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Last updated 2022-03-19
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Verona Mall New capital


Verona Mall New Capital, or as it is known as Verona Project

new Capital or New Administrative Capital Verona is one of

capital link Real Estate Development Company’s projects, which will be explained below:

Information about Verona Mall new Capital:

The Verona Administrative Capital project is considered one of the most

beautiful projects in the New Administrative Capital.

This project contains a set of features and services that made it one of

the best projects of Link Real Estate Development,

Where the Verona Administrative Capital Mall is located in a strategic

and important location in the New Administrative Capital.

And it has various payment systems, many services, and small spaces

to suit all groups.

Capital Link is seeking the success of this project, with its attractive designs

and services inside the mall, as it is located in the heart of the New

Administrative Capital.

Verona Mall, the administrative capital, is one of the most distinguished

commercial and investment malls in the Downtown area of

​​the New Administrative Capital.

This area is considered the meeting place for many huge commercial

projects that suit all customers.

It has commercial, medical, administrative, and hotel areas.

Location of the Verona new Capital:

Verona Mall, the Administrative Capital, is located in a very privileged

location within the Administrative Capital in the famous Down Town area,

It is a large commercial area close to many important areas and services

within the administrative capital.

The mall is located on 3 main roads and is close to Al Masa Hotel,

the Presidential Palace and the House of Representatives.

Verona Mall New capital units

commercial store

starts from 23 meters to 95 meters

Finishing core and shell


starts from 23 meters to 95 meters

Finishing core and shell

Administrative Offices

starts from 23 meters to 95 meters

Finishing core and shell

Verona Mall New capital location

Verona mall services in new capital:

There is a backup power system.

Available in the Verona Mall, the administrative capital, LandScape.

There are surveillance cameras.

Panoramic elevator is available.

There are optical fiber phone lines.

Double glazed exterior available.

There is a sound system in the Verona Administrative Capital Mall.

Modern and luxurious interior design available.

There is a central shower.

Garage available in the Verona Administrative Capital project.

There is a fire fighting system.

Flat Slab roofs available.

There is central air conditioning.

Available 2 entries.

There is a solar energy system.

Super Lux finishing offices are available.

The real estate establishment executing the Verona Mall administrative capital:

Capital Link, the New Administrative Capital, is one of the most

important companies specialized in the field of construction,

It is considered the largest real estate investment and development company

in Egypt. The company has established many projects in new cities,

the most important of which is the New Administrative Capital.

Capital Link Real Estate Investment Company is one of the major leading

real estate development companies that have appeared in the Egyptian

market since 2016.

It owns 3 lands in the capital, and Ahmed Zayed, head of the commercial sector

of the company, confirmed the launch of 3 new projects in the heart of

the new administrative capital.

Other projects are being studied in various places, which will be disclosed

at a later time.

As it is what prompted it to head to the new administrative capital city for

the achievements this region has made and more internal and external


in addition:

Capital Link aims to expand its projects in Egypt.

The company founded Verona Mall, the administrative capital.

And specifically in the Egyptian real estate market, especially in

the areas most interested and invested by the state,

Which achieves more investment and savings is a guarantee for

a better future and is setting many plans for urban development

and increasing real estate investment.

Real estate investment is still achieving the best and most investment

returns, and Verona Mall, the administrative capital, is its first project.

The mixed-use project is a utility, commercial and medical one

She explained in a statement that the first project was launched before

the end of this month, which is an administrative commercial project in

the name of Spot in the Downtown area of ​​the Administrative Capital.

The Verona Administrative Capital project is located near the Al Masa

Hotel and the government district.

The project consists of fully finished administrative units and commercial

units with areas ranging from 33 to 70 square meters.

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Features of Verona Mall New capital
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains