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Last updated 2021-11-13
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Cali Coast North Coast Village


Cali Coast North Coast Village , or as it is known as  Project

Cali Coast North Coast or Cali Coast North Coast , is one of  Maven  Real

Estate Development Company’s, which will be explained below:

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Cali Coast North Coast Village :

The Cali Coast Ras El Hekma project is considered one of the best tourist projects in the North Coast. It was launched by Maven for real estate development and investment in the most important areas of Ras El Hekma to build the latest integrated tourist residential complex, which can be appreciated. The best view of the North Coast is a modern designed marine village inspired by a quiet lifestyle in California. On the right foundations, building a comprehensive residential tourist city makes the village a strong competitor. Suitable for many residential projects in Egypt and the most important investment destinations.

Information About Cali Coast Ras El Hekma :

Cali Coast North Coast from Cali – the new building for Maven Real Estate after its successful project on the Gulf Mountain in Ain Sokhna, which is located in the center of the North Coast on the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean Sea, where there is enchanting nature, blue waters and soft sands. The North Coast Village in Cali Coast is one of the most prestigious projects and tourist attractions in the North Coast, and one of the most powerful high-end projects in the region. The north coast of Cali coast is characterized by a very unique strategic location in the Ras El Hekma Bay area, near the most prestigious tourist villages of the North Coast, which is the most important characteristic of the village’s location.

Cali Coast North Coast Village



 Townhouse space starts from 300 square meters


 Villas space starts from 300 square meters


 Chalets space starts from 90 square meters

Twin house

 Twin house space starts from 300 square meters

Cali Coast Ras El Hekma Location:

Maven Real Estate has carefully selected a unique strategic location to make Cali Coast Village an attractive tourist destination. The resort is located in the most important area of the northern coast of Ras al-Hikma Bay on the northwestern coast, 50 km from the cities of El Dabaa and Marsa Matrouh, especially on the Alexandria-Matrouh coastal road, which is close to the most important roads and important areas, including armed the new Fouka Road, Sidi Abdel Rahman Road and the regional ring road built by The forces facilitate entering the village from anywhere and you will find it near many tourist attractions, including Jefaira Village, Mountain View Project and City Star.

It is close to important airports, the most famous of which are Marsa Matrouh International Airport, Borg El Arab International Airport, or the new “Foka” highway, which aims to shorten the distance between Cairo and the North Coast.

Location Cali Coast North Coast Village

Cali Coast North Coast Services Cali Coast North Coast :

The company executing the project is keen to provide a range of various facilities, various services and entertainment in the village to meet the needs of its owners, and here are the details:

  •  The expansive greenery, the gorgeous crystal lake, and the landscape they bring to the village.
  • A scenic complex of stunning nature.
  • Providing security, guards, 24-hour surveillance cameras and surveillance cameras to protect all parts of the project.
  • It offers swimming pools of different sizes for adults and children of all ages.
  • It offers a private garage and parking.
  •  In the village of Cali Coast, on the North Coast, there are water parks and water parks.
  • Great entertainment area for kids.
  • A place to read and relax.
  • Enjoy mega supermarket shopping and fun buying.
  • The generator operates automatically.
  • Wi-Fi and internet throughout the resort.
  • A commercial shopping center that includes many shops that include the most famous international brands.
  • Running and cycling tracks.
  • Large clinics and pharmacies that care about the health of customers.
  • The health club includes a gym, spa and jacuzzi equipped with the latest equipment.
  • Providing specialized cleaning services, energy and other maintenance work.
  • Administrative office.

Area And Design Of Cali Coast Ras El Hekma Village :

The village is designed on the highest floor with the largest area, making full use of the space and adopting the latest advanced engineering technologies in the design. 20% of the project area has been allocated for the construction of residential units of townhouses, standalone villas, luxury cabins and double rooms, and the remaining 80% is dedicated to landscaping, water bodies, gardens, landscaping and artificial lakes. The greenery offers great views of the natural beauty, giving people a sense of calm and comfort. The company employed the best architectural experts to formulate the comprehensive plan for the project, and adopted a set of new construction methods and modern design to keep pace with the pace of modern urban development.

Cali Coast North Coast Units:

The Cali Coast North Coast project was built on a huge area because it is divided into different residential and tourist units of cabins and villas of different sizes and prices. The rest of the village of Kali Al Sahel is green spaces and green spaces that represent the largest percentage of the total area of the project, and it is a comprehensive recreational services area that meets all the necessary life needs

Cali Coast Ras El Hekma Prices:

The company has always been keen to provide a series of different types of units at different prices and spaces.

Payment Methods In Cali Coast Ras El Hekma :

The company has always been keen to provide a range of payment systems and distinct payment methods that can pay the unit price in installments with the lowest down payment and the longest interest-free repayment period.

The Company That Owns Cali Coast North Coast :

Maven Real Estate is the best giant company in the real estate market, and has a number of international projects in the United States that have future visions for Egyptian developers. We use the best international experiences to provide clients with real value and transform new places to enter Egypt a livable society and long experience in this field, especially In infrastructure engineering, Maven Real Estate Development is the owner of the project and has its own distinct projects. It was founded in 2009, during which time it has been able to deliver more success in the USA, including winning the Philadelphia Real Estate Developer Award. And other projects in Egypt, including the Baymont Resort in Ain Sokhna.

About The North Coast :

The North Coast region is considered a good area for future tourism investment in Egypt, as it is located in a prominent and charming atmosphere, and is considered one of the best tourist destinations for the social elite. Many groups seek privacy and luxury. The climate of the North Coast is characterized by mild and pleasant summers, and everyone wants to spend a relaxing and enjoyable vacation there. It is characterized by calm waves, soft beaches and clear waters, suitable for swimming in complete safety. The trip to the North Coast is also via the New Fouka Road (the Army Road) that connects the northern coast of the new Mediterranean to Cairo, and the trip takes no more than an hour and a half. The most beautiful tourist village in Egypt, characterized by vast green spaces and sandy beaches.

Among the interesting places, on the Alexander-Matru Desert Highway and many tourist attractions, here are the most famous villages on the coast:

  • Bo Island Resort is located at 120 km.
  • Hacienda Bay Village is located at kilo 124.
  • Ora Naguib Sawiris project.
  • Jefaira village.
  • smeralda bay smeralda bay.
  • mountain view mountain view coast.
  •  Jaya north coast Jaya.
  • Marassi Resort is located at Kilo 129 El Alamein Road in Sidi Kerir.
  • Tilal Resort is located at km 129.

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Features of Cali Coast North Coast Village
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains