MG Real Estate Development Company

MG Developments, which was established in 1998 for its owner, Engineer Mohamed Mustafa Mutawa.

It is one of the largest companies in the field of real estate investment, tourism development and contracting.

The commercial establishment’s investments amount to about one billion and 700 million pounds, and the first purpose of its establishment was a source of livelihood for integrated residential, commercial and administrative projects at the highest level of progress.

Just as the company has been keen in all its projects to select the distinguished sites and use the new technology in preparing and applying all of its past and ongoing projects.

The foundation also uses the latest new construction methods based on a distinguished sports team of administrators and engineers, who are able to ensure the best exploitation of spaces and the mastery and originality of the layouts..

Among the works of the Mutawia Group Real Estate Development Company

  • La Vida Heliopolis Compound.
  • Headquarters business project in New Cairo.
  • Blue Blue Ain Sokhna village.
  • Pro Mark Mall, the new administrative capital.
  • Head Quarters Mall, New Cairo.
  • Life Home Compound, 5th Settlement.
  • Sky View Premier project.
  • It also presented the new La Vida Heliopolis compound.
  • Mini Compound Sky View New Cairo.
  • Premium Business Center Mall, 5th Settlement.
  • Mini Compound Sky View Premier New Cairo.

MG real estate development

Mg Developments

One of the most prominent projects of Mutawia Real Estate Development Company

Blue Blue Ain Sokhna village

An individual is among the huge projects that were built in Ain Sokhna for its unique location, which made this project a painting to make its visitors feel that it is in the European countryside, and that is a result of the settings available in the resort, in addition to the services it provides to its visitors, as it has all the means of entertainment and recreation.


It is located directly facing the sea, next to a 300-meter beach in front of it, and it is characterized by its yellow sand, turquoise waters, and the availability of beach playgrounds to get used to playing various games and enjoying the picturesque nature.

You can enjoy all the tourist attractions due to its proximity to the sovereign mountain area, which occurs in Ain Sukhna.

Blue Blue Ain Sokhna location

The strategic location of Blue Blue Sokhna

The blue blue resort of Ain Sokhna is distinguished as one of the projects that was established in a privileged location, and this is to become one of the most worthy and largest projects. It is specifically located within the borders of the Ain Sokhna area, on the way to Zafarana, facing the area of ​​the windmills, and it can be accessed from many different places, as it happens next to the next:

  • Cairo, a distance of 100 and seventy kilometers, or about 80 minutes.
  • Mountain View Village and Orlando Beach Village.
  • It is 15 km from Porto Ain Sokhna.
  • Blue Blue Sokhna is 90 km away from the nearby administrative capital.
  • And from Suez, a distance of 110 km.
  • New Cairo, 130 km away.

MG real estate development

Blue Blue Ain Sokhna services

Services available in Blue Blue Ain Sokhna:

Blue Blue offers a large amount of services, including the following:

  • A hotel that gives a distinguished service function to its visitors.
  • The possibility of swimming in more than fifteen swimming pools in addition to the presence of covered swimming pools for women.
  • Restaurants and cafes.
  • Waterpark.
  • Cabins by the sea.
  • An integrated health gym.
  • Gym, spa and gymnasium.
  • A great mall that combines all kinds of international brand merchandise for the shopaholic.
  • Huge green spaces for nature lovers.
  • Waterfalls, islands.
  • 12,000 square meters of water bodies.
  • Units fitted with a terrace overlooking the beachfront at once.
  • A dedicated space for photography.
  • Cycling paths.
  • Beach playgrounds.
  • Jet Ski.
  • A special space for celebrations.
  • Chalets are 300 meters away from the beach.

Blue Blue Ain Sokhna units

  • Blue Blue Ain Sokhna contains six hundred units, 466 of the 600 units have been completed, and the units will be delivered within 6 months from the date of the contract.
  • Chalets: start from 100 square meters and reach 140 square meters.
  • Villas: start from 250 square meters and reach 300 square meters.

MG Real Estate Development Company

Payment methods in Blue Blue Ain Sokhna

Mutawa Group for Real Estate Investment has provided ample payment systems, including the following:

  • 10% down payment and the rest in installments over 9 years.

Details about the units within the Blue Blue Mutawa Group

The units vary within the scope of the resort between chalets – villas – penthouses.

The chalets available within the resort can be obtained at a price with distinct specifications as follows:

  • Chalets with a garden at a price ranging from 1,500,000 EGP up to 2,500,000 EGP, depending on the available area.
  • Duplexes with prices starting from 4,100,000 EGP.
  • A chalet with an area of ​​one hundred square meters, at a price of 1,837,000 EGP.
  • A chalet with an area of ​​110 square meters, consisting of 3 halls – 2 bathrooms, at a cost of 1,754,000 EGP.
  • Penthouse costs start from 1,800,000 EGP up to 2,500,000 EGP.
  • Installment chalet with an area of ​​one and a half square meters, 209,000 Egyptian pounds will be written off, and the rest will be paid in installments over 9 years.

