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ProMark Mall New Capital


ProMark Mall New Capital ,

or as it is known as  Project

ProMark New Capital

or ProMark New Capital  ,

is one of  MG Real

Estate Development Company’s,

which will be explained below:

ProMark English

ProMark Mall New Capital:

MG Real Estate launched the start

of the business with Sud,

for urban development,

and this is in order

to establish Promark

for real estate development

in new administrative capital,

ProMark New Capital,

and therefore in

the government district

and banks,

and this is with an investment

of 1.2 billion pounds.

ProMark Mall New Capital

ProMark Mall New Capital

units ProMark Mall New Capital

  • Administrative units
  • Commercial units

Promark Administrative Capital Location:

This project is located in a site

with distinctive specifications

from new administrative capital,

as it happens immediately

in front of the Ministry

of Monetary

and this is in

the government neighborhood,

which is considered one of

the most districts of

new administrative capital,

as this site is distinguished

by that it overlooks

the main facade

of the commercial

and administrative building,

and the advantage of

this project is close

From the central park

and the separating square

between the royal quarter

and the government district,

as it happens next to

the Monorail station

and the institutions area.

Promark New Capital project area:

The ProMark New Capital

project located

on an area of

25 thousand square meters,

as the institution has promoted

the fragmentation of that area

so that the spaces are as follows:

2 garages on an area of

10 thousand square meters.

The area of commercial units reaches

5 thousand square meters

The place of administrative units

is ten thousand meters,

with 5 floors.

The Chairman of MG Corporation

stressed that investing in

commercial activities is what

achieves the highest

investment output,

and therefore the lack

of commercial

spaces in that neighborhood,

as 15 plots have been allocated

only in that neighborhood,

so Promark Real Estate ,

the administrative capital,

ProMark New Capital is

the best solution for investors.

Those who want

a higher investigation

and search for a unique location,

just as the project

offers commercial units

with different areas

and realistic costs.

ProMark Mall New Capital Prices:

The corporation is keen to

save realistic prices

for all customers,

and the company determined

the following prices:

Administrative units prices

start from 45,000 EGP.

As for the commercial units,

they reach 15,000 EGP.

The company that

owns the Promark Real Estate

MG Corporation is the company

that is the record on

implementing that project

with distinguished specifications,

and the company has developed

a measure for

strategic expansion,

and has begun to implement

that since the previous year

as the institution relies

on major developers

in the place of real estate buying

and selling, and therefore

because the purpose of

the institution is to expand

and pump the increase

From investment projects

in various parts.

The commercial establishment

working hard

to perform a number of

modern businesses

during the coming period

in various locations

such as the 5th settlement,

Ain Sokhna,

the new town of El Alamein

and the town of Sheikh Zayed,

in addition to that,

offering ample new projects

in various destinations

and sectors in

the New Administrative Capital.

Eng. Mutawa stressed

that the office

of a number of

consultant engineers,

ECG, used,

and it is one of

the most consultative

engineering expertise houses

in the Arab Republic of Egypt,

so it enjoys the expertise

and engineering cadres

that have stood on their feet

for fifty years on the formation

of more than two thousand projects.

about the financial

and business district

in the New Capital:

The financial

and business district occurs

between two main axes

within new administrative capital,

namely the northern axis of

Mohammed bin Zayed

and the south.

It includes a group

of residential towers

and two 5-star hotels.

Between the financial

and business district,

the stock exchange center,

a banknote printing press,

and a conference room composed.

The financial and business district

established on

an area of 195 acres

with an investment volume

of $ 3.2 billion.

ProMark Mall New Capital:

With the aim of modifying Cairo

into a proactive political,

cultural and economic arrangement

for North Africa, the Gulf

and North Africa through

a thriving investment climate supported

by various investment activities

and achieving permanent development

to ensure the protection

and preservation of historical

and natural sources with

distinguished characteristics

that Cairo possesses,

and to facilitate living there

through efficient facilities,

I issued a decision

The Egyptian state administration

allocating a place of 170 1000 acres

for the establishment of

the modern administrative capital

New Capital is in the east

of the town of Cairo,

and this is for

its unique location

and proximity to the place

of the Suez Canal,

regional methods

and main axes.

The number of people targeted

throughout the first round is ten.

ProMark Mall New Capital

The most prominent projects:

There are many projects within

the New Administrative Capital,

and the most important

of these projects are:

Promark Real Estate Development,

New Capital.

Seventy Mallnew capital.

The Loft New Capital.

Midtown Solo

New Capital Compound.

Vida Mall new capital.

River Green new capital.

Point 9 Mall new capital.

ProMark Mall New Capital

If you are looking

for a unique unit,

whether it is residential,


administrative or medical,

you do not find

a distinguished unit,

patience for you with all

the characteristics

you want except

in the new administrative capital,

as the diversity in spaces,


prices and payment methods,

as each institution provides

simple payment methods

for customers even Be one

of the first establishments

that customers turn to.

Promark Real Estate,

new administrative capital,

ProMark New Capital continues

with the company with the aim

of reserving a commercial

or administrative unit

in that project with

distinguished specifications

that the institution was keen

to choose the location of

that project with

all special consideration,

so proceed to book your unit

before the units that

the commercial establishment

offer for sale run out,

and be From the first thing

that they reserve a unit

in that project,

all that is required of you is

to contact the commercial establishment

by the numbers concerned with it,

which can be obtained from them

through the institution’s website,

just as the institution

allows the benefit

of customers related to responding

to all questions and contacts

throughout Today

and during weekdays

without downtime.

ProMark New Capital Project

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