City Edge Development for Real Estate

City Edge Development for Real Estate is one of the largest companies in the Egyptian market because it reflects the different real estate images,

So that it can expand in the real estate market.

City Edge Development for Real Estate projects:

City Edge Development for Real Estate proved itself in the real estate market soon.

This makes it one of the most popular real estate companies in the market.

And that through its ability to start a series of projects and large projects as follows:

Etapa complex Sheikh Zayed project:

The Etapa Sheikh Zayed project one of the largest projects launched by City Edge Development for Real Estate in the Sheikh Zayed area.

also, This is why his website is so different and unique.

The compound is also located near Sodic Compound, on an area of ​​approximately 77 acres.

It is worth noting that with the exception of the Karma and Jasmine compound

In addition to This compound is located near Al Rabwa Complex.

The compound is also divided into several different residential units and various villas

Which distinguished from other villas in terms of space and price.

It also mentioned that each group of villas surrounded

by greenery and landscapes from the outside.

The compound also provides many different and unique services.

In addition to the necessary facilities and amenities,

one can live in an environment conducive to coexistence.

North Edge Towers New Alamein Towers:

The North Edge project is one of the largest and largest urban real estate projects

because it is located in the new city of Alamein

54 kilometers from El Alamein International Airport.

In addition, these towers are about 89 meters away from the Burj Al Arab Hotel,

The most prominent feature of the project is its unique location.

in addition to It located in the new city of El Alamein, which is the future of Egypt.

The project belongs to a residential tourist tower and is considered a skyscraper.

It is worth noting that relying on this project can eliminate the problem of overpopulation in the delta region.

In addition, individuals who are considering going to the New Alamein area can live in the North Coast region,

Which used as a residential area on the one hand and a tourist destination on the other.

The project also provided a variety of services that help meet all people’s needs.

Zahya project in New Mansoura:

Zahya project considered one of the huge and luxurious projects,

as it is being built on an area of ​​approximately 7,100 acres

Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea between Baltim and Gamasa.

It is also mentioned that this city is one of the environmentally friendly cities

Because it is surrounded by vast green spaces.

It also includes many residential towers and villas of different sizes and designs.

It is keen to provide many services that help meet the needs of people.

City Edge Development for Real Estat Project:

City Edge Development for Real Estate announced the launch of the Al Maqsad Corridor in the New Administrative Capital.

As a central hub linking the capital city and the destination community,

Al Maqsad Passage will be built on an area of ​​about 31 acres and is located in the middle of Al Maqsad Residences,

It includes many shops, administrative offices, and clinics,

also It overlooks the entertainment area and green spaces, with a unique design,

It provides a unique pedestrian experience for all pioneers and tourists in the new administrative capital.

Emphasizes the role of the new city community management and its vision for the development of modern cities,

As well as urban expansion efforts aimed at creating integrated and unique communities in their components and locations.

Al Maqsad Walkway consists of 24 buildings, each of which consists of seven floors,

It offers retail units starting from 33 meters,

and offices and clinics starting from 26 meters to 108 meters.

In addition to providing pergolas, shaded areas, stairways,

service areas and fire fighting systems in public places.

In addition to green spaces in gardens, parks, and rest areas,

The sidewalks also provide an integrated lifestyle in the center of the capital,

And within the framework of the plans of the Ministry of Housing and Community Management in the new city.

Dr. Mohamed El-Makawi, CEO of City Edge Real Estate Development, said,

City Edge Development for Real Estate plan drawn up by the Ministry of Housing for

the destination region represented by the New Urban Community Administration,

Provided by City Edge Development for Real Estate:

All aspects are integrated, and attention is paid to the service side

and the residential and non-residential parts of the area.

Al Maqsad Walk is located in the heart of the Al Maqsad Residences project,

It is a mixed-use location that will be the first shopping mall

in the unique R3 district in the center of the Administrative Capital.

City Edge Development for Real Estate History:

Al-Makawi added that City Edge Development for Real Estate established in 2017 as an Egyptian joint stock company

It was established by City Edge Development for Real Estate at the Ministry of Housing,

Utilities and City Edge Development for Real Estate in cooperation with the Egyptian government.

City Edge Development for Real Estate The Bank aims to achieve a leading position

in the field of real estate development and real estate asset management.

In the Egyptian market, according to the plan of the Ministry and the administration of the new city community,

It is important to use destination lanes in the new capital destinations for the benefit of everyone in the capital,

Because it will provide a comprehensive modern lifestyle.

“The mixed-use corridor will become an important center for the residents

of the Administrative Capital because it provides various spaces,

Be it offices, clinics, retail stores, etc. located in the embassies area, etc.

In addition to facilities close to famous landmarks, business districts, smart cities, and airports,

It will be an outdoor space.

The outdoor spaces provide green spaces as part of the integrated lifestyle in the central walkway,

Which leads to the revitalization of the destination community

and the strengthening of the destination’s connection with the New Administrative Capital.