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Headquarters New Cairo or Headquarters New Cairo  , is one of  Mutawa Group Real

Estate Development Company’s, which will be explained below:

Mall Headquarters English

Mall Headquarters New Cairo :

  • The mall is unique in the best vital locations in the heart of New Cairo, which makes it the most suitable location for your new business.
  • Head Quarters Mall is located on the North 90th Street section.
  • The total area of the Head Quarters Mall project is about 4842 square meters
  • Headquarters project consists of administrative and commercial units
  • Units space starts from 65 square meters.
  • The price per square meter starts from 48.800 EGP.
  • The developing company is Mutawa Group
  • 10% deferred payment and the rest scheduled payments over 4 years.
  • Super Lux finishes

Information About Mall Headquarters New Cairo :

The head office (in the heart of New Cairo) is located in one of the most popular locations in New Cairo,

which makes it the perfect location to become your new business address.

HQ offers a variety of desks to customize and personalize your business office to your needs.

We offer a wide range of services to ensure that your new office suits you best.

Headquarters New Cairo Project

Mall Headquarters New Cairo

Mall Headquarters New Cairo


Commercial Units

Project area: 4,842 square meters
Starting from 200 square meters to 450 square meters
fully finished

Administrative Units

Project area: 4,842 square meters
Administrative units spaces start from 65 square meters
fully finished

Head Quarters New Cairo Mall Location:

  • Head Quarters Mall is located in the North 90th Street sector.
  •  The location of the mall is ten minutes from Cairo International Airport
  •  It is only a quarter of an hour away from Nasr Town and the modern Arab Republic of Egypt.
  • It is close to Downtown Mall
  • In the heart of the 5th settlement between Cairo Festival City Mall and the Air Hospital.
  •  It is only 5 minutes away from Suez / Sokhna.
  • Head Quarters Mall is located in the most important planned location.

Location Mall Headquarters New Cairo

Head Quarters New Cairo Services:

  • Safe and secure all day long
  •  conference rooms
  • senior lounge,
  •  meeting rooms.
  • Heating and ventilation mode
  •  and wind conditioning
  •  Children’s memorial services
  • Green spaces
  • Vehicle parking support and vehicle care
  • Complete CCTV system
  • electronic ports
  • gym,
  • Electric lifts
  •  Automated teller machine.
  •  Mosque
  • Recreational place.
  •  Cafes and restaurants
  •  around to shop,
  •  It remains at the top of the mall, Roof Garden, for recreation

Units In New Cairo Mall Headquarters New Cairo :

  • The total location of Head Quarters Mall project is about 4842 square meters.
  • 2500 square meters were allocated for green spaces.
  •  Administrative units, offices, commercial and pharmacies are available.
  • There is an administrative property and a newer commercial building separated by a green space.
  • Administrative units spaces start from 65 square meters
  •  Lots of different other spaces are available.

Prices In New Cairo Mall Headquarters New Cairo :

  • The price per square meter in Head Quarters starts from 48.800 EGP.
  • While the unit cost starts from 3,172,000
  • Available now for sale administrative units”

Payment Methods At Mall Headquarters New Cairo :

  • It is one of the most important and prominent systems put forward by the Mutawia Real Estate Group.
  • 10% boiler exchange and the rest in installments over 4 years.
  • 20% boiler payment and the rest in installments over 5 years.
  •  30% deferred payment and the rest in installments over 6 years.
  • The Mutawa Group Foundation has taken care of the delivery of units in its project.
  • Full Super Lux finishing.

The Company That Owns Mall Headquarters New Cairo:

Mutawa Group is one of the most important real estate development institutions in Egypt,

founded in 1998.

Just as the company relies on the most important and most efficient architects,

and specialists in all its projects.

The Mutawa Group Foundation always chooses

the most prestigious sites for its projects that are close to the interlocutors and the basic methods

The institution is interested in the smallest details and the basics and

desires of its customers to gain their satisfaction and trust.

And that the company has projects in modern Damietta,

Ain Sokhna, and New Cairo, which is one of the loftiest sites in Greater Cairo

One of the company’s past actions

  • Sky View Mini Compound.
  • Blue Blue Resort in Ain Sokhna
  • Skyview Premier Tower.
  • La Vida Compound in the modern city of Heliopolis.

Headquarters New Cairo Project

About New Cairo:

New Cairo is one of the largest modern cities in Egypt, whose construction began in the year 2000.

It contains with it the largest neighborhoods in East Cairo,

among the most famous of its neighborhoods are the Greater Settlement,

the 3rd Settlement, and the 5th Settlement.

If you are thinking about the apartment and looking for housing units in New Cairo,

you should know the neighborhood in all parts of it,

in addition to the types and level of services, the interface,

and finally the prices of residential units and villas, and the methods of access to and from New Cairo.

Mall Headquarters New Cairo

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of The House In New Cairo:

The town is characterized by a low population increase.

Most of New Cairo’s neighborhoods have a high social and living standard,

but a few districts give average and above average rates in New Cairo,

such as the 3rd Settlement and the youth housing in Katameya.

New Cairo is characterized by a slightly higher degree and standard of land,

so the weather is moderate and hotter during the summer,

and it may even be more frosty during the winter (so this information must be paid attention to when choosing raw materials to finish your home).

Mall Headquarters New Cairo

Among the flaws and shortcomings of the apartment in New Cairo,

the costs per square meter are slightly higher than their counterparts,

which is the result of the high investment grade and standard of its housing,

and also due to the high demand above it.

