGP
What is the executing company for Al Maqsad Compound?
City Edge Real Estate Development