Mall Headquarters New Cairo

The mall is unique in the best vital locations in the heart of New Cairo, which makes it the most suitable location for your new business.

Head Quarters Mall is located on the North 90th Street sector.

The total area of ​​the Head Quarters Mall project is about 4842 square meters

The headquarters project consists of administrative and commercial units

Units space starts from 65 square meters.

The price per meter starts from 48.800 EGP,

The developing company is Mutawa Group

10% deferred payment and the rest scheduled payments over 4 years.

Super Lux finishes

MG Real Estate Development Company

Head Quarters New Cairo is located

  • The Mall is located in the most important planned location.
  • Head Quarters Mall is located in the North 90th Street sector.
  • In the heart of the 5th settlement between Cairo Festival City Mall and the Air Hospital.
  •  It is only a quarter of an hour away from the town of Nasr, and the neighborhood of the modern Arab Republic of Egypt.
  • It is close to Downtown Mall
  •  The location of the mall is ten minutes from Cairo International Airport

It is only 5 minutes away from Suez / Sabil Sokhna.

Head Quarters New Cairo Services

  • Safe and secure all day long
  •  conference rooms
  • senior lounge,
  •  Meeting rooms.
  • Heating and ventilation mode
  •  and wind conditioning
  •  Children’s memorial services
  • Green spaces
  • Vehicle parking support and vehicle care
  • Complete CCTV system
  • electronic ports
  • gym,
  • Electric lifts
  •  Automated teller machine.
  •  Mosque
  • Recreational place.
  •  Cafes and restaurants
  •  around to shop,
  •  Stay at the top of the mall Roof Garden for recreation

MG real estate development

Head Quarters Units New Cairo

  • The total location of Head Quarters Mall project is about 4842 square meters.
  • 2500 square meters were allocated for green spaces.
  •  Administrative units, offices, commercial and pharmacies are available.
  • There is an administrative property and a newer commercial building, separated by a green space.
  • Administrative units spaces start from 65 square meters
  •  Lots of different other spaces are available.

Head Quarters prices in New Cairo

  • The price per square meter in Head Quarters starts from 48.800 EGP.
  • While the unit cost starts from 3,172,000
  • Administrative units are now available for sale.

Payment methods at Head Quarters New Cairo

  • It is one of the most important and prominent systems put forward by the Mutawa Group Real Estate Corporation.
  • 10% down payment and the rest in installments over 4 years.
  • 20% down payment and the rest in installments over 5 years.
  • You can also pay 30% down payment and the rest in installments over 6 years.

The Mutawa Group Foundation has taken care of the delivery of units in its project.

  • Full Super Lux finishing.

MG real estate development

The Mark Mall New Capital

MG Real Estate Development projects are distinguished by the fact that they include all forms of investment, which is why it has introduced The Mark Mall, the administrative capital in Downtown, the administrative capital. And the perfect location..

The Mark Mall location in the new administrative capital

The Mark Mall, the administrative capital, is strategically located in plot No. Mu2-19 down town, facing the health center of the New Administrative Capital.

It also preserves the area adjacent to the mall near many vital and governmental sites in the Administrative Capital and other malls and towers, including:

  • Biadija Tower, Administrative Capital.
  • Pro Mark Mall, Administrative Capital.
  • As well as the Genesis Tower, the administrative capital.

The Mark Capital Mall is characterized by the presence of many different spaces of commercial, administrative and hotel units, which allows you to choose what you like:

Here are in detail the various data on the spaces of that luxury mall:

The areas of the commercial ground units only:

  • Spaces start from 40 square meters.
  • Commercial increase starts from 4.72 square meters.
  • Just as there are 9 stores left on the floor.

The areas of the medical units on the first floor only:

  • Spaces start from 40 square meters.
  • The pharmacy area starts from 110 square meters.

The areas of the administrative units from the second floor to the sixth floor:

  • Spaces start from 31 square meters.
  • The 15th floor has administrative offices.

The spaces of the hotel units from the 7th floor to the 10th floor:

  • Spaces start from 37 square meters.
  • Just as it remains on the 14th floor of a hotel apartment.

MG real estate development

The Mark Mall prices in the new administrative capital

Prices of commercial units on the ground floor:

  • The price per square meter on the day of the launch starts from 85,000 Egyptian pounds.

Prices of medical units on the first floor only:

  • The value of the pharmacy meter starts from 125,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • The average price for medical units is 28,000 EGP per meter.
  • As for the value of the winch, it starts from 25,995 pounds per square meter.

Prices of administrative units from the second floor to the sixth floor:

  • The average price starts from 25,000 EGP per meter.
  • As for the value on the day of the winch, it starts from 21,263 EGP per meter.

Prices of hotel units from the 7th floor to the 10th floor:

  • The average value starts from 30,000 EGP per meter.
  • The day of the lunch starts from 26,995 EGP per meter..