Despite the good layout of the 5th Settlement neighborhood and the expansion of the streets,

it is flawed by the appearance of a limited number of congestion at times of the day,

especially regarding the area of the 90th Street (the heart of New Cairo).

Signs And Distinctive Places In New Cairo:

Among the famous places within New Cairo are the Security Forces Academy,

Cairo Festival City Mall, Downtown Mall, the American University,

Petrosport football stadium on 90th Street, and Air Deterrence Cover Hospital.

Prices In New Cairo:

One of the most important data that any individual needs when moving to any neighborhood or place is the costs,

so I collected the outskirts of costs in most parts of New Cairo to be able to determine your budget to take the correct regulatory order.

The increase in prices in New Cairo in the previous 12 months is 10.26% for housing units,

although the demand rate is not less than 93% for those looking for housing units in New Cairo.

Moderate value per meter in New Cairo is 9,500 EGP* for residential units,

and about 18,150 EGP* for villas.

Note that: a limited number of areas in New Cairo have different costs,

so the price per meter can reach EGP 5,100* per meter for the Sphinx area and

EGP 11,900* per meter for the Choueifat area.

New Cairo enjoys a high quality, high social level, costs and services of 9.8 (out of ten),

according to statistics published by Masharef.

Mall Headquarters New Cairo

Headquarters New Cairo Project

New Cairo Neighborhoods And Information About Them:

New Cairo consists of several neighborhoods and districts.

Masharef will take you on a tour of the different neighborhoods to get to know you more about the various parts of New Cairo in its different levels.

Headquarters New Cairo Project

Violet Neighborhood:

Banafseg neighborhood is one of the commissioned neighborhoods within New Cairo,

and it can be reached by the main 90th Street.

The neighborhood is divided into villas and buildings. The location of the villas in the Banafsj area is divided into 12 areas that can be accessed through the 90th Street or from the ring road from the side of the Security Forces Academy.

We note that the town authority is interested in having a service space in any space within the scope of any of the neighborhoods of New Cairo,

so the services are spread around in an adequate manner in the Banafsj district.

In Banafseg there is above average housing, in addition to this amazing housing progress in the distribution of villas.

Headquarters New Cairo Project

Lotus District:

The Lotus neighborhood is considered one of the modern neighborhoods in New Cairo,

and it can be accessed through the main 90th Street,

just as the Lotus neighborhood is close to all the new vital areas. The neighborhood is divided into the northern lotus and the southern lotus,

and the southern lotus is probably the most optimal for its proximity to the American University,

and the prices of establishments in New Cairo are high due to the availability of a large number of services around it.

The area of the lotus in the north is divided into 5 parts, from one to five,

and the southern lotus into 6 districts, from the sixth to the eleventh.

Lotus residents can enjoy the services of four surrounding sports clubs,

such as the Royal and Platinum Sports Troupe, New Cairo,

the Aviation Club, and a future project for Wadi Degla.

Mall Headquarters New Cairo

Headquarters New Cairo Project

Northern Investors:

The North Investors District is characterized by its proximity to the city of Rehab,

as it is located on the Sadat axis and near the Suez Canal.

The neighborhood is distinguished from other neighborhoods of New Cairo in that it has been devoted to real estate modification companies that have stood on their feet by forming closed residential complexes (compounds),

most of which provide excellent housing and some offer above-moderate housing.

The most famous of these residential complexes are: El Patio, Hayaty Residence,

Waterway, Sun Sight, Ashrafieh, Bellagio, Hayat Heights, and the Egyptian Monetary Bank.

Headquarters New Cairo Project

Investors Neighborhood In The South Of New Cairo Housing Units:

The location of the southern investors is located between the 90th Street in the south,

the Hassan Abdel Nasser axis, and the Muhammad Najib axis.

Most of the southern investors’ parts consist of closed residential compounds (compounds) in which there is excellent and above-average housing.

The location of the southern investors is becoming increasingly necessary,

as it is adjacent to the American University.

The most famous projects located in it are: Concorde, Moon Valley,

Fleur Deviloda Village, Al Jazeera Park, Dora, The Villa and others.

Just as there are a few medium projects available in the area,

such as Zizinia neighborhood, Arabiya neighborhood and Janati,

just as there is land for associations such as Al-Zahwa for army officers,

advisors land, American University housing, Al Sharq Insurance and family housing buildings,

and the space is characterized by the presence of the Al-Zohour sports team, Concord Mall,

Galleria Plaza and Point 90 Mall.

Mall Headquarters New Cairo

Narges Neighborhood:

Al-Narges neighborhood is one of the functional and well-known neighborhoods within New Cairo,

as it considered one of the most important neighborhoods,

due to its proximity to the 5 neighborhoods of the assembly.

The Narges neighborhood located close to the Fatima Al Sharbatly Mosque,

which considered one of the important signs of the quality of the place.

The Narges neighborhood, like most neighborhoods in New Cairo,

divided into the distribution of ground buildings and 4 floors,

and the division of villas, ground and two floors,

and the Narges neighborhood consists of 8 neighborhoods.

It provides excellent and above average housing in general, as well as good services.

If you would like to know more data about neighborhoods within New Cairo,

Masharef gives you a complete and comprehensive guide to all neighborhoods in

Greater Cairo with a lot of data such as demand rate and average prices (always updated).

Mall Headquarters New Cairo

Headquarters New Cairo Project

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Features of Mall Headquarters New Cairo
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains