Hyde Park New Cairo Compound

Prices start from 1,168,200 EGP
8 installment years
Down payment 10%
Delivery 2020
Spaces starting from 99m2
Last updated 2023-02-20
Hyde Park New Cairo CompoundHyde Park New Cairo CompoundHyde Park New Cairo CompoundHyde Park New Cairo Compound
Hyde Park New Cairo CompoundHyde Park New Cairo CompoundHyde Park New Cairo CompoundHyde Park New Cairo Compound
Details Hyde Park New Cairo Compound
project nameHyde Park New Cairo Compound
project Locationnew cairo
project unitsApartments - duplexes - twin houses - townhouses - villas - shops.
Delivery date2020
Payment Systems10% down payment and installments up to 8 years
Finishing typesemi finished
Spaces starting from99m2
Prices starting from1,168,200
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Hyde Park New Cairo Compound
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Project details

Hyde Park New Cairo Compound

Hyde Park New Cairo Compound , or as it is known as Hyde Park Project

or Hyde Park , is one of Hyde Park Real

Estate Development Company’s, which will be explained below:

Hyde Park Englishmall-headquarters

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Hyde Park  New Cairo  Compound:

also Hyde Park New Cairo project is a residential project

with distinct specifications

that occupies a prominent rank

among the most luxurious compounds

because it is unique with

an excellent range of

the highest services,

in addition to except that it adds

to it the abundant amount of privileges

also that are difficult to find among

the other competing projects,

Also Hyde Park is considered the ideal direction

for all those wishing to live

A luxurious residential life

without spending exorbitant amounts

while accquiring easy payment systems at the same time.

Information About Hyde Park New Cairo Compound:

Hyde Park, New Cairo acres,

and the project includes lush green spaces,

offering a large number of picturesque natural matches.

Hyde Park Project

It includes the Hyde Park Compound

in the 5th settlement,

a huge group of villas, townhouses,

in addition to regular residential units,

with strategic planning and excellent specifications,

as well as the quality of luxurious

in addition to meticulous completion,

and all Hyde park compound facilities have a stunning view,

provided by the internal pocket gardens,

in addition to lakes,

just as the compound has a place of 7 km,

to control the pace of walking

also running within Hyde Park Project ,

which provides the residents

with a healthy and ideal lifestyle.

Hyde Park New Cairo Compound



Project area: 1200 acres

Apartments start from 99 square meters

semi finished


Project area: 1200 acres

Duplex space starts from 234 square meters

semi finished

Twin House

Project area: 1200 acres

Twin house space starts from 255 square meters

semi finished


Project area: 1200 acres

Townhouses space starts from 145 square meters

semi finished


Project area: 1200 acres

It starts from 248 square meters

in addition to goes up to 677 square meters.

semi finished


Project area: 1200 acres

Starting from 99 square meters.

semi finished

Hyde Park New Cairo Compound Location:

also Hyde Park Compound guarantees its residents

to live in a quiet environment far from noise

in addition to pollution thanks to

its luxurious location within the main 90th Street

in the 5th Settlement area in New Cairo,

which is the lifeblood of all of Egypt.

The site of the project still enjoys many other advantages,

as it makes it easy for its residents to move

to the appropriate American University

within a short distance of it

(which can be crossed in a phase

that does not pass five minutes),

as it connects them with many vital methods ,

including but not limited to:

  • Cairo-Suez Road, 5 km away.
  • Cairo Ain Sokhna Road
  • local ring road
  • The Hyde park compound in

the 5th settlement has more than one gate

in various directions thanks to its strategic location,

In addition to thus all residents can choose

the approach closest to them

to reach their residential unit with ease.

  • Residents can enjoy a very refreshing

atmosphere even during the hot summer months

since it is only 350 meters from the sea,

which contributes to a noticeable easing of the weather.

Location Hyde Park New Cairo Compound

Hyde Park New Cairo Compound Services:

The secret behind the distinction of

Hyde Park Compound New Cairo

is the multiplicity of its services on the one hand, sophistication

in addition to high quality on the other hand,

also that is, the quantity did not come at the expense

of the quality,

but there is a balance between the two

so that the people in the sequel enjoy

the highest levels of serenity and luxury,

as it allows them to:

  • The security staff, the sports director ,

is at a high level

in addition to is constantly present in order to provide

the entire population with guard during the time.

  • Installing surveillance cameras in various parts of the compound

to ensure a greater degree of stillness for its residents.

  • A garage dedicated to parking residents’ cars only,
  • so that they do not have to park them in crowded or

far away premises.

  • Electric elevators attached to each property
  • in order to facilitate travel and movement between floors.
  • The electric generators
  • that overcome the problem of power issues,

which ensures that the aspirations of

the people are not thwarted in such cases.

  • The medical headquarters
  • where the latest devices and equipment remain,

in addition to the specialized medical staff

of highly qualified consultants and specialists.

Hyde Park Compound New Cairo

  • The Grand Hospital, which provides an integrated
  • and distinct medical benefit for all families,
  • because it is equipped with various necessary medical equipment and is built on a huge area
  • of 30 thousand square meters.

The various commercial centers

that provide different purposes

in addition to goods of famous international brands,

also the headquarters of

them occupies a vast area of ​​71 acres

because it includes a large number

of commercial stores numbering to about 1700 stores.

  • The gymnasium located in Hyde Park, the Egyptian capital, modern Cairo,

As well as the spa, both of which are fully equipped

in addition to running by a professional team to ensure

that they offer a unique benefit to its patrons,

in addition to they are equally accessible to men and women.

  • Rooms equipped for organizing various ceremonies

in addition to other rooms prepared in

an integrated manner that makes

It is suitable for seminars held by practitioners.

  • The largest hotels that mimic international hotels

as they are distinguished by luxurious design

in addition to providing the best services to their guests.

  • Administrative units that provide offices

in addition to headquarters with distinct specifications

for a group of major institutions and famous banks,

in addition to the presence of

automatic exchange machines.

Hyde Park Compound New Cairo

  • Hyde Park, which alone occupies six hundred square meters

of the project’s land, is therefore one

of the largest parks in Cairo,

the modern capital of Egypt,

in addition to a subject that ensures living in a green,

healthy atmosphere away from filth,

as it occupies the green space

within the project towards 141 acres.

  • Distinctive activities that can be practiced

within the cultural and social group

without having to travel long distances to reach it.

  • The club dedicated to integrated sports,

which is spread over 42 acres,

As it combines many stadiums

in addition to various sports equipment,

so it is planned to live a series of

competitions on its land at the regional

in addition to regional levels.

Hyde Park Compound New Cairo

  • Long jogging tracks amidst the gardens

also the picturesque similarities common in the Hyde park,

knowing that their length is about 7 km.

  • Various cafes and restaurants

that are distinguished by offering integrated services

to their customers, whether related to drinks,

also front foods or headquarters facilities.

  • Gardens equipped for children,

especially as there are abundant games

that all young children can enjoy

without the need to move away from their family.

  • Cinemas and theaters that provide unique entertainment

services for the residents of the compound,

allowing them to see new cinematic works

In addition to new theatrical works without having to leave it.

Hyde Park Compound New Cairo

  • Areas equipped to celebrate different occasions

Such as birthdays, as well as the presence

of other areas to legalize barbecue festivities.

  • Swimming pools that provide a recreational atmosphere

with distinct specifications for all,

whether adults or young people,

especially with a variety of sizes and areas.

  • The strength of the infrastructure

to the Hyde Park project,

in addition to the great transportation network

also that connects it to various parts.

Hyde Park Compound New Cairo

  • Water fountains that give a luxurious aesthetic view

of the area as a whole and

at the same time give the units

overlooking them a beautiful view.

  • Luxurious hotel entrances

that are distinguished by their splendor of

designs in order to perfectly match the class

in addition to high standard of the project.

  • Four fully equipped and elegant clubhouses aiming

to offer the residents a unique recreational benefit.

  • The major international schools

that apply the American

in addition to British style of education,

as well as combining an academy

in addition to specializes in swimming,

assuming the function of oversight

over them (Momtaizah Othman),

the world-wide swimming champion.

Hyde Park Compound New Cairo

Hyde Park Compound Space:

The general appearance of Hyde Park Compound,

5th Settlement, New Cairo appears

as if it is a vast garden because

It is built on 1200 acres

(about 5 million square meters)

in addition to that place is divided

between the vast green spaces that are represented

in the formation of the largest central park in

the whole Middle East, with an area

of up to six hundred square meters, utilities,

in addition to apartments and landscaping.

Many types of apartments are available within Hyde Park,

which allows its customers to choose from 1,112 housing units,

in addition to building another 576 modern units

to meet different needs, as it offers residential units,

duplexes, townhouses, twin houses and isolated villas,

As well as composing between non-residential units

of up to 1700 shops.

Hyde Park Compound New Cairo

The project does not allow its customers the possibility

to choose the unit’s style only,

but the place is also, as the areas

of its units generally vary from 99 square meters to 677 square metres,

which can be explained in a more detailed manner

and in the following lines:

  • Small spaces for residential units
  • start from 99 square meters in addition to ,

and larger spaces are available up to 233 square meters.

  • Small spaces for duplex units start

from 234 square meters,

and larger spaces are available up to 274 square meters.

  • And Small spaces for twin houses

start from 255 square meters,

and larger spaces are available,

up to a maximum of 279 square meters.

  • Small spaces for townhouses start

from one and a half square meters,

in addition to larger spaces are available,

up to a maximum of 255 square meters.

  • Villas for sale in Hyde Park, 5th Settlement,

is the largest area among other unit forms,

  • with smaller areas of 248 square meters

in addition to large areas of 677 square meters.

Hyde Park Compound New Cairo

You will not only enjoy living in a large area,

but you will also be able to live

in the best apartments with

a distinctive modern setting

that will undoubtedly be admired by those

with refined tastes, as well as the combination

of traditional and new planning

in order to distinguish each customer

with the best in relation to him.

Al-Fadl is one of the most benefits

that residents enjoy next to the serenity

and violent luxury, especially with the mastery

in addition to originality of its exterior designs,

which add an amazing atmosphere of

fun in almost every corner.

Hyde Park New Cairo Compound Units:

There are many types of apartments within the scope of the project, as it remains residential units for sale in Hyde Park, New Cairo, townhouse villas, twin house villas, and standalone villas.

Hyde Park New Cairo Compound Prices:

Pursuing your dream of living in the Hyde Park compound

will not cost you as many as few believe,

because it offers competitive

and very reasonable prices despite the fierce luxury

in addition to abundant services it provides to its customers,

as the minimum acceptable value per square meter

is between 11 1000 and 800 pounds.

On the other hand, the project serves

its customers regarding the financial values,

as it allows them to have different prices

because the value of the meter

in it is not similar according to the category

and location of the unit,

just as the prices of Hyde Park 5th Settlement

for each unit varies according to its area,

and it is possible to explain the cost per meter

in Hyde Park 5th Settlement

and in the following lines:

  • Prices of housing units for sale in Hyde Park, New Cairo

: from 2,400,000 pounds to 2,749,400 pounds.

  • Townhouse for sale in Hyde Park, New Cairo:

from one million and 711 thousand pounds to 3 million

  • in addition to 9 thousand pounds.
  • Twin houses: from 3 million
  • and 9 thousand pounds to 3 million
  • also 292 thousand and 200 pounds.
  • Duplexes: from 2 million and 761 thousand

and 200 pounds to 3 million and 233 thousand and 200 pounds.

  • Villa for sale in Hyde Park, 5th settlement:

from 2,926,400 pounds to 7,988,600 pounds.

Payment Methods In Hyde Park New Cairo Compound:

Hyde Park keeps its customers still until the end,

and this is clearly evident in offering excellent payment systems

that make it easier for them

to spend the value of the unit in a very noticeable way.

These systems are:

  • Pay a down payment of 5% of the value of the unit, then pay 5% as a second payment until now 3 months, until the rest is paid in the form of monthly installments (9%) for a period of 8 years.
  • also Pay a 10% down payment of the unit cost to complete the installments

of the rest of its cost over

a period of 7 years without interest.

  • The unit cost is paid in installments
  • for a period of four years,
  • in addition to the customer can receive
  • it throughout the year for one person only,
  • but this format is applie

in certain units,

which start from 193 square meters to 248 square meters,

and whose total value is estimated at 3 million

in addition to 125 thousand pounds

(housing units for sale

in Hyde Park Compound, New Cairo) and 6 million

and 425 thousand pounds (for villas)

  • hyde park egypt reduces the hassle of

setting up the unit for its customers

to a great deal because all apartments are planned

to be delivered 1/2 finish,

given that the handover is now three

in addition to a half years.

Hyde Park Compound New Cairo

The Company That Owns Hyde Park New Cairo Compound:

also The compound was honored by one of

the most distinguished real estate institutions,

Hyde Park Real Estate,

which was established by Engineer Amin Siraj

during the year 2011,

so it had to occupy that great position upon its launch.

Although the Corporation is accustomed

to launch major projects,

it is considered the largest

in addition to most protruding,

because approximately 23 thousand housing units

are planned to live inside it,

And the most important of its past actions are the following:

  • Coast 82 North Coast Resort.
  • Park Corner Project.
  • The Mall, the new administrative capital.
  • Town October Compound.

Hyde Park Project

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Features of Hyde Park New Cairo Compound
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Hyde Park New Cairo Compound Located?
New Cairo
Who is the Developer of the Hyde Park New Cairo Compound?
Hyde park real estate development company
What is the finishing type of the Hyde Park New Cairo Compound?
semi finished
What is the Type of Units in Hyde Park New Cairo Compound?
Apartments - duplexes - twin houses - townhouses - villas - shops.
What are the Payment Systems in Hyde Park New Cairo Compound?
10% down payment and installments up to 8 years
What is the sales number?