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Last updated 2021-10-12
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Compound Pianta Al Sheikh Zayed


Compound Pianta Al Sheikh Zayed , or as it is known as  Project

Pianta Al Sheikh Zayed or Pianta Al Sheikh Zayed  , is one of  Modern Art Group Real

Estate Development Company’s, which will be explained below:

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Compound Pianta Al Sheikh Zayed :

When you live in Pinta, you will bid farewell to your traditional routine, because it provides you with everything new in a modern residential area, characterized by its luxurious units, multiple basic services, and fun leisure activities, boredom that you can feel at any time. In your own apartment, you can learn more about everything it has to offer you.

Information About Pianta Compound Al Sheikh Zayed :

Those who are looking for luxury villas in the Sheikh Zayed area will fulfill their dreams in Sheikh Zayed Compound in Alegria, which is considered one of the most beautiful projects of modern art real estate companies, making it an excellent investment opportunity and a real starting point to enjoy the luxury life, allowing its residents to enjoy entertainment services, elegant residential units, modern design and location. To explore the world of luxury and beauty.

Compound Pianta Al Sheikh Zayed

Compound Pianta Al Sheikh Zayed



Villas space starts from 188 square meters to 543 square meters
Fully finished

Stand alone villas

Standalone villas space starts from 188 square meters to 543 square meters
Fully finished

Townhouse”][vc_column_text]Project Space :

Townhouse space starts from 188 square meters to 543 square meters
Fully finished


Apartments space starts from 100 square meters to 543 square meters
Fully finished

Pianta Compound Al Sheikh Zayed Location :

Compound  Penta: Sheikh Zayed – Green Belt, one piece, link to Dahshur – Zayed 2 New

Location Compound Pianta Al Sheikh Zayed

Pianta Compound Al Sheikh Zayed Services :

Due to the many entertainment services that are provided around the residential unit, life in Penta Sheikh Zayed Compound is very enjoyable and full of joy. Green Oasis life makes eyes and mental state comfortable, all facilities are complete, you will not lack anything you can imagine, and hope in this way, housing needs Here is unprecedented for everyone looking for an aristocratic life, including all comfort and tranquility.

 The Most Important Services That You Find In This Compound Are The Following:

  • Since the guarding and guarding services are provided at the highest level of training, the compound enjoys the highest levels of security.
  • Surveillance cameras with the highest technology are distributed throughout the yard.
  • The compound is surrounded by high walls, which are fully installed. Central air conditioning. Pet places, because you can be sure that you can safely bring your pets, so that you can take your pets with you.
  • Well-equipped fitness and gym club. There is a maid room and a study room.
  • There are many swimming pools of different sizes and shapes, suitable for children and adults.
  • All units enjoy the most beautiful green spaces, industrial lakes and charming golf courses, where the charming landscapes and green spaces make you feel as if you are in the European countryside.
  • The apartment offers stunning views of Alegria’s signature golf course and the iconic Westown home.

Compound Pianta Al Sheikh Zayed

  • The site contains a large number of man-made clear water lakes.
  • There are some roads and places for walking, running, exercising and cycling off the road and car tracks. Children can play and safely go in the specially prepared recreation area for them.
  • The gym, spa and jacuzzi are equipped with the latest sports equipment. Among the important services provided by Allegria Sheikh Zayed, you will also find medical services, treatment centers and pharmacies that provide services to residents of the residence around the clock.
  • There are quiet spots in the gardens and parks, where you can sit back and relax in the arms of nature and enjoy the beauty and joy that the fresh green air brings. Provide a place for private gatherings and outdoor barbecues. The unit has a fast and advanced elevator. Luxurious restaurants and cafes offering the most delicious food and drinks.
  • Luxurious clubhouse.
  • There is a restaurant & # 34; Rhythm & # 34; Famous people are chosen by the visionary people for private parties, birthdays, engagement parties and weddings.

Units Of The Pianta Compound Al Sheikh Zayed :

The units within the Penta Sheikh Zayed project vary:

  •  Villas
  •  Independent villas
  •  Twin House
  •  Apartments
  •  Duplex

Pianta Sheikh Zayed project

The Prices Of The Pianta Compound Al Sheikh Zayed :

Prices start from 2,646,000 installments up to 6 years without interest and fully finished

Payment Methods In The Pianta Compound Al Sheikh Zayed :

Installments up to 6 years without interest and fully finished.

The Foundation That Owns The Pianta Compound Al Sheikh Zayed :

The company developing the project is Modern Art Group, one of the new companies that appeared in the field of real estate development through the development of a popular shopping center in the Sheikh Zayed community, because it is keen to provide many investors or the service that it buys needs. He searches for it while searching for his project. Please note that the prices and spaces mentioned in this article are the prices of the first half of 2019, so they may change, and we hope to keep updating them so that customers can understand the changes in the real estate market.

Pianta Sheikh Zayed project

About Sheikh Zayed City:

Sheikh Zayed City is one of the high-end cities with an ideal location because it is very close to Cix of October City, 30 kilometers from Cairo and close to major roads such as the Ring Road and the corridor on July 26, which helps to reach anywhere easily without any hassle or inconvenience. A large area of 49 square kilometers has been allocated for the establishment of the city, and the area is divided into multiple residential communities, comprising up to 20 communities, each containing 4 communities.

Pianta Sheikh Zayed project

Sheikh Zayed City Services :

Despite the modernization of Sheikh Zayed City, it is one of the cities that includes an unlimited number of services, making it self-sufficient without any shortage, and this is how high it is in the absence of other new cities. the demand.

Among the most prominent of these services: –

The city includes many medical institutions such as hospitals and pharmacies, and these hospitals provide residents with good medical care throughout the day without having to leave the city, the most prominent of which is Dar.

Eye Hospital, Sheikh Zayed Specialist Hospital, Zayed General Hospital in the First District, 19011 pharmacy and pharmacy, as well as a place near the 6th of October University Hospital from the city.

Pianta Al Sheikh Zayed

The city has a number of distinct educational facilities that vary between private, international, governmental and experimental facilities, most notably the International Visual School in the Beverly Hills project, the American International School, and Sheikh Z Yide High School for Boys. District I and Canadian College. There are some of the most famous malls and markets in the city, which can provide customers with the best products and international brands, including Tivoli Shopping Center, Arab Mall, Dandy Shopping Center, American Plaza Shopping Center, and Hyper One Shopping Center. The city is equipped with many high-end sports clubs, most notably the Sheikh Zayed Youth Center and Sheikh Zayed Sports Club, in addition to many world-famous stadiums such as Arnold Stadium and Power Stadium.

Pianta Sheikh Zayed project



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Features of Compound Pianta Al Sheikh Zayed
